[Day 3] Building Sustainable Communities


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[Day 3] Building Sustainable Communities

  1. 1. AGCommons Building Sustainable Communities Jubal Harpster
  2. 2. AGCommons Leveraging Existing Technologies Jubal Harpster
  3. 3. AGCommons.org
  4. 4. Enabling the “edge”  A practical and effective information dissemination infrastructure must: – Support diverse needs with a common platform – Leverage existing heterogeneous networks • Cell/SMS • Mesh/802.11s • VSAT • Radio – Support local languages – Have the capability to provide site-specific information
  5. 5. Moving to the Right  Integration Data Seam- Silos less  Temporality Decennial “Real Refresh Time”  Functionality Static Dynamic Maps Maps
  6. 6. Enabling the platform GeoSpatial Data Community Hosting Center Core Services Community Portal Marketplace Warehouse No technical Environment with File store and “Commodity” A place to publish Value-added reliance on standard data Spatial RDBMS Services that have applications, data, services and AGCommons AGCommons, layers and wide applicability information information Consumer access. interfaces and economy of products, etc. products that scale utilize AGCommons 3rd party Application commercialization Development/ opportunities. Consulting/ Information Service Providers ‘Drupalized’ AGCommons environment. Visualization/ Cartography/ User Interaction Metadata Search; Raster processing, Extract, Transform, REST, SOAP and Load (ETL); interfaces; Analytics/ Packaging and Distributed search Processing/ clipping. and download. Services Data storage, upload and download; Some mash-up Database/ capabilities. OS Standards Data Format/Accessibility/Discoverability Standards
  7. 7. AGCommons Project Flow
  8. 8. The Long Tail 9
  9. 9. AGCommons Technology And Organizations 10
  10. 10. FrontlineSMS  Free but not Open Source  Deployed rapidly across Africa  Facebook Pages  Twitter No „real‟ promotion 
  11. 11. RapidAndroid  Leverages the UN RapidSMS Platform  Runs stand alone on an unlocked Iphone ($400)  Complete SMS & Forms broadcast capabilities.  Mobile SMS receiver base station  Contains SQLLite (with spatial) on the Android platform
  12. 12. Ushahidi & Crisis Mapping  Crowdsource crisis mapping  Open Source  Work on-line or via mobile  Data on – Twitter – Jaiku – GeoCommons No „real‟ promotion   African based  Food Security is a crisis!
  13. 13. InSTEDD  SMS GeoChat – Twitter & Location  Evolve – Analyzes information streams  Mesh 4x – Adaptive integration platform
  14. 14. GeoCommons  Stores geographic information  Anyone can upload data  Anyone can map data  Developing spatial analysis  Other entries including WeoGeo
  15. 15. The Analog Blogger of Monrovia  Local source of news and information  Uses his mobile phone to get updates  “10,000” daily readers 16
  16. 16. Mapping Parties  Mapping Parties and Crowdsource Capacity Building – What: • Organize 3-5 informal mapping parties representing West, East and Southern Africa to map roads and agriculture features • Build capacity and act as catalyst to dormant GIS communities across Africa. 17
  17. 17. Nokia Life Tools Nokia Life Tools Agriculture services aim to plug the information gaps and needs of farmers via their mobile devices, by providing information on seeds, fertilizers and pesticides, market prices, and weather (temperature, rainfall, wind conditions) – Launched in 2008 – Profit making venture 18
  18. 18. Target Architecture Technology is just the enabler 19
  19. 19. Target Architecture Note: gRoads AGCommons Shared Hosting Portfolio mapping ingests and points and polygons through a simple REST interface. Data is fed back out through standard OGC micro-formats. Note: VE Mapping A clear opportunity to take advantage of ArcServer Mobile to serve the UNSDI-T gRoads data collectors in the field. Provides off line editing of geodatabase Tile Services and base station syncronization. Program Officers/ ArcServer Mobile Grantees GPS REST Tile Services gRoads Storage Services Collectors Storage Services ArcServer Mobile ArcServer Mobile ArcGIS Server GeoRSS Microsoft SQL Server ArcGIS Server GeoJSON GIS/Mapping Front Microsoft Azure Microsoft SQL Server GIS/Mapping Front REST End Microsoft Azure Hosted API End KML OGC WMS OGC WMS GRIP GeoRSS Raw extracts Public Public Users Users VE JavaScript Other VE JavaScript OSM Extensions Organizations Extensions GeoRSS ETL(s) Metadata Others GeoJSON FME Server REST KML GeoNetwork Note: Metadata output for discovery via OpenSearch standards for Google and Live plus OGC WCS for GSDI compliance and GEOSS registration AfSIS AfSIS AGCommons Shared Hosting AGCommons Shared Hosting Soils Modelling Soils Modelling Tile Services AfSIS Tile Services Data Upload AfSIS Data Upload Admins Admins ETL(s) Storage Services ETL(s) AfSIS System FME Server Storage Services AfSIS System FME Server ArcGIS Server OLAP/SoilsDB ArcGIS Server OLAP/SoilsDB Microsoft SQL Server Microsoft SQL Server Microsoft Azure Hosted API (VE) Microsoft Azure Hosted API (VE) GIS/Mapping Front End GIS/Mapping Front OGC WMS End OGC WMS VE JavaScript AfSIS GeoRSS Extensions VE JavaScript ETL(s) Users GeoJSON AfSIS GeoRSS Extensions FME Server REST ETL(s) Users GeoJSON KML FME Server Metadata REST KML Metadata GeoNetwork GeoNetwork Note: Metadata output for discovery via OpenSearch Note: standards for Google and Live plus OGC WCS for GSDI compliance and GEOSS registration Metadata output for discovery via OpenSearch standards for Google and Live plus OGC WCS for GSDI compliance and GEOSS registration 20
  20. 20. (Very Generic) Target Architecture •Supports Mobile Transactions •Supports Application Programming Interface (API) transactions •Supports Mapping Interface •Supports Data Aggregation and Analysis •Supports standards & defacto formats 21