How Do You Get Yours


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Advertising Capstone: create a one-year long advertising campaign for client charity: water
Fall 2010 UGA

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How Do You Get Yours

  1. 1. How do you get yours? The University of Georgia Dr. Jooyoung Kim Grady College of Journalism & Mass Communication 120 Hooper Street Athens, Georgia 30602 (706) 542-­1190Callie Davis Jennifer DitotaAcount Coordinator Account jenditota@gmail.comMeredith Ascari Brittany NanceAccount Manager Media Aline Adams Creative Director
  2. 2. How do you get yours? Aline Adams Meredith Ascari Callie Davis Jennifer Ditota Brittany Nance 2010
  3. 3. Executive Summary In today’s economic situation where donations toward charities have been de-­ clining overall, charity: water continues to grow. After only four years in existence, charity: water has grown exponentially and become an extremely popular charity that stands out from its competitors. Using a mix of celebrity endorsements, unique, engaging campaigns and eye-­catching images, charity: water has succeeded in grab-­ bing many people’s attention, including celebrities like Will and Jada Smith; but they desire even more. Agualution Advertising has created a campaign that not only grabs the atten-­ tion of college students, but it will increase the awareness of charity: water’s mis-­ sion of bringing clean drinking water to developing nations. Agualution Advertising plans to run a one-­year campaign that will feature print media, social media, guerilla marketing, promotional media, and four events held at six southeastern college cam-­ puses. Working with a given budget of 10,000 dollars, Agualution Advertising has in-­ voked the use of nontraditional media to reach the designated target market, and will provide a campaign that students can relate to and, in turn, increase the likelihood of involvement with the organization. Agualution Advertising invokes shock value both in its images and facts within the print media. The slogan, “How do you get yours?” is relatable to the target mar-­ ket because it makes college students think about how they use water and take it for granted. “How do you get yours?” begs the question, how do you get your water? The slogan shown in the promotional video with children drinking dirty water invokes strong emotions and makes people want to help the cause. Evoke desire to learn more, with an increase in donations is exactly what this campaign will do: producing total gross impressions of 8,268,422 and an average frequency of 2.8, we plan to do just that! i
  4. 4. Table of Contents Executive Summary ..........................................................................i Marketing Strategy (Research) Situational Analysis .................. ..........................................................2 Consumer Analysis ............................................................................3 SWOT Analysis ..................................................................................4 Target Selection .................................................................................5 Marketing Communication Strategy ...................................................7 Positioning .........................................................................................7 Big Idea .............................................................................................7 Creative Brief ......................................................................................8 Communication Vehicles ................................................................9-­12 Media Plan Objectives ........................................................................................13 Strategy...........................................................................................13 Tactics ........................................................................................14-­17 ROI ..................................................................................................18 IMC Campaign..................................................................................18 Media Schedule Chart.......................................................................19 Creative Strategy Objectives .......................................................................................20 Strategy...........................................................................................20 Plan ...........................................................................................21-­22 Budget Measures.........................................................................................24 Budget Allocations............................................................................24 Evaluations Measures.........................................................................................24 Marketing Communication Objectives ...............................................25 Appendix....................................................................................26-­32 1
  5. 5. MARKETING STRATEGY (RESEARCH)Situational Analysis Company History Scott Harrison, founder of charity: water, left his job as a highly paid, high-­pro-­ a country with no resources and no clean water looks like, and he decided to start his Since its start in 2006, charity: water has grown into a globally expanding non-­ over one billion people on the planet without access to clean water, charity: water works hard to place a sustainable water system in the villages. Marketplace Evaluation As a way to set themselves apart from other organizations, charity: water uses a to on-­ground well projects; for every one dollar invested in clean water and sanitation, a twelve dollar average is yielded in economic returns. Charity: water is very successful, as shown by helping one million people by the end of 2009 and partnering with over 16 different countries. Charity: water is faster and cheaper than any other like-­minded organizations around the world. Charity: water employs members of the towns and villages they are working in, installs hygiene trainers, and creates a sense of unity within each village. Product Evaluation With health and sanitation being a devastatingly large problem in the world, charity: water’s accomplishments are invaluable. Expanding their products from mon-­ etary donations to products like water bottles, t-­shirts, and wrist bands, charity: water is breaking ground. Partnering with TOMS shoes, Saks Fifth Avenue, and other well-­ known brands, charity: water exceeds expectations in providing clean water. It is a trendy brand that has restored faith in charities. Partnering with celebrities, having a “build your own campaign,” and featuring live builds on their sophisticated website, charity: water is growing. scale the tallest mountains in search of springs and go where no one else dares-­-­all for the sake of bringing water to some of the poorest people on earth.” 2
