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The annual report of the Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation

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Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation annual report

  1. 1. 2011- 2012 ANNUAL REPORT The Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation
  2. 2. Letterfrom thePresidentDear Fratres and Friends:It is an honor to share with you the annual report for ported leadership development programs, includingthe Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation and its work in 2011- the Leadership Conference, Chapter Leadership Days,2012. As a result of your Centennial Campaign Gifts and the Developing Leaders Initiative, a relativelywe were able to purchase our spectacular new home new annual intensive program for 12 undergradu-in Indianapolis, where your Foundation as well as the ates. The Foundation also supported GreekLife.EDU,Fraternity maintain their headquarters. which is a required educational program for initiates, and a community service event during the 2011 �AMIn academic recognition, as a result of Scholarships Fraternity’s annual Leadership Conference.endowed over the years and on an ongoing basis, weawarded undergraduate and graduate scholarships The Foundation offers grants to chapters for educa-or other recognition for academic performance to tional activities and has launched a Jewish Endeavors290 fratres on 49 campuses. A separate scholarship Initiative. This new program makes grants to chap-report details these awards, which include the new ters or student for activities that promote Jewish lifeGlazer Family Jewish Studies Scholarships which will on campus, educate students on Jewish matters, andbe awarded annually to three qualified fratres. You foster an understanding of Jewish issues.can download a copy of the scholarship report or con-tact Maria Mandel at to request We look back on 2011-2012 as a year of great accom-a copy. plishment and forward to 2012-2013 for continued growth as the Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation developsYour support of the Foundation through its Annual leaders, promotes good citizenship, and encouragesAppeal as well as endowments made to the Centennial scholarship through financial support. Thank you forCampaign enable us to offer funding for qualified Fra- your contributions, past, present, and future, towardternity activities. For 2011-2012, the Foundation sup- this shared vision. Sincerely , Hanno D. Mott President 2
  3. 3. Sigma Alpha Mu Fiscal Year: Foundation June 1, 2010- Annual Report Sigma Delta Undergraduate Members May 31, 2011The Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation’s Annual The report has been published on-line toReport provides an overview of the reduce paper use. The 2011-2012 SigmaFoundation’s initiatives and acknowledges Alpha Mu Foundation Annual Reportthe generous donors who have supported covers programs and donations receivedthese programs. from June 1, 2011-May 31, 2012. Sammies and Sparty at the Mu Chi Reunion 3
  4. 4. Members of Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity founded the Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation in 1944 to provide financial aid and educational opportunities for students. As we near our 70th year, the Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation continues to support Who education and leadership in a variety of ways, including through direct We Are scholarship aid, conference funding, and grants to chapters for specific activities. President: Hanno D. Mott, Cincinnati ‘52 Vice President: David H. Phillips, Ohio State ‘84 Treasurer: Ronald S. Katch, Illinois ‘54 Officers Asst. Treasurer: David S. Rice, Wisconsin/Illinois-Chicago ‘87 and Executive Secretary: Dennis G. Paese, Cornell ‘73 Committee Alvin W. Cohn, Cincinnati ‘56 Robert S. Weiss, Oklahoma ‘77 Richard H. Williamson, NC State ‘63Foundation Michael Brown, UC Berkeley ‘96 Donald J. Stein, Purdue ‘53 Robert B. Fagenson, Syracuse ’70 Directors Barry M. Epstein, Purdue ‘61 Scott A. Stone, USC ‘77 James R. Alexander, SMU/Texas ‘44 Sidney H. Guller, Washington U. ‘47 Howard B. Miller, Maryland ’58 Nathan Margolis, North Texas ’75 Harvey Weisblat, Texas ‘67 Roy Neulicht, NC State ‘73 Steven M. Franklin, Univ of Houston, ‘67 Jerry Miller, Miami Univ, ‘76 Scott A. Stone Executive Vice President: Aaron Girson, Western Michigan ’92 (to December 2012) Foundation & Scholarship Coordinator: Foundation Maria Mandel, Kappa Delta Assistant: Phyllis Grzeskowiak Staff 4
