10 Key Areas to Get Right in Ecommerce - PRWD - Conversion Conference 2013


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PRWD's Founder & Director of Optimisation shares insights and tips on what are the 10 key areas that retailers should aim to get right to improve user experience, average order values and conversion rate. The insights are based on years of user testing and A/B test on brands like ASOS, The North Face, AllSaints, Amazon, Schuh, Speedo and Topshop

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10 Key Areas to Get Right in Ecommerce - PRWD - Conversion Conference 2013

  1. 1. 10 KEY AREAS TO GET RIGHT IN ECOMMERCE 23RD OCTOBER 2013 CONVERSION CONFERENCE UK LONDON PAUL ROUKE Founder & Director of Optimisation @paulrouke @paulrouke #ConvCon
  2. 2. ABOUT PRWD Founded in 2004 by Paul Rouke Conversion optimisation specialists Head office in Manchester with clients across Europe Work on-going with brands to analyse, review, test and optimise site experiences Specialise in desktop, tablet & mobile UX & conversion optimisation @paulrouke #ConvCon
  3. 3. PRWD CLIENTS INCLUDE @paulrouke #ConvCon
  4. 4. TALK OVERVIEW Why these 10 areas? The 10 key areas (317* recommendations) 3 takeaways * Not counted manually @paulrouke #ConvCon
  5. 5. DISTILLED USER INSIGHTS THAT COME UP TIME & TIME AGAIN( ... and ye s still in 2013 @paulrouke #ConvCon
  6. 6. INCLUDING UP TO THE MINUTE RESEARCH & TESTING FROM MAJOR RETAILERS ... across de sk top, table t & mobile ex p e rie nce s @paulrouke #ConvCon
  7. 7. TALK OVERVIEW Why these 10 areas? The 10 key areas (317* recommendations) 3 takeaways * Not counted manually @paulrouke #ConvCon
  8. 8. 10 KEY AREAS TO GET RIGHT IN ECOMMERCE 1. @paulrouke Sitewide #ConvCon
  9. 9. 1. SITEWIDE @paulrouke #ConvCon
  10. 10. Within seconds of arriving visitors are looking for reasons to justify being on your website SECTION TITLE Free delivery options, free returns & promotions are of the 3 most persuasive types of messages that help users justify not clicking the back button @paulrouke #ConvCon
  11. 11. YOUR PROPOSITION MESSAGES SHOULD BE SECTION AVAILABLE TITLE SITEWIDE, DEVICE WIDE In multiple A/B tests for different types of businesses (retail or not), user researched USP messages never fail to improve sitewide conversion rate Focus on delivery, returns and promotions – these types of messages typically resonate most with users Aim for 3 messages at most – don’t try cramming too much in Make it clear if messages are clickable or just for information Consider small icons for delivery and returns messages @paulrouke #ConvCon
  12. 12. PROMOTE YOUR USP’S IN KEY AREAS OF THE SHOPPING SECTION JOURNEY TITLE Ensure your USP messages are displayed across devices – users on mobile still need to be persuaded Use a subtle animation once the site has loaded to draw attention to them Add USP messages to the bottom of your simplified menu on mobile Repeat key messages below your shopping basket contents Include a key USP in your navigation flyout Include a key USP in your mini-basket These messages are perfect for A/B testing to understand user views of your proposition @paulrouke #ConvCon
  13. 13. 10 KEY AREAS TO GET RIGHT IN ECOMMERCE 1. Sitewide 2. Homepage @paulrouke #ConvCon
  14. 14. 2. HOMEPAGE @paulrouke #ConvCon
  15. 15. Typically users don’t have too much intent to interact with beautifully crafted ecommerce homepages... SECTION TITLE Users simply want to get to products quickly & efficiently with minimum of fuss @paulrouke #ConvCon
  16. 16. SIMPLIFY YOUR HOMEPAGE TO PROVIDE VISITORS WITH SECTION INTUITIVE, TITLE RELEVANT JUMP OFF POINTS @paulrouke Provide clear jump off points to key product ranges that are either seasonal or relevant Provide personalised content based on visitor behaviour ie. new versus returning, logged in versus guest If you have to use those damn carousels....! > Make the controls big & prominent > Pause the carousel on mouse hover > Aim for 3-4 messages at most Ensure your calls to action on promotions are clear – so visitors know this isn’t just an aspirational image to sell the brand #ConvCon
  17. 17. 10 KEY AREAS TO GET RIGHT IN ECOMMERCE 1. Sitewide 2. Homepage 3. Primary Navigation @paulrouke #ConvCon
