March2013 Rotary International Coordinator Communique


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March2013 Rotary International Coordinator Communique

  1. 1. The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International COORDINATOR COMMUNIQUÉ A forum for Foundation news March 2013A message from RIPE Ron Burton Dear RRFCs and fellow Foundation advocates, I am happy to report that we are making significant progress with our First Class Initiative – asking all 2013-14 zone, district and club leaders to consider a personal contribution to the Foundation before the 2013 International Convention. As you can see below, the 2013-14 district governors, district Rotary Foundation chairs and club presidents have contributed more than US$2.6 million for the life-changing grants and activities of our Foundation. I am humbled by the tremendous response and I thank you for your continued support of this historic initiative.AS OF 21 MARCH 20132013-14 District Governors: 100% contributing - US$736,532.242013-14 District Rotary Foundation Chairs: 333 contributing - US$485,330.792013-14 Club Presidents: 5791 contributing - US$1,411,173.32TOTAL CONTRIBUTED: US$2,633,036.35Please extend my sincere thanks to everyone in your districts whom have made their gift. I am deeply gratefulfor their leadership and generous support. I look forward to sharing with you next month that we havefurther increased our numbers and are on our way to reaching 100% participation.{signature on original}Ron D. BurtonMessage from Jennifer Jones, 2013 RC/RPIC Institute ModeratorGreetings Coordinators,From 4-7 March 2013, both classes of Rotary Coordinators and Rotary Public Image Coordinators joinedtogether at the RC/RPIC Institute at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare inChicago.These eighty-two leaders from six continents were treated to afour-day event that was full of exciting speakers and wonderfultime spent sharing ideas and team development.Highlights included a tour of RI Headquarters and a dinner partyat the art studio of my brother, Darren Jones. We also participated -1-
  2. 2. The Rotary Foundation of Rotary Internationalin a hands-on service project where the coordinators and Rotary staff packaged 17,280 meals for children inthe Chicago area. This was a most meaningful legacy of our time together and it also gave us a wonderfulopportunity to use this to attract media attention. We received coverage in the Chicago Tribune and Crain’smagazine (a well-regarded US based business Magazine) as well as several local publications.A special thank you to all of the Facilitators for their outstanding contributions including, RI Director BrynStyles, RIDE Celia Giay, RIDE Mike Webb, Trustee Stephanie Urchick, PDG Brad Howard, PDG RodThomson, PDG Jennifer Scott, PDG Dean Rohrs, PDG Patrick Chisanga, and RPIC Joe Otin. Our staffsupport was exemplary and we want to thank the team led by Michelle Latham and Sarah Remijan for theirhard work and support.As the RRFC Institute was incorporated into the International Assembly and 2013 Rotary Foundationtraining this year to focus on the launch of Future Vision – we were not able to enjoy their company. We trulylook forward to spending time with the 2014-15 RRFC class and PRID John Lawrence at next year’sRC/RPIC Institute which will be moderated by PRID Peter Bundgaard of DenmarkSincerely,Jennifer JonesPOLIOPLUSRotary clubs worldwide celebrate Rotary’s AnniversaryOn 23 February, Rotary marked its 108th anniversary. This year, Rotary urged governments worldwide toprovide the approximately US$5.5 billion in resources needed to eradicate polio, and another release spreadthe announcement that the Canadian government and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will be continuing tomatch funds raised by Canadian Rotarians until 1 March.Rotary’s anniversary was celebrated by international soccer/football superstar David Beckham, who shared alink to Rotary’s website on his Facebook page — reaching his 24 MILLION fans.A joint op-ed, authored by Bob Scott, chair of Rotary’s PolioPlus Committee, and Julian Fantino, Canada’sminister of International Co-operation, was published in the Vancouver Sun, while United Nations FoundationBoard-member Fabio Barbosa wrote an op-ed for Brazils Saúde. Also published in Saúde was this piece onthe two different types of polio vaccine.Inspired by the World’s Biggest Commercial, Clubs in District 3630 in Korea hosted the Walk-A-Thonfundraiser for PolioPlus and raised KRW 18 million (approximately US$18,000).In honor of the anniversary, Rotary has released a new infographic and a "best of" cut of the Worlds BiggestCommercial, which is currently airing in Times Square in New York City.Polio in the News  On 30 January, Bill Gates released his annual letter highlighting the power of data and measurement to help lift the worlds most needy up from poverty and included a section on mapping the end of polio. -2-
