Ulcerative colitis


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Ulcerative colitis

  1. 1. “FAITH IS THE BEST HEALER” Explore Homoeopathy PRAMUKH Homoeopathic clinic through our website For more information, case studies, testimonials please explore our web site : www.phcindia.org PHC offers detail information throughdisease based brochures on the internet,which forms a valuable source for peopleseeking authentic guidelines on thehomoeopathic treatment, from all over the Ulcerativeworld. PRAMUKH Homoeopathic clinic Colitis Homoeopathic Treatment Clinic 1: Plot No. 286, F – 1, Akshar Complex, Opp. Gopal Dairy, Sec. 20, Gandhinagar – 382020 Clinic 2: ‘AKSHAR KRUPA’, Plot No. 598/2, Sec.5 B, Near KH -2, Gandhinagar - 382006 www.phcinidia.org : Mobile No : +91 9824022384, +91 999881744 e-mail: contact@phcindia.org, pankaj@phcindia.org© Homoeopathy India Pvt. Ltd. All rights reserved
  2. 2. o Proctosigmoiditis: Involvement of theUlcerative Colitis rectosigmoid colon, the portion of the colon adjacent to the rectum. Ulcerative Colitis (UC) is one of the inflammatory o Left-sided colitis: Involvement of the bowel disease (IBD), where the descending colon, which runs along the large intestine (colon) gets inflamed patients left side, up to the splenic flexure or ulcerated. UC is related and and the beginning of the transverse colon. similar to Crohn’s disease.  Extensive colitis, inflammation extending In ulcerative colitis, the beyond the reach of enemas: inflammation of the inner lining (mucosa) of the colon – large intestine cause death of the lining Pancolitis: Involvement of the entire colon, cells which results into sores or ulcer. As the extending from the rectum to the cecum, beyond lining of the colon is destroyed, ulcer are formed, which the small intestine begins. releasing mucus, pus and blood. In addition, the inflammation makes the colon to empty Cause frequently resulting in diarrhoea or loose motions. These may be internal as well as externalExtent of involvement causes which either Ulcerative colitis induce or trigger UC. is normally In most cases more continuous from than one factor is the rectum up responsible. the colon. The disease is Symptoms classified by the The symptoms vary in severity and may start extent of slowly or suddenly. About half of people only have involvement, mild symptoms. Others have more severe attacks depending on that occur more often. Many factors can lead to how far up the colon the disease extends: attacks, including respiratory infections or physical stress.  Distal colitis, potentially Symptoms include: treatable with  Abdominal pain and cramping enemas:[6]  Abdominal sounds (a gurgling or splashing o Proctitis: Involvement sound heard over the intestine) limited to the rectum.  Blood and pus in the stools
  3. 3.  Diarrhea, from only a few episodes to very state, bringing it to normalcy. Homeopathy often address the immune system, the allergic elements,  Fever the genetic tendency, take into account the  Tenesmus (rectal pain) psychosomatic factors as well s treats the  Weight loss symptoms such as inflamed and ulcerated colon, loose stools, minimizes blood lost in stools,Signs and tests reduce inflammation of intestine and assists in Colonoscopy with biopsy is generally used to healing of ulcer. diagnose ulcerative colitis. Homeopathic medicines improve absorptive  Barium enema capacity of intestine and improve nutrition and  Complete blood count (CBC) nourishment. With immunological deviations  C-reactive protein (CRP) coming back to normalcy. Chances of relapse and  Sedimentation rate (ESR) recurrence reduce with prolonged homoeopathicTreatment treatment. The goals of treatment are to: Long time homeopathic treatment along with  Control the acute attacks simplicity in life are require for permanent  Prevent repeated attacks remission. The success depend on….  Help the colon heal  Chronicity of UC  Extent of DiseaseDIET AND NUTRITION  Past Treatment play the important role. Certain types of foods may worsen diarrhea and Prolonged use of cortisone or gas symptoms, especially during times of active immunosuppressive medicines may disease. Diet suggestions include: hamper success.  Eat small amounts of food throughout the  Patient vitality. day. Homoeopathy is strongly recommended during all  Drink plenty of water (drink small amounts stages of UC. throughout the day).  Avoid high-fiber foods (bran, beans, nuts, Homoeopathy Treatment by Post seeds, and popcorn). Many patient may not be able to visit our centre  Avoid fatty, greasy or fried foods and in person; nor many they have an access to the sauces (butter, margarine, and heavy internet to get treated online. PHC offers cream). treatment by post and over the  Limit milk products if you are lactose phone. You may sign up by intolerant. Dairy products are a good calling our clinic and get a source of protein and calcium. special questionnaire posted/e ailed/faxed. Along with the reply Manage your stressful condition which trigger the to the questionnaire, it will help if problem. you also send in the photos ofScop of Homoropathy the affected parts, for Dr. Darji’s The homeopathic medicines works at the evaluation. After that, medicines immunity level, correcting the altered immune will be sent you by post, anywhere .
