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Shift of the Decade: Enterprise Goes Mobile


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Industries Adopting Mobility
Enterprise Mobility Market Share
Businesses Investing More in Mobile
Enterprise Mobility Adoptation
Benefits of Mobility to Enterprises
Focus Areas in Enterprise Mobility

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Shift of the Decade: Enterprise Goes Mobile

  1. 1. Shift of the Decade Enterprise Goes Mobile By Fatih Isbecer March 2012
  2. 2. Pozitron is one of EMEA region’s top mobile solutions providers and the first to develop mobile banking applications in Turkey  Our Mission: We help our clients grow their businesses with our unique and custom implemented mobile technologies  Our Cutting Edge Solutions:  Turkey’s first Mobile banking application for Is Bank.  World’s pioneering Mobile Ticketing app for Turkish Airlines.  Software provider for eBay ya  Award Winning eDetailing tablet Solution ProDG for GSK About Pozitron
  3. 3. Industries Adopting Mobility Health Retail Automotive Entertainment Banks & Financial Services Education Manufacturing Workforce
  4. 4. Enterprise Mobility Market Share • The global enterprise mobility market is expected to increase from $5.5 billion in 2011 to $7.6 billion by 2016 • EMEA is leading the pack in terms of revenue; it is expected to reach $3 billion by 2016 North America 34.7 % EMEA 40.1% APAC 4.6% ROW 20.6%
  5. 5. U.S. and UK Businesses to Double Mobile Project Spend in Next 18 Months Current Investments 2013 Prediction Businesses Investing More in Mobile
  6. 6. Enterprise Mobility Adoptation 63% Cost Savings 43% Competition 50% Employee Requests/ Needs 51% Productivity Concerns Government initiatives and support. UAE gorvernment rolled out 30 mobile applications. Increase in mobile/smartphone penetration. The number of mobile subscriptions in the Middle East will surpass 250 million in 2012. The average mobile penetration rate for the region will also surpass 100% A small but growing tablet market. Many global vendors see great potential and continue launching their products in the region, Motorola, Lenovo
  7. 7. Benefits of Mobility to Enterprises Operational Effeciency and Cost-Reduction Increased Productivity and Sales Security and Compliance Business Strategy Flexibility Others 25% 30% 23% 6% 16% Enterprises that adopt mobility for SFA Support, Cloud Storage, Business Intelligence and Security benefit from reduces costs, increased productivity and effeciency and heightened security.
  8. 8. iPad in Enterprise Fortune 100 Companies are using iPad Commercially Fortune 500 are deploying or piloting iPad
  9. 9. Focus Areas in EnterpriseMobility Sales Force Business Intelligence Security Collaboration Cloud Storage Mobilize your workforce with advanced CRM and CLM tools Collect and Analyze data instantly Access your data from your smartphone of tablet at anytime Secure access to your enterprise data Have meetings and share documents from anywhere in the world
  10. 10. Metrics for Current Users Mobile Office Mobile Workforce Management Next-Gen Fleet Management Mobile Salesforce Automation 44%Increase in user productivity 37% Reduced Paperwork 37% Increase in Revenues 30% Decreased Expense 30% Increased customer satisfaction 29% more employee collaboration 29% Increased Customer Satisfaction 28%Reduced Paperwork 26% Higher Job Completion 24% Improved field service response times 23% More Accurate Billing 26% Higher Job Completion Rates 25% Improved Worker Satisfaction 21% Improved Competitive Advantage 20% Less Employee Overtime 38% Increase in Sales 37% Increased Paperwork 30% Faster Overall Sales Process 25 % More Accurate Billing 23% Expedited Cash Flow
  11. 11. • With Salesforce Mobile, users can create edit and delete CRM data, look up activity before meetings. • It helps the company salespeople create and keep track of their records and transactions. Mobile for SFA Support
  12. 12. Mobile for your Sales Force • e-Detailing: Instantly capture your customer’s attention with animated data displays and engaging presentations • Scheduling: Conveniently manage and modify your schedules on-the- go and synchronize this data with team leaders • Surveying: Never fail to get doctors’ attention with eye-catching surveys that can be filled out in seconds. Improve the effectiveness of sales and marketing interactions of your company with its clients across channels.
  13. 13. Mobile for Business Intelligence Use Oracle Business Indicators to access secure, realtime, financial, HR, su pply chain and CRM analysis. Deliver visually rich mobile dashboards and business intelligence to iPhone with Roambi Visualizer.
  14. 14. Mobile for Security • Mobile Iron lets users quickly connect to their corporate network, test local connection speeds and report connectivity problems to IT. • Platform also lets the enterprise enforce their mobile data policies • Cisco AnyConnect provides reliable and easy-to-deploy encrypted network connectivity from your iPhone.
  15. 15. Mobile for Cloud Storage With SugarSync, employees can access all their data from all of their computers from anywhere. Sync and share files wherever you go with Dropbox.
  16. 16. Mobile for Collaboration With WebEx Meeting Center, participate in online meetings from wherever you are. Share ideas, get answers, and stay connected with colleagues through multiple communication feeds in your company’s Yammer network via iPhone.
  17. 17. Thank you! Email: Twitter: @Pozitron_Mobile, @isbecer