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  • The significance of small steps, tasks and decisions can only be realized when the goal is achieved. The belief that it will be achieved gives you the strength to take the step in the first place.
  • He stayed back in college till 18 months after dropping out, taking only the courses that interested him. Slept on the floor ,ate from the Hare Krishna temple. He says “ It wasn’t all romantic” but one of the best decisions he ever made. Multiple typefaces and excellent typography were a result of a calligraphy course he took after dropping out. It taught him not only what he wanted to do in life, but also later on served as the origin of invention of multiple typefaces.
  • An year ago the finest creation in the IT world, Macintosh had been released and there he was, at thirty, naked in the dark, fired from apple. He sees it now as an incident that changed his life in extraordinary measures. When he was out, he created Pixar and NeXT, that we know were marvels in themselves.
  • He looks in the mirror, asks himself “ Would I be doing what I am going to do today if this were the last day of my life.” If the answer is no for too many days in a row, I know I need a change. Embarrassment, fear of failure, expectations just fall away if you remember you’re going to die. Some day you’ll be cleared away to make way for the new. Your time is now, don’t waste it.
  • A true visionary who created the first truly personal computer, the Apple, in his garage. Envisioned to target Education and small business industries simultaneously. Did that by forming a whole new company: NeXT Apple has now achieved Fortune’s “Most Admired Company” status third year in a row, much attributed to his vision. e.g- The “Rip, Mix, Burn” campaign started by him.
  • The National Medal of Technology is the highest honor for technological achievement,  "bestowed by the President of the United States on America's leading innovators" . Many say most of Apple’s success is based on three things: He says he shows his employees what is to be done, and how it is to be done efficiently.
  • Finds it extremely hard to work for anyone else Great marketing strategy. Targeted specific sectors optimally with his Gives a ‘HIP’ feel to the products meant for the young gen. Voted the second best man to influence what men buy behind barack obama. He loves whatever he does, rather he does whatever he loves and strives for excellence in the same.
  • Uses oration as a tool to motivate employees and customers .
  • Came to India in search of enlightenment when he was not sure what he wanted to do. Always strives to improve his products.
  • He has his whole life been in love with technology and that is what kept him going.
  • Was rejected by birth parents as well as the first adaption parents. . We all know how wanted he is today. Opened NeXT and co-founded Pixar in the meanwhile and went on to become the CEO of Apple again. Sometimes life hits you in the head with a brick, DON’T LOSE FAITH. Its an awfully tasting medicine that would be hard to ingest but would cure the disease.
  • Presentation on steve jobs and apple d

    1. 1. Steve JobsCEO, Apple Inc. and Pixar Animation
    2. 2. CONTENTSThe Timeline History in the MakingInsanely Great Products Apple, Pixar and NeXTThe 3 Stories Dropout, Love and DeathThe Entrepreneur What made him HIM..What we learn From the life of a ‘lover’.A Tribute
    3. 3. Steve Paul JobsAdopted byhigh GreenGraduated PaulschoolBorn in 1955 in andClaraWisconsin inin Cupertino, liveBay, Jobs to CaliforniaSanta Clara, California
    5. 5. At Rebuildingthe world BeginningYears Wilderness Years theEarlyretreat What’s NeXT? The of Apple top of Apple1976-19851985-19911996-20032009-2003-20091955-19761991-19961.Has beenwilderness,in 1996 by Jobs dreamt a late adopted by funding from Ronald1.Apple madeFrancisco, 1976dark,24, 1955 and waswith helpbeen Pixar.enjoys the1.Born in Sanfoundedin the whole$429issues offwhole and foundedable to Clara Jobs“Most he experiencing some health and Wozniak has not of Paul and was waves1.While bought naked inFebruary The Graphic its products and currently work at par. in was NeXT hethe for world with Group, new venture, NeXT. bought he million.Wayne.2.Envisioned technology2.Steve Jobs to target theto produce computer-animated Wozniak who was later2.His love forwas