  5. 5. Thank you to all of our donors who make the programs we fund possible.On behalf of all the scholarship recipients, the students who attendedleadership training, and chapters that benefitted from site visits, we thank Thankall the donors who have contributed to the Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation. You Permanently Restricted Contributions 3% Received Temporarily Unrestricted Restricted 53% 44% Community Service Jewish Grants and 2% Endeavor Leadership 1% Awards Development Distributed 12% Program Grants 11% Scholarships Chapter 56% Visits 19% 5
  6. 6. Lifetime Director’s Donor Circle Sidney H. Guller, PhiContributions ($500,000 +) (As of May 31, 2012) Barry M. Epstein, Sigma Eta Hanno D. Mott, Omicron This The Glazer Family, Sigma Zeta Founders Terry Semel, Mu Phi I Believe Society Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity ($150,000-($250,000- $199,999) $499,999) Robert B. Fagenson, Eta James R. Favor, Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity In honor of Bobbi Guller Howard B. Miller, Sigma Chi Lincoln The Milken Family, Sigma Sigma Corridor William J. Ober, Alpha ($100,000- In honor of William P. Schwartz, Sigma Alpha $149,999) Percy E. Weinberg, Kappa James R. Alexander, Mu Alpha Marshall M. Gelfand, Eta Gary P. Gormin, Kappa($75,000-$99,999) L. Mark Newman, Mu Chi Crossed Keys David S. Rice, Gamma Epsilon Richard H. Williamson, Sigma Omega Mark A. Angelson, Sigma Delta In honor of Samuel Miller, Alpha Steven M. Franklin, Beta Rho Dennis G. Paese, BetaAster ($50,000- The Girson Family The Phillips Family, Sigma Beta Purple In honor of James C. Hammerstein, Alpha Paul A. Pumpian, Sigma Chi Joel D. Honigberg, Sigma Eta Leslie J. Raffel, Sigma Eta $74,999) Irwin M. Jacobs, Beta Lawrence D. Schaffer, Sigma Beta Ronald S. Katch, Rho William P. Schwartz, Sigma Alpha Mrs. Joan (Levinson) Kauff, The Tisch Family Leonard Leventhal, Sigma Alpha Stephen J. Weinberg, Sigma Beta Nathan C. Margolis, Beta Sigma Harvey A. Weisblat, Sigma Theta Jerry Miller, Mu Psi George A. Zimmer, Phi 6
  7. 7. What We Did in 2011-2012 The Foundation funded $312,656 in programs that reachedmore than 2000 students during 2011-12. This includes $176,300in scholarships and academic recognitions awards for students and$136,355 in grants for leadership development, men’s health educa-tion, community service, and Jewish programming. Sigma Alpha Mu’s new headquarters building, which also houses Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation, opened in February 2012. 7
  8. 8. A grant of $17,262 to Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity to What We Did support educational and leadership programs at the Sigma Alpha Mu Leadership Conference. All Sigma in 2011-2012 Alpha Mu chapters send at least two delegates to this four-day program. Delegates are exposed to a wide range of topics including leadership and team building, ethical decision making, networking, academic success, Con’t. and men’s health issues. GreekLifeEDU: All Sigma Alpha Mu candidates are provided the GreekLifeEdu online education program prior to their initiation into the Fraternity. This program provides students information and tools2012 ScholarshipsThe Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation was founded to to make better decisions regarding campus health is-& Academic Recognition Awardsprovide financial aid to student fratres and recognize sues including hazing, alcohol, sexual relations. Resultsoutstanding scholarship. Our Scholarship and Academ- are measured and data shows better long term deci-ic Recognition Awards continue to be the Foundation’s sion making for students participating in this program.largest program. In 2012 the Sigma Alpha Mu Founda- The Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation funded 100% of thetion distributed a record $176,300 to 210 graduate and GreekLifeEdu program for Sigma Alpha Mu candidatesundergraduate recipients, this included $24,000 to 80 through a grant to the Fraternity of $14,500.Young Scholars. The Young Scholars initiative recog-nizes Sigma Alpha Mu candidates who achieve a 3.75 A special fund provides for leadership developmentduring their candidate term. Our endowed scholarship programs, educational materials and the Gullerprogram awarded $152,300 to 113 students based on Scholars Program at Leadership Conference. Sinceneed and merit. The need for scholarships to help pro- its inception in 1985, the Guller Fund has