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Mr. Nick Brown's presentation at QITCOM 2011
Mr. Nick Brown's presentation at QITCOM 2011
Mr. Nick Brown's presentation at QITCOM 2011
Mr. Nick Brown's presentation at QITCOM 2011
Mr. Nick Brown's presentation at QITCOM 2011
Mr. Nick Brown's presentation at QITCOM 2011
Mr. Nick Brown's presentation at QITCOM 2011
Mr. Nick Brown's presentation at QITCOM 2011
Mr. Nick Brown's presentation at QITCOM 2011
Mr. Nick Brown's presentation at QITCOM 2011
Mr. Nick Brown's presentation at QITCOM 2011
Mr. Nick Brown's presentation at QITCOM 2011
Mr. Nick Brown's presentation at QITCOM 2011
Mr. Nick Brown's presentation at QITCOM 2011
Mr. Nick Brown's presentation at QITCOM 2011
Mr. Nick Brown's presentation at QITCOM 2011
Mr. Nick Brown's presentation at QITCOM 2011
Mr. Nick Brown's presentation at QITCOM 2011
Mr. Nick Brown's presentation at QITCOM 2011
Mr. Nick Brown's presentation at QITCOM 2011
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Mr. Nick Brown's presentation at QITCOM 2011


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QITCOM 2011 …


Vision for Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Nick Brown - SVP – Strategy and Market Development, SAP

