Homoeopathy fo children


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Homoeopathy fo children

  1. 1. “Faith is the best Healer” PRAMUKH Homoeopathic clinic Homoeopathy For more information, case studies, testimonials please explore our web site : www.phcindia.org ForPHC offers detail information through diseasebased brochures on the internet, which forms a childrenvaluable source for people seeking authenticguidelines on the homoeopathic treatment, fromall over the world. PRAMUKH Homoeopathic clinic www.phcinidia.org : Mobile No : +91 9824022384, +91 999881744 e-mail: contact@phcindia.org, pankaj@phcindia.org© Homoeopathy India Pvt. Ltd. All rights reserved
  2. 2. natural way called potentisation. So homeopathic treatment is safe and highly effective. It is even safe to give newborn baby without any side effect.  Fast action – Response: Homeopathy give the fast action in children cases because of more sensitivity in children.  Natural and Scientific: Homoeopathy work on principle similia similibus curenture means like cures like. Prepared from herbal extracts, minerals,Children are the most prime part of a family life. Most of refined chemicals. The effects of homoeopathy canthe times, they are the cause of priceless joy but sometimes be scientifically checked nd positive results can bethey may be the reason to engulf in worries. Children reproduced over and again. It works on the solidwork like the forces of attraction among family members and scientific principles.especially the parents. All parental decisions revolve  Immune booster, immunearound childrens interest. corrective: Many disease in children are due to lowToday the nuclear families with both the parents working resistance or alteredas a necessity have left the children in dire need of some immunity; requiringcompanions other than the parents to share their lives immunoboosting andwith. This thing and many other things have paved way immunocorrections. Homoeopathy is believed tofor many mental and emotional disharmonies among do just that. Frequently occurring as well as longchildren. This in turn has compelled many parents to standing disease in children respond marvelouslyreconsider their childrens non-material needs seriously. using homoeopathy.  Easy to give: Homoeopathic medicines are sweet inAlso because of increasing pollution and overcrowding, test so child has no any hesitation to take.the child is exposed to more and more respiratoryallergies, skin diseases, behavioural problems and ingeneral either a dull or erratic response. These physical,mental and emotional ups and downs should be tackled Scop of Homoeopathy for variousvery softly but effectively without harming childs immune children disease.system. Homoeopathy is working nice most of children This can be achieved to a great extent by diseases except pure surgical the safe Homoeopathic medicines. There cases. Parents must know is no wonder that once given about homoeopathy and its Homoeopathic medicines, parents often work over disease. come to us and tell that their child has Homoeopathy works acute as well as chronic cases. strikingly become calm and composed as Acute Disease: Acute disease means fast in progress,opposite to his erratic behavior earlier. This is because, in intense in nature, short duration.Homoeopathy, while handling any case, we give prime Acute disease are Acute cold, Cough, Tonsillitis, Throatimportance to mental and emotional set up of an infection, Ear pain, Gastroenteritis, Mumps, Allergicindividual, be it a child! Because, unless and until rhinitis, Asthma, Bronchitis, Viral infection, Measles,emotional equilibrium is attained along with physical well Boil, Chickenpox, Urinary tract infection, Pneumonia etc.being, the cure is incomplete. Note: Many time acute diseases are with fever. Require to administer allopathic drug in high grade fever (aboveFollowing are the reason why Homoeopathic Treatment is 100F) to minimize the complication like febril convulsion.a choice of Children. Otherwise infection is take care by homoeopathy.  Safe Treatment: Homeopathic Chronic Diseases: slow in progress, since long time, lack medicines are intensity. prepared from natural sources and
