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Mersive Solstice SDS Management Software


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Mersive Solstice SDS Management Software provides a easy to use enterprise network ready management software for Mersive Solstice wireless presentation. We review the 3 pieces of Mersive Solstice: 1. …

Mersive Solstice SDS Management Software provides a easy to use enterprise network ready management software for Mersive Solstice wireless presentation. We review the 3 pieces of Mersive Solstice: 1. Client, 2. Host PC, 3. SDS Directory Service.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Mersive Solstice Enterprise Management Software «SDS» Solstice Display Directory
  • 2. Overview Mersive Solstice is a Software Solution for video streaming replacing the need for expensive Video Switchers, Windowing Processors and Wireless Gateway Hardware using a host PC and you existing network.
  • 3. Application Breakdown – Server Configuration & Security
  • 4. Application Breakdown – Server Usage & Apearance
  • 5. Application Breakdown – Server Activity
  • 6. Application Breakdown – Server Licensing
  • 7. Application Breakdown – Server SDS
  • 8. Application Breakdown – Server Host PC’s Connected to SDS
  • 9. Application Breakdown – Server • SDS Server Directory installed to integrate into networks with multiple VLANS. • DHCP can be used because of the dynamic nature of SDS. • Display discovery can work in a variety of ways. • SDS Directory Service is installed anywhere on your network.
  • 10. Application Breakdown – Server • Throttle Bandwidth with • Dashboard connects to Host PC’s running Solstice on network with Peer-to-Peer Connection (Does not use broadcast) • Auto-Discover (List in SDS) or Broadcast via UDP • Export from Active Directory in a Comma Separated File • Auto-Discover will ask SDS Server who is connecting through the network
  • 11. Mersive SDS • SDS is a binary “thin application” that listens for in-bound traffic on a particular port from both clients and displays. • An entry in your DNS must be entered to resolve at the IP address of SDS.
  • 12. Mersive SDS Activity on Network Breakdown of Network Traffic
  • 13. Mersive SDS Activity on Network License Management Activate
  • 14. Mersive SDS Activity on Network License Management Update
  • 15. Mersive SDS Activity on Network License Management Recall
  • 16. Network Configuration Options 1. Solstice is set up on its own in-room Wi-Fi network 2. Solstice is installed on a PC that resides on the corporate network. 3. Solstice receives traffic from multiple networks via IP forwarding. Port forward packets to a separate wireless network.
  • 17. Configuration 1
  • 18. Configuration 2
  • 19. Configuration 3
  • 20. Application Breakdown Client | Host | Server
  • 21. Application Breakdown - Client
  • 22. Application Breakdown - Client • Client applications available for Mac, PC, Android & iOS • Download from OR App Store • When a client clicks the connect button it will search the local network for Mersive Displays • Minimum Requirements: Intel Core 2 Duo, 2.3Ghz , 2 GB RAM. iOS version 5.0. iPad 2 or later. Gingerbread OS (2.3.x) or later
  • 23. Application Breakdown – Host PC
  • 24. Application Breakdown – Host PC • Points back to directory server to be registered with the director server. • Host PC must be dedicated per room (Performance based on GPU) • Requirements: Minimum: i3, Win 7 or 8, 2 GB Ram, Integrated Intel-2500 Graphics • Requirements: Recommended: i5, Win 7 or 8, 4 GB Ram, Integrated Intel-5000 Graphics
  • 25. Key Feature 1 Simple user interface to manage the «Pixel Landscape»
  • 26. Key Feature 2 Simultaneously display an unlimited amount of users
  • 27. Key Feature 3 Present wirelessly using any Windows PC, Mobile iOS or Android Device
  • 28. Key Feature 4 Live «Post Collaboration » Across any network, real- time
  • 29. Key Feature 5 Easy Connection over WiFi or Ethernet ensures secure, managed streaming to your shared display
  • 30. Key Feature 6 Display in unlimited resolutions. 4K Ready!
  • 31. Key Feature 7 Security: Solstice uses pixels not data. Your files never touch a network.
  • 32. Key Feature 8 Enterprise Management
  • 33. Key Feature 9
  • 34. Let’s Watch a Quick Video Overview
  • 35. A virtual video wall is connected to your network allowing an unlimited amount of video streams to be displayed in any resolution
  • 36. Wireless Solution Comparison Wireless Presentation Mersive Solstice Barco Clickshare Crestron Air Media Price $2,999 $3,600 $1,295 Display Side Platform Any Windows PC Proprietary Hardware Proprietary Hardware Connection Software Physical USB Button Software Video Rates 30-60 FPS 30 FPS 15-25 FPS Number of Simultaneous Users Unlimited 4 4 Additional Clients Free $409/button Free Remote Viewing Yes Yes Yes Supported Mobile Devices iOS & Android iPad iOS & Android
  • 37. Hardware vs Software Wireless Presentation Hardware Software Resolution Full HD 1920x1080 Unlimited (upgrade to 4k easily) Display Side Platform Proprietary Hardware Any Windows PC Windows for Sharing Maximum of 4 Unlimited Security Data sent over Network (Barco closed network) Only Sharing Pixels not Data Enterprise Management Barco No - AirMedia Yes Yes Moderator Mode No Yes
  • 38. Free 30 Day Demo! • We are offering a FREE 30 Day Demo • So why not get your free download today! • Purchase price only $3,499
  • 39. Operating System Minimum Requirements
  • 40. Software Vs Hardware – Unlimited Windows of Sharing – Unlimited Users – Unlimited Resolutions – Superior Security • Sharing Pixels not Data. Files never leave your computer when shared over network – Performance • Lower Latency, Superior Video Quality
  • 41. Software Vs Hardware • Future Proofing – Dedicated Hardware is nice but not as easy to manage – Software Solutions can ride Networking and Hardware Advances in years to come
  • 42. Dashboard for Network Control • Push Licenses out to devices • Manage All Devices on Network • Allow end users to select various devices
  • 43. Moderator Control • Moderator Control for Mersive Solstice is perfect for Higher Education • Allowing Instructor to control who can present what • Choosing between multiple layouts and carousel options
  • 44. Future Upgrades • Mersive Solstice engineering team is working on Support for Touch Screens • Also working on Support for Gesturing • Finally API’s will becoming a 2014 Q2-Q3 update.
  • 45. Webinars Every Friday •9:15 AM EST Webinar •12:15 PM PST Webinar
  • 46. ConferenceRoomSystems Small Company BIG Value
  • 47. Call Us for more info Call toll free: (800) 486-5276