  6. 6. Consumer Analysis In four years, more than 20 million dollars has been donated to charity: water from over 100,000 donors; in one year alone, around 3,000 donors contributed over 3 million dollars to the cause. Using the “The 100% Model,” one hundred percent of all donations made go directly to funding on-­the-­ground projects. Through the help of, individuals who wish to be more involved can run their own local charity: water campaigns to raise awareness and collect donations. Additionally, chari-­ ty: water is active in the social media world with a fan base of over 75,000 on Facebook and over 1 million followers on Twitter. -­ cally target undergraduate students at six Southeastern Conference universities. In or-­ der to gain insights about our target market, we conducted several individual, in-­depth interviews. When asked about donating money and/or time to charities in general, 87% of participants said their families make charitable donations but only 31% cur-­ rently donate on their own or have done so in the past. Although 80% of respondents were aware of the clean water issues in Africa, only 7% had heard of charity: water. Af-­ ter seeing the video on and browsing the website, 93% of participants said they would be interested in donating in the future, 67% would like to be involved in future charity: water events held on campus, and 100% felt it was a viable cause. These potential consumers particularly appreciated the Google Earth feature that al-­ lows donors to view completed project sites. Despite this, 53% of respondents were still somewhat skeptical about the legitimacy of the 100% Model. 3
  7. 7. SWOT AnalysisStrengths Extensive use of social networking, which functions as the primary publicity tool: Over 75,000 fans on Facebook Over 1 million followers on Twitter The interactive website that attracts and appeals to our target market. The 100% Model ensures that 100% of donations go directly toward on-­site well con-­ struction. The Google Earth feature offers physical evidence to donors that their contributions have made an impact which eases any feelings of doubt or skepticism. High celebrity involvement provides extensive press coverage in national magazines and newspapers. Merchandise sales partnered with high-­end and top-­trending retailers. Local partners offer knowledgeable information about the terrain and charity: water has personal relations with communities in need.Weaknesses Solely dependent on donations to cover all expenses, which limits the overall budget. Donors cannot designate where or how donations will be spent, making donations less personal. Google Earth maps are barely visible and results cannot be seen until 12-­18 months after a donation is made.Opportunities Heavy growth opportunity within college markets through use of social media outlets. Help communities that are not able to provide any funding for the project. Ability to generate awareness to provide increased funds for local, partnered organiza-­ tions using charity: water’s well-­established brand. after reaching its 4-­year anniversary. Anyone is welcome to run a personal charity: water campaign to raise awareness and collect donations on a local level.Threats Similar companies such as Global Water and already exist and offer greater Due to the state of our national economy and the recession, people are currently less likely to donate. Individual freedom to start a personal campaign could jeopardize brand equity. 4
  8. 8. Target Selection Charity: water’s new target market focuses on college students, males and fe-­ males ages 18-­24. We choose to target college students in Southeastern Conference (SEC) schools that are active in social media, follow the green-­movement, and are environmentally conscious. These students are active participants on their campuses, up-­to-­date with trends, and want to be in the know. They get excited about becoming involved in a movement, however, we found that they may not have incomes of their own. Most students want to get involved, but don’t have the luxury of a disposable income. We found that they are more likely to start up a campaign and get involved if there is something in return, such as donating the 20 dollars and getting a wristband or t-­shirt. They like to help, but also want people to know they are part of the trend. Target Rationale These students are part of a large student body, but each has a unique set readiness to buy, love of technology, and constantly strive to be connected via Twit-­ ter, Facebook, and other social mediums. They love sharing their ideas and take on the task of promoting new products and their views on everything. They are more culturally receptive of new trends than the Baby Boomer Generation and are consid-­ ered young, smart, and self-­assertive. This generation looks forward to and embraces change. This is the perfect target market for charity: water. Based on our in-­depth interviews, we found that a strength of charity: water that appeals to this target market is the ability to see results. Only 7% of our target audience had heard of charity: water but almost everyone enjoyed their website and videos and 67% wanted to get involved in some way on their campus. SEC schools are a great target for charity: water because of their large size and diverse demographics on campus. Charity: water has a huge opportunity to engage more college students and can recruit our target market to help fundraise and build awareness. Target Insights “I am a third year college student and while I love the idea behind charities, I often don’t have the money to donate. I would love to give back to the world and help give clean water, something I take for granted everyday. I am hoping that char-­ ity: water will come up with something that will get more college students involved on campus. I love this charity and want more people to know about it by starting my own campaign.” 5
