Comunicación de diciembre 2012


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The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International, COORDINATOR COMMUNIQUÉ
A forum for Foundation news
December 2012

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Comunicación de diciembre 2012

  1. 1. The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International COORDINATOR COMMUNIQUÉ A forum for Foundation news December 2012Message from Brenda Cressey, 2013 RRFC Institute Moderator “Rotary continues to transform the world because of the good works of Rotarians with the help of our Rotary Foundation”. As many of us prepare to celebrate this season of PEACE AND LOVE we all count our many blessings and we take solace in the simple fact that our “Service” to others allows each of us to be “CHANGE MAKERS” in a world needing our attentions and concern.“Doing Good in the World” is an exceptional motto for our Rotary Foundation and one we share in manyof our discussions and presentations to others. This motto alone helps all Rotarians understand theconnection between our projects and the importance of our contributions, no matter how big or small. Inother words, everyone‟s support is just as important as the others! The EveryRotarian Every Year initiative is proof of that.What would it take to change the world?You and Rotarys 1.2 million members believe it starts with a commitment toService Above Self.From our volunteer service in communities at home and abroad to thesupport of education and job training, providing clean water, combatinghunger, improving health and sanitation, and most of all to eradicate polio.Wishing you all “Peace Through Service” and looking forward to seeingyou all very soon in San Diego!POLIOPLUSThe second annual global “swimarathon” for polio eradication, sponsored by the Rotary Club of Grantham,Lincolnshire, England, will take place on 23 February, Rotary‟s 108th anniversary. Last year‟s event raisedmore than US$100,000, with over 5,000 people in 23 countries swimming at least 100 yards at the same time.The event drew the support of over 100 Rotary clubs and set a new Guinness World Record for the mostpeople swimming simultaneously in different countries. To learn more or get your clubs involved, view thefollowing explanatory video or visit the website.World’s Biggest Commercial UpdateAs of 20 December, there are currently 3394 participants from 110 countries in the World‟s BiggestCommercial. The world leader is the United States with Brazil and India a close second! -1-
  2. 2. The Rotary Foundation of Rotary InternationalWe want your participation, but we need your support to champion the campaign and make it a success.Heres how you can help:  Upload a photo of yourself making the “This Close” sign to the commercial. Just go to the website, click on World‟s Biggest Commercial and follow the instructions to upload a photo to the constantly expanding commercial.  Incentivize all your contacts to do the same! Show the commercial to your friends and family and ask them to participate. Please share it through your own websites, blogs and social media channels. Invite others to join you to end the fight against polio!  Set aside time at your next club meeting, speaking engagement or community project to invite people to make history together. Snap a picture of individuals--or groups -- and instruct them how to upload the photo to the website--or have a laptop available to do it for them!  Promote the campaign in fan pages and personal Facebook accounts with the ready to use WBC Timeline Covers available at . For advertising in the websites, you can find files with web banners options here. They can be adapted to you needs.To help explain the campaign to end polio, see below for some helpful tools and resources:  Video Promotional campaign (in languages)  Key messages about polio  Ziggy Marley is a musician and a Rotary polio ambassador. His song, Personal Revolution, appears on “End Polio Now”, an album to benefit fight to end this devastating disease. Now available on iTunes!  Infographics are easy ways to get your message across. To talk about polio funding see here. To see a graphic on the status of polio eradication go here.FUND DEVELOPMENTRotary Foundation Contribution Figures for the five months ended 30 November 20121 Annual Fund: US$30.1 million PolioPlus: US$11.1million Permanent Fund & Related: US$8.3 million Other Giving: US$5.2 million Donor Advised Fund: US$747 thousand Total Contributions: US$55.5 million Rotary Peace Centers Major Gift Initiative: US$80.9 million1 This report is confidential. Totals differ from audited financial statements. Other Giving includes flow-through contributions, such as the sponsor portion of Matching Grants and Global Grants that are notrecognized as contribution revenue on the financial statements. PolioPlus excludes contributions from the Billand Melinda Gates Foundation.Please note the following 2012 Year-end Deadlines for TRF Contributions (USA & CANADA):(For those of you located outside of the US & Canada, please consult the Rotary International Officeserving your area to confirm year-end deadlines for your regions(s).Credit Cards: Online via – must be authorized on or prior to 31 December 2012, midnight (Central Standard Time). -2-