  3. 3. The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International  Canadian Rotarian and polio survivor Ramesh Ferris was on CBC Radio on 29 January discussing his international advocacy in the fight against polio, including recent travel experiences in Pakistan and Afghanistan.  AARP is running a five-part series on Rotary and polio eradication. Rotary sent reporter Phil Graitcer to Nigeria to join a team of American Rotarians participating with health workers on polio immunization activities. The third (out of five) online features about Rotary International and polio eradication, "Out in the Field" posted yesterday. Part one and Part two posted earlier this year.  Rotary was featured in the Independent, a British national morning newspaper.  Find ways you can help Rotary advocate for a polio free world in Global Outlook: A Rotarian’s Guide to Advocacy for Polio EradicationWorld’s Biggest Commercial updateAt the 2013 RC/RPIC Institute, Rotary coordinators and Rotary public image coordinators joined the RRFCsand 11,869 participants worldwide in the fight to end polio in the World’s Biggest Commercial. As of 26March, there are 140 countries participating in the commercial and the global fight to end polio. Check outthe participation rankings for your country.FUND DEVELOPMENTRotary Foundation Contribution Figures, for the eight months ended 28 February 2013 and 20121 Increase 28 February 2013 28 February 2012 (Decrease) Annual Fund 61,609,124 58,825,002 4.73% PolioPlus 16,863,055 19,197,691 (12.16%) Endowment Fund 14,092,260 10,197,640 38.19% Other Funds 8,291,004 11,210,848 (26.04%)) Subtotal US$100,855,443 US$99,431,181 1.43% Donor Advised Fund 3,408,403 1,452,161 134.71%Total US$104,263,846 US$100,883,342 3.35%1This report is confidential. Totals differ from audited financial statements. Other funds include flow-through contributions, such as thesponsor portion of Matching Grants and Global Grants, that are not recognized as contribution revenue on the financial statements.PolioPlus contributions exclude contributions from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.PROGRAMS AND GRANTSFeedback from the International AssemblyThe evaluation results from the 2013 Rotary Foundation Training: Preparing for Future Vision demonstratedthat 95% of participants support the Future Vision Plan. Participants rated the training materials highly withthe Grant Management Manual being the most useful resource.Rotary’s Learning CenterMaterials from the 2013 Rotary Foundation training, courses on the new Rotary Grants and the Future Visionplan can be found at in the course titled ―2013 Rotary Foundation Training: Preparing for -3-
  4. 4. The Rotary Foundation of Rotary InternationalFuture Vision.‖ Please note this requires a Member Access account. If you don’t already have one, create onetoday. There is a short tutorial available to view online:DE: IT: JA: KO: PT: Vision resource material listBelow is a list of the most commonly-used Future Vision resource materials available on at PDF copies of this list are available on the RRFC Forum for RRFCs toshare with Rotarians in their zones.  Grant Management Manual  Terms and Conditions for Rotary Foundation  Grant Management Leader’s Guide District Grants and Global Grants – For  District Rotary Foundation Committee grant applications made on or after 1 October Manual 2012  District Rotary Foundation Seminar Manual  Preparing Your Club for Rotary Foundation  Areas of Focus Statements of Purpose and Grants in 2013 Goals  Preparing Your District for Rotary  District and Club Memorandums of Foundation Grants in 2013 UnderstandingEveryone is encouraged to visit for additional learning opportunities. Most recentlywe had the following webinars (recordings available in archive section):  Global Grants Best Practices  The Future of Grant Making  Grant Management Best Practices  District Grant Best PracticesTo stay up-to-date with the most recent Future Vision news, subscribe to the free newsletter, Rotary GrantsNews, and join the Future Vision LinkedIn group.Online system enhancementsThe online grants system has recently benefitted from enhanced functionality. While the system initially hadsome challenges with the speed of certain functions, these issues have been addressed. In addition, the onlinesystem development continues for grant reporting functionality which will become available in late June. Asthe online system continues to evolve, your feedback will continue to help us identify key areas forimprovement. You can send feedback to deadline remindersFor pilot districts, please note that global grant proposals are no longer being accepted. Those districts thatcurrently have a global grant application in process are encouraged to complete and submit these applicationsas soon as possible. The last day applications will be approved is 30 June.As of 31 March, Matching Grant and District Simplified Grant applications will no longer be accepted. AllRotarians (pilot and nonpilot) are encouraged to begin submitting global grant applications in the new onlinesystem.UNESCO-IHE scholarshipsApplications for the 2013-14 packaged grant scholarships offered with Rotary’s strategic partner UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education are available online. Please encourage Rotarians in your zone to identify -4-
