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PubCon Vegas: Sustainable SEO

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PubCon Vegas: Sustainable SEO

  1. 1. @SWallaceSEO | #pubcon Winning with Barnacle SEO STEPHANI E WALLACE Vice President, Owned Media at Nebo When Your Links Rank for Competitive Terms
  2. 2. @SWallaceSEO | #pubcon Top of funnel queries return broad search results.
  3. 3. @SWallaceSEO | #pubcon Your site can’t always compete…
  4. 4. @SWallaceSEO | #pubcon And shouldn’t necessarily try.
  5. 5. @SWallaceSEO | #pubcon Search engines are investing in providing solutions.
  6. 6. @SWallaceSEO | #pubcon That means certain pages won’t rank.
  7. 7. @SWallaceSEO | #pubcon We need to consider the full buyer journey.
  8. 8. @SWallaceSEO | #pubcon Barnacle SEO is how we gain visibility through links.
  9. 9. @SWallaceSEO | #pubcon Getting Started with Barnacle SEO
  10. 10. @SWallaceSEO | #pubcon Google’s local pack shrunk from 7 spots to 3, giving more prominence to the aggregators and “best of” lists and reviews Make sure you’re listed in the top local citation sources for your location & industry Local
  11. 11. @SWallaceSEO | #pubcon See what your competitors are doing to capitalize on tactics that are already proven to work Evaluate the Competition
  12. 12. @SWallaceSEO | #pubcon Industry specific sites are arguably more valuable than the big name aggregators since they will drive hyper-qualified traffic Vertical Specific
  13. 13. @SWallaceSEO | #pubcon Use advanced search functions to identify low hanging fruit opportunities… Vertical Specific Useful… But your competitors are probably doing this too.
  14. 14. @SWallaceSEO | #pubcon Use advanced search functions to identify low hanging fruit opportunities… but be sure to provide value rather than just ask for links Vertical Specific Narrow your focus.
  15. 15. @SWallaceSEO | #pubcon Sources Beyond Basic Directories
  16. 16. @SWallaceSEO | #pubcon Use Google Display Network campaigns to generate off-page ideas based on a list of keywords, on pre-categorized topics, or specific landing pages Google Display Network
  17. 17. @SWallaceSEO | #pubcon Use Display Network campaigns to identify target websites and use a broken link building approach to identify big publishers that are linking out to dead resources Drop those publishers into Ahrefs to find broken Outgoing Links Google Display Network This is a gold mine!
  18. 18. @SWallaceSEO | #pubcon Next, take the broken page(s) you found in Broken Outgoing Links and run that page in Ahrefs’ Site Explorer to find the links Follow the broken link building process of creating equivalent content and pitching these sites Google Display Network Re-create this resource to claim 34 links!
  19. 19. @SWallaceSEO | #pubcon Use SlideShare to give your existing presentations a second life and link back to the relevant content on your site to generate traffic SlideShare
  20. 20. @SWallaceSEO | #pubcon Leverage the substantial, engaged user base to grow your audience and boost organic traffic with the Medium-generated domain Medium allows you to import existing content and canonicalize republished content back to your site to eliminate duplicate content concerns Medium
  21. 21. @SWallaceSEO | #pubcon Google mines YouTube content – descriptions, transcripts, etc. – to find prospects for generating featured snippets Upload videos, optimize the content, leverage playlists, and promote via social YouTube
  22. 22. @SWallaceSEO | #pubcon SERP Features & Ranking in the Knowledge Graph
  23. 23. @SWallaceSEO | #pubcon SERP features have evolved into an interactive first impression of your company, for both branded and non-branded queries We need to take the same approach to optimizing branded SERPs to increase visibility SERP Features
  24. 24. @SWallaceSEO | #pubcon Homepage metadata is the first thought when we think about branded SERP optimization Optimize Your Homepage
  25. 25. @SWallaceSEO | #pubcon Take advantage of local knowledge panels by optimizing your listing in Search & Maps via Google My Business and Bing Places for Business Go beyond the basics & add the data that makes sense: Restaurant? Add your menu. Accept appointments? Add a link. Local Panel
  26. 26. @SWallaceSEO | #pubcon Google now allows users to claim their brand panels Once verified, it is easier to maintain and edit the information displayed Owners can directly request additional information that may be beneficial for users Brand Panel
  27. 27. @SWallaceSEO | #pubcon Brand knowledge panels on Google & Bing largely rely on Wikipedia for the content they display Wikipedia can be beneficial assuming the brand / organizations meets the editorial guidelines and standards for page creation Wikipedia
  28. 28. @SWallaceSEO | #pubcon Leverage structured data markup: organization schema is the most important markup for optimizing knowledge panels Call out social profiles, logo, contact info, founding date, website, products, blogs, videos, etc. Schema
  29. 29. @SWallaceSEO | #pubcon Posts appear on your brand panel and may be used to highlight events, blog posts, products, offers or announcements Google Posts
  30. 30. @SWallaceSEO | #pubcon Answer questions that consumers post and flag answers from users that are incorrect Go above & beyond by posting your own FAQs Questions & Answers
  31. 31. @SWallaceSEO | #pubcon Leveraging Social & Influencers
  32. 32. @SWallaceSEO | #pubcon Facebook Audience Insights Use Facebook Audience Insights to see other pages your audience likes, specifically people that are already following you on social These other pages represent a target media list for your off-page SEO efforts
  33. 33. @SWallaceSEO | #pubcon Evaluate the social presence of companies & individuals that are ranking to see who follows them and who they may be following Social Competitive Analysis
  34. 34. @SWallaceSEO | #pubcon Provide expert advice directly to your audience by responding to questions via Quora, Answers & Reddit Set up alerts via IFTTT or Google Alerts so you can respond quickly as questions are posted Question & Answer Platforms
  35. 35. @SWallaceSEO | #pubcon Reddit can be a great tool for marketers that are willing to put in the time and investment Reddit… with Caution
  36. 36. @SWallaceSEO | #pubcon Find new related sites to your industry and/or audience via the sidebar of nearly every subreddit in the list of recommended subreddits and related websites Reddit Subreddits username
  37. 37. @SWallaceSEO | #pubcon Many people go to Google searching for results specifically from Pinterest Pinterest
  38. 38. @SWallaceSEO | #pubcon Visual, research intensive industries may be more likely to rank on Google with Pinterest profiles than your own site Create targeted Pinterest boards broad, navigational queries and funnel that traffic back to your website Pinterest
  39. 39. @SWallaceSEO | #pubcon Barnacle SEO Opportunities are Endless
  40. 40. @SWallaceSEO | #pubcon Don’t get stuck on rankings as the only KPI.
  41. 41. @SWallaceSEO | #pubcon The more channels to your site from authoritative sources, the better.
  42. 42. @SWallaceSEO | #pubcon The harder the tactic, the greater the competitive advantage.
  43. 43. @SWallaceSEO | #pubcon Download the Deck:
  44. 44. @SWallaceSEO | #pubcon Thank You! Stephanie Wallace VP of Owned Media Nebo @SWallaceSEO | #pubcon