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  • In addition to Mission-Critical applications we just talked about, we are also working on applications for business users that we call ‘Instant Value’ applications. The phenomenal success of single-purpose mobile applications in the consumer market suggests that similar innovative interfaces can enhance the use and usefulness of even the most sophisticated business applications.In response, SAP and our partners are pioneering instant value applications for enterprise mobility – modeling these mobile applications on the best consumer designs. With instant value applications, business users recognize the "consumer experience" as they interact with the specific SAP application capabilities that are relevant to their tasks-at-hand.Few example of Instant Value Applications we are working on:Employee Lookup: With this app, you can lookup your co-worker details right from the email or invites and learn more about their title and where they sit in org chart. Also, you can search for employee based on various characteristics like title, location, etc. to locate the right person with expertise you are looking for. Travel Capture: This app allows you to capture travel expenses as you incur them. Take a picture of the receipt or add a voice memo to capture the expense and once back in office, use the captured expenses to generate your travel expense report.ERP Lookup: This search centric application allows you to search for account and contact info, sales orders and material details.“SAP StreamWork for mobile” is a native mobile app that enables user to access, review, provide feedback, and collaborate on SAP StreamWork from their mobile devices in simple secure way without a browser.Native simple ‘instant value’ appAbility to perform core SAP StreamWork operations from Mobile deviceAdded Mobile device capabilitiesSAP StreamWork available in online & offline modeLimited IT resources and/or capitalNative device experienceSimple App install from favorite app storeCompanies:Small, mid-sized or large enterprisesAny industry
  • Mobile is transforming how consumers live their day - Developing countries – in Kenya, over 40% of the population, formerly unbanked, now use mobile financial services - Developed countries - from basic shopping to social networking, consumers are “checking-in” with Facebook Places, Foursquare, Shopkick and expecting their favorite retailers and brands to interact on mobileNew value is - Developing countries – new services that people never had access to before (bill payment, P2P mobile payments, etc.) - paybox Austria – incredible convenience of paying for parking by phone, buying tickets, etc. - Consumer empowerment – instant product information, price comparison, one-click purchases – e.g. Redlaser, Amazon shopping appConsumers used to rely on the information provided by the retail store and associates. Now mobile is empowering them to bring the information they need with them into the store. 20% of US consumers use their mobile to price compare and get product information while shopping bricks and mortar – expected to grow to over 50% by 2013 (Booz & Company)
  • Mobile has phenomenal reach: an estimated 5.3 billion mobile subscribers at the end of 2010 (Source: Int’l Telecommunications Union)A billion had mobile broadband, enabling the richer access to servicesMobile commerce is still young, yet over $100 billion will be transacted globally in 2011 (Sources: Juniper, Portio, Gartner) - Includes merchandise purchase, ticketing, money transfer, bill paymentMessage: online threatens to disintermediate bricks and mortar retailers in there own stores. - 74% of Online retailers had a mobile strategy in place in 2010 (Forrester). - Amazon reported $1 billion in sales on mobile in July 2010 - Ebay reported $2 billion bought and sold on mobile in 2010 - Google reported $1 billion in revenue generated on mobile
  • P&G Pampers example: mobile loyalty programs helped to retain customers and doubled customer interaction within four months. Enables capture of customer information for better intelligenceHow are CP different from mobile retail: Consumer brands want to drive loyalty and develop brand value, more than they want to discount CPs can engage consumers outside the store, with more lifestyle componentsE.g., P&G mobile loyalty program for pampersE.g., Kraft Foods: Smartphone, tablet apps bring Kraft into the kitchen to help plan meals – recipes, shopping lists, nutrition. The idea is to get consumers to buy Kraft products because they know the recipes, like the nutrition, etc., NOT because they just get a coupon.E.g., Nokia: mobile help, tips & tricks to drive a direct customer relationship
  • Mobile retail helps the traditional retailer take control of the shopping experience – not a third partyfill the shopping cart with more goodsby offering - Personalized offers (I know you like coffee . . .) - Contextual offers (You asked about flour, perhaps you need sugar?) - Pure discounts (offers from brands, soon to expire goods, etc.) - Information you need to make a decision (consumer reviews of product, specifications, etc.)How Mobile Retail is different from CPs – Some of the tools will be similar, such as coupons and discounts, but - Store wants to fill your shopping cart while they have you in the store - Store will use a range of tools to achieve this (coupons, shopping preferences, loyalty programs, etc.)
  • Over $300 billion in retail sales will be directly influenced by mobile in the US and Europe alone in 2011. (Booz & Company Projection based on consumer survey’s and research)Encourage audience to see our mobile commerce demos and the SAP Consumer Mobile Retail Solution (Apollo) demo. Both are in the Mobile Campus.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Enterprise Mobility
      Nicholas Brown | Senior Vice President Strategy & Market Development
      SAP Mobile Applications Unit
    • 2. Mobility Is Not in the Future, It Is Now
      Smart phones and tabletsare the dominant computing devices
      Enterprisesare building mobile applications today
      of companies as a priority will implement mobile enterprise apps in 2011
      of retailers in the United States are planning for m-commerce
      smart phones and tabletsare the dominant computing devices
      Enterprisesare building mobile applications today
      Mobile commerceis a prominent marketplace and competitive edge for retailers
      Shopping on the mobile web will reach
      $119 billion
      expect to support up to 4 different mobile operating system platforms
      by 2015
    • 3. The Winners and the LosersNetflix vs. Blockbuster Stock Price History
      USD ($)
      - $50
      May 07 2008
      April 07 2011
      October 14 2010
      April 21 2010
      October 22 2009
      April 29 2009
      October 30 2008
    • 4. Enterprise MobilityTrends and Drivers
      • 10B Apple App Store downloads
      • 5. 55M Tablets in 2011, 208M by 20141
      • 6. 1B smart phones and 1.2B mobile workers by 20132
      Mobility drivers
      • Shift to cloud computing
      • 7. Consumerization of IT
      • 8. Increasing sophistication of devices, OSs, applications, and networks
      • 9. Business demand
      Lessons learned
      • Security and device management are a must have and the first step
      • 10. A device-agnostic mobility strategy is critical
      • 11. New business scenarios are coming!
      1- Gartner 2 – IDC Forecast
    • 12. Salesmanager
      Retail exec
      I can see the storefront using Google Street View. Why not the merchandise layout on the shelf?
      Are there packaged mobile applications we can deploy?
      Can we provide applications for m-commerce? Hosted?
      How can we develop a mobile strategy to deliver consumer grade mobile applications?
      I’m losing sales. Why can’t I get a m-commerce solution quickly?
      My competition has a mobile app that measures sales productivity.
      Why don’t I?
      Mobility Is Transforming How Enterprises Do BusinessDialogues Now:
    • 13. Balancing the demand
      Ease of use
      Device and app Management
      Device choice
      Development tools and TCD/TCO
      Apps and more apps!
      Device and backend diversity
      End-user requirements
      Enterprise requirements
    • 14. Mobile services
      Mobile applications
      Mobility platform
      Companies Need a Mobile Strategy
    • 15. Companies are mobilizing the enterprise
      Monitor performance and change
      Approve travel, time, vacation, expenses
      Execute campaigns and promotions
      Receive raw goods, transfer materials to manufacturing
      Web channel
      Manage work orders, inventory, and assets
      Fix equipment, manage parts, relationships
      End consumer
      Manage customers, revenue, and territories
      Manage mobile devices
      Place orders, scan inventory, request service
      Mobile commerce and payments
    • 16. Mobile applications for all types of users
      Process users
      Asset management
      Warehouse management
      Retail execution
      Knowledge users
      Medical records
      Human resources
      Approvals and procurement
      Analytics and business intelligence
      Consumer users
    • 17. Offline logic and data
      CRM and analytics
      Workflow and search
      Mobile solutions for key application paradigms
      All providing a consumer-grade mobile application experience: Simple or native UI
    • 18. Mobile applications on the devices you use
      SAP Business ByDesign
    • 19. Mobile user experience strategyUser-centered design
      Understand the needs ofcustomers and end users
      Ensure an innovativeend-to-end
      Enable development teamsUX professionals and UX advocates
    • 20. Mobile services
      Provide customer intelligence
      • Loyalty program reporting
      • 21. Analytics on SMS delivery
      Build customer awareness
      • Global SMS delivery
      Manage and analyze
      Strengthen customerrelationships
      • Mobile loyalty
      • 22. Mobile coupons
      Enable customer transactions
      • Mobile payments and banking
      • 23. Mobile money transfer
      Mobile Services to Reduce Complexity
      Mobile Services
    • 24. Mobile commerce revolution
      Mobile is radically transforming commerce
      New value is being created
      Empowered consumers are turning retail on its head
    • 25. Your customers are mobile
      Mobile reaches over 5 billion people today
      $100+ billion in transactions will be mobile in 2011
      Amazon, Facebook, eBay, Google, and so on
      Online is going mobile
    • 26. Mobile financial services
      Mobile banking provides unparalleled convenience while reducing costs
      Mobile payments have banked the “unbanked” with innovative services
      Estimated 90M People in US in 2011 use mobile banking
    • 27. Mobile engagement for consumer brands
      Mobile deepens the relationship with the brand through a direct channel to the consumer
      Mobile programs for loyalty, product help, and customer surveys drive repeat purchases and provide consumer intelligence
    • 28. Mobile retail
      Mobile retail enables the retailer to own the shopping experience
      Grow share of wallet through an innovative in-store experience with personalized product information, offers, and social media
    • 29. Impact todayMobile influence on retail, 2011
      $300+ billion
      United Kingdom, France,Germany
      United States
      Source: Booz & Company Projection
    • 30. Thank You!
      Contact information:
      Nicholas J Brown
      Senior Vice President, Strategy & Market Development
      +49 171 308 5013