reached thou-vide access to higher education is growing. In 2011-12 sands of young fratres with programs on scholarship,the ratio of applicants to available scholarships was 4:1. personal development, health issues and numerousThe Foundation’s Scholarship Report provides more other worthwhile topics. The 2012 grant of $8,130 todetail on our financial aid and academic recognition Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity funded professional speak-programs. ers at the Sigma Alpha Mu Leadership Conference & Convention for the Guller Scholars. A special thanks to Fra Sidney Guller whose vision and generosity created the Bobbi & Sidney Guller Leadership Development Fund to endow this program. Daniel David, (Ohio State Univ) with E. Gordon Gee, Chapter Leaders Day: The Foundation makes an an- President of The Ohio State nual grant to support this intense one-day program for University. Daniel David chapter leadership. Topics covered include goal setting received the Walter Phillips and strategic planning, leadership and team building Scholarship. and conflict resolution. The 2012 grant for Chapter Leaders day to the �AM Fraternity of $7,960 funded leadership training for chapter Priors, Vice Priors, Ex- chequers, Recorders, Candidate Educators, and emerg- ing leaders at six regional programs. A special thanks to Fras Irwin Jacobs (Cornell ‘51), David Rice (Wiscon- sin/Illinois Chicago ‘83) and Aaron Girson (Western Michigan ’92) whose generosity created the endow-During the 2011-12 academic year the FoundationProgramming Grants ment to support this program.provided programing grants to non-profit, educationaland charitable organizations totaling $136,356. These Developing Leaders Initiative: A 2012 grant ofgrants supported leadership development, community $11,350 to �AM Fraternity funded an intensive eight-service, men’s health education, academic achievement month program for 12 undergraduate leaders. Theprograms that reached more than 2000 students. program focused on developing the individuals’Highlights included: 8
  9. 9. leadership skills to better prepare them for service totheir community. This program is made possible byfunding from an anonymous donor.Community Service Program: A grant of $4,652to Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity funded a communityservice event during the 2011 �AM Convention. Morethan 125 student and alumni delegates packed mealsat a Phoenix area food bank. This grant is madepossible by an anonymous donor. Seder dinner, State University of New York Geneseo ChapterChapter Visitation Program: A grant of $57,283 toSigma Alpha Mu Fraternity provided general supportto the Fraternity to fund educational and leadershipdevelopment programs in conjunction with profes- • ΣAM Sephardi Seder, the experience of a Sephardi-sional staff visits to chapters/colonies. style Seder with the Geneseo chapter and campus Hillel; An unrestricted grant of$2,000 to this charity that focuses on educating high • A campus Seder sponsored by ΣAM and Chabad atschool and college students on the dangers and nega- the University of Arizona.tive impact of hazing. This program was made possible by contributionsGrants from Chapter Educational Funds: A grant from several donors including a lead gift from Barryof $5,000 was made from the Mu Theta (University of Epstein, Purdue ‘58.Southern California) educational fund to the Universityof Southern California to support leadership train- More than 1,000 people attended the Seder and Shab-ing open to all students at USC. A grant of $5,000 was bat programs organized by ΣAM chapters. For moremade from the Eta educational fund to the ETA�AM information on the programs, please visit the Jew-Foundation to support the organization’s mission. ish Endeavors Initiative page on our website www. The ΣAM Foundation plans to expand the initiative in 2013.In 2012 the Jewish Endeavors Initiative at Sigma Alpha Jewish Endeavors InitiativeMu Foundation began. This program provides fundingto chapters and members for activities that promoteJewish life on campus, educate students on Jewishmatters, and foster an understanding of Jewish is-sues. Grants are available to Sigma Alpha Mu chapters,undergraduate members of Sigma Alpha Mu, and tocampus organizations partnering with Sigma AlphaMu chapters. The Jewish Endeavors Initiative awardedgrants to five campuses to support Jewish life.• Spirit of Shabbat, an annual program at Texas A&Mthat offers the community a traditional Shabbatdinner;• Sammy’s Second Seder, hosted by the University ofFlorida chapter;• West Coast Shabbaton, organized by University ofSouthern California chapter and Chabad USC; 9
