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BI Forum 2010 - High Performance BI: The Future of BI

BI Forum 2010 - High Performance BI: The Future of BI






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    BI Forum 2010 - High Performance BI: The Future of BI BI Forum 2010 - High Performance BI: The Future of BI Presentation Transcript

    • Sybase delivers WHO IS mission-critical enterprise SYBASE? software to manage, analyze and mobilize information.2 – Company Confidential – November 9, 2010
    • SYBASE—AT A GLANCE Pioneered C/S Relational Database , 25 Years of Innovation Column-based Analytics, Enterprise Mobility Platform, Mobile Services 34,000 customers Proven The top 25 global banks use Sybase Reach 4.5 billion mobile phone subscribers Global Reach through 900 operators Ranked as a leader in 3 Gartner Magic Leadership Quadrants and 3 Forrester Wave Reports Momentum 4,300 new customers in 2009 Operations in 60 countries Scale Standalone business within SAP, the world’s largest business software company3 – Company Confidential – November 9, 2010
    • 3KEY TRENDS Devices Data Decisions Expand Expands Points Expand4 – Company Confidential – November 9, 2010
    • DATA VOLUMES EXPAND… Data volumes are doubling every 18 months as more people are accessing more data. Volume of Data 1960’s 1980’s 1990-2000’s 2010’s Mainframe Client/Server Internet Unwired Enterprise5 – Company Confidential – November 9, 2010
    • … AND IT NOW LIVES EVERYWHERE Data is now available when and where you need it. CLOUD REMOTE DATA LOCATION CENTER MOBILE REGIONALCONSUMER OFFICE MOBILE DESKTOP WORKER6 – Company Confidential – November 9, 2010
    • DECISION POINTS EXPAND More people are using more data to make more decisions to drive superior business performance. Past Today Executives Managers/ Line Workers Consumers Systems7 – Company Confidential – November 9, 2010
    • THE UNWIRED ENTERPRISE Analytics Solutions Analytics Server Column-based, special purpose analytics server that redefines usability, scalability and performance. Risk Analytics DECISION-READY Unified market analytics platform targeted at the capital markets INFORMATION sector to support better trading and portfolio decisions across the trade lifecycle. Real-time INTEGRATION COLLABORATION Market Analytics Highly optimized real-time risk and trade analytics for streaming data MANAGE8 – Company Confidential – November 9, 2010 ANALYZE MOBILIZE
    • THE UNWIRED ENTERPRISE Analytics Solutions Analytics Server Sybase IQ Risk Analytics DECISION-READY INFORMATION RAP— The Trading Edition Real-time INTEGRATION COLLABORATION Market Analytics CEP MANAGE9 – Company Confidential – November 9, 2010 ANALYZE MOBILIZE
    • MODERN OPERATIONAL BI PLATFORM REQUIREMENTS• The architecture must be designed to :  Integrate into business processes and organizations, creating interactions between Business Intelligence and Transactional processes  Produce a consolidated picture of the business (master data, ODS, physical/virtual data marts, pre-built cubes, …), integrating the archive of detailed historical data  Shorten latency between transactional and analytical worlds BI together with Transactional processes run the business « Database technology generated the concept of datawarehouse. “We cant solve problems by using the If technology was powerfull enough, there would be no need for same kind of thinking we used when separating operational and analytical environments.» we created them.” Albert Einstein Pascal Paulin, Head Architect Dexia Group10 – Company Confidential – November 9, 2010
    • SYBASE IQ’S SECRET CORE INGREDIENT: COLUMN-BASED ARCHITECTURE Conventional Database c c c c c c c c c …  Data is stored & retrieved horizontally 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 r1  Querying without indexes and views is extremely I/O intensive r2  Building indexes and views is a huge time and resource drain, r3 and views/summaries do not give complete picture r4  Database footprint must be dramatically expanded to make the r5 environment efficient for querying SYBASE IQ c c c c c c c c c …  Data is stored & retrieved vertically 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 r1  Each column is stored separately – the data is the index r2  Retrieve only columns used in the specific query r3  Dramatically reduce system I/O – dramatically increase query r4 speed and accuracy r5111 – Company Confidential – November 9, 2010 COMPANY