  3. 3. The Rotary Foundation of Rotary InternationalFax: (847-328-4101) / Phone: (866-976-8279) - must be received prior to the close of business on 31December 2012.Mail (least preferred): Sending credit card information by mail is less secure and slower than contributing on-line. If submitting credit card contributions by mail it must be postmarked by 31 December 2012 andreceived by the Foundation by 8 January 2013:Checks: must be postmarked 31 December 2012 or prior and received at the Foundation by 8 January 2013. United States Lockbox Address: Canada Lockbox Address: The Rotary Foundation The Rotary Foundation (Canada) 14280 Collections Center Dr. c/o 911600 Chicago, IL 60693 USA PO Box 4090 STN A, Toronto, ON M5W 0E9, CanadaWire transfers: Must be initiated prior to 31 December 2012 and received by 4 January 2013.Securities: must be received in The Rotary Foundation‟s gifted securities account by 31 December2012. Instructions are available for the U.S. and for Canada, or can be found by searching for „stock transfer‟on Miles, United Airlines and Rotary InternationalAs a year-end holiday gift, United Airlines is again offering a donation of 10 million miles to benefit charitymiles partners. Help Rotary win United Airline air miles by voting at Help us get to #1 by voting today and every day untilDecember 25, 2012. Last year, we took second in the contest, receiving 2.5 million charity miles. Your votecould help Rotary come in first this year!District Governors-elect Work to Achieve 100% Participation in GivingIn July, Rotary International President-elect Ron Burton asked each district governor-elect to join him inmaking a personal contribution to The Rotary Foundation before the 2013 International Assembly. By doingso, they will become the first class ever to have every district governor-elect make a gift. As of 17 December2012, 67% of district governors-elect had made a contribution to The Rotary Foundation and seven zoneshave already achieved full participation for the amount totaling US$349,793.75.Yesterday, each RRFC should have received a communication with details about those DGEs that have yet tocontribute in their zones. RRFCs will continue to receive updates on their progress as they work to achievethis milestone. Percentage of District District Total District Governor- Governor- Governors- elect elect Zone elect Contributors Contributors 1 14 12 86% 2 9 9 100% 3 11 7 64% 4 14 5 36% 5 14 2 14% 6 18 3 17% -3-
  4. 4. The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International 7 18 14 78% 8 21 20 95% 9 12 8 67% 10 13 9 69% 11 18 9 50% 12 12 7 58% 13 14 8 57% 14 11 9 82% 15 15 13 87% 16 15 5 33% 17 16 11 69% 18 15 10 67% 19 14 7 50% 20 23 12 52% 21 23 11 48% 22 24 8 33% 23 30 13 43% 24 17 14 82% 25 10 10 100% 26 13 13 100% 27 15 11 73% 28 12 8 67% 29 16 14 88% 30 12 12 100% 31 14 14 100% 32 20 17 85% 33 15 15 100% 34 14 14 100% Grand Total 532 354 67%FUTURE VISION PILOT OPERATIONSClub and district timelines updatedUpdated versions of the club and district timelines are now available.First packaged grant with OikocreditCheck out this news story about the first packaged grant with Oikocredit to develop women‟s business skillsin the Philippines.Qualification updateDistricts continue to complete the qualification process in great numbers. The statistics for qualification as of18 December are below: -4-
  5. 5. The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International Total Number of Status Districts Pilot Nonpilot Qualified 390 62 328 Pending Verification 5 2 3 Pending 1 0 1 Draft 99 22 77 None 43 17 26Attached is a list of all districts and their qualification status.The online district qualification process is available to all 2013-14 governors, governors-elect, and districtRotary Foundation committee chairs and is the process by which districts ensure that they have the necessaryfinancial and stewardship controls in place to manage their grant funds. Districts must be qualified in orderfor districts to apply for a district, global or packaged grants. Qualification related documents are available onthe Foundation Grants FAQ page.Tutorial videos on new grants systemNew tutorial videos are available to help Rotarians learn about district qualification and the district grantsapplication process. The videos are available in English and languages:District Qualification ProcessDE: IT: JA: KO: PT: Grants online applicationDE: IT: JA: KO: PT: for 2013 Rotary Foundation Training in San Diego, California, 18-19 JanuaryIf you are still learning about the new grants, be sure to go to and take the course titled“Future Vision: Introduction to Future Vision”.For general information on global grants, go to to take the following courses:  Future Vision: Building a Global Grant  Future Vision: Managing Grants  Future Vision: Areas of FocusEnsure that your district Rotary Foundation committee chairs come to San Diego prepared. If they did notattend GETS training, ensure they have reviewed the materials that the governs-elect received at GETS.Districts should be working on finalizing their district committee structure, implementing the district MOU,determining how they will allocate DDF, and determining how district grants will be administered. Resourcesand additional suggestions for preparing for San Diego can be found in the document titled Preparing yourDistrict for Rotary Foundation Grants in 2013. -5-
