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The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International         As you can see by the list of recipients on this e-mail, a lot of pe...
The Rotary Foundation of Rotary InternationalRotary clubs are encouraged to continue advocacy activities through April to ...
The Rotary Foundation of Rotary InternationalFirst Class InitiativeAs announced during the 2013 International Assembly by ...
The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International       Registration link: questions, plea...
The Rotary Foundation of Rotary InternationalApplications for the 2013-14 packaged grant scholarships offered with Rotary’...
The Rotary Foundation of Rotary InternationalClub and district timelines updatedUpdated versions of the club and district ...
The Rotary Foundation of Rotary InternationalGROUP STUDY EXCHANGEFor the final year of the GSE program, all districts shou...
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February 2013 Rotary International Coordinator Communique


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February 2013 Rotary International Coordinator Communique

  1. 1. The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International COORDINATOR COMMUNIQUÉ A forum for Foundation news February 2013Message from Brenda Cressey, 2013 RRFC Institute ModeratorDear Rotary Leaders,Over the last few weeks we’ve had an opportunity to reflect back on our recent combined 2013 RotaryFoundation Training and RRFC Institute experience. I trust you not only found it exciting to be part ofhistory, but returned back to your regional responsibilities with more confidence in not only the directionwe’re now going, but able to address any questions or concerns that may be lingering during this transition.It was truly an honor and special privilege to serve as your RRFC Institute Moderator and I truly enjoyedserving with a great professional and leader, Past RI Director and Assistant Moderator John Lawrence. Isurely leave you in good hands for next year’s Institute.Immediately following our Institute, John and I met with Gary Millman to review the training evaluations andwe were especially pleased that the overall training across the board was well received and received highmarks. Everyone was engaged in the process as you learned and shared best practices.Please read the note from our good friend Gary Millman in thanks to the many Rotary staff members whosupported this event. I felt it was truly worthy of sharing with each of you. Gary wrote: Hi Everyone, I want to thank you all for your help in the just-completed RRFC Training Institute out in San Diego. This was a unique event for us, with the RRFCs involved in the Future Vision training that took place Thursday, Friday and Saturday and then we held our one-day RRFC training institute last Sunday. I am happy to say Moderator Brenda Cressey and Assistant Moderator John Lawrence were pleased with how the meeting went, and were equally pleased that the RRFCs rated the meeting highly. I have looked at all the evaluations and the RRFCs rated the one-day training with 4s or 5s -- meaning they were very happy with the sessions and gained valuable information. They were especially happy with the regional breakouts and very much want to see that continue. Their main complaint was that we did not have enough time. -1-
  2. 2. The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International As you can see by the list of recipients on this e-mail, a lot of people were involved in various parts of this meeting. I particularly want to thank Jatare Barrett and Allison Richardson for their indispensible help in the logistics, and Kimberly Braam and Bill Li for getting our materials over to the Embassy Suites and for helping us pack up when just about everybody else had left San Diego. Lisa Parse was tremendous in sorting through all our housing issues. Jacob Lesgold made our registration go smoothly. Shannon Strong was again terrific with our interpreters, who all did a great great job. Liz Trigginai made sure our opening dinner went well. Alyce and Monika were excellent as always in taking our group photos -- one of which will make it to the polio commercial. And I thank all of you who participated as co-leaders of our breakout sessions, and especially our colleagues from the International Offices who either co-facilitated or took notes. As always I welcome any and all feedback you can give us concerning the breakouts - - or any other aspect of the meeting -- to make this a more effective training next year. Feel free to contact me, or send your ideas to Sarah Remijan, who will be taking over the planning of this meeting next year. I also thank Kim Kouame, Katie Ediger and Sarah, and all the folks involved in the Future Vision training for keeping our RRFCs fully engaged during the IA and Future Vision training. Finally, I wish to thank Christine Sanders, and especially Adam McCormick, who pinch hit for Christine Grodecki on such short notice. But most of all I thank Melanie Davis and Christine Grodecki, who -- as always -- were two steps ahead of me during all our preparations for this meeting.So to that end, I personally look forward to sharing ongoing information and updates with you over the nextfew months as we continue to serve Rotary and the new Rotary Foundation. I especially look forward toseeing you once again in the near future -- perhaps at the Lisbon Rotary International Convention.Kind Rotary regards,BrendaPOLIOPLUSRotary clubs worldwide take action to End Polio NowEvery year on Rotary’s anniversary, 23 February, clubs around the world rally support for Rotary’s toppriority: the global eradication of