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both the 4RU 60-disk and 2RU 24-disk                                                                                      ...
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NetApp Storage at the Center of News and Sports Broadcasting


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Challenge: Provide highly reliable, predict- able performance and scalable storage at the heart of news and sports broadcasting.

Solution: Deliver an OEM solution that provides EVS with a high- performance, highly scalable storage infrastructure that includes E-Series storage.

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NetApp Storage at the Center of News and Sports Broadcasting

  1. 1. Success Story NetApp Storage at the Center of News and Sports Broadcasting Customer Profile video consumption is going throughKEY HIGHLIGHTS Founded in 1995, EVS Broadcast the roof. Never has this been more trueIndustry Equipment SA is the market leader in than in the highly competitive newsMedia and Entertainment disk-based sports broadcasting and broadcasting environment. It seems news production systems. Chances are that the traditional “15 minutes of fame”The Challenge when you see Wayne Rooney scoring are now being measured in seconds. ToProvide highly reliable, predict- a goal with a bicycle kick in super-slow meet the demands of more content onable performance and scalable motion, you’re watching EVS technol- more screens in less time, broadcast-storage at the heart of news and ogy in action. From its early roots in ers are adopting file-based workflowssports broadcasting. live sports broadcasting, the company throughout the production process.The Solution has expanded its product line and This new form of production techniqueDeliver an OEM solution dramatically grown its bottom line by relies heavily on storage throughout thethat provides EVS with a high- entering the world of file-based news process, from content ingest to broad-performance, highly scalable production. The company’s products cast playout. Twenty-four-by-sevenstorage infrastructure that are operated 24/7 by the world’s most news coverage, combined with theincludes E-Series storage. influential broadcasting companies, absolute requirement of uninterrupted including Turner Broadcasting, NBC, broadcast playout, is one of the mostBenefits BSkyB, Fox, CanalPlus, and many technically challenging environments Provides predictable perfor- more. EVS technology has also been at for storage solutions anywhere. mance for mission-critical the center of the Olympic Games and broadcasts World Cup Football tournaments for the The Solution Delivers a highly scalable stor- past decade. Headquartered in Sera- A tightly integrated broadcast- age solution that enables EVS ing, Belgium, the company has offices specific suite of applications customers to easily and cost- throughout the world. After careful evaluation of storage solu- effectively add new formats, tions, EVS chose to OEM the NetApp channels, and operator seats The Challenge E-Series storage system. Housed in Provides enterprise-class Storage for the center of mission- critical broadcasting operations EVS’s own industrial design and tightly reliability to help enable unin- integrated into its broadcast solutions, terrupted operation during You can now watch TV programming a wide range of storage options is avail- broadcast playout on a multitude of devices, from 80˝ 3D able. For larger installations, where cen- LCD TVs to mobile phones. As a result, tralized storage is a requirement, EVS viewers’ habits have changed and uses the NetApp E5400 controller with
  2. 2. both the 4RU 60-disk and 2RU 24-disk SOLUTION COMPONENTSenclosures. The NetApp controllersattain 3GB/s mixed read/write video NetApp Productstransfer speeds and allow each enclo- NetApp E7900 storage systemssure to support a significant number of NetApp E5400 storage systemsnews-editing clients. In time-sensitiveapplications such as program high- NetApp E2600 storage systemslight packaging, EVS employs 10Gb/s SANtricity® Storage ManagerEthernet connectivity to help enablehigh-bandwidth, uninterrupted transfer Protocolsof data between the storage and the 10GigEediting client. Fibre ChannelFor latency-sensitive applications, suchas broadcast playout, EVS relies onNetApp storage enclosures with EVS’sown proprietary RAID stack on serverhardware.The OEM partnership with NetApphas enabled EVS customers to benefitfrom the best of both worlds: industry-leading broadcast production applica-tions and enterprise-class storage. Thecombination delivers overall reliability,predictable performance, and easyscalability. NetApp creates innovative storage and © 2012 NetApp, Inc. All rights reserved. No portions of this document may be reproduced without prior written consent of NetApp, Inc. data management solutions that deliver Specifications are subject to change without notice. NetApp, the NetApp logo, Go further, faster, and SANtricity are trademarks or outstanding cost efficiency and accelerate registered trademarks of NetApp, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries. All other brands or products are trademarks or business breakthroughs. Discover our trademarks of their respective holders and should be treated as such. passion for helping companies around the CSS-6576-0712 world go further, faster at Go further, faster ®