  6. 6. The Rotary Foundation of Rotary InternationalRRFCs should have received the Rotary Foundation Training Workbook and Leaders‟ Guide. Please takesome time to become familiar with the materials. There will be many opportunities for RRFCs to have theirquestions answered on Thursday, 17 January during Train the Trainer.TRF PROGRAMSROTARY PEACE CENTERSChulalongkorn class to begin in January 2013Seventeen Rotary Peace Fellows from 11 countries will travel to Bangkok, Thailand, in January to participatein the three-month professional development certificate program at Chulalongkorn University. In addition tocoursework, the session will include two field studies. Fellows will travel to northern Thailand and Nepal toexplore topics in conflict analysis and post conflict resolution. To learn more about the Rotary Peace Centersprogram at Chulalongkorn University, please visit Fellows in the fieldClass 10 fellows from the University of Queensland began their Applied Field Experiences last month. Belowis a sampling of some of the work peace fellows are engaging in:  Erica Jeffrey is working with Dance 4 Peace in Mindanao, the Philippines to assist in conducting training, workshops, and classroom programming using Dance 4 Peace‟s progressive pipeline curriculum and developing further programs. Dance 4 Peace empowers young people to be leaders and peacemakers in their schools and communities using dance and creative movement.  Rick Roeder is using his knowledge of conflict resolution and mining law to study the circumstances that lead people to engage in violence as a means of conflict resolution in some places and non- violent forms of conflict resolution in other regions. Rick will be researching in Australia, Chile, and South Africa.Rotary Peace Center’s dinner celebrates achievementsRotary Peace Centers supporters and friends gathered at the Millennium UN Plaza Hotel in New York Cityfor a dinner on 3 November 2012 to celebrate the achievements of the Rotary Peace Fellows. The eventfollowed Rotary-UN Day, underscoring Rotarians‟ enduring commitment to world peace, which included apresentation on Telling Stories that Matter by Rotary Peace Fellow Kiran Sirah.Rotary Peace ForumsThe first of three Rotary Peace Forums was held in Berlin, Germany from 30 November to 2 December tochampion President Sakuji Tanaka‟s RI theme, Peace Through Service. Over 1,800 Rotarians were in attendance;and five Rotary Peace Centers alumni presented in a panel moderated by Past RI General Secretary Ed Futa.Stay tuned for the next two Rotary Peace Forums in:Honolulu, Hawaii, USA: 25 to 27 January 2013 - The Green Path to PeaceHiroshima, Japan: 17 to 18 May 2013 - Peace Begins with YouFor more information check out: Peace Fellows post on The Desmond Tutu Peace Foundation websiteRotary Peace Fellows have been posting articles on The Desmond Tutu Peace Foundation website. Currentand former fellows whose writing has been highlighted include: Mark Flanigan from ICU, Kiran Sirah fromUNC, and Edward Chinhanhu from Chulalongkorn University. Check out the blog posts by clicking on thefellow‟s names or by visiting -6-
  7. 7. The Rotary Foundation of Rotary InternationalRotary Peace Fellow ApplicationThe 2014 Rotary Peace Center application will be available on-line in January 2013 via the Rotary PeaceCenters website. Applications are due 1 July 2013.Sign up to receive more Rotary Peace Centers news.ALUMNI RELATIONSRotary Program Participation SurveyFormer Rotary program participants can provide their information to Rotary International through a newsurvey. This survey is intended for all Rotary Foundation alumni – former Ambassadorial Scholars, GSEparticipants, Rotary Peace Fellows, and Global Grant recipients – as well as former Rotaractors, Interactors,Youth Exchange, and RYLA participants to update their contact details and stay in touch with Rotary.Encourage past programs participants to visit to share their storyand discover new opportunities with Rotary.Alumni UpdatesChristina Fleming, USA, Rotary Peace Fellow, University of Bradford, UK, 2006-08,sponsored by the Rotary Club of Monarch Beach Sunrise, CA, District 5320, USAAfter finishing her peace fellowship at the University of Bradford, Christina went on tocomplete a masters degree in nursing for nurse-midwifery at Yale University. She recentlytook this knowledge into the field where she works for Doctors Without Borders, staffing thefield hospital at the Gendrssa Refugee Camp in the Madan area of South Sudan. When shereturns from South Sudan in 2013, she will start a PhD at Johns Hopkins University inHealth and Violence working on programs for refugees and survivors of violence.OPERATIONS AND ADMINISTRATIONSHARE Tip of the MonthUnused DDF at the end of the current Rotary year continues to roll forward into the next year‟s DDFbalance. This does not change with the new grant model in 2013-14. However, as stated in the FoundationCommittee Manual (publication 300), “Funds that roll over to the following year cannot be used for districtgrants.” What can these funds be used for? Global grants and donations.Questions about SHARE? Contact Steve Lyons, 847-866-3362; -7-