  4. 4. About Dr. Pankaj N. Darji (B.H.M.S;I.C.R)Dilip Patel, India.I had been suffering from ulcerative colitis sincemany years. I was on steroid, weight loss, HB alsodecreased because of bleeding but steroidstopped, weight gain and Hb increased after start Dr. Darji practice in Gujarat, India. He isyour medicines. I am close to normal bowel studied homoeopathy intensively for overmovement. It’s so wonderful. I want to start thismedicines for long time. Thank you very much. seven years. Dr. Pankaj Darji was completed his medical graduation in 2001 & joinedGopalbhai Mistry, India Institutions of Clinical Research (I.C.R),Nice feeling after started homeopathic medicines reputed institution in the Gujarat, India. Heof Dr. Darji. I left my all work because of urging successfully completed his post graduation inany time with pain and bleeding. Now I start my 2003-2004.work again and urging, bleeding stopped. I have After completed his fellowship in Baroda, hefelt comfortable, relaxing and excellent. worked with pediatrician for 7years in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India to understandRajendra Prasad, India pediatric emergency & how to handle withI was successful treated by you. I had been homoeopathy – like convulsion, seversuffering from colitis since 7 years. Temporaryrelief with allopathic medicines. I had frequent breathlessness, high grade fever etc.relapses and constant abdominal pain but all He is attending & paperthings gone after started your medicines. I am presentation in various national conferenceshappy with this treatment. I do not have relapse & workshops on homoeopathy.attack after stopped your medicines. Thank youvery much.  Our experiences rich as I have under our care patients from more than ten countries.  Dr. Darji is first doctor in Gujarat whose more than 50 video of treated patient in you tube.  Pramukh Homoeopathic Clinic has Pregnancy Counseling Centre & Homoeopathic training centre.  More than 6000 different type of cases are treated under one roof b/w 2004 to 2010.
  5. 5. Our Goal – Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, PRAMUKH Healthy Nation. Homoeopathic clinic (PHC) Our Values – we place our patient’s health PHC - PRAMUKH first. we seek improvement in the quality of HOMOEOPATHY CLINIC is our services. established in 2004. The Clinic has made steady PHC Online support system: progress since 2004. The online treatment is Established as a only supported by Dr. Pankaj homoeopathic clinic, it has Darji. Our Patient overplayed a vital role in homoeopathic clinic of the world have an easyGujarat. WE treat the patients with right access to our clinic bymedication at right time in our Clinic with personal visit (18/7), by epolite and homely attitude. We treat the mail (24/7), by live webperson, not the disease. Thus we take a great chat from our web sitedeal of pride in the tradition and (16/7), by post, by videouncompromised nature of the personalized conference through skypecare that is provided to our patients. / google. Before starting the treatment as At PRAMUKH HOMOEOPTHIC CLINIC well as throughout the course of onlinethe patient is guided for best services as per treatment, you can communicate with Dr.his/her request and need. We treat you like Pankaj Darjifamily.Our mission – is to bring quality healthcarewith human touch within the reach of everyindividual. We are committed to theachievement and sustenance of excellence incompetence and care for the benefit ofmankind.Our vision – to be a nationalized recognizedhealthcare centre for its unmatched healthcareservices and our commitment to theexcellence. For more information, case studies, testimonials please explore our web site : www.phcindia.org