Editor's Notes

  • Thank You
    Today I’ll be talking about Sustainable SEO through the lens of Barnacle SEO – getting your links to rank for competitive terms
  • Many top-of-funnel queries (and voice-search queries) are going to return things such as resource databases and lists, and those lists are probably going to be from third-party publishers, not a brand hawking their wares.
  • Even though a query may be relevant, it’s not always likely that you can compete in the given search landscape.
  • You can’t compete where you don’t fit.
    Maybe you are investing in ranking for certain queries and just not seeing any progress, or maybe it’s not worth investing at all.
  • Search engines are investing in providing solutions.
  • And that often means your product or informational pages are not going to rank
  • We need to consider the full buyer journey and part of that is understanding that users have a lot of touchpoints along the path to conversion.
  • Enter Barnacle SEO - in order to be seen when people are using these types of queries we have to get our site visibility on these 3rd party sites that are already ranking.
    Like a barnacle latching onto a boat to gain benefit.

  • The local pack has shrunk and aggregator sites like Yelp dominate
  • Tools – AHREFs
    Look at top referring domains and top referring content
    Create a list of the aggregator sites they’re receiving backlinks from to ensure you’re receiving backlinks from those sites too—as long as they’re high quality.

  • For example, interior designers should definitely be on Houzz and hotels should be on TripAdvisor.
    Even if you’re in a boring, hyper technical, B2B industry – there are outlets that make sense for you
    Porex example - there were a ton of publications! About industrial porous plastics
    Bright Local has a great resource for Niche Citation sites by business category

  • KEYWORD intitle:”write for us” KEYWORD inurl:”write-for-us”
  • Display Planner was an amazing tool for this… but it is set to sunset any day now with the new Google Ads interface. But we can still use relevant data available on the Display network for the same purpose.