  10. 10. The Golden Bronze Society is the Sigma Alpha Mu2011-2012 Foundation’s society that recognizes undergradu- Golden Donors ates who make a donation supporting the Founda- tion. This voluntary initiative and participation Bronze allows undergraduates to influence the future of Society Sigma Alpha Mu. Undergraduate contributions are used for undergraduate scholarships and programs for the undergraduate membership of Sigma Alpha Mu. Beta Ian Ratner Cornell University Delta Chi Sabino Curcio St. Johns University Psi Alex Murdoch University of Pittsburgh Delta Theta Benjamin Nemeth Andrew Goodman Stony Brook University Beta Gamma Delta Upsilon Eitan Cramer Stephen Hauser University of Arizona University of Nevada-Las Vegas Blaine Light Taylor Ross Nathan Philipp Sergio Sida Beta Epsilon Epsilon Iota Oren Givol Adam Brook Boston University Chapman University Carlos Rey Yaron Kariv Joshua Wagner Mitchell Young Gamma Kappa Mu Eta Alec Becker Eric Slater Texas A&M University Drexel University Eric Garfinkle Cory Nagelberg Benjamin Schwarz Mu Theta Cody Weaver Logan Morris University of Southern California Gamma Phi Mu Rho Jon Basha Daniel Tsemach Arizona State University University of Rochester Ryan Cohan Daniel Nemet Mu Psi David Conway Miami University Brendan Gillespie Gamma Psi Joshua Fisher Temple University Sigma Delta John Ryan Gamma Tau Rutgers State University of New Jersey Jonathan Ossip University of Florida Sigma Theta Matthew Halpern Delta Eta University of Texas at Austin Ryan Martini Gary Schneider University of West Florida 10
  11. 11. The Ira Lind Society was established by the Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation in2003 to honor those who have made a planned gift to the Foundation. IraLind was one of Sigma Alpha Mu’s eight founders and the first frater tomake a bequest to the Foundation. Ira Lind• Samuel Adler, CCNY/Baruch Society• James Alexander, SMU• Grace Bender, Friend• Robert Berman, Yale* Charles A. Cohen, Indiana• Alvin Cohn, Cincinnati* Kenneth Collins, Indiana• Forrest Dull, Friend• Ira Epstein Nebraska• Aaron Girson, Western Michigan• James Favor, Pi Kappa Alpha • Benjamin Paul Goldman, Cornell• Samuel Gotfrid, Toronto• Sidney Guller, Washington U.• Mrs. Lucille Hammerstein, Friend• Nathan Karchmer, Oklahoma• Mrs. Joan Kauff, Friend• Rolf K M Landshoff, Minnesota Individuals in bold have passed to the Chapter• Arnold Leff, Cincinnati Eternal. * denotes an Ira Lind Society member who in-• Stanley Levine, Butler formed the staff of their legacy intent in 2011-• Ira Lind, CCNY/Baruch 2012.• Nathaniel Locklin, Pittsburgh• Leland Manders, Miami U. For more information about the Ira Lind Society• Robert Manela, Wayne State or to include the Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation in• Nathan Margolis, North Texas your estate plans, please contact us at• Darren Margolis, Boston U.• Howard Miller, Maryland• Jeffrey Mora, Alfred U.• Joel Moses, Cornell• Hanno Mott, Cincinnati• Benjamin Novicoff, Nebraska• William Ober, CCNY/Baruch• John Paine, San Jose State• Paul Pumpian, Maryland• David Rice, Wisconsin/Illinois-Chicago• Arthur Roufa, Washington U.• Sumner Saeks, Ohio State• Lawrence Schaffer, Ohio State• Hyman Shiff, Penn• Robert Traum, Long Island• Gerhard Van Biema, Purdue• Sheldon Wagner, Indiana• Percy Weinberg, Minnesota• Richard Weinstein, Ohio State• Stuart Zalowitz, Oklahomaand other members who wish to remainAnonymous 11
  12. 12. Support for the Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation is vitalHonor Roll to the development of today’s Sigma Alpha Mu. Your generous donations help provide scholarships toof Donors graduate and undergraduate students, essential educational programs, and grants for research programs. This listing reflects annual giving level2011-2012 Sigma based upon donations received between June 1, 2011 Alpha and May 31, 2012. Mu ALPHA Key: Baruch College Joseph Macnow 1963 Platinum $1,000 + First Time Donor Roy E Mayers 1962 1 Neil D Hackman 1970 Bronze $150 - $249 Planned Gift Donor P BETA Cornell University Deceased Irwin M Jacobs 1951 Platinum $1,000 + D Dennis Paese 1973 Ian B. Ratner 2008 Honorable Norman S Fenton 1943 Silver $250 - $499 Bronze $150 - $249 Dr. Robert L Stamper 1958 Allan M Hyman 1960 Dr. Leonard M Nevins 1945 Dr. Lawrence H Caplan 1952 Donald P Novack 1963 Bronze $150 - $249 Dr. Donald E Milsten 1957 Sanford