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Ancient china tommy h
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Ancient china tommy h


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  • 1. Ancient China By: Tommy. H
  • 2. DirectoryMap of Warring States Background Social Structure Housing Wealthy Lived Family Life Marriage Childhood Education Religion Clothing Art, Music Festival Conclusion
  • 3. Map of Warring States This map is Warring states. Warring states was from 475 BC to 221 BC.
  • 4. Background Bronzes’ basic material were Vessels and vessels made. Bronzes used to feed implement, bartender, water machine, Musical Instruments, horses and act the role offing, bronze mirror, take hook, weapons, tools and measuring instruments, etc. Bronzes was used in Warring States a lot.
  • 5. Social Structure Spring Autumn Warring states period slavery collapse, feudal system established. The emperor made the law and controlled people. This green thing called Imperial Seal, the people was ask the emperor could they do something and write a Application report then the emperor the imperial seal.
  • 6. Housing At the Warring States, the house was built by straw and dry mud. It was not safe after a big rain, and the mud would came off and it would have a lot of water. The house was not strong enough.
  • 7. Wealthy Lived At the Warring States the Emperor was the wealthy , he has a lot of money and a lot of servants and lived in a big house and have the guard stand out side.
  • 8. Food In Warring States they ate rice, fish, cooked turnip, marinate radish, white boiled potherbs and miso soup, meat and ochazuke.
  • 9. Family Life Emperor charged his common people. The family only the boy could go to school, and the man need to work and feed their family, the woman took care of the kids and made the food and weacing.
  • 10. Marriage The parents always wanted their daughter marry a rich man and the man have to have positions. The parents decided their son and daughter’s marriage. Their children always hadn’t freedom with their marriage. The couple wanted to divorce, the man had to write a divorcement, the woman had to put their fingerprint in the divorcement, and then the divorcement was count.
  • 11. Childhood The childhood in Warring states, they always let the boy go to school. The girls had to do the housework at home. For some rich family the boy had the private teacher. In Warring states the family would like have a boy instead of girl, because the boy could help them do farm work.
  • 12. Education In Warring States only boy can go to school, some of the rich family the teacher go to their house and teach them at home. The teacher teach them how to write a nice article.
  • 13. Religion Buddhism was introduced into ancient China during spring autumn Warring states and introduced by businessmen. For the war, cultural differences, beliefs, the rulers of the different understanding, at that time she could only difficultly survive in folk.
  • 14. Clothing Zhixiu skill level was extremely superior. In that time the clothing was colourful. Embroidery was popular throughout the country. The spread of technology, variety elegant dress came to the fore.
  • 15. God He is the god of ancient China, and named RuLai
  • 16. Art and Music In Warring states the use Drum, Psaltery, PaiXiao visualszto, and Guzhen to play music. They used brush and ink to write and draw. Look at this picture it was made by ink.
  • 17. Moon Festival Mid-autumn festival is the Moon Cake ceremonious festival. Everybody had to stay at home and watch the beautiful moon and ate the moon cakes. Lady from the moon
  • 18. Conclusion My project had included Map of Warring States, Background, Social Structure, Housing, Family Life, Marriage, Childhood, Education, Religion, Clothing, Art, Music, Conclusion.
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