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Social Intranets - Taking Advantage of Social Within Your Organization
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Social Intranets - Taking Advantage of Social Within Your Organization


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Prescient's Vice President and General Manager Carmine Porco joins Josh Anstey, VP of Partner Engagement at Elcom to present a one hour webinar on social intranets. …

Prescient's Vice President and General Manager Carmine Porco joins Josh Anstey, VP of Partner Engagement at Elcom to present a one hour webinar on social intranets.

To view a recording of this webinar, please visit:

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Social Intranets – Taking advantage ofsocial within your organizationPresented by: and Watch the webinar video instead #elcomsocial #intranet2
  • 2. Thank you for joining usHousekeeping itemsWebinar Logistics• All attendees will be muted• Use ‘Questions’ panel to ask questions or chat in your control panel• Q&A will be at the end of the presentation• A recording of the event will be supplied next week. #elcomsocial #intranet2
  • 3. Thank you for joining usTwitter Twitter #elcomsocial @elcomCMS @intranet2 Feedback Please share your feedback in the survey which will pop up after the event. #elcomsocial #intranet2
  • 4. Meet the panel Expert Carmine Porco Vice President & General Manager Prescient Digital Media Expert Josh Anstey VP Partner Engagement Elcom #elcomsocial #intranet2
  • 5. Agenda • Welcome and Introduction • Social Intranet Overview - the trends developing in social intranet • Why Social Intranet? • Social functionality types • How people, process and technology work together to create a social intranet • Best practice tips of success • Current technology available and points to consider #elcomsocial #intranet2
  • 6. About Elcom• Globally Recognized Web CMS• Over 16 years experience in the industry• Global Partner & Client Network• Over 100 modules of functionality• Powerfully Simple CMS for Websites, Intranets, eCommerce, eLearning, Mobile, Social, Online Marketing #elcomsocial #intranet2
  • 7. Prescient Digital MediaAbout UsCarmine PorcoVice President & General Manager #elcomsocial #intranet2
  • 8. Who are we?Prescient Digital Media • 11 years of rich history. • Strategic Internet & intranet consulting, planning & design services to many Fortune 500 & big brand clients, small and medium-size leaders. • More intranet engagements & clients than any firm (class). • A well defined and proven methodology. • Technology neutral, no partnerships with CMS vendors. #elcomsocial #intranet2
  • 9. Who are we?Prescient Digital Media We treat each client as unique; • Listen to their needs, goals and challenges; • Understand a client’s requirements and potential; and • Deliver highly effective and innovative website & intranet plans, designs & solutions. #elcomsocial #intranet2
  • 10. Who are we?Prescient Digital Media Some of our clients: #elcomsocial #intranet2
  • 11. Social Intranet OverviewThe trends developing in social intranet #elcomsocial #intranet2
  • 12. The Social Intranet• An intranet that features multiple social media tools for most or all employees• Multiple social media tools with at least some or limited exposure (optional) from the main intranet or portal home page• Woven into most aspects of content consumption Source: Social Intranet Whitepaper, 2012 #elcomsocial #intranet2
  • 13. IABC Survey (2011)Learn about the most common:• Satisfaction Rates• Intranet 2.0 tools• Technology platforms• SharePoint and other Intranet 2.0 solutions• Costs of Intranet 2.0• Barriers to Implementation 1,400 Respondents #elcomsocial #intranet2
  • 14. Employee SatisfactionSocial Intranet Study, 2011, 1401 participants 28% Very Good (6%) or Good (22%) 38% Satisfactory 26% Poor 5% Very Poor #elcomsocial #intranet2
  • 15. Degree of ImplementationMany organizations with Social Media and Intranet 2.0 tools arenot very social yet • Most organizations, 47%, have only one or two social media tools, but no enterprise wide use • There is limited use, some enterprise use of limited social media, in 39% of organizations • Only 14% of organizations claim to use a full social intranet in which there is enterprise use of multiple social media tools #elcomsocial #intranet2
  • 16. Why Social Intranet?Reasons & Benefits #elcomsocial #intranet2
  • 17. Reasons for implementing intranet 2.0The leading need or reason behind Intranet 2.0 implementationsare: • 78% Employee Collaboration • 75% Employee Engagement • 66% Knowledge Management • 51% Team / Department Sites • 46% Effective Communications #elcomsocial