  9. 9. Marketing Communication Strategy Phase 1 -­ pany by 70%. Build interest by 45% and desire by 30% and generate donations by 25%. Phase 1/2: To continue building awareness of the pro-­ gram, establish online sites, and social networks. Phase 2: (post campaign plan) Sustain awareness of charity: water brand and con-­ tinue to build.Positioning Overview After conducting our in-­depth interviews, we want to position charity: water as a trendy, active, and organized charity that engages college males and females ages 18-­24. Based on our research, only 31% donate due to lack of monetary funds, but many want to get involved other ways. One of the strengths talked about for charity: water is the ability to engage in social media and be able to see the results of donations online. From our research we feel charity: water has great strength in its message, videos, website and use of social media to raise awareness. This is a great way to position them among the target market to produce viable results. We want to incorporate the power of student organizations and be able to compete at an awareness level of TOMS Shoes, Habitat for Humanity, UGA HEROs, Red Cross, and Relay for Life. Platform We will target certain groups around the six large SEC schools to get people in-­ volved in charity: water’s mission by use of print media, social media, guerilla market-­ use the contemporary, trendy nature of charity: water to engage college students and encourage them to donate, while providing visible results through social media. We want to increase brand awareness and hope to generate an interest in the charity and its mis-­ sion.Big Idea Overview Our campaign slogan will peak interest and curiosity in the target market about what the slogan means and what it is implying. Slogan Rationale Our slogan will peak the curiosity of our target market and will increase their in-­ terest to seek out more information about what charity: water is and the mission behind it. We want a creative, fun, and interesting way to pull people into our campaign, while at the same time, really ask them to think about how they get the water they use every-­ day and appreciate how privileged they are to have regular access to clean water. 7
  10. 10. Creative Brief Client Name: charity: water Creative Guidelines: With an allotted budget of $10,000, the objective of our challenge is to raise awareness and involve college students in campaign fundraising efforts on campuses. Thus far charity: water has been extremely successful, having raised over $20 million in less than four years. In order to create an original campaign while also effectively engaging college students, we decided to use social media vehicles and hold charity: water events on campus to reach out target market. Charity: water has already given college students the tools to create their own campaign, now it’s our turn to moti-­ vate them to get involved. Key Facts: time and money to. However, charity: water has set itself apart by incorporating the of use a 100% Model where one hundred percent of donations go directly to on-­ground water projects. Through the use of Google Earth, donors can watch the completion of -­ ter with a twelve-­dollar average yielded in economic returns. In just four years, charity: water has partnered with organizations in 16 developing nations. Together they have helped over one million people in various communities improve sanitation, food supply, gender equality, and education. Problems: Charity: water is a relatively new brand, so many people are unaware of its existence or do not know its mission. It may be challenging to encourage our target market to donate because 90% of individuals interviewed still depend on their parents for discretionary income. Others are skeptical about whether or not their donations will actually be used to give clean water to those in need. Objectives: To increase brand awareness and help the target market understand the overall mission. Communication is necessary to boost excitement about charity: water, encourage involvement within our target market, and convey project results to those who donate. Target Audience: Female and male college students ages 18-­24 in the southeastern region who respond to cause-­related marketing. These conscientious and environmen-­ -­ ences from current trends like the “go green” movement. These students are hip and innovative experiencers who are interested in contributing to a greater cause. They are eager to learn about contemporary issues and enjoy new projects. Promise: $20 can give one person clean water for 20 years. 100% of your money will go directly toward project costs. 8
  11. 11. Communication Vehicles Support: Installing hygiene and health professionals in village The 100% Model Communication Vehicles: Objective: Promote the brand and raise awareness about the clean-­water movement through the use of creative advertising in the form of campus events aimed at appeal-­ Rationale: Using promotional merchandise along with creative, fun campus events will attract the attention of a larger number of students at one time. All the proposed will be more apt to donate their own individual time and/or money. 1) Pre-­campaign Objective: Create brand awareness through the distribution of promotional merchan-­ dise and the appointment of brand ambassadors on each campus to help with the proposed events detailed in this campaign. These brand ambassadors will be able to plan future charity: water events for their campuses as well. Rationale: These items connect the brand to the target market and give students an incentive to donate and/or get involved in the charity: water events on campus. By using these branded items, they are sharing the brand with others and helping to in-­ crease brand awareness. Appointing brand ambassadors will create a buzz on campus about both the events planned and the brand itself. The stickers/decals displayed in local businesses will attract attention and create a buzz among students. 2) Launch/September/Campaign Kickoff: our campaign. Since this is the kick-­off event, there will be a guerrilla marketing event/ contest being held during the event to generate even more excitement and buzz. The event will have balloons, campaign poster, promotional items to sell and information available to everyone. The event will take place the same day on each campus, at differ-­ ent locations on campus depending on the school. The event will be run and organized by the previously chosen charity: water brand ambassadors. Objective: To raise awareness and create interest in charity: water and our “How do you get yours?” campaign. This event will be the kick-­off event for the entire cam-­ paign, and will give out information about future events on campus, as well as general information about charity: water. Rationale during our “How do you get yours?” campaign for charity: water. The event will have guerrilla marketing events to raise awareness. This event will have contests with prizes for the winners and participants to encourage participation and time well spent for charity: water. 9
