Life of Steve Jobs


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Life of Steve Jobs and Qualities in him.

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Life of Steve Jobs

  1. 1. MembersName• Rohan Solanki (L)• Ajeet Yadav• Arti Deekonda• Satish Gupta• Shankar Nadar• Pravin Polekar
  2. 2. Steven Paul “Steve” Jobs• Born February 24,1955 in San Francisco, CA. Adopted at birth.• Grew up in the Silicon Valley.• Attended Hewlett-Packard lectures after school.• Worked with Steve Wozniak in the summer, Jobs at Age 14.• Dropped out after one semester. Continued auditing courses in classes he liked.
  3. 3. The Start of Apple • Personal computer • Steve Jobs & Steve Wozniak ventured into a new arena of building personal computers • Woz, the engineer, and Jobs, the market visionary. • Jobs had to use his parent’s garage.Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak
  4. 4. The Apple Series • Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak released the Apple I to start the PC revolution. • The Apple Series includes: I, II, III, and Lisa. Apple IIIApple I LISA Apple II
  5. 5. The Downfall• Apple sold nearly 70000 computers in the first 100 days.• It went public in 1980.• But since the Apples sales and shine began to wear off.• Marketing flawed.• Change of tactics.• Jobs appointed John Sculley to be the CEO.• In 1985 Wozniak quit Apple and Jobs was voted out of the company by the board.
  6. 6. Steve Jobs : Returns from NeXT toApple • He pursuit his interests in computing and graphical design. • He then founded NeXT. • NeXT was a computer platform development company. • Sales issues and wrong focus • Focus changed from hardware to software. • He was criticized for wasting money that belonged to the company. • He had to make drastic decisions. • Microsoft bought NeXT and also came up with a $150million stake in Apple Computers. • Steve Jobs returns to Apple computers. Jobs introducing the NeXT company
  7. 7. • Pixar was bought by Steve in 1986• First computer animated film• Three films contract from Disney.• Toy story was an instant hit in 1995• Sold to Disney for stock worth about $7.4 billion Steve Jobs with Disney’s CEO Robert Iger
  8. 8. Macintosh ProjectFrom the Original Mac 1984 iMac
  9. 9. iPhone• Phones were broken in Job’s eyes until the iPhone.• The iPhone enhanced the phone industry.• It is very technologically advanced.
  10. 10. I pad• Breakthrough technology• Combination of• Computer, telephone,• Internet, Entertainment• Touchscreen, lightweight
  11. 11. According to Others• Very influential impact on the Apple company• Never a powerhouse in terms of sales.• Relaxed and was open to suggestions• Employees commented that Jobs made experimenting with electronics fun• Great innovator and creative.• Small percentage of P.C market.• Positive outlook on comments.• Jobs as Genius.• Jobs as Creep.• True Role Model.
  12. 12. Quote“We started out to get a computer in thehands of everyday people, and wesucceeded beyond our wildest dreams.” - Steve Jobs
  13. 13. Conclusion • Jobs is an influential man who learned from his failures and gained maturity from them. • True role model. • Steve Jobs, an unconventional leader, visionary, entrepreneur, and a manager who lead Apple to be the most valuable company in the world. • What Steve Jobs leaves behind is his legacy. Untouched and unchallenged. • A true mentor and one of the greatest leaders, managers and an idol for those wanting to be like him.
  14. 14. His Legacy…