polio.Recently, clubs and districts have been illuminating world landmarks with Rotary’s pledge to End Polio; thisyear Rotary is casting the spotlight on the need for governments worldwide to provide the approximatelyUS$1 billion in resources needed to build on significant gains against the disease achieved in 2012. If theeradication initiative falters, experts warn, polio can quickly rebound and spread, soon paralyzing 200,000children a year around the world.In the days surrounding 23 February, clubs are encouraged to invite elected leaders, government officials, andthe general public to polio-themed events to learn about the eradication effort and stress the importance offinishing a job that is 99% accomplished by reaching every child in the world with the oral polio vaccine.In Canada, Rotarians in the Vancouver area are devoting the first portion of a 23 February peace forum to thepolio eradication. Discussed will be the recent success of Pennies and More for Polio, an innovative polioeradication fundraising campaign in which the Canadian government is matching one-to-one every dollarraised by Canadian Rotary members up to C$1 million. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation likewisepledged an equal match, meaning every Rotary dollar raised will leverage an additional two. To read aboutother events being held worldwide, click here. -2-
  3. 3. The Rotary Foundation of Rotary InternationalRotary clubs are encouraged to continue advocacy activities through April to build support for the VaccineSummit that will be held 24-25 April 2013 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Funding commitmentsfrom donor countries around the world will be announced at the summit, and will highlight the promise ofpolio eradication and its broader implication for all vaccine preventable diseases.Banner year against polio2012 was a banner year for polio eradication. Worldwide, fewer than 240 polio cases were confirmed for theyear. Cases are at an all-time low worldwide, down from 650 cases in 2011. Additionally, India was removedfrom the polio-endemic list after posting a full year with no new cases, leaving only Afghanistan, Nigeria, andPakistan as countries where the wild poliovirus has never been stopped.World’s Biggest Commercial UpdateAt the 2013 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, USA, Rotary International secured a booth for theWorld’s Biggest Commercial, providing the opportunity to engage with the hundreds of celebrities andfestival attendees while shining a spotlight on the fight to end polio. The booth secured over 100 photos ofcelebrities such as actress Octavia Spencer, actor Kevin Sorbo, and NY Yankees pitcher Phil Hughes. .Rotary received overwhelming positive responses (and nearly 100% participation) from festival attendees.Check out a few success stories on gathering commercial participants in Rotary Voices.At the 2013 RRFC Institute, RRFCs joined 7452 participants in the fight to end polio in the World’s BiggestCommercial. As of 21 February, there are 127 countries participating in the commercial and the global fightto end polio. Check out the participation rankings for your country.Rotary and polio in the NewsPolio eradication has been highlighted frequently in media and news in the past few months:  Bill Gates was on the Today Show with Matt Lauer and he mentions Rotary:  Bill Gates delivers Dimbleby Lecture on BBC World: commentary/Pages/bill-gates-dimbleby-lecture.aspx  Rotary is highlighted in Discover MagazineFUND DEVELOPMENTRotary Foundation Contribution Figures, for the seven months ended 31 January 2013 and 20121 Increase 31 January 2013 31 January 2012 (Decrease)Annual Fund 54,271,709 52,040,032 4.29%PolioPlus 15,249,941 17,595,613 (13.33%)Endowment Fund 12,869,061 9,308,482 38.25%Other Funds 7,059,188 10,146,272 (30.43%)Subtotal US$89,449,899 US$89,090,399 0.40%Donor Advised Fund 3,348,833 1,444,161 131.89%Total US$92,798,732 US$90,534,560 2.50%1This report is confidential. Totals differ from audited financial statements. Other funds include flow-through contributions, such as the sponsorportion of Matching Grants and Global Grants, which are not recognized as contribution revenue on the financial statements. PolioPluscontributions exclude contributions from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. -3-
  4. 4. The Rotary Foundation of Rotary InternationalFirst Class InitiativeAs announced during the 2013 International Assembly by Rotary International President-elect Ron Burton,the 2013-14 class of District Governors became the first class in Rotary history to have every member make apersonal contribution to The Rotary Foundation. Contributions were given in this Rotary year for anyamount and to any designation.Building on this historic accomplishment, District Governors-elect (DGE) are now inviting their respectiveclub presidents-elect to become members of the First Class by making their own personal contribution priorto the Rotary Convention in Lisbon. Commemorative “First Class” buttons will be available to DistrictGovernors-elect to share with their club presidents once every president elect leads by example and makes apersonal contribution. Buttons will be provided to eligible districts only after the DGE has confirmed 100%contribution participation of their class of presidents.Honoring the father of the Paul Harris Society The Rotary Foundation recently honored Past District Governor Wayne Cusick for his role in developing the Paul Harris Society. During his year as governor of District 5340, Cusick, who is a member of the Rotary Club of Blythe, California, USA, created the recognition program to honor those in his district who annually contributed US$1,000 or more to the