  12. 12. Communication Vehicles3) Holiday Event: Have a “Holiday” tree set up in main area of student center and en-­courage students to pledge $5 as a “Holiday gift” to the children affected by the world-­wide water crisis, and after pledging will decorate a paper ornament with their nameand donation amount to then be hung on the tree. Objective: Raise money for charity: water and raise awareness on campus during the Holiday season that will raise spirits and good will towards those less fortunate. At the same time, we will still have table set up with information to hand out, as well as our creative campaign poster to inform students about charity: water. Rationale: During the holiday season, most people feel overly generous and have to plan and purchase gifts for family members and close friends. This may be a way to get some students to give up all or some of their Christmas gifts in exchange for do-­ nations to charity: water. The ornaments on the tree will give people a public sense of others to donate or at least inquire about charity: water and raise and spread aware-­ ness.4) 6K Run -­munity where the race is run. Six different races will be held in each town. Anyone can runin the race, but main target audience will be involved due to advertising on campuses. Willhave signs/posters with information and facts about charity: water and the worldwide wa-­ter crisis along the route to raise awareness and peak curiosity. Event t-­shirts will be givento all participants who signed up early for the race, however t-­shirts can be sent to anyonewho wants to pay for them or who signed up the day of the race, which will be mailed tothem later. The t-­shirts will be designed by a student submission voted on by fellow stu-­dents for each campus. Rationale: 6 kilometers is how long people in Africa have to travel on average to get their water, ties in to our campaign slogan, “How do you get yours?” We will have signs along the way with facts on how different people in the world get their water, and the end of the race we can have a sign saying their just ran/walked the length most people take to get their water on average in Africa. The impact this information will have on the contestants will raise awareness for charity: water and the need for clean water worldwide. 6K Run T-­shirt Design Competition on Facebook Page: an online t-­shirt design com-­ petition will be an interactive and fun way to engage our target audience as well as raise awareness for charity: water. One design will be chosen from each school from the submissions at each school. The winner of the t-­shirt contest will win $100 Visa gift card and their design will be chosen for he 6K Run later in the year. The design will be voted on by students online via the charity: water Facebook page (easy to track number of likes/views given to each design, measurable). The winning design5) Pre-­Finals/Summer Event: This event will be the last on campus event of the year. Thiswill be a send off/reminder event for charity: water followers and interested audience mem-­ -­loons, reminders/facts sheets handed out. This event will highlight our promotional itemsto be sold (i.e. the sunglasses with the koozies and our silver key chains). This will be thelast time to purchase these items and donate on-­campus directly to charity: water. Remind-­ers to go to website and donate there will be given out. 10
  13. 13. Communication Vehicles Objective: To create even more awareness and interest in charity: water but also to re-­ mind current followers and supporters of brand to continue support. This event will be the last on-­campus event held, so it will be a larger one with most of the brand ambas-­ sadors on location, rallying and selling promotional items left. This will be the last time Rationale: This is the last event “How do you get yours?” campaign will have on cam-­ pus and will be an important send off event for our campaign. The supporters and followers we gain during the school year will come out and support the last event on campus. The promotional items that were available throughout the campaign will be sold at this event for the last time. An emphasis on these products and charity: water will be key in this last impression given by our campaign.Creative Guerrilla Marketing Events To create higher brand awareness of charity: water through shock and showevents; these events will be unexpected, unconventional and interactive, but will in-­crease consumers/target market’s interest in brand. The events will be held at unex-­pected places and will be interactive so the audience can join in and learn more thanthey expected about charity: water. To create a unique, engaging and thought-­provok-­ing concept to generate buzz and excitement for charity: water.1) Campus Pools/Initial Promotional Event — “Dirty Water” Stand “dirty water” to the audience. The brand ambassadors would take the promotional sunglasses, koozies, key chains, posters, and sunglass fact slips to the pools and sell them at these events. Objective: Holding on-­location events will reach a large number of college students at a popular venue. These stands will remind them about the importance of clean drinking water in an original and memorable way. Having the promotional items (sunglasses, key chains, koozies) available will help further advertise the brand and the cause to potential donors. Rationale: These “dirty water” stands will leave students with a lasting image that will create word-­of-­mouth buzz among the crowds of students present at the pool. This buzz will increase brand awareness among the target market. This event is dif-­ ferent from those held on campus, which is important in order to get the attention of those students who were not involved in any of the campus events.2) Launch/Kickoff Water Jug Contestsat different times during the event. Contest #1 a timed contest. The winner will receive a free promotional pack that includes a pair of sunglasses and a koozie (originally a sale price of $11.) Contest #2 The event will consist of two teams of three person team relays (six people in race to-­ tal.) Winning team will receive free promotional pack. 11