    • LOWEST TCO FROM DATA COMPRESSION Conventional DBMS Summaries Aggregates Same INPUT data: 1 – 2 TB Conventional DW is 3x-6x larger than Sybase IQ DW 2.4-6 Indexes TB 0.5 – 3 TB LOAD 1 TB INPUT DATA: Base table Aggr/Summ: 0 - 0.1 TB “RAW data” Source: flat files, 0.25 - 0.9 no indexes LOAD TB Indexes: 0.05 - 0.3 TB ETL, replication, ODS 0.9 – 1.1 TB Base table: 0.2 - 0.5 TB12 – Company Confidential – November 9, 2010
    • Dramatic Reduction In I/O “How many MALES are NOT INSURED in CALIFORNIA? RDBMS 800 Bytes x 20M = 1.000,000 I/Os Gender State Insured 16K Page M NY Y M CA Y  Process large amounts of F 20M M CT N unused data ROWS MA Y M CA N  Often requires full - - 800 Bytes/Row table scan 20M Bits x 3 col / 8 = 470 I/Os Gender Insured State 16K Page 1 M Y CA 1 0 1 2 M N CA 20M 1 1 1 3 F Y NY Bits 0 + 0 + 0 = 2 4 M N CA 1 1 113 – Company Confidential – November 9, 2010
    • ALL TOGETHER SQL Standard Tools Column Based Sybase IQ Advanced Secure Optimizer Real Time Load Simple (24x7) Administration Hardware Efficiency14 – Company Confidential – November 9, 2010
    • TELSTRA BUSINESS CASE • Telstra offers a broad range of telecommunications and information services throughout Australia, including fixed telephone lines, two mobile phone networks, and Internet services. Telstra was the sole telecommunications provider for the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney. • Telstra needed technology that would provide near-real-time information on call traffic so it could adjust its mobile cell management system to meet demands. • “We wanted to operate a flawless, congestion-free, mobile telephone network during the Olympics,” said Anthony Goonan, regional network manager, Telstra OnAir. • Telstra’s challenge, particularly for the mobile service, was to provide virtually congestion-free access to the network. “There was a huge range of unknowns—from how many people would come to Sydney to their usage of mobile phones—and the call traffic generated by the international broadcast and print media,” Goonan says. “We needed to adapt to those needs by seeing how the network was performing in real time.”15 – Company Confidential – November 9, 2010
    • TELSTRA SOLUTION • In designing the network, Telstra implemented a capability for moving capacity from one part of the network to another, depending on where the customers were making calls. “When we searched for that capability, we found that Compudigm’s seePOWER, powered by Sybase IQ, would meet that need,” Goonan says. • At the Olympic Park, Telstra implemented over 200 mobile phone cells within an area of about five square miles. “We needed our engineers to see the performance of all of those cells at the same time,” Goonan said. “The application gave us the capability to view the entire network at Olympic Park on one screen and identify hot spots in near real time. That allowed us to adjust the network to meet our customers’ needs.” • Sybase IQ gathered large amounts of data from the 200-plus cells throughout the Sydney Olympic Park. “That’s the first time that we’ve had this combined capability while operating a cellular mobile network,” Goonan said. “Sybase IQ delivered that data in real time to the seePOWER application, which visually gave us the information our engineers needed to manage the network and give customers the service that they required.” • Despite demand averaging around 720,000 minutes of telephone conversations daily, Telstra handled all Olympic demands without incident. During the Opening Ceremony, about 500,000 calls were placed or received, with 125,000 of those made from within the Olympic Stadium. “We had zero customer complaints about our service,” Goonan said.16 – Company Confidential – November 9, 2010
    • Analytical ApplicationsSeePower • Advanced GIS- based information analysis • Near real-time display • Historical trend spotting • Dynamic data viewing
    • Analytical ApplicationsSeePower • Telstra Olympic mobile coverage • Real time • Mobile cell receivers • ‘provides immediate feedback to the network operators on the levels of demand on the mobile network’ – Telstra Legend spokesperson 100 200 300 400 500+ Calls per minute (simulation only)
    • Analytical ApplicationsSeePower in Action