    Historically, we could use Display Planner to generate placement ideas based off a list of keywords, related topics and even landing pages. 
  • Drop those publishers into AHREFs to find broken Outgoing Links
  • This tends have amazing success rates b/c you’re helping publishers fix dead links on their site – why would they not want to update?

    You can also always find even more websites linking to the missing/broken page than the original website. So if SEJ is linking to a dead rsources, it’s a safe bet there are more sites linking to that as well and we can find them using AHREFs

  • SlideShare will put content that does well on its homepage, and it can be featured in a variety of categories – from conferences to topic / vertical specific like retail or science

    Include URLs within or below graphics
    that will send a lot of traffic
    where's that chart come from? How can I learn more about that? Click.

  • Medium is great for long-form, niche, technical content, and more.
    Medium allows you to canonicalize content you post onto the Medium network to your own website. 
  • YouTube is the second largest search engine and optimized videos can increase organic real estate in Google search results. 

  • SERP features are near universal and massively impact click through rates

    These features have evolved into an interactive first impression of your company, for both branded and non-branded queries

    We need to take the same approach to optimizing branded SERPs to increase visibility

    Your New Homepage is Off-page

  • Metadata is the place most of us begin when we think about branded SERP optimization.
    Think beyond the standard company name: tagline
    Google & Bing show different things - take advantage of both variations

    Bing will override your title and hit you with “official site”
    But make up for it with some bonus description 
    Look at the genius of how MailChimp is taking advantage of both.

  • Even if you’re national/global.
    NAP, photos, reviews, Google Posts, Questions & Answers
    Then add other data that makes sense.
    Are you a restaurant? Add your menu.
    Can a customer make an appointment? Add a link.

  • Brand knowledge panels on Bing & Google largely rely on Wikipedia for the content they display
    Claim it!
    Suggest edits
    Add organization schema to your site
    Name your social profiles

  • Wikipedia has very strict guidelines about the neutrality and verifiability of the content published within the encyclopedia
    This is not a marketing platform. Do not treat it as such or your edits will be removed.

    This can be a first step if you don’t have a Wikipedia article and want to establish your brand in the Wikimedia 

  • Posts appear on the brand panel
    They last 7 days (then they move to the recent posts tab on the panel)
    They can be used to highlight events, blog posts, products, offers or announcements
  • This is potentially the least understood feature of the local knowledge panel
  • These other pages represents a target media list for your barnacle SEO efforts
    You can narrow it down by age range, relationship status, people who are interested in dogs and also like my business page, etc.

  • Look at the social profiles for the companies / individuals that are ranking in Google and see who's following them, who else might they be following. Y
    Use something like Followerwonk
    Then say, "Hey, we could get these accounts to help amplify our message or reach out to these social influencers who are clearly in this space and get things that way.”

  • Links are no follow but it’s positive references
  • Reddit can be a great tool for marketers that are willing to put in the time and investment, and become a legitimate member of the community, i.e., get involved in subreddits
    But don’t waste your time if your not all in
  • For example, if you’re building a content strategy and you want to find Nintendo resources blogs to get involved with, you might be able to find some newer or hard to find sites that preliminary Google research doesn’t turn up.

    Caveat to this – Reddit was redesigned somewhat recently and it’s on the moderators to move over resources like this so many subreddits on the new version are missing this section of the sidebar. For now, you can still access the old version of Reddit to do the research and all of these resources should be moved over eventually
  • many people go to Google searching for results specifically from Pinterest. And Pinterest is exactly what Google serves up in the search results.

    This one is unique in that it is both a social network and a search platform
  • If you are in a highly visual, research intensive industry (think fashion, furniture, decor, etc), you are more likely to rank in Google with your Pinterest page than your own website – even if you have a highly optimized website.

    Create targeted pinterest boards for the broad, infiormational terms you’re targeting and use pinterest to funnel traffic back to your site

    Sidenote – Pinterest “nofollows” external links. Any links you get from Pinterest will not necessarily help you with Google/Bing search engine optimization.
  • Don’t get stuck on the idea that trying to rank your own site is the only path forward with SEO.
  • If our site has visibility while they’re researching and considering options then they’re more likely to ultimately choose us