  14. 14. Communication VehiclesObjective: To raise awareness and increase curiosity about charity: water as a company.This interactive guerrilla marketing contest will engage students and brand ambassadorstogether in a new, fun, and creative way to inform the target audience about charity: waterand who they are.Rationaleevent will draw our target audience in, as well as create excitement and buzz about whocharity: water is. These interactive contests between the brand ambassadors and our targetaudience will engage, as well as inform the audience about the worldwide water crisis andcharity: water as a company. This event will also dramatically increase awareness of char-­Promotional Events:Guerilla Marketing Events:Mandatories:Campaign SloganCharity: water website: www.mycharitywater.orgCharity: water logo.Measurement Tools: We will measure the effectiveness of our campaign by tracking the -­brand ambassadors will track donations and the number of people who attend each pro-­posed event. 12
  15. 15. MEDIA PLAN Media Objective To reach 70% of our primary target audience among six Southeastern Conference (SEC) college campuses within a 12 month period. Creative Objectives Print: To reach the target market in a frequently used medium on college campuses Social Media Online: To reach the target audience and raise interest and awareness about charity: water as a brand and the mission behind it. Guerrilla: To create word-­of-­mouth buzz for charity: water. Promotional Items: To create brand equity and campaign awareness on our six col-­ lege campuses. Overview of Media Strategy Media dispersion was chosen for this campaign due to allocated budget, no one Media Strategy (media types): Social Media Twitter Facebook Print Posters (Will be re-­used for each event) Fliers ambassador program. 50 full color 11x17 inch posters per event to post on campus at events. Four possible Sunglasses Fact Sheets Online Google Grant Promotional Video Promotional Items (available at/during guerrilla marketing events) Sunglasses Koozies Bottle Opener Keychains Stickers/Custom Decals Brand Ambassadors SEC Colleges: University of Georgia University of Mississippi aka Ole Miss University of Alabama Vanderbilt University University of Florida University of South Carolina 13
  16. 16. Media Tactics Social Media Objective: To create awareness with our target market in a social medium where the target market is active; to allow the target market to view, share and comment about the information and videos presented. Rationale -­ paign will allow the audience to become familiar and a supporter of the charity: wa-­ social media outlet to share videos and information about charity: water as a com-­ pany. The channel will have links to the company website, running metric devices to track viewing behavior, and demographic statistics to see who has visited the page as well as who has donated money to charity: water. Videos will show how charity: water helps people worldwide and what peoples’ donations pay for. Visitors to the page will also be able to the regional promotional video and on-­campus events with our campus brand ambassadors (guerrilla marketing) that have been video taped and turned “viral.” Twitter Objective: To interact with the target market and create awareness about upcoming promotional events and intriguing press releases/information. Rationale: Twitter has become a worldwide social media phenomenon and col-­ lege campuses are no different in their frenzy of its popularity. At the University of Georgia, Twitter has become popular for students and student organizations to use to communicate with friends and announce messages and events. Twitter updates will alert our target audience of promotional events and guerrilla activities. A Twit-­ ter account is free to create, and it will update people worldwide 24/7 about news updates, new information, and special regional events (according to each college campus.) It will serve the same purpose that Facebook statuses do for updating tar-­ get audiences of charity: water events, activities, and information. Twitter is easy to use, easy to see, interactive, and fun to follow. Facebook Objective: A Facebook fan page is essential for promotional and engagement efforts for the activities of the campaign. Rationale: Our target audience of college students is extremely active on Facebook. They will have the opportunity to become a fan and like charity: water as a company they follow/support. The updates will consist of statuses directed to different colleg-­ es among our regional campaign target market to alert them of promotional events and guerrilla activities. A Facebook fan page is free to create and free for people to join/show others they like and support charity: water. It will create a space for the target audience to get more information about the campaign, as well as allow fans to keep track of upcoming promotional events and new initiatives in their area (guer-­ rilla marketing/events.) 14
  17. 17. Media Tactics Cont. Print Posters Objective: A large, creative campaign poster at each event for general information to be reused at each event. The 11 by 17 inch campaign poster will be displayed at each event at each of the six SEC campuses. The posters will include general information about the charity: water movement as well as our campaign slogan “How do you get yours?” Rationale: A large, colorful poster will draw in audiences to our event table to ask about charity: water and what our “How do you get yours?” slogan means. This will create awareness and buzz about charity: water and our regional campaigns. Fliers Objective -­ passed out by brand ambassadors during the week preceding the event. Rationale time. Posters will generate more campus buzz and draw more attention than a print ad that only runs once. Our goal is that the posters will help continue to raise awareness for charity: water even after the events are over. Fliers will help generate awareness and remind students about the upcoming events. Sunglasses Slips Objective: Grassroots marketing to raise awareness among college students with eye-­ catching images and profound facts that direct people to the website, which will result in them becoming motivated to help raise