  5. 5. The Rotary Foundation of Rotary Internationalpotential scholars. These scholarships have been designed to promote long-term productive relationshipsbetween Rotarians and highly skilled water and sanitation professionals in their communities. Rotarians canvisit the packaged grants page on for more information about this packaged grant andapplication materials. An overview of the grant and application process can be found here.You can track the activities and progress of Rotary’s first class of scholars on their Facebook and LinkedInpages.Packaged grants webinarRRFCs play a critical role in the success of the new Rotary grants model. Packaged grants are a uniqueopportunity to work with the Foundation’s strategic partners on pre-designed projects that are fully funded bythe Foundation and the strategic partner. Join this webinar to learn more about packaged grants and how toapply for this grant type, as well as hear about the four strategic partners and Rotarians sharing theirexperiences about successful packaged grants. Encourage Rotarians in your region to register. Concluding thisone hour webinar there will be time for questions and answers by Rotarians and RI staff.April 30, 2013 8:00 AM CDT (EN) May 2, 2013 12:00 PM CDT (EN)District qualification updateAs of 22 March 2013, 91% of districts worldwide are qualified. Below is a summary.Status Total number of Pilot Nonpilot districtsQualified 492 84 408Draft* 32 12 20None 14 7 7*Draft: At least one district officer has started the qualification processDistrict, global and packaged grants update (as of 18 March 2013)Status District Grants Global Grants Packaged GrantsFirst Steps* N/A 1,150 199Draft 269 200 26Submitted 3 0 5* First Steps is the first phase of the application for global grants and packaged grants that gives sponsors anopportunity to confirm their activity meets grant requirements.ROTARY PEACE CENTERSNow accepting Rotary Peace Fellowship applicationsThe Rotary Peace Centers Department is now accepting applications for 2014-15 Rotary Peace Fellowships.Applications can be found at If you have questions about the fellowship, needadvice on recruiting or finding an endorsing district, please consider joining the LinkedIn group.Upcoming Rotary Global Peace Forum in Hiroshima, JapanThe final Rotary Global Peace Forum will take place from 17-18 May 2013 in Hiroshima, Japan. The themefor this peace forum is ―Peace Begins with You‖ and will focus on young people, including New Generationsprogram participants (Rotaractors, Interactors, Youth Exchange students, and RYLArians), AmbassadorialScholars, Rotary Peace Fellows, alumni, and young Rotarian leaders. -5-
  6. 6. The Rotary Foundation of Rotary InternationalUpcoming SeminarsSave the date and attend an upcoming Rotary Peace Center seminar in your area:Duke University/ University of North CarolinaNorth Carolina, USA6 April 2013University of Queensland International Christian UniversityBrisbane, QLD, Australia Tokyo, Japan20 April 2013 8 June 2013Sign up to receive more Rotary Centers news here.TRF OPERATIONSSHARE Tip of the MonthWondering how much DDF your district will have available next year? How about in 2014-15? The SHAREContribution Detail Report has the answer. This report is available via Member Access to select districtofficers. It lists all contributing clubs in your district (in order of club number) and the monthly andcumulative amounts given to the Annual Fund-Share. The total is divided in half to show how much DDFwill be available. If requesting the report for 2013-14, contributions from 2010-11 will be listed (along withany corrections or adjustments occurring after the Rotary year ended).This report does not show DDF that may have rolled forward from prior years, and does not include anyEndowment Fund-Share spendable earnings. These amounts are reported to districts individually in the fall.Questions about SHARE? Contact Steve Lyons, 847-866-3362; steve.lyons@rotary.orgREGIONAL COORDINATOR PROGRAMSRotary Club CentralIf you aren’t already using Rotary Club Central, now is the perfect time to start. This online tool enables youto monitor your club’s progress in three key performance areas: membership initiatives, service activities, andRotary Foundation giving. Club leaders — president, secretary, treasurer, executive secretary, Foundationchair, and membership chair — can edit goals and achievements for their year, and all members can view clubprogress for all years. In addition, district leaders can view a summary of goals and achievements for all clubsin their district by clicking on District View.As of 25 February, 2012-13 regional coordinators have access to a ―Coordinator View‖ in Rotary ClubCentral. This view displays important information on the goals and progress of clubs and districts in yourregion with regards to membership, public image, service, and Foundation giving. Incoming regionalcoordinators will receive access to this view on 1 July 2013.Log into Member Access, look for the Rotary Club Central link on the left, and start using this great new tooltoday! -6-