H Salz 1958 Dr. L Robert Rubin 1952 Hubert M Schlosberg 1950 Alvin Silverman 1942 Daniel B Zirinsky 1945 Steven W Wolfe 1956 THETA GAMMA University of Pennsylvania Lawrence L. Greenberg 1982 Columbia University Platinum $1,000+ Gerald Tellefsen 1957 Stuart G Siegel 1982 Silver $250 - $499 Stephen V Berzok 1957 Michael I Fuchs 1980 Bronze $150 - $249 Gold $500 - $999 David S Bolts 1975 Silver $250 - $499 Mark S Brooks 1967 ETA Marvin Fabrikant 1964 D Syracuse University Robert B Fagenson 1967 Martin Gardner 1935 Platinum $1,000 + Marshall M Gelfand 1945 Ronald B Koenig 1952 Paul Greenberg 1963 Robert S Siskin 1946 H Lewis Rapaport 1956 Dr. Robert B Daroff 1954 Bronze $150 - $249 Carl J Schlanger 1956 Samuel E Dennis Esq 1948 Gold $500 - $999 John C Harte 1982 Mark S Blau 1961 Charles M Rand 1973 Silver $250 - $499 William Goldstein 1956 Eugene L Shepp 1948 Sylvan Herman 1949 Kenneth S Sirlin 1961 Donald C Schupak 1961 Monroe N Szporn 1968 Bruce M Wagman 1979 12
  13. 13. Honor Roll Wilbur M Cohen 1942of Donors Frederick A Fink 1955 Sigma Gabriel Tavares 19912011-2012 Kenneth S Wolf 1962 Clyde J Chudnoff 1965 Alpha Silver $250 - $499 John H Kollm 1993 Mu Gerald M Levy 1964 Con’t. Brian W Appel 1969 Bronze $150 - $249 Rabbi Jerome P David 1967 Jason S Hanna 1994 KAPPA University of Minnesota Ronn A Tulman 1975 Platinum $1,000 + RHO Richard D Dworsky 1976 University of Illinois-Urbana Jeffrey A. Davis 1973 Silver $250 - $499 Herbert R Goldenberg 1952 Platinum $1,000+ Ronald S Katch 1951 Gary P Gormin 1962 Joel D Warady 1975 Dr. Paul H Crane 1963 Gold $500 - $999 Bronze $150 - $249 William D Esensten 1966 Gary G Kash 1971 Stanley L Gendler 1941 Silver $250 - $499 Dr. Mitchell D Lirtzman 1970 Andrew J Huston 2001 Dr. Stanley R Kagin 1962 Martin A Berns 1955 Leroy L Kieffer 1952 Bronze $150 - $249 Dr. Gordon R Bloomberg 1952 James A Segal 1986 David S Boyer 1965 Burton P Harris 1943 Milton J Jaffe 1948 NU Howard L Stone 1954 University at Buffalo Emil Vogel 1962 Silver $250 - $499 George S Novogroder 1967 Bronze $150 - $249 TAU Robert G Rose 1963 University of Alabama Gilbert A Yanuck 1959 Gold $500 - $999 Michael Halbert 1960 XI Bronze $150 - $249 Massachusetts Institute of Technology Dr. Julius Hyman Jr 1954 Bronze $150 - $249 Gerald L Katell 1959 PHI Richmond H Kauffman 1936 Washington University Stephen M Alpart 1982 Kenneth A Okin 1968 Platinum $1,000 + Robert W Beck 1983 1 Michael S Rosenblum 1964 Myron Becker 1943 Stephen M Emer 1983 1 Sidney H Guller 1943 OMICRON Charles D Hammerman 1982 University of Cincinnati Dr. Alvin W Cohn 1953 David P Kleppel 1982 1 Platinum $1,000 + Hanno D Mott 1952 Richard A Landgarten 1985 Daniel M. Wolk 1983 1 George A Zimmer 1967 Gold $500 - $999 13
  14. 14. William S Adams 1982 1 David S Brand 1966Gold $500 - $999 Gold $500 - $999Anthony V Baratta 1980 1Theodore G Bernard 1981 Morton B Prager 1962 Silver $250 - $499Jeffrey G Dreyfus 1981 1Avram A Glazer 1978Dr. Steven E Katz 1982 BETA BETARobert Mckay 1980 Ferris State UniversitySamuel M Poser 1980 1 Mickey Shapiro 1966 Bronze $150 - $249Daren L Rubenfeld 1982Robert E Wilder 1980 1Kirk D Williams 1982 1 BETA DELTALawrence B. Wittels 1978 San Jose State UniversityGregory P Wolfson 1986 Dr. Richard J Schoen 1964 Bronze $150 - $249 M Ray Taylor 1967Robert L Burg 1943 1Silver $250 - $499Jeffrey S Caplan 1983LCDR Daryl K Daniels 1984 BETA ETAJames B Evens 1980 1 California State University-Northridge Mark L Klein 1984Allen R Gordon 1950 Bronze $150 - $249Anthony M Grimaldi 1983 1Stuart I Kerr 1983 1 BETA IOTAAlvin I Malnik 1951 University of Wisconsin-MadisonDr. Steven A Saltz 1971 Bradley A Zerman 1984 Platinum $1,000 +Dean I Weinberg 1980Jeffrey S Weiss 1978 1 Jared S Miller 1994 Gold $500 - $999Honorable Sam Fox 1948 David L Levy 1984Bronze $150 - $249 Bronze $150 - $249Dr. Evan Z Kapp 1973Edward J Kessler 1962James A Kutchin 1978 BETA PIMark D Lipton 1984 1 Northwestern UniversityDr. John A Rothchild 1973 David S Phillips 1967 Gold $500 - $999Kenneth Srebnik 1983 1 Elliot C Beinfest 1970 Silver $250 - $499CHIMcGill University BETA RHODr. Barry J Brock 1968Bronze $150 - $249 University of HoustonJ Robert Swidler 1964 Steven M Franklin 1967 Platinum $1,000 + Jay S Ginsburg 1967 Bronze $150 - $249PSIUniversity of PittsburghLeonard J Baxt 1966Platinum $1,000 + BETA SIGMANathaniel B Locklin 1998 University of North Texas Nathan C Margolis 1973 Platinum $1,000 +James L Golding 1963 Marc E Perlstein 1971Silver $250 - $499Donald I Moritz 1946 Phillip I Glauben 1973Bronze $150 - $249 Bronze $150 - $249 Howard R Lerman 1967 Thomas G May 1975 Alan L Yaffe 1967OMEGAUniversity of TorontoSamuel Gotfrid 1926Platinum $1,000 + D 14