money and awareness among their peers. Rationale: Fliers are a common form of media encountered by college students on a groups of friends will result in friends receiving different images, which will inspire website underneath our slogan, “How do you get yours?” The thought process we hope the viewer will have goes as follows: sees the striking image, reads the fact and is emo-­ tionally affected by it, then looks to the bottom where it says, “Help at mycharitywater. org” which will inspire them to go on the website, research charity: water, then possibly donate and/or join their campus awareness group. Stickers/Decals Objective -­ pany website with simple campaign tag line and website address. Rationale: Will create awareness and interest in charity: water as a brand, by simply tugging at the curiosity of human nature. Simple yet effective tool with a low cost by having the brand ambassadors stick campaign tag line and logo onto mirrors and win-­ dows, and hand out to local, regional businesses—independently owned and operated organization. 15
  18. 18. Media Tactics Cont. Online Google Grant Objective: Catch attention of viewers with inspiring images on internet banner ads. Rationale -­ der the 501(c)(3) status, which will allow charity: water to have free side banner ad-­ vertisements under this program. The program will allow access to control and view the number of impressions just as any paying company would be able to. Charity: water will also have the opportunity to choose the key words that will trigger the ads when people perform searches on Google. Google Grants is a great opportunity for CPM’s they are inquiring. Promotional Video 2:19 long and will be featured as the home video. The purpose of this video is to inspire our target market to learn more about charity: water and get involved in the movement. Using the Matisyahu song, “One Day” as the background music helps set a positive, up-­ lifting tone. The video includes a montage of photos and short video clips of people with dirty water and others with clean water from the wells built using the charity: water of the video in vivid blue so as to stands out and stay at top of the mind. Objective: To reach the target market through the use of inspirational content to evoke emotion and increase awareness among members of our target market. Rationale potential for the video to spread through word of mouth and via other social media outlets, including email. The video is intended to appeal to the target market by the use of a song by a popular artist and moving images and facts. The video is entertain-­ ing as well as educational, and proves charity: water’s cause is viable and makes it real to us in the US by showing actual images of Africans collecting dirty water, then images of them joyously pumping clean water from a newly built well, which results in optimistic and positive feelings within the viewer. Promotional Items Sunglasses/Koozies/Keychains Objective pages.) To engage our target audience with our slogan and the charity: water organiza-­ tion. Rationale: Students will become part of our advertising, as word of mouth is very fast and a popular way to raise target audience’s awareness of charity: water. Students love free promotional items that are enjoyable and useful in their daily college lives. Since all items must have the Twitter hash tag and Facebook fan page, more people will visit these sites and become more interactive with the brand. Plus, these promo-­ tional items will last long after the campaign is over, which will continue to create awareness about the company over time. 16
  19. 19. Media Tactics Cont. Sunglasses will be packaged in a plastic bag and will have a piece of paper in the plastic that will have information about charity: water and facts on water around the world. This can be tied into water by having a piece of paper handed out with each sunglasses with the slogan, “Don’t shade yourself from the truth,” along with a trivia fact about charity: water company or a worldwide water fact. FACT: FACT: 1.4  million  children  die  every  year   Every  day,  women  and  children  in   from  poor  sanitation  -­-­  4,000   Africa  walk  a  total  of  109  million   children  die  each  day  or  one  child   hours  to  get  water. every  20  seconds.   How do you get yours? How do you get yours? Help change this statistic at Help get these kids in school at Do Do n’ n’ fro t sha fro t sha m m the de yo the de yo t u ru rself t u ru rself th thBrand Ambassadors Ten students will be selected per school and will receive a free charity: watert-­shirt, koozie, and pair of sunglasses as a reward for becoming a brand amazing up-­and-­coming charity. Objective: To get students on campus involved in raising awareness and creating cam-­ paigns to help fundraise and donate. Rationale: This will help create a sense of team unity and get students excited about raising awareness and creating campaigns. They will help set up all projects makingCreative Guerrilla Marketing Events To create higher brand awareness of charity: water through shock and showevents; these events will be unexpected, unconventional and interactive, but will in-­crease consumers/target market’s interest in brand. The events will be held at unex-­pected places and will be interactive so the audience can join in and learn more thanthey expected about charity: water. To create a unique, engaging and thought-­provok-­ing concept to generate buzz and excitement for charity: water. 17
  20. 20. IMC Campaign 3 Consumer Views viral video 4 charity: water Goes to website/ 8 Researches company 7 1 5 Donates Joins campus awareness group 9 Raises donations and 6 2 awareness of peers 11 Views results on Google 10 Campus Ambassadors Earth Awareness Groups 1. Charity: water recruits campus ambassadors. 2. Campus amabassadors use the charity: water website as a resource tool. 3. Campus ambassadors expose consumers to charity: water. 4. Consumers views viral video. 5. Consumers learn about awareness groups on their campus. 6. Consumers research charity: water and its mission/goals. 7. Consumers persuaded to donate will do so on 8. Consumers join awareness groups on campus. 9. Consumers join up with campus ambassadors. 10. Awareness groups raise money and awareness on campus. 11. Donors can later see their donations in work on Google Earth. 18