  3. 3. There are many chronic diseases in children. We shalldiscuss scope of homoeopathy for some of the diseasesaccording to system. This list cannot be complete.Respiratory Diseases:  Frequent Cold: homeopathy having excellent medicines for this problem. You can give new born baby also rather than other medicines.  Frequent Tonsillitis: allopathic doctor advice for tonsillectomy because of frequency but condition. Not required to used steroid. homeopathy reduce the frequency, severity and  Psoriasis: Homeopathy having good treatment for duration. this condition. Not required to used steroid.  Adenoid: good response if size of adenoid is not  Urticaria: Excellent result as compare to other very large. pathy.  Frequent Laryngitis and Pharyngitis: good  Vitiligo: Homeopathy is only pathy which gives response expected good result if not much extension of patch.  Frequent Otitis Media: excellent treatment if  Lichen Planus: patience is require otherwise good eardrum hole is not big. result.  Chronic Bronchitis, Allergic Bronchitis: very good  Alopecia Areata: good result except total alopecia. treatment in  Hair falling: Excellent treatment homoeopathy.  Warts: Excellent treatment  Asthma in children: with use of homoeopathy Head, Brain, Mind: you save your  Headache: good result in all child from kind of headache, migraine, nebulizer / inhaler. Excellent work of MCH. homeopathy.  Homoeopathy is strongly suggested in behavior problem.Gastrointestinal diseases – stomach, intestine,  Autism, Dyslexia, ADHDrectum, liver: and learning disorders.  Chronic Gastritis: very  CP child and MR child get temporary response good result can be with homeopathy. expected.  Epilepsy: good result  Frequent Gastroenteritis –  Anxiety disorders, Depression, Phobias etc diarrhoea and vomiting: respond well to homoeopathy homoeopathy having excellent result with proper dehydration management. Joints, muscle and bones:  Constipation: excellent treatment  Arthritis, muscular dystrophy, chronic  Hepatitis B and C: Very good treatment osteomyelitis respond good.  Ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease: very good treatment Eyes:  Dysentery: Good result  Recurrent styes, Chalazion good  Food Allergies: Good result Result  Conjunctivitis good result  Steven johson’s syndrome - goodSkin, Nail, Hair: result  Eczema: Homeopathy  Glaucoma, cataract, optic nerve having good atrophy, progressive eye number get treatment for this good result.
  4. 4. Blood lymphatics: medicines but result is given by Dr. Darji is  Anemia: good result excellent. We are happy with his treatment.  Thrombocytopenia: good result Thank you very much.  Cancerous condition: the cancerous diseases of blood and lymphatic system such as Leukemia, Hodgkin’s disease etc find supportive treatment in Hiralben Patel, UK homoeopathy. Homeopathy helps to control My son who is suffered from progress of disease and infection. atopic dermatitis . we all are tired because of his suffringUrinary Disease (kidney, Bladder): and use of different  Nephrotic disease: nice treatment medicines. We came to  Renal calculi, gall stone: excellent result contact to Dr. Darji and  Enuresis – Bed wetting: Good treatment started his homoepathic treatment . we get good  Chronic infection of kidney (Glomerular Nephritis), Cystitis, kidney cyst respond well to result within month. Now he is free from his homoeopathy. skin problem. One thing I like to mantuon that he had asthamatic attack when his skin disease improve with allopathic drugs and skin complaints again start if we took treatment for asthma. His both complaint are gone after homeopathic treatment. I also started my younger son treatment for his asthamatic problem with nice result. We are appreciate Dr. Darji’s way of handling such kind of problem.Mr. and Mrs. Yadav, Gujarat , India We are greatful to him. For the last 3 and a half months we were completely surprised and Rejendra Jadeja, India overwhelmingly happy about your My daughter having boil homeopathy medication. Your in body. We have trust on medicines has given my son new homoeopathy so we hope to a normal childhood, your started Dr. Darji’streatment gave hope and happiness I cant even treatment even thoughdescribe to you. our family member want to start allopathic treament because of severity.Mr. Sandip Patel , India Dr. Darji tried his level best and gives excellentMy son get excellent result. I think that if we went to the allopathicresults with Dr. pankaj doctor, they gave higher antibiotic and developmedicine and I would like more comlication but our trust win, familyto thank Dr Pankaj so member also happy with his treatment.much for this. We are fed because of my sonproblem but homeopathy play good role to cure Mr. Jadeja, Indiamu son suffering. Thanks to dr. darji. My son having vitiligo since childhood. We tried all medicines Mr. and Mrs. Patel, UK without improvement but My son was suffering from vitiligo homoepathy gives nice result. We since many years. We tried all the also recomand other people who