  18. 18. 3. PRIMARY NAVIGATION @paulrouke #ConvCon
  19. 19. As a primary tool for visitors, your primary navigation should be intuitive, quick and goal driven for the visitor SECTION TITLE Full width mega menus are now almost expected, and when done right they can provide an empowering 1st experience for visitors on your site @paulrouke #ConvCon
  20. 20. TAKE TIME TO ENSURE THE CONTENT & DESIGN OF YOUR MENUS ARE FIT FOR PURPOSE @paulrouke Use the full width of the page for your mega menus Provide quick links to user driven areas such as sale, new in and seasonal product ranges (see ASOS for a great example) Add some affordance in your mega menus (see Amazon) to streamline the users experience Put product categories in alphabetical order If you have more than 15/20 categories, pull out the 5/10 most popular in there own column (most popular) to increase visibility #ConvCon
  21. 21. INCLUDE A USP AND OTHER VISUAL ELEMENTS IN YOUR MEGA MENU Aim to use a consistent column titles and order of links for each of your primary – this creates consistency for visitors as they move across your primary navigation bar Include a space for a graphical promotional slot for seasonal or sale products Include one of your primary USP’s along the bottom of your mega menus Consider the use of icons to represent your primary product categories in your mega menu For tablet visitors, code your mega menus so that they appear on one press – see t.schuh.co.uk to see this in action @paulrouke #ConvCon
  22. 22. 10 KEY AREAS TO GET RIGHT IN ECOMMERCE 1. Sitewide 2. Homepage 3. Primary Navigation 4. Filtering @paulrouke #ConvCon
  23. 23. 4. FILTERING @paulrouke #ConvCon
  24. 24. Very often little attention is paid to the user experience and usability of filtered navigation experiences SECTION TITLE It is one thing having lots of filters, its another thing making this intuitive and enjoyable for visitors to use @paulrouke #ConvCon
  25. 25. RECOGNISE THAT A BAD FILTER EXPERIENCE WILL MAKE VISITORS ABANDON Allow users to multi-select attributes Provide a dynamic counter of available products to manage user expectation Make filtering feel very responsive Close filter area automatically if users have scrolled past the filter area to view products Don't take visitors to the top of the filters after they select one - maintain their scroll position Order filters in the most appropriate way to match user requirements @paulrouke #ConvCon
  26. 26. PROVIDE VISITORS WITH A CONSISTENT BROWSING EXPERIENCE: – REMEMBER PREFERENCES Auto hide secondary filters to remove unnecessary noise/distraction Make it simple and intuitive to remove individual OR all filters Use the same form elements consistently for familiarisation for users Provide filters for availability/delivery options available Provide the option for visual filtering (see ASOS) Maintain user filters when they go back to lister pages @paulrouke #ConvCon
  27. 27. PROVIDE FILTERS WITH A PERSUASION FOCUS, NOT JUST PRODUCT ATTRIBUTES @paulrouke Provide filters that really matter to visitors Give users more control when entering values Provide more information for more complex filters Introduce social proof and consumer behaviour in to filters i.e. most popular, new in, with video, highest rated #ConvCon
  28. 28. PAY ATTENTION TO THE VISUAL DISPLAY OF FILTERS AND PRODUCT GRIDS Increase click area when moving though pages or using the sort options on mobile & tablet Make colours visual swatches for immediate recognition For brands, provide 2 tabs or focus on the most popular 10 before giving users the option to expand to view all Give users the option of display i.e. image grid size, detail versus visual Provide an immediately recognisable show and hide filter area @paulrouke #ConvCon
  29. 29. 10 KEY AREAS TO GET RIGHT IN ECOMMERCE 1. Sitewide 2. Homepage 3. Primary Navigation 4. Filtering 5. The Persuasive Layer @paulrouke #ConvCon
  30. 30. 5. THE PERSUASIVE LAYER @paulrouke #ConvCon
  31. 31. 57 SLIDES ON PERSUASION & PERSONALITY FOR ECOMMERCE bit.ly/smartPPC LINGS CARS SECTION TITLE bit.ly/batshitinsane BOOKING.COM bit.ly/bookingBP @paulrouke #ConvCon