Foundation. Congratulations PDG Wayne and thank you to all Paul Harris Society Members!Set your goals in Rotary Club CentralRotary Club Central is a new online tool designed to help clubs track their membership initiatives, serviceactivities, and Foundation giving.Launched in July, the tool replaces the Fund Development Club Goal Report Form and other paper formsused for setting annual goals. Club presidents-elect are encouraged to log in to Member Access and useRotary Club Central to submit their 2013-14 Foundation giving goals prior to 1 May 2013 in order to beincluded in the worldwide goal announcement at the 2013 International Convention in Lisbon.Invitation-Only Events at the 2013 Rotary International ConventionThe Donor Relations department has begun sending invitations with a registration code to qualified donorswho may wish to attend TRF Donor Events at the 2013 RI Convention in Lisbon. RRFCs may receivequestions about these invitation-only events. Please see below for detailed information:The 12th Reception of the Bequest Society - Monday, 24 June 2013 (17:30-19:00)  Myriad by SANA Hotels, Cais das Naus, Lote 2.21.01, 1990-173 Lisbon, Portugal  Event cost is US$35 per person  Registration link: 20th Major Donor Dinner - Tuesday, 25 June 2013 (19:00)  Pátio da Galé, Praҫa do Comércio (entrance), 1100 Lisbon, Portugal  Event cost is US$95 per person  Registration link: C. Klumph Society Dinner - Tuesday, 25 June 2013 (18:45)  Pestana Palace, Rua Jau, 54, 1300-314 Lisbon, Portugal  Event cost is US$95 per person -4-
  5. 5. The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International  Registration link: questions, please email the Donor Relations team at or call 847.866.3320.ROTARY ALUMNIRotary Program Participation SurveyFormer Rotary program participants can provide their information to Rotary International through a newsurvey. This survey is intended for all Rotary Foundation alumni – former Ambassadorial Scholars, GSEparticipants, Rotary Peace Fellows, and Global Grant recipients – as well as former Rotaractors, Interactors,Youth Exchange, and RYLA participants to update their contact details and stay in touch with Rotary.Encourage past programs participants to visit this webpage to share their story and discover newopportunities with Rotary.Alumni UpdateAshar Ahmed, 2011-12 Group Study Exchange team member to District 7040, Canada, Sponsored byDistrict 3271, PakistanAshar Ahmed works in the Pakistan State Oil Company as an executiveengineer, where he handles projects pertaining to oil storage facilitiesspread throughout the country. A long-time student of engineering,Ashar mentored and continues to mentor several students on theiruniversity projects and future careers. He enjoys teaching and is alwaysready to guide young professionals. He shares his experience in GSE andhow it impacted his life: “The group study exchange has become a lifechanging experience for me which brought a paradigm shift in approachtowards life; specifically it has sparked the sense of community serviceand introduced me to the importance of global challenges facinghumanity.”PROGRAMS AND GRANTSNew online systemAs part of Future Vision launch, RRFCs will be able to view information about the qualification status andgrant activity within their districts. When RRFCs log-in to the new grant system, they can navigate to thedesignated landing pages for District Qualification, District Grants, Global Grants, and Packaged Grants.Each of these pages will display a complete list of activities within their zones, as well as a link to open a PDFfile of the qualification and grant records for each district.The new online system is functioning well and allowing Rotarians to prepare for participation in the newgrant model; there will be continual updates and improvements in the coming months. We will be sure tokeep RRFCs informed of these updates.If Rotarians have questions for you about the global grant online application, you can refer them to the GrantManagement Manual, beginning on page 2.2.UNESCO-IHE scholarship applications -5-
  6. 6. The Rotary Foundation of Rotary InternationalApplications for the 2013-14 packaged grant scholarships offered with Rotary’s strategic partner UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education are now available online. These scholarships have been designed topromote long-term productive relationships between Rotarians and highly skilled water and sanitationprofessionals in their communities. Rotarians can visit the packaged grants page on formore information about this packaged grant and application materials. An overview of the grant andapplication process can be found here.To learn about the experiences of one of Rotary’s current scholars studying at UNESCO-IHE, check out hisblog post on Rotary Voices.Online pilot system transitionIn preparation for the global launch of Future Vision and transition to the new online grant managementsystem, please remind pilot districts to observe the following timeline:  Until 31 March, global and packaged grant proposals will be submitted through the current online pilot system, and processed through it no later than 30 June.  After 31 March, global and packaged grant applications will be submitted and processed through the new online grant management system.  Until 15 May, 2012-13 district grant applications will be submitted through the current system.  By 30 June, sponsors should work to seek approval for any open global grant applications in order for them to transition to the new online system.  