  21. 21. Media Campaign Schedule Preperation Campaign Post CampaignMonth August September October November December January February March April May June JulyIndustry StudyList/Database Prep.PR KitsBrand AmbasadorRecruiting/TrainingBrand AmbassadorRepresentationONLINE VehiclesOnline Set-upsSocial NetworksYou Tuble ChaneelGoogle AdvertismentsEVENTS 1st day of classes onAbassador Campus eachRecruitment campusCampaign Kick-off Sep 1stPool Party/Guerilla Event Sep 9thHoliday Event Dec 1stPre-Finals Event Apr 26th6 K Run Event Mar 31stBathroom DecalsPRINT AdvertisementsHandouts on CampusSeptember Kick off Posters Last WeekT-Shirt Contest PosterAwarnessHoliday Event Poster last 3Advertisments weeks6- Run Poster AwarnessPre- Finals Event PosterDisplay 19
  22. 22. CREATIVE STRATEGY Objectives Our campaign will be “How do you get yours?” and it will make our target mar-­ ket think about something they take for granted everyday: clean water. Through our campaign we want to increase awareness by 15% among the college students in the Southeastern region. We are trying to bring to light the realization that through char-­ ity: water giving 20 dollars can give one person clean water for twenty years. We want water does in their 100% Model. Our campaign will get them motivated to donate or possibly start their own campaign to get their peers involved. We want to communi-­ cate the results of the builds and campaigns, while also sparking excitement and in-­ volvement. Strategy There are currently several charities available for people to donate their time and money to, but charity: water has set itself apart through the 100% Model. It is also an average of twelve dollars in economic returns. Through the charity: water website, do-­ years, charity: water has provided water to over one million people and has partnered in 16 countries, by helping villages with sanitation, food supply, gender equality, and education. Currently the charity market is growing, although trying to persuade people to donate in an economic recession has become a challenge. Many companies that tar-­ TOMS Shoes, to engage college students. However, there is still room for something different. Our goal is to make charity: water stand out our advertisements’ shock value. Our creative strategy appeals to people’s emotional sides and make them stop and think about clean water and how they take it for granted. We chose to target college males and females ages 18-­25 in the Southeastern region of the US who want to get involved and help be part of an up-­and-­coming move-­ ment. They respond well to cause-­related marketing, and are environmentally friendly. These young adults that are driven by leadership skills and connections. These stu-­ dents are trendy experiencers and innovators who like to constantly be connected and communicate a greater cause. They want something that is unique that will grab their attention and that is precisely what our campaign will do. They want to be informed of something they don’t think about every day, a break from their usual hectic routine. 20
  23. 23. Creative Plan Creative Execution (see Appendix) Print Fliers Poster Quarter page Slips with sunglasses Social Media Facebook page Twitter Page Google Grants Banner Ads Collegiate landing site on Promotional Video (See Appendix for storyboard) Print Media Poster Our posters are visually striking and will be placed at all events hosted at the six campuses. They contain a short paragraph about charity: water and feature our slogan. Fliers will feature our slogan “How do you get yours” and They will in-­ cludes details about the event, like the prizes and contests that should get people inter-­ ested. The brand ambassadors will pass them out around at the six campuses and this will increase awareness about our campaign. Fliers will be handed out and posted on campuses for four events: the launch/kick off event, the holiday event, the 6K run event, Fact Sheet Slip By placing our fact sheet slips in the sunglasses and koozies, we will increase people’s awareness of what our campaign is and create further interest in charity: water. We hope to inspire people to take action and direct people to The -­ ers contain intriguing images and a fact that are relatable to college students and makes them stop and think. Our slogan, “How do you get yours” is featured underneath each image along with The slips will have “Don’t shade yourself from the truth” on the back of the slip to tie in the sunglasses. Custom Decals We are going to place decals on bathroom mirrors in ten different restaurants around the towns of each of the six schools we chose for our campaign. They will have our slogan “How do you get yours” and These will make people stop and think about water while they are using it to wash their hands, while simultaneously directing people to get more information from the website. 21
  24. 24. Creative Plan Cont. Social Media YouTube -­ ity: water’s videos and key information. Our video will inspire our target market to get involved and become more informed about what charity: water’s mission is by using a catchy song and striking, but real, images of poverty. Twitter We will have our own Twitter page that will follow our campaign, post updates from our events, and tweets from the brand ambassadors. This will help increase brand awareness and awareness about our campaign. Facebook Our Facebook page will include pictures from our campaign, pictures from our events, our promotional video and links to and We will increase our brand awareness by adding “likes” and friends on Facebook. We will have our brand ambassadors update the page, invite people, and post updates on the wall. Promotional Video Our promotional video, featuring the song “One Day” by Matistyahu, includes shocking video clips of kids drinking dirty water to grab the attention of our target mar-­ ket and make them want help the children. The video has facts about the severity of the problem and shows how the average American takes water for granted and has such page to increase people’s awareness of our campaign “How do you get yours,” charity: water, and its mission. Promotional Items Koozies and Sunglasses Our koozies and sunglasses will be handed out together at all events. They will cost eleven dollars and 91% of the proceeds will go directly to charity: water. The koozies are black and blue and have our slogan “How do you get yours” and mycharity-­ printed underneath. The sunglasses are black and blue also with charitywa-­ printed on the side. These items will help increase brand loyalty, brand aware-­ ness, as well as raise money for further well campaigns. Bottle Openers We will sell silver engraved bottle openers at each event and brand ambassadors will sell more around campus to raise brand awareness. The bottle openers will have engraved on them, advertising people to go to the website learn about what they can do to help. 22