  5. 5. have same problem for Dr. Darji. Happy to see PHC Online support system:result of my son. Thanks to Dr. Darji The online treatment is supported by Dr.Mr. Bhavasar, GujaratMy son who is suffered from childhood asthma. He Pankaj Darji. Ourhad recurrent cough and cold. Allied doctor every Patient over the worldtime advice for nebulizer for week. Then I started have an easy access tohomoeopathic treatment which completely cured themy son. We are very grateful to you. our clinic by personal visit (18/7), by e mailNisha Maheswari, India (24/7), by live web chatVery first time my son having many months gap inhis asthmatic problem after start homoeopathic from our web site (16/7),medicines. My family members are happy with by post, by videohomoeopathy treatment for my son. His nature also conference throughchanged, his appetite also improve after starthomoeopathy treatment. Thank you more than I can skype / google. Beforesay. starting the treatment as well as throughout the course of online treatment, you canFather of Baby Khushi, USAMy daughter having recurrent tonsilitis and last ENT communicate with Dr. Pankaj Darjiadvice to remove tonsil but our belief that tonsilshould not removed. Then we search on net and we Homoeopathy Treatment by Postcame to contact Dr. Darji through his web site . we Many patient may notput our child on the homoeopathic treatment.Recurrency decreased and now she is good. The be able to visit oursurgery avoided. centre in person; nor many they have anJatin Darji, IndiaMy son was on steroid because of access to the internet tohis Nephrotic Syndrom. Relapse get treated online. PHCwas occurred even though steroid offers treatment by postwas going on. Then I tried Dr.Pankaj who is my cousine’s and over the phone.homeopathic treatment. We could You may sign up byslowly reduce the dose of steroid. Now he is healthy calling our clinic and getwithout steroid. We are happy with a special questionnairehomoeopathy and pankaj. posted/e ailed/faxed. Along with the reply to the questionnaire, it will help if you also send in the photos of the affected parts, for Dr. Darji’s evaluation. After that, medicines will be sent you by post, anywhere .
  6. 6. PRAMUKH Dr. Pankaj N. Darji (B.H.M.S;I.C.R) Homoeopathic clinic (PHC) PHC - PRAMUKH HOMOEOPATHY CLINIC is established in 2004. The Clinic has made steady progress since 2004. Established as a only homoeopathic clinic, it hasplayed a vital role in homoeopathic clinic of Dr. Darji practice in Gujarat, India. He is studiedGujarat. WE treat the patients with right homoeopathy intensively for over seven years.medication at right time in our Clinic with polite Dr. Pankaj Darji was completed his medicaland homely attitude. We treat the person, not the graduation in 2001 & joined Institutions ofdisease. Thus we take a great deal of pride in the Clinical Research (I.C.R), reputed institution in thetradition and uncompromised nature of the Gujarat, India. He successfully completed hispersonalized care that is provided to our patients. post graduation in 2003-2004. At PRAMUKH HOMOEOPTHIC CLINIC the After completed his fellowship in Baroda, hepatient is guided for best services as per his/her worked with pediatrician for 7years inrequest and need. We treat you like family. Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India to understand pediatric emergency & how to handle withOur mission – is to bring quality healthcare with homoeopathy – like convulsion, severhuman touch within the reach of every individual. breathlessness, high grade fever etc.We are committed to the achievement and He is attending & papersustenance of excellence in competence and care presentation in various national conferences &for the benefit of mankind. workshops on homoeopathy.Our vision – to be a nationalized recognizedhealthcare centre for its unmatched healthcare  Our experiences rich as I have under our careservices and our commitment to the excellence. patients from more than ten countries.  Dr. Darji is first doctor in Gujarat whose more than 50 video of treated patient in you tube.  Pramukh Homoeopathic Clinic has Pregnancy Counseling Centre & Homoeopathic training centre. For more information, case studies,  More than 6000 different type of cases are testimonials please explore our web site : treated under one roof b/w 2004 to 2010. www.phcindia.org