By 1 July, reporting on all open district, global, and packaged grants from pilot districts will transition to the new online system.District qualification update (as of 1 February 2013) Status Total number of Pilot Nonpilot districts Qualified 463 80 383 Pending* 2 0 2 Draft** 45 10 35 None 28 13 15*Pending: After a district completed qualification, an officer changed and the new officer needs to completethe process.**Draft: At least one district officer has started the qualification process.District, global and packaged grants update (as of 1 February 2013) Status District Grants Global Grants Packaged Grants First Steps* N/A 406 63 Draft 211 47 15 Submitted 1 0 0* First Steps is the first phase of the application for global grants and packaged grants that gives sponsors anopportunity to confirm their activity meets grant requirements.2013 Rotary Foundation Training: Preparing for Future Vision (San Diego)District governors-elect and district Rotary Foundation committee chairs received training on the new grantmodel at the International Assembly in January. The training materials are now available in the LearningCenter. Go to or go to Member Access and click LEARN to find the course titled: 2013Rotary Foundation Training: Preparing for Future Vision (San Diego). -6-
  7. 7. The Rotary Foundation of Rotary InternationalClub and district timelines updatedUpdated versions of the club and district timelines are now available.“What is Sustainability” videoPlease find the final versions in all languages of the “What is Sustainability” video. These videos will be usedin the coming months to promote sustainability in the Future Vision model.EN - IT – - JA – – KO – – PT –“Rotarians Matter Most”Many of you may have seen the e-mails from a group called “Rotarians Matter Most.” They are dissatisfiedwith the Future Vision plan and have been circularizing Rotary clubs with negative comments about thedissolution of current TRF programs such as Group Study Exchange, Matching Grants and AmbassadorialScholarships. Rotary Foundation chair Wilf Wilkinson and Future Vision Committee Chair and past RIPresident Luis Giay have responded to these e-mails and those responses are available to RRFCs on theRRFC Forum. We recommend that RRFCs become familiar with these issues in case Rotarians in your areacome to you with questions or concerns about the comments made by this group.ROTARY PEACE CENTERS2014 Rotary Peace Fellowship Application is now available!The 2014 application includes added essay questions and no longer requires applicants to speak a secondlanguage. Please note that the Rotary Peace Fellowship Application deadline is 1 July 2013.Rotary Peace Centers publicationsNew versions of the Rotary Peace Centers publications are available for download. Revised publicationsinclude the:  2014 Rotary Peace Fellowship Application  Rotary Peace Fellow Handbook for the Masters Degree Program  Rotary Peace Fellow Handbook for the Professional Development Certificate Program  Rotary Peace Centers Program Guide for Rotarians  Rotary Peace Fellowship BrochureUpcoming Rotary Peace Center seminarsSave the date and consider attending an upcoming Rotary Peace Center seminar in your area:Chulalongkorn University Duke-University of North CarolinaBangkok, Thailand North Carolina, USA28 March 6 AprilUniversity of Queensland International Christian UniversityBrisbane, Queensland, Australia Tokyo, Japan20 April 8 JuneSign up to receive more Rotary Peace Centers news here. -7-
  8. 8. The Rotary Foundation of Rotary InternationalGROUP STUDY EXCHANGEFor the final year of the GSE program, all districts should submit their GSE team’s documents to The RotaryFoundation electronically via the GSE Workgroup.After logging into Member Access, please go to the GSE Workgroup located on the left hand side of thepage. Please note only DGs, DRFCs and District GSE Chairs can access to the GSE Workgroup.  Click on the “2012-13 GSE Pre-departure Document Submission” link in the left-side navigation  Go to your district’s folder  There are 5 folders for each team traveling: 1. Team Applications 2. Medical and Insurance 3. RITS 4. Host Itinerary 5. Final Reports and Evaluations  Upload the team’s documents in the folders provided by going into each folder and clicking the Upload button located near the top of the screen. For example, the team leader and team member applications should go in the Team’s Applications folder and the Travel Request form should go in the RITS folder.  Your coordinator will review the documents and let you know if any other documents are needed.For questions, please email the GSE team at or call 847.866.3330.TRF OPERATIONSSHARE Tip of the Month“Use it or lose it” does not apply to DDF. Nonpilot districts that do not use all of their DDF by 30 June willnot lose it. Unused DDF at the end of the current Rotary year continues to roll forward into the next year’sDDF balance. However, these additional funds have no bearing on the maximum award amount for thedistrict grant – in the same way that roll forward DDF had no impact on the District Simplified Grant. Whenunused funds roll forward, they are available for global grants and donations.Questions about SHARE? Contact Steve Lyons, 847-866-3362; for additional Future Vision trainingThe Foundation is committed to making sure every district is prepared to work with the new grants model on1 July 2013. If you have districts that need further help with preparing for the new grants, and you have beenasked to visit to provide training, please know that we have extra funds available to cover such training. Youcan take these trips, and it will not come out of your RRFC budget. Please inform Melanie Davis about whenand where you will be travelling and follow the normal rules for Rotary travel, such as booking your ticketsthrough RITS and submitting an expense report as you would for any other RRFC-related travel. -8-