  15. 15. Nathan M. Cheng 2004 Silver $250 - $499 Steven S Pluss 1982Honor Rollof Donors GAMMA LAMBDA Sigma Northern Illinois University2011-2012 Robert W Homan 1988 Silver $250 - $499 Alpha GAMMA NU Mu San Diego State University Adam J Saitman 1984 Con’t. Silver $250 - $499 BETA TAU Northeastern University GAMMA OMICRON Jeffrey A Feldman 1968 Gold $500 - $999 University of Iowa Andrew M Ahitow 1995 Platinum $1,000 + Donald R Cabral 1969 Silver $250 - $499 GAMMA RHO BETA PSI University of California-San Diego Gary L Krausz 1991 University of Virginia Silver $250 - $499 Emile Martin 1968 Silver $250 - $499 Mitchell J Koval 1984 Bronze $150 - $249 GAMMA CHI Brandeis University Adam J Fishman 1998 Bronze $150 - $249 David S Greenberg Esq 1994 BETA OMEGA Kentucky Wesleyan College William D Gilliam 1975 Silver $250 - $499 DELTA BETA Jeremy L Johnson 2003 American University Louis Benson Pearlman 1996 Bronze $150 - $249 Bronze $150 - $249 GAMMA EPSILON University of Illinois at Chicago DELTA DELTA David S Rice 1983 Alfred University Jeffrey J Mora 1989 Platinum $1,000 + Bronze $150 - $249 GAMMA ZETA Ohio University DELTA NU Andrew C Meyer 1971 Western Michigan University Aaron M Girson 1992 Bronze $150 - $249 Platinum $1,000 + GAMMA IOTA Towson University DELTA TAU Todd A Marks 1990 Florida Atlantic University Jason A Stone 1997 1 Silver $250 - $499 Bronze $150 - $249 Darren M Margolis 1989 Bronze $150 - $249 DELTA CHI GAMMA KAPPA St. Johns University Joseph G Gebbie 2000 Texas A&M University Bronze $150 - $249 David K Sergi 1982 Gold $500 - $999 15
  16. 16. John A Siegel 1969 Dr. Paul M Steen 1957EPSILON ALPHAStephen F. Austin State UniversityMartin R Shapan 1997Gold $500 - $999 MU THETA University of Southern California Jeffrey S Pop 1966EPSILON THETA Platinum $1,000 + Gregory J Wiviott 1977West Virginia UniversityAdam E. Horn 2006Silver $250 - $499 Marc P Schwartz 1987 Gold $500 - $999 Mitchell S Bloom 1983MU ALPHA Silver $250 - $499 Alan H Wittenberg 1964Southern Methodist UniversityJerry A Candy 1964Gold $500 - $999 Barry A Cohen 1961 Bronze $150 - $249Marvin G Barish 1944 George D Frankenstein 1961Silver $250 - $499 Ron Lubash 1981 Mitchell D Simon 1970 Seth Zachary 1978MU GAMMACase Western Reserve UniversityDaniel W Lease 1967Silver $250 - $499Sanford Levine 1973 MU KAPPARobert Packard 1949 Wayne State UniversityJames C Rasbold 1980 Dr. Edwin C Blumberg 1948 Gold $500 - $999Steven W Schaefer 1955 Mel R Hertz 1963Aron L Shapiro 1955 Bruce H Rosen 1954Melvyn Bernard Spira 1953 Jay I Stark 1962 Bronze $150 - $249Dr. Martin P Charns 1964Bronze $150 - $249Timothy J Clancy 1987Dr. Fred L Forman 1962 MU RHORonald L Kolb 1963 University of RochesterLeonard Ludwig 1956 Eugene R Schnell 1982 Platinum $1,000 +Dr. Robert A Mendelson 1950M William Sadock 1956 Mark S Connolly 1976 Silver $250 - $499Mark E Sadock 1980 Dr. Ira F Selss 1974 Michael Goldberg 1964 Bronze $150 - $249 Michael R Jushchuk 1980MU EPSILONUniversity of MiamiMarshall A Okmin 1955Gold $500 - $999 MU PHINeal A Broidy 1966Bronze $150 - $249 Long Island University-C.W. PostKenneth W Leichman 1956 Terry Semel 1961 Platinum $1,000 + Ronald W Rapchik 1966 Gold $500 - $999 Robert Traum 1964MU ETADrexel UniversityHonorable Earle Irving Mack 1956 Stephan Ariyan 1960Platinum $1,000 + Silver $250 - $499Michael V. Masciandaro 1976 Max W Gurvitch 1966Dr. Hugh A Chairnoff 1958 Howard Rosenbloom 1967Gold $500 - $999 Bronze $150 - $249Donald L Feigert 1971Bronze $150 - $249Robert F P Nerz 1973 16
  17. 17. Stephen R Bloch 1963 Gold $500 - $999Honor Roll M. Milton Wolff 1956 Silver $250 - $499of Donors Sam M Devinki 1966 Bronze $150 - $249 Sigma Simon I Markowsky 19652011-2012 Alpha SIGMA BETA Mu The Ohio State University Lawrence I Pollock 1966 Platinum $1,000 + Marvin D Snyder 1951 Con’t. MU CHI Stephen J Weinberg 1962 David J Adelman 1991 Gold $500 - $999 David H Phillips 1980 Michigan State University Scott Warren Bernstein 1988 Gold $500 - $999 L Mark Newman 1959 Honorable David A Katz 1952 Silver $250 - $499 Joel L Altman 1962 Donald L Kaufman 1950 James D Lockshin 1943 Silver $250 - $499 Michael B Serling 1964 Mark S Ungar 1982 Dr. David W Edelstein 1971 David N Worshil 1954 Bronze $150 - $249 Craig L Ludin 1973 Dennis S Rosen 1976 Andrew A Dunsky 1982 Bronze $150 - $249 Glenn A Saltsman 1989 Dr. Kenneth T Goldstein 1970 Neal A Schore 1988 Jeffrey L Holden 1961 Lawrence