  32. 32. Although more brands are recognising the importance of making shopping experiences persuasive, there is still plenty SECTIONofTITLE to be more persuasive than opportunity your competitors Many brands lack a personality online this is a key way in which retailers can differentiate themselves @paulrouke #ConvCon
  33. 33. ASK & ANSWER THE QUESTION “HOW CAN WE MAKE OUR EXPERIENCE MORE PERSUASIVE?” @paulrouke For more ideas buy a pack of cards from www.getmentalnotes.com #ConvCon
  34. 34. 10 KEY AREAS TO GET RIGHT IN ECOMMERCE 1. Sitewide 2. Homepage 3. Primary Navigation 4. Filtering 5. The Persuasive Layer 6. Product Listing Page @paulrouke #ConvCon
  35. 35. 6. PRODUCT LISTING PAGE @paulrouke #ConvCon
  36. 36. Unless visitors buy the 1st product that they land on, they will have to view and use your product listing page SECTION TITLE These pages should focus on putting the control in the users hand – providing tools to help them browse & find products quickly & efficiently – across devices @paulrouke #ConvCon
  37. 37. YOUR LISTER PAGE IS A CRUCIAL PART OF THE USER JOURNEY: DON’T NEGLECT IT @paulrouke Increase the size of your product images to provide a more visual browsing experience Provide viewing options (product size, grid layout and number per page) Maintain users choice in how many products they want to be shown on 1 page as they browse around Use a cookie to remember users preference when they come back to your website If you group products by mens, womens & kids, on future visitors automatically take visitors to the area they typically spend time on when they go to your homepage #ConvCon
  38. 38. CONSIDER RARE TECHNIQUES THAT CAN MAKE YOUR LISTER PAGES MORE PERSUASIVE @paulrouke If you provide a view all option using progressive loading, consider defaulting to this choice as it suits a high % of visitor preference On hover provide visitors with an alternative image which helps to sell each of your products Consider the use of quick view overlay windows so visitors can browse full details from this page Feature badges which pull out key features, exclusivity or social proof driven products from your range #ConvCon
  39. 39. 10 KEY AREAS TO GET RIGHT IN ECOMMERCE 1. Sitewide 2. Homepage 3. Primary Navigation 4. Filtering 5. The Persuasive Layer 6. Product Listing Page 7. Product Page @paulrouke #ConvCon
  40. 40. 7. PRODUCT PAGE @paulrouke #ConvCon
  41. 41. The key question is “what can you do to get visitors as close to your products as possible to reflect an in-store experience?” SECTION TITLE Social proof through customer ratings & reviews continues to play a huge part in the decision making process. Users need a reason to act @paulrouke #ConvCon
  42. 42. YOUR PRODUCT PAGES SHOULD BE AIM TO PRESENT A WIDE RANGE OF CONTENT... Visually group size, colour, qty and add to basket in one key area Provide visitors with the ability to scroll through products from the product page Follow the approach used by TNF US to make it clear what products are next Don't be afraid of white space and cramming everything above the fold visitors will scroll down Allow visitors to cycle through product images using back/forward arrows on the image CLEARLY Use tabs to deliver key information like delivery & returns information @paulrouke #ConvCon
  43. 43. PERSUASIVE ELEMENTS PLAY A KEY PART IN ENCOURAGING THE ADD TO BASKET CLICK @paulrouke Introduce badges to provide visual stimulus for key attributes Ensure the rating & number of reviews are positioned close the product title Ensure product ratings are clickable to go straight to product reviews Provide multiple product images which showcase all key aspects of the product When you publish negative reviews, demonstrate that you are listening to your customers by responding visibly next to the review (see Lakeland as a shining example) #ConvCon
  44. 44. 10 KEY AREAS TO GET RIGHT IN ECOMMERCE 1. Sitewide 2. Homepage 3. Primary Navigation 4. Filtering 5. The Persuasive Layer 6. Product Listing Page 7. Product Page 8. Shopping Basket @paulrouke #ConvCon
  45. 45. 8. SHOPPING BASKET @paulrouke #ConvCon
  46. 46. ASOS BASKET ANALYSIS SECTION TITLE bit.ly/ASOSbbp @paulrouke #ConvCon