  25. 25. BUDGET 23
  26. 26. Budget Allocation Media Social/ Online Print Promotional Promotional Promotional Allocations Items Events Print Percentage 15.09 14.39 41.08 27.63 1.81 2% 15% 28% 14% 41% Social/ Online Print Promotional Items Promotional Events Promotional Print EVALUATION Measures The total campaign budget given was $10,000. Our team spent $9,726.61. See Budget. Cost per impression during awareness objective: 3032.28/780,957 = .0038 Cost per impression for entire campaign: 9726.61/1,115,658 = .0087 Cost per response during consideration objective: 2955.84/4958.33 = .5961 Cost per response for total campaign: 9726.61/4958.33 = 1.9616 Cost per sale: 9726.61/3869.99 = 2.513 24
  27. 27. Marketing Communication Objectives Awareness In order to increase awareness for our campaign, we chose print media and social media. Our objective is to target 70% (86,773) of our target audience. Print Media students attend our events and how many students go to our launch site. Social Media: We can look at our click-­through, page impressions, Facebook “likes” Events: We can compare the number of people attending our events over time to see if our campaign has increased awareness. Interest We measured the interest in terms of social media, brand ambassadors, and t-­shirt competition submissions. Our objective is to target 45% (39,048) of our target audience. Social Media: We can look at our click-­through, page impressions, Facebook “likes” Brand Ambassadors: We will measure this in terms of how many students signed up to be brand ambassadors and look at the interest in our campaign around campus. Submissions: We will take into consideration how many people signed up for our gue-­ rilla marketing event to track the interest of our campaign. Desire Through promotional sales, donations, and events, we can look respectively at desire. Our objective is to target 30% (11,714) of our target audience. Promotional sales: We can track investments in terms of money coming in from stu-­ dents purchasing koozies, sunglasses, and bottle openers. Donations: We can track the success of our campaign from the amount of new dona-­ tions. Events: We can compare the number of people attending our events over the year to gage if our campaign has gained a following of students that have a desire to be. Action Looking at students starting their own fundraising campaigns around their cam-­ puses, promotional sales, donations, and events. We plan to reach our objective of 25% (2,929) of the target market. Fundraising: By the number of campaigns students started at the six campuses, we can track the success of our campaign. Promotional sales: We can track investments in terms of money coming in from stu-­ dents purchasing koozies, sunglasses, and bottle openers. Donations: We can track the success of our campaign from amount of new donations. Events: We can compare number of people attending our events over time to see if our campaign has gained a following of students that have a desire to be involved. 25
  28. 28. AppendixPrint Sunglasses Fliers FACT: FACT: More  people  in  the  world  have   It  takes  6.3  gallons  of  water  to access  to  a  cell  phone  than  a  toilet.  produce  just  one  hamburger. How do you get yours? How do you get yours? Help at Help at front front fro t s fro t s Do Do n’ m hade n’ m hade th th e t ou e t ou ru rself ru rself y y th th back back FACT: FACT: 1.4  million  children  die  every  year   Every  day,  women  and  children  in   from  poor  sanitation  -­-­  4,000   Africa  walk  a  total  of  109  million   children  die  each  day  or  one  child   hours  to  get  water. every  20  seconds.   How do you get yours? How do you get yours? Help change this statistic at Help get these kids in school at front front Do Do n’ n’ fro t sha fro t sha m m the de yo the de yo tr ur tr ur ut self ut self h h back back 26
  29. 29. Brand Ambassador Flier How do you get yours? Want  to  help  save  the  world  one  African  village  at  a  time? Want  to  be  involved  in  a  national  charity  campaign  while  on   campus? All  while  meeting  new  people  and  improving  your  PR,   marketing,  advertising,  and/or  event  plannning  skills? Join us for an informational session to learn how to apply for the charity: water campus ambassadorship! Date: xx, August xx, 2011 Time: Location: Visit us online at mycharitywater.orgKick Off Event Flier How do you get yours? Join us for the charity: water campus campaign kick off! Come  learn  about  charity:  water,  ways  to  get   involved  with  the  charity,  and  meet  your   campus  ambassadors Events include a water jug holding competition Win prizes! Sunglasses and koozies for sale with $10 of the Come get yours. Date: Thursday, September 1, 2011 Time: Location: 27
  30. 30. 6K Run Flier How do you get yours? 6K Run for charity: water FACT: Every  day,  women  and  children  in   Africa  walk  a  total  of  109  million   hours  to  get  water. Date: Saturday, March 31, 2012 Time: Location: $25 entry fee includes a free t-­shirt and a gift to charity: waterPoster 28
  31. 31. Social Media Twitter Collegiate Website Facebook 29
  32. 32. Promotional Items Koozie Sunglasses Bottle Openers Sticker Decals charity: water 30
  33. 33. Promotional Viral Video Client charity: water Title “How Do You Get Yours?” Storyboard: Agualution Spot HowDoYouGetYours3:00 Job # PromotionalShot 1: Text Slide Shot 2: Common ways to get water Shot 3: Text SlideMusic: “One Day” SFX: Video Music: “One Day” Music: “One Day”Shot 4: Photo Still Shot 5: Shot 6:Music: “One Day” SFX: Video SFX: Video Music: “One Day” Music: “One Day” Page 1 31
  34. 34. Client charity: water Title “How Do You Get Yours?” Storyboard: Agualution Spot HowDoYouGetYours3:00 Job # Promotional Client charity: water Title “How Do You Get Yours?” Storyboard: Agualution Spot HowDoYouGetYours3:00 Job # PromotionalShot 13: People biking jugs home Shot 14: Text Slide Shot 15: Common ways to get waterSFX: Video Music: “One Day” SFX: VideoMusic: “One Day” Music: “One Day” Shot 17: Local people enjoy new wellShot 16: Text Slide Shot 18: Text Slide/ End SFX: VideoMusic: “One Day” Music: “One Day” Music: “One Day” 32