back in Apple business the education sectorAdmired at Homestead high school with and genius Steveto throb in his heart.2.StudiedCompany” status.smalland sofor Apple continues films.through high end systems.2.Contracted with Disney and passion was NeXT’s technology.3.Created two released the powerful and influential men in the world.3.Soonbecamecomputationalfirst and Pixar kicked off unveiled in success and2.JobsStory wasone ofof post of CEO, Apple computer with a huge improved be the co-founderwith in 1995, personal Inc. wereand soon its the late 80s. earned3.Toy made wavesthe Apple.masterpieces that2.They was back to the most4.The decadelow. John Scully, theamazing of Pepsi to act as3.HealthJobs Reed someto high-endthen CEOafter 18 months. CEO of Apple.3.Enrolled at luredCaught abut dropped outinventions- the iPOD, Macbook, and iTouch3.Steve at a saw due the most pricing.4.Failed drastically college acclaim.worldwide fame and criticalpancreatic cancer.being releasewasthe iPad completed the witnessed4.The some. AtariDisney Corp. the worldprocess of Steve Jobs as the highest4.Worked atWalt released and bought Pixar leaving crushing the competition. stakeholder4.Macintosh4.Later, The of creating circuit boards, quit it. making history.5.Visited India in and internal power struggle resulted in Steve Jobs firing from Apple.5.Clash of visionin Walt Disney. search of enlightenment and went back a Buddhist with a visionthat would soon change the world.
    6. 6. Apple Inc.
    7. 7. Marvels Iof theGeneration (the 80s) ) The New 20th Century (1990-2000) A M Possible (2000-yesterday APPLE I MACINTOSH iPOD THE TOUCH GENERATION APPLE II MACBOOKS LISA iPADHome desktopsthe musicMacintosh The first company to asgeneration with The latestpersonal computer to featureRevolutionizedthat started it all!inThe computer with the world Stepped into the HIP the first touch Widely recognized marvel thepersonal Targeted the business sector with high The first masterpiece comes in theoperating I was Steve Wozniaksone Apple systems. Experiencedseen screen in a perfectionist manner. today. form of the tiniest laptop ever atspeedThe go. These little pets can be amazingly styled laptops them computer as we envision offering great performance graphical user interface. a mouse and laptops with great antough competition othercomputer.hanging from everyfrom Microsoftfirst design of a personal neck these The idea is largely based onyouth and unimaginable price. Makes waves all performance. Targeted the Steve Jobs‘ and computing ability.though.days. first computer to work with understanding of the very large demand over the world.also the education sector.a keyboard and screen instead of for a computer appliance targetingjust flashing lights. education and small businesses
    8. 8. NeXT Computers
    9. 9. The workstations that could have changed the world The NeXT Cube- Steve Jobs desire to build the perfect computer, originally for higher education. First system to implement high level operating system. The original World Wide Web was developed on this system. High end-pricing resulted in the downfall of the system The NeXT Station- NeXTs attempt to save the company. Introduced in September 1990, it was basically a smaller and cheaper Cube.
    10. 10. PIXARPIXAR
    11. 11. o Bought by Steve Jobs in 1986 after he was fired from Apple.o The Most Critically Acclaimed film studio of all time.o Has received twenty-two Academy Awards, six Golden Globes, and three Grammys making a whooping $5.5billion worldwide.o Bought by Disney in 2006 for $7.4 billion, Steve Jobs is a member of the Board of directors of Walt Disney now.o Some of the greatest earners include Toy Story, Monsters Inc. , The Incredibles, Cars, Finding Nemo etc.o Jobs new Disney holdings (7%) exceed holdings belonging to previous top shareholder ex- CEO Michael Eisner (1.7%) by a huge margin
    12. 12. THE 3 STORIES THE 3 STORIES & A MANTRA & A MANTRA Connecting the dots can . . . can’t connect .“ You connect them the dots looking forward,And only looking backwards. you believing that the dots will connect give you the strength to follow your heart. ”
    13. 13. “ I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life and here I was (Reed College) spending all my parents’ money. I was born to be a dropout. ” 1 Staying back to learn. 2 “It wasn’t all romantic” 3 And the dots DO connect.