A Weiss 1976 Michael J Kurman 1970 Steven J Woronoff 1981 Rabbi Andrew M Paley 1987 Marc A Vosen 1973 MU PSI Miami University SIGMA GAMMA Jerry Miller 1976 Tulane University Robert J Footlick 1958 Platinum $1,000 + Gold $500 - $999 Daniel A Grossberg 1984 Dr. David S Cole 1987 Gold $500 - $999 Nicholas J Partridge 1998 Silver $250 - $499 Dr. Jeffrey H Korotkin 1966 David P Halper 1977 Lowell R Moret 1959 Joel B Piassick 1959 Silver $250 - $499 David L Korman 1976 Peter C Rubin 1973 Jonathan D Wax 1990 Dr. Edward L Ruch 1969 Howard M. Weinman 1961 Dr. Robert M Turner 1970 Dr. Norman D Freid 1960 Bronze $150 - $249 Dr. Kevin A Chaitoff 1977 Gerald D. Horowitz 1957 Dr. Alan G Kaye 1987 Bronze $150 - $249 Martin I Goodman 1982 Scott B Horowitz 1985 Robert E Morris 1953 Mitchell T Manders 2004 Michael A O’Neal 1972 SIGMA DELTA Rutgers State University of New Jersey Edward M Brandman 1987 SIGMA ALPHA Platinum $1,000 + Dick Nierenberg 1955 University of Oklahoma Joseph B Silverman 1962 Dr. Lawrence Gettleman 1959 Platinum $1,000 + Robert S Weiss 1975 Gold $500 - $999 17
  18. 18. Kenneth E Goldberg 1972Melvin D Hecht 1959 Marvin J Kelfer 1948 1Bronze $150 - $249Stephen A Kepniss 1969 Brad S Roth 1986 1Bennett Klausner 1957Dr. Steven J Tunick 1966 Richard J Davis 1997 Silver $250 - $499 Dr. Jeffrey D Diebner 1985 1 Reid F Friedman 1981 Hilton N Goldreich 1985SIGMA ZETA J Bradley Greenblum 1976Indiana UniversityLeonard Axelrod 1969 Craig M Loewenstern 1986 1Platinum $1,000 +Joel A Goldman 1982 Jordan A Pincu 1987 1 Edward H Rosenwasser Jr 1983Ronald N Mora 1952 Steven C Schaffer 1983Gold $500 - $999 Ellis L Tudzin 1966Dr. David J Frolich 1962Silver $250 - $499Stuart S Kurlander 1981 Martin J Berson 1988 1 Bronze $150 - $249Robert J Lipsig 1961 Philip M Engel 1954 Dr. Maury N Harris 1966Leo S Cohen 1953 Jack D Rubin 1961Bronze $150 - $249Eugene M Hiller 1947 Lewis D Schwartz 1967Lawrence A Joseph 1960 Dr. Barry L Shulkin 1972Jonathan M Kitei 1985 Richard U Simon Jr 1952Keith J Libman 1966 Kevin A Wechter 1984 Thomas E Wiener 1959SIGMA ETAPurdue University SIGMA IOTABarry M Epstein 1958Platinum $1,000 + University of MichiganLeslie J Raffel 1960 Howard D Garoon 1976 Platinum $1,000 +Joel D Honigberg 1944 Alan S Greenberg 1957Gold $500 - $999 Gold $500 - $999James S Kahan 1966 Kenneth I Shevin 1953Donald J Stein 1950 Howard J Levine 1948 Silver $250 - $499Jerry Asher 1945 Dr. Paul R Lichter 1957Silver $250 - $499Frank T Crohn 1943 James H M Sprayregen 1979 Steven C Taub 1981Dr. Raymond Cohen 1942 Joel D Tauber 1954Bronze $150 - $249Richard L Kahn 1953Alan L Kern 1951 I Jeffrey Engel 1959 Bronze $150 - $249Michael S Mills 1966 Honorable Marc Jacobson 1952Dr. Gerald Nadler 1942 Michael W Maddin 1959Alan R Silver 1958 1 Dr. Mark P Owens 1957Leon R Wechsler 1964 SIGMA KAPPASIGMA THETA Lehigh University Clifford A White 1979University of Texas at Austin Platinum $1,000 +Marshall Brown 1Platinum $1,000 +Dr. Alexander L Eastman 1993 Henry P Goldberg 1966 Gold $500 - $999Adam C Singer 1986 Bradley C Unger 1994Harvey A Weisblat 1964 Jeffrey J Silverman 1984 Silver $250 - $499James R. Alexander Esq 1941 PGold $500 - $999Jeffrey B Freid 1987 Vincent E Rusciano 1997 Bronze $150 - $249 18
  19. 19. Stanley C Minsk 1944 Arthur M Spander 1956 Jerry M Wise 1984Honor Rollof Donors SIGMA RHO Sigma University of Missouri Robert M Dolgin 19602011-2012 Silver $250 - $499 Alpha Richard S Brockman 1951 Bronze $150 - $249 Mu Mark C Kodner 1980 Con’t. SIGMA SIGMA University of California-Berkeley Lowell J Milken 1967 SIGMA NU Platinum $1,000 + Michael R Milken 1965 University of Washington Aaron M Epstein 1948 Richard V Sandler 1967 Silver $250 - $499 Robert F Ford 1981 Gold $500 - $999 Andrew E Shapiro 1981 SIGMA XI Dr. Ronald B Stein 1954 University of Manitoba Raymond S Turgel 1943 Platinum $1,000 + Irving Goldberg 1945 Dr. Howard E. Book 1959 Silver $250 - $499 Albert Praw 1966 Bronze $150 - $249 Dr. Martin Brotman 1955 Dustin M Preisler 1998 Cecil W Weintraub 1949 1 SIGMA OMNICRON Franklin M Battat 1952 Bronze $150 - $249 David A Freeman 1956 University of Nebraska-Lincoln Howard M Kooper 1958 Herbert Lakritz 1954 Gold $500 - $999 Dr. Alan J Heeger 1954 Michael L Simon 1956 Silver $250 - $499 H Richard Garber 1954 Bronze $150 - $249 Andrew E Goodman 1964 SIGMA TAU Dr. James G Marx 1967 University of Oregon Don H Rotenberg 1952 Irvin Yaffe 1937 Silver $250 - $499 Solomon Menashe 1948 Bronze $150 - $249 1 SIGMA PI University of California-Los Angeles Herbert A Kraft 1942 Platinum $1,000 + SIGMA PHI Bucknell University Ernest M Kalman 1954 Kenneth J Friedman 1954 Gold $500 - $999 Gold $500 - $999 Morton A Lakretz 1943 Fredric V Giffords 1960 Bronze $150 - $249 Ari S Lewis 1990 Irving Codron 1951 Robert A Spielman 1971 Silver $250 - $499 Merwin S Goldsmith 1957 Bernard S Greenfield 1967 Michael B Hirsch 1991 SIGMA CHI Alan Jarrick 1967 University of Maryland - College Park Howard B Miller 1954 Gene Lee Kermin 1949 Platinum $1,000 + Bronze $150 - $249 Melvyn A Kohn 1961 Richard J Lessans 1966 Silver $250 - $499 19