  47. 47. Transparency of your service proposition is extremely important at this stage - you don't want visitors having un-answered SECTIONquestions going in to checkout TITLE Don't give visitors reason to leave the website to try and find promo codes - this really does happen @paulrouke #ConvCon
  48. 48. I'd definitely try to be a bit savvy and spend 10 minutes looking for a voucher code SECTION TITLE You're more likely to go and look for a promotional code if you see in open field A user taking part in research for Schuh @paulrouke #ConvCon
  49. 49. ANSWERING VISITOR QUESTIONS SHOULD BE A PRIME AIM OF YOUR BASKET Provide details of your delivery options & costs – don’t make it hard to find these Allow visitors to provisionally select their delivery choice to see the total cost of their order, which they can update in checkout if required If country or location is required for accurate delivery costs, make this clear to visitors – don’t leave them guessing Promote your payment options clearly If you provide PayPal split this logo out from your other card types – don’t let it get lost @paulrouke #ConvCon
  50. 50. FOCUS USERS ATTENTION ON THE ONE PRIMARY ACTION YOU WANT THEM TO TAKE Use wording such as 'checkout securely' to emphasise you are entering a secure area Provide a checkout button in the top right in line with the button at the bottom of checkout Don’t position a continue shopping button next to your checkout button – move this to the bottom right of your shopping basket design , under all key information Hide your promo code field behind a link "I have a promo code" Provide explanation of where visitors will get promo codes rather than just presenting a big empty box @paulrouke #ConvCon
  51. 51. PROVIDE FLEXIBILITY FOR VISITORS TO CATER FOR CHANGES THEY MAY NEED @paulrouke Allow visitors to edit not just the quantity but the specification of their selected product within their shopping basket Don’t make a big thing of your ‘remove item’ option – you need to provide it, but do this with a simple text link that doesn’t shout out ‘click me!’ Use dynamic messaging to encourage visitors to trigger a discount i.e. spend another £10 to get free next day delivery #ConvCon
  52. 52. 10 KEY AREAS TO GET RIGHT IN ECOMMERCE 1. Sitewide 2. Homepage 3. Primary Navigation 4. Filtering 5. The Persuasive Layer 6. Product Listing Page 7. Product Page 8. Shopping Basket 9. Checkout @paulrouke #ConvCon
  53. 53. 9. CHECKOUT @paulrouke #ConvCon
  54. 54. Typically 1 in 4 visitors don’t complete checkout SECTIONForcing registration at the start of TITLE checkout is still one of the most toxic elements of the process @paulrouke #ConvCon
  55. 55. Building momentum as quickly as possible from the start of checkout helps conversion SECTIONForm usability is crucial and basic issues TITLE are still prevalent in many e-commerce checkout processes @paulrouke #ConvCon
  56. 56. SIMPLIFY THE 1 ST STAGE OF YOUR CHECKOUT AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE Don’t lead with titles like Registration or Account creation for new visitors – instead simplify this to New Customers Reduce support copy where possible to reduce the amount of content users have to consider skim reading Provide a simple line of text such as “you have the option of creating an account at the end” to cater for visitors interested in repeat purchasing Provide new customers with 1 option rather than 2 – simplify their decision making process Use a descriptive button for new customers such as “Proceed to Delivery” to make it clear they aren’t registering @paulrouke #ConvCon
  57. 57. SIMPLIFY THE DESIGN AND REMOVE DISTRACTIONS IN YOUR CHECKOUT Enclose your checkout process, removing standard sitewide content like navigation, search facilities and sitewide footer links Feature your security provider logo in your new simplified header Provide a simple, clear progress indicator that demonstrates where you are, where you have been and what steps you have left Promote your customer service number with opening times in your simplified header Simplify the footer to just included links to delivery, returns, privacy, security and T’s and C’s @paulrouke #ConvCon