    14. 14. “ How can you get fired from a company you started? I was out, and publically out. The heaviness of success was replaced by the lightness of being a beginner again. I had been rejected, but I was still in Love… ” 1 Naked in the Dark. 2 A new life, a new hope. 3 Birth of Pixar and NeXT.
    15. 15. “ If you live each day as your last, someday you will most certainly be right. ” What if it were the last day of 1 my life? Embarrassment, fear of failure 2 and the load of expectations. 3 Your time is NOW.
    16. 16. THE VALUES
    17. 17. VISIONARY 1 Personal Computing, from a garage. The education and small business 2 industries. Apple has now achieved Fortune’s 3 “Most Admired Company” status third year in a row.People say the man sees inventions coming Quote Unquote“I have a bit of that ‘vision thing’ and I am not afraid to start from the beginning.”
    18. 18. INNOVATOR An endless list of “First Evers” attributed to 1 the man. The PC, the iPod, the Mac, the iPad, the Animation film and many more.. 2 Products, products and products… “When Apple came up with the Mac, IBM 3 was spending at least 100 times more onFebruary 1985 Steve Jobs receives the National Medal of Technology from President Reagan. R&D.” -- Fortune, Nov. 9, 1998 Quote Unquote “Innovation is what distinguishes a Leader from a follower.”
    19. 19. ENTREPRENEUR Nonconformity- He is an independent 1 soul. 2 Great marketing strategy. Achievement Motivation- His most 3 obvious trait indeed. At Apple’s cafeteria the day OS X was released Quote Unquote“It is hard to imagine anyone who is more nonconformist than Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak”
    20. 20. SPEAKER Renowned as “The Keynote legend” all 1 over the world. He himself unveils all the revolutionary 2 products publically that quickly assume cult following 3 A remarkable motivator.At the launch of the first Personal Computer triggeringa new era. Quote Unquote “Why join the navy if you can be a pirate?”
    21. 21. I WANT YOU, I WANT JOBS
    22. 22. Keep looking, don’t settleAlways curious.Never satisfied with himself.Keeps expanding his horizons, computing, music, movies and what not..
    23. 23. Love what you do He says, “Find what you love, don’twaste time, do it.” Simple as that.Madly in Love with technology.
    24. 24. Never Lose FaithHad to grow up knowing he was unwanted.Fired from Apple Inc in 1985. The company hebegan.Caught a pancreatic cancer in 2004. Neverstopped working. Recovered within no time.
    25. 25. Interesting Facts Steve Jobs is Syrian He’s dyslexic He converted to Buddhist You probably make a bigger salary than Steve jobs He is employee no. 0 He is a fruitarianHe got the president of Pepsico to work for Apple He doesn’t give any money to charity He’s a pescetarian Has close to 300 Patents with his name
    26. 26. A TRIBUTE TO MR.JOBS“Steve was….brave enough to think differently, bold enough to believe he couldchange the world, and talented enough to do it..” BARACK OBAMA“Steve, thank you for being a mentor and a friend. Thanks for showing that what youbuild can change the world. I will miss you” MARK ZUCKERBERG“He was a great man with incredible achievement. He always seems to be able say invery few words what you should have been thinking before you thought it” LARRY PAGE“Today the world lost a visionary leader and I lost a friend and follow founder. Stevejobs legacy will be remembered for generation to come” MICHAEL DELL
    27. 27. Steve Jobs 1955-2011 CEO, Apple Inc. and Pixar AnimationApple has lost a visionary and creative genius,And the world has lost an amazing human being
    28. 28. RIP