  20. 20. Elliott E Lapin 1944 Andrew & Audrey Shapiro Charitable Fund 1Bronze $150 - $249 Gold $500 - $1,000Neal A Post 1992 Bley Stein Foundation 1Edward M Snider 1951 Community Share of MN 1Dr. Nathan Stofberg 1952 Friedman Family Foundation Henry & Pamela Goldberg Philanthropic Fund La Kretz Family Foundation 1 Newman Family FoundationSIGMA OMEGA Phi 2011 SAM Reunion 1North Carolina State UniversityRoy M Neulicht 1969 Stephanie & Jared Miller FundPlatinum $1,000 +Richard H Williamson 1960 Thompson Reuters 1Dr. Leland E Garrett Jr 1969 Anissa & Reid Friedman Charitable Gift FundSilver $250 - $499 Silver $250 - $500Stephen L Rann 1968 Brooks Family Foundation 1 Donald L. Kaufman Foundation 1Peter Lehrer 1960 Google Matching Gifts 1Bronze $150 - $249Patrick I Woody 1986 Irv Goldberg Family Philanthropic Fund Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta 1 Lipsig Family Philanthropic Fund 1 Network for Good 1 Richard Davis Philanthropic Fund 1OTHERMadeline F. Florence 1 Robert & Deborah Dolgin Charitable FundPlatinum $1,000 + Robert S. Siskin Family FundJohn & Mary Agresta 1 Steve & Susan Schaffer Charitable Fund 1Gold $500 - $1,000Robert Gettleman 1 Steven & Benay Taub Family FundMaria F. Mandel, Kappa Delta Ameriprise Financial Matching Gift FoundationSilver $250 - $500 Bronze $150 - $250 Ed Snider FoundationDoris Payne 1 1 Joseph Family Philanthropic Fund 1Bronze $150 - $250Phillip & Donna Soroky 1 Mickey Shapiro Charitable Trust 1Dave Westol 1 Milwaukee Jewish Federation 1 OdysseyRE 1 Sirlin Family Charitable Fund of Schwab Charitable FundsCOMPANIES & FOUNDATIONSAIG Matching Gifts Weintraub Charitable Foundation 1Platinum $1,000+Cliff & Deborah White Family Fund 1Earle I Mack FoundationEleanor & Herbert Kraft Family Foundation 1Joan & Irwin Jacobs FundJules H. & Marilyn R. Last Charitable Fund 1L & S Milken FoundationLarry & Julia Pollock Family Philanthropic FundLeslie J. Raffel FoundationMilken Family FoundationPenni & Stephen Weinberg FundRichard & Ellen Sandler Family Foundation 1Robert Fagenson Family FundSidney & Bobette Guller Family FoundationSigma Alpha Mu Foundation of CANADA 1Stuart & Jill Siegel Charitable Foundation 1 Sigma Iota Chapter Leadership DevelopmentTerry & Jane Semel Charitable Foundation participantsUnited Way of Southeastern PennsylvaniaWeisblat Philanthropic FundZimmer Family Foundation 20
  21. 21. FinancialHighlights 2010-2011 2011-2012 % of % of Amount Amount Total Total Revenue Contributions $326,230 22% $382,536 94% Investment Return $1,011,146 46% ($41,581) -10% Change in allowance for $48,155 3% $7256 2% uncollectible pleges Other $97,834 7% $60,407 15% Total $1,483,365 100% $408,618 100% Expenses Program $204,442 41% $370,267 55% Management and $203,847 41% $218,382 33% general Fundraising $85,067 17% $82,994 12% Total $493,356 100% $671,643 100% Net Assets Restricted $6,673,210 94% $6,535,234 96% Unrestricted $415,729 6% $290,680 4% Total $7,088,939 100% $6,825,914 100% 21
  22. 22. For more information please contact us at: Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation 8701 Founders Road Indianapolis, IN 46268 Phone: 317.789.8339 Fax: 317.824.1505 Email: Web: Maria Mandel, Director of Scholarships and Donor Relations Phyllis Grzeskowiak, Administrative Assistant It is the mission of the Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation to support the educationalinterests and activities of Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity, to furnish student aid, and toencourage and develop conduct and traits of character consistent with high morals,constructive citizenship, scholarship, leadership and community service. Sigma Alpha Mu was founded in 1909 at the College of the City of New York as a fraternity of Jewish men. The Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) organization. Gifts made to the Foundation are tax-deductible. Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation is a member of the National Scholarship Providers Association.