  58. 58. PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO MAKING YOUR FORMS QUICK & SIMPLE TO COMPLETE Provide transparency of why you are asking for certain information – show the benefit for the visitor Lead with delivery options and address details rather than billing address details Integrate billing address in to the payment stage, leading with a tick-box to re-use your delivery address Provide postcode look-up, and auto hide the full address details until the user has entered their postcode or chosen to enter address manually In your postcode look-up, provide the option to enter your house number so many visitors will have their address found immediately on clicking ‘find my address’ @paulrouke #ConvCon
  59. 59. PROVIDE PERSUASIVE MESSAGING CONSISTENTLY IN CHECKOUT @paulrouke Key brand messages visitors have seen earlier in the browsing & shopping journey should be featured in checkout – a footer section showcasing 3 USP’s is one option If visitors have taken up a discount or their products have savings applied, ensure this is shown consistently in checkout If you are selling subscriptions or niche products, provide social proof through short reviews and industry/famous people endorsements at the point of purchase #ConvCon
  60. 60. 10 KEY AREAS TO GET RIGHT IN ECOMMERCE 1. Sitewide 2. Homepage 3. Primary Navigation 4. Filtering 5. The Persuasive Layer 6. Product Listing Page 7. Product Page 8. Shopping Basket 9. Checkout 10. Order Confirmation @paulrouke #ConvCon
  61. 61. 10. ORDER CONFIRMATION @paulrouke #ConvCon
  62. 62. The order confirmation page is very often neglected, providing an expectedly flat end to the shopping journey SECTION TITLE This is the ideal opportunity to ask new customers to choose a password to get genuine account benefits @paulrouke #ConvCon
  63. 63. On order confirmation, retailers have the opportunity to delight customers and focus on the peak end rule in persuasion SECTION- making the whole shopping experience TITLE feel more positive & worthwhile @paulrouke #ConvCon
  64. 64. RECOGNISE THE UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY YOU HAVE TO ENCOURAGE REPEAT VISITS @paulrouke For new customers, make the primary focus for them to provide a password to create their account Provide 3 customer centric benefits for signing up, using ticks to emphasise positive messages Include emotive imagery to provide a richer visual experience and says to the customer “this is what you have to look forward to” For returning customers, provide a tangible offer which encourages them to make follow-up purchases in a realistic time frame (based on customers typical order cycles) #ConvCon
  65. 65. 3 FINAL TAKEAWAYS @paulrouke #ConvCon
  66. 66. PROVIDE VISITORS WITH CONFIRMATION OF KEY DETAILS Make it absolutely clear what delivery option they have selected and when they can expect their goods to arrive If you provide click and collect, make it absolutely clear when the customers products will be available for collection If click and collect has been selected, provide a simple overview of what customers need to do – this may well be the 1 st time they have chosen this type of option Personalise the order confirmation page with a title like “Thank you for your order John” – small personalisation like this goes a long way @paulrouke #ConvCon
  67. 67. TALK OVERVIEW Why these 10 areas? The 10 key areas (317* recommendations) 3 takeaways * Not counted manually @paulrouke #ConvCon
  68. 68. 3 TAKEAWAYS @paulrouke No matter how long some of these insights have been accepted, in our experience there are still lots of retailers who can learn from them 2. SECTION TITLE 1. Split testing some of these recommendations is the recommended approach, but many should be added to your JFDI list 3. Irrespective of their size, retailers still have a long way to go in delivering persuasive experiences with good usability end to end – there is still time to gain competitive advantage! #ConvCon
  69. 69. THANKS FOR LISTENING Are there any questions? 23RD OCTOBER 2013 CONVERSION CONFERENCE UK LONDON PAUL ROUKE Founder & Director of Optimisation @paulrouke @paulrouke #ConvCon
  70. 70. SLIDES bit.ly/PRWD10areas SECTION TITLE CRO RESOURCE LIBRARY bit.ly/CROresources @paulrouke #ConvCon