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Dell-EMC Remote Acess Controller "DRAC" 10 Features For "Power" Users


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Technical deck aimed at showcasing a number of the advanced features & benefits of Dell-EMC's embedded iDRAC (Dell Remote access controller) . The iDRAC 8 is the out-of-band controller solution for Dell-EMC's PowerEdge range of servers & blades.

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Dell-EMC Remote Acess Controller "DRAC" 10 Features For "Power" Users

  1. 1. Dell Remote Access Controller Ten Advanced “DRAC” Features For “Power” Users Mark Maclean – PowerEdge Business Unit UK Version 1.2 - March 2017
  2. 2. © Copyright 2016 Dell Inc.2 • GUI Console (java/html5/active x) • VNC • RACADM cli • SSH • SNMP v1 & v3 • SMTP • Syslog • WS-Man • Redfish • iSM / OMSA iDRAC Comprehensive & Automated Broad Range Of API’s & Interfaces • NFC Quick Sync • iDRAC Direct USB port • XML Server Template File iDRAC8 + Life Cycle Controller Update Monitor Maintain Deploy iDRAC with Lifecycle Controller
  3. 3. © Copyright 2016 Dell Inc.3 iDRAC Management API Firmware updates of most server devices Setup & monitoring of Automated Updates Setup of “Zero Touch” Deployment Comprehensive configuration Simple, XML-based configuration file Access to embedded driver packs for OS deployment Remote control of boot images for OS deployment Remote, automated diagnostics Backup & restore profile Log management Tech Support Report IO identity management (mac/WWN) Hardware inventory Firmware inventory Event subscription & notification Agent-free monitoring of server devices Configuration baseline monitoring (via OME) Performance monitoring Power monitoring & capping Powerful API with capabilities spanning entire server lifecycle
  4. 4. © Copyright 2016 Dell Inc.4 #1 : iDRAC Direct (USB Connect) Full iDRAC GUI Session – No Nic Connection Required • Support by 13 gen servers with iDRAC 8 & IDRAC direct shared usb port • Connect a Type A/A USB cable from the laptop to server USB port #1 • iDRAC USB access port / enabled by default (can be disabled) Management LED (if present) turns green and remains ON for two seconds USB port #1 “dual roll” also iDRAC port Customer Benefit Launch browser or ssh session from connected laptop using for full access to iDRAC gui/console, no network connection required
  5. 5. © Copyright 2016 Dell Inc.5 #2 : Server Configuration Profile - XML Template BIOS, iDRAC, RAID, NIC, FC-HBA & Lifecycle Controller configuration information Export/import the XML profile Via : UBS OME deployment solution Remote CLI/script DHCP zero touch / bare metal Customer Benefit One file automaticity configure 1000’s of servers fast & consistently New Server Provisioning Server Option 43/60
  6. 6. © Copyright 2016 Dell Inc.6 #3 : HTML 5 Virtual Console Customer Benefit No Java Required – supported by free firmware upgrade for iDRAC8 & iDRAC7 Java still supported if required plus active-x & VNC (VNC interface disable by default )
  7. 7. © Copyright 2016 Dell Inc.7 #4 : Agent-free Health Monitoring Of All Components Including RAID storage Customer Benefit No os agent required for server health monitoring including storage Including SSD wear level monitoring
  8. 8. © Copyright 2016 Dell Inc.8 #5 : Agent-free Storage Configuration Management Comprehensive RAID configuration management Customer Benefit Fully configure all RAID set before OS is installed from iDRAC GUI Together with hot spare management
  9. 9. © Copyright 2016 Dell Inc.9 Customer Benefit No need for additional software or agents to monitor performance #6 : Agent-free Server Performance Monitoring Real-time system performance monitoring & alerting • iDRAC8 expands Agent-free monitoring with the ability to monitor server performance including CPU, Memory Bandwidth and I/O utilization • Reports near real-time and historical performance, including graphing • Can send performance alerts to the customer’s monitoring console › Example: Alert me if the CPU utilization exceeds 90% on a server.
  10. 10. © Copyright 2016 Dell Inc.10 #7 : Quick Sync – Audit & Configure Via Phones “NFC” Dell OpenManage Mobile “OMM” application download free iDRAC “Quick Sync” Optional Server bezel Just tap the button to manage via NFC Requires an NFC enable android smart device Customer Benefit Get critical inventory, health and diagnostic information on a mobile phone Configure iDRAC networking settings, credentials and even server boot order
  11. 11. © Copyright 2016 Dell Inc.11 #8 : iDRAC Service Module (iSM) Optional lite agent to link to the OS with selectable features (small resource footprint) Customer Benefit Delivering iDRAC/server hardware events to OS including into OS logs (for log “scraping”) Pass OS information to iDRAC
  12. 12. © Copyright 2016 Dell Inc.12 #9 : Lifecycle Controller - OS Independent Server Life Cycle Tasks Dell EFI environment to deploy, configure, update, diagnose, repurpose and retire Customer Benefit Deploy OS with Dell “correct” drivers from LC on bare metal servers (Windows/Linux) Easy 1 to 1 updating firmware from or local (driver pack is a firmware item)
  13. 13. © Copyright 2016 Dell Inc.13 #10 : Automated Embedded Server Support Health status & configuration report integrated with Dell support Customer Benefit Addresses pain point of having to install & run DSET diagnostic program in server OS Tech Support Report speeds problem diagnosis and resolution • iDRAC now offers Tech Support Report, a continuously updated health and status report that monitors over 5,000 key system parameters • 13G key enhancement: adds OS and application log reporting to the 12G HW reporting for complete system diagnostic information Report delivery options • Open web browser to iDRAC GUI and save TSR then email to Dell Support Your time is valuable, why waste it on troubleshooting complex server problems? Tech Support Report Dell Support Team
  14. 14. © Copyright 2016 Dell Inc.14 Bonus : For Modular Systems Display & Set Chassis CMC Address Discover & Configure From iDRAC For PowerEdge FX2/VRTX/M1000 As nodes boots POST press <F2> to enter setup select iDRAC setting go to bottom of list of the idrac setup menu Under “CMC SETTINGS” select “CMC Network” link to review/configure CMC address
  15. 15. © Copyright 2016 Dell Inc.15 The industry’s first, and ONLY completely agent-free embedded systems management solution Content style guidelines • Embedded server management • Millions of servers deployed • OME &Tier 1 console integration • Stream line management tasks • Automate deployments with zero manual intervention • Utilize real-time monitoring & management without agents iDRAC with Lifecycle Controller 99% less time deploying your servers Spend For iDRAC information, visit OpenManage Mobile web site: Dell Enterprise Systems Management website: Resources & links
  16. 16. © Copyright 2016 Dell Inc.16 Thank You & Any Questions
  17. 17. Product History – Where did we come from? DRAC DRAC2 DRSC DRAC3XT ERA ERA/O DRAC3 DRAC4/I DRAC4/P DRAC5 Lifecycle Controller iDRAC6 MMC DRAC/MC CMC iDRAC iDRAC6 Blade Servers Remote Power Control IPMI Interface, Continuous Video Virtual Media Linux Kernel, No OS Drivers Integrated Rich Features Tiers, Integrated Video Integrated Initial Blade Launch Separated Blade & Chassis Mgmt, Dell Developed, Independent Blade Virtual Console, More, Fabrics, Tuned for Performance Digital KVM Flexible IO Improved OOB Access, Virtual Console LC2 iDRAC7 Automated updates, Enhanced Comms Support VRTX, FX Enablement LC3 iDRAC8 Easy Restore. TSR, iDRAC Direct Integrated on system board Optional Ports card