  • 18. Benefits of Social IntranetYounger gen. of employees are demanding social media"Social media and networks, online communities and other Internet communicationstools are important to me in the workplace." Source: Insidedge Generational Communications Survey, 2011 #elcomsocial #intranet2
  • 19. Other Benefits• Helps organizations retain qualified staff• Improves employee engagement• Improves knowledge worker productivity #elcomsocial #intranet2
  • 20. Social FunctionalityExamples #elcomsocial #intranet2
  • 21. Blogs Social Intranet Study, 2011, Preliminary Data, 1401 participants 75% 26% enterprise deployment 49% limited deployment of those orgs that use social media 5% have no plans #elcomsocial #intranet2
  • 22. Blogs
  • 23. Wikis Social Intranet Study, 2011, Preliminary Data, 1401 participants 61% 19% enterprise deployment 42% limited deployment 12% have no of those orgs that use social media plans #elcomsocial #intranet2
  • 24. Employee NetworkingSocial Intranet Study, 2011, Preliminary Data, 1401 participants 19% enterprise 43% deployment 21% limited deployment 22% have no plans of those orgs that use social media #elcomsocial #intranet2 2727+ Strictly Confidential © 2011 Prescient Digital Media Not For Distribution
  • 25. Governance & Policies Social Intranet Study, 2011, 1401 participants 72% Governance, policies, or standards #elcomsocial #intranet2
  • 26. Source: Richard Dennison, BT
  • 27. Source: Richard Dennison, BT
  • 28. Building a Social IntranetPoints to Consider #elcomsocial #intranet2
  • 29. Social Intranet Infographic (2012)• Technology is one of the three components of a social intranet.• But need to gather business requirements beforehand #elcomsocial #intranet2
  • 30. Social Intranet Infographic (2012) #elcomsocial #intranet2
  • 31. #elcomsocial#intranet2
  • 32. Need to gather Business Requirements beforeselecting technologyRequirements gathering Site evaluation Interviews Surveys Focus Groups Importance vs. Satisfaction (gap analysis) #elcomsocial #intranet2
  • 33. Planning• Making sure you have a functional plan, design & wireframes before evaluating different platforms• Strategy & governance very important #elcomsocial #intranet2
  • 34. Choosing the right intranet platform• No one-size-fits-all solution.• Thousands of technology solutions to choose from.• Follow proven process to ensure the technology you buy is right for your organization.Vendor Evaluations• Assessment & planning will determine and detail all of your specific requirements.• Business and functionality requirements become your solution requirements and evaluation criteria.• Evaluation criteria are used to determine vendor short list. #elcomsocial #intranet2
  • 35. Technology: Evaluation Matrix #elcomsocial #intranet2
  • 36. Solution Evaluations• Undertake macro evaluations• Open or closed (invitation) RFP• Closed RFP to specific vendors will shorten the decision cycle but narrow the field• Participate in tailored product demos• RFP process is normally 2 weeks to 2 months depending on the complexity of the project #elcomsocial #intranet2
  • 37. Social Intranet TechnologyJosh Anstey, VP Partner Engagement #elcomsocial #intranet2
  • 38. Social Tools Social Blogs Team Rooms Polls Wikis Forums RSS Mobile #elcomsocial #intranet2
  • 39. Social43% 42%
  • 40. BlogsBenefits of an Internal or Team Blog• Increase Communication• Increase Collaboration• Valuable Resource for Feedback• Share & Discuss Company/Product Ideas• Keep Company updated #elcomsocial #intranet2
  • 41. Team RoomsBenefits of Team Rooms• Areas for specific project teams and departments• Teams can upload and share team specific documents• Security• Easily create and manage #elcomsocial #intranet2
  • 42. Polls, Content Rating & CommentingBenefits of Polls & Commenting• Engage employees• Quick responses (time-effective)• Communicate & Voice opinions #elcomsocial #intranet2
  • 43. Polls, Content Rating & Commenting #elcomsocial #intranet2
  • 44. WikiBenefits of a Wiki• Create a knowledge base• Employees and team members can contribute• Improved communication and collaboration• Version control & audit trails with Wiki updates• Great place to brainstorm and share ideas #elcomsocial #intranet2
  • 45. ForumsBenefits of a Forum• Share & Discuss Company/Product Ideas• Discussion Board - Familiar• Becomes a knowledge base• Increase Collaboration• Follow a thread or topic #elcomsocial #intranet2
  • 46. #elcomsocial#intranet2
  • 47. RSSBenefits of RSS• Syndicate Internal & External Content• Users can subscribe to content• Streamline & improve internal content syndication• Improve relevance of content for employees• Keyword search capabilities• Automatic Updates #elcomsocial #intranet2
  • 48. Mobile #elcomsocial #intranet2
  • 49. Thank YouQ&ACarmine Porco Josh AnsteyGeneral Manager & Vice President VP Partner EngagementPrescient Digital Media @elcomCMS@carmineporco +1 (917) 628-2373@intranet2+1 (416) 728-2226 #elcomsocial #intranet2