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NetApp 2019 Perspectives


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As we enter 2019, what stands out is how trends in business and technology are connected by common themes. For example, AI is at the heart of trends in development, data management, and delivery of applications and services at the edge, core, and cloud. Also essential are containerization as a critical enabling technology and the increasing intelligence of IoT devices at the edge. Navigating the tempests of transformation are developers, whose requirements are driving the rapid creation of new paradigms and technologies that they must then master in pursuit of long-term competitive advantage. Here are some of our perspectives and predictions for 2019.

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NetApp 2019 Perspectives

  1. 1. NETAPP 2019 Perspectives CONNECTING THEMES AI is at the heart of development, application and service delivery, and data management at the edge, core, and cloud. Containerization is a critical enabling technology. IoT devices at the edge are increasing in intelligence and ability. Developers demand rapid innovation in pursuit of long-term competitive advantage. Core Edge Cloud New dev will start in the clouds Brand new AI tools and services will explode On-prem AI infrastructure integrated and multi-cloud AI in the clouds and on-prem Multi-cloud brings choice Hybrid, multi-cloud the de facto standard Larger orgs demand flexibility and choice Smaller orgs can enjoy the simplicity of one provider Abstraction makes it “automagic” Data-centered solution design Predictive data and service delivery Background services “invisible” to users Containers: the fun is just starting Container-based cloud orchestration True hybrid cloud app development Increasingly portable workloads and environments IoT making real-time real Data processing closer to consumers Smart devices take on more decisions That plus 5G will make real-time a reality © 2019 NetApp, Inc. All Rights Reserved. NETAPP, the NETAPP logo, and the marks listed at are trademarks of NetApp, Inc. Other company and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners. December 2018