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Accelerating Software Development with NetApp's P4flex


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The challenge for developers who work with large volumes of data such as multimedia assets, video game art, and firmware designs, etc., is the ability to get a quick copy of source and build assets. By combining the technologies of Perforce and NetApp, a new Perforce workspace can be created in minutes instead of hours. Perforce in collaboration with NetApp has developed a p4 broker script written in Python that allows users to create workspaces quickly using NetApp FlexClone technology.

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Accelerating Software Development with NetApp's P4flex

  1. 1. Accelerating Software Development with NetApp's P4flex Bikash Roy Choudhury Narjit Chadha
  2. 2. 2 Agenda  Introduction  What is p4flex? • Components • Workflows  Perforce in AWS and Hybrid Cloud Model  Key Takeaways  P4flex Demo
  3. 3. NetApp is a global provider of software, systems and services to manage and store data © 2015 NetApp, Inc. All rights reserved. NetApp Confidential – Limited Use3 Annual Revenue Global Employees Patent Assets $6.1B 12,000+ 3,200
  4. 4. Challenges in Application development environment © 2015 NetApp, Inc. All rights reserved. NetApp Confidential – Limited Use4 Managing Risk Speed Economics Scale
  5. 5. Faster TTM Depends on.. Developers Focus on • Code & Testing (Unit/Smoke tests) • Maintain Version Control • Continuous Integration • Automate as much as possible Build environments should be • Faster & Scalable • Builds can be repeatable and reliable • Every build should be a release candidate Images by
  6. 6. The equations gets simpler Application Development demands in a DevOps practice Business Impact Value Time Shorter the Time, higher the Value and more Impact with faster Time to Market (TTM) = TTM © 2016 NetApp, Inc. All rights reserved. NetApp Proprietary – Limited Use Only By - Bikash Roy Choudhury =
  7. 7. Automating Developers’ environment with NetApp using Perforce Helix Continuous Integration (CI) Environment P4 Depot (Source Code) Main Codebase Dev.Branch1 Dev.Branch2 Dev.Branch3 Dev.Branch4 Dev.Branch1 C R L T BUILD CI TEST Baseline1 OK OK Workspace1 (pre-packaged) Developer Environment Snapshot1.1Snapshot Full Builds (Docker Images) • Risk Mitigation • Drive Storage Cost down • Instantaneous Workspace Creation QA/Staging Deploy T R C Snapshot.1 Snapshot1.2 Dev.Branch1.2 BUILD OK Workspace1.2 (pre-packaged) CI TEST OK Baseline1.2 P4 Database © 2016 NetApp, Inc. All rights reserved. NetApp Proprietary – Limited Use Only By - Bikash Roy Choudhury P4Flex
  8. 8. P4 Flex Team 8 PM Clary Technical Account Manager Lawrence Bunka Sr. Product Strategy Manager Tim Brazil Performance Engineer Paul Allen Senior Integrations Engineer Narjit Chadha Solutions Architect Bikash Roy Choudhury Principal Architect
  9. 9. P4 Flex Overview  What is it? • P4 flex is an open-source p4broker script which is shared to the developer community to refine and customized to their own environment. • A starting reference
  10. 10. P4 Flex Overview  Support • Support is through the developer community forums in which Perforce and NetApp are members. • Posted on Perforce Workshop • Currently only supports Linux and NFS environments.
  11. 11. P4 Flex Components P4 FLEX: • broker.cfg • flex.cfg • P4 Client p4broker P4D Server P4 Client P4 Client
  12. 12. Requirements  In order to be able to utilize P4 Flex the following is required: • Python 2.6 or later • P4 Python 2.6 or later APIs • NetApp Manageability Software Development Kit (NMSDK) 5.3.x or later • NetApp RESTful API services will be available in May 2016.
  13. 13. Pre- Requisites  To use P4 flex, the following are assumed. • SERVER - P4D Server is installed and running - P4Broker installed - LDAP is running or an existence of user accounts and authentication management. - NetApp Cluster Mode Storage Data ONTAP 8.x is used with FlexClone and NFS license enabled • CLIENT: - NFS Client is running on client box - NetApp volume is mounted on client box - The "p4 client" is installed.
  14. 14. Workflow  Create a Volume & add content  Snapshot a Volume  Cloned by a User  Clean up
  15. 15. Workflow Volume snapshot 1 snapshot 2 snapshot 3 clone at snapshot 1 clone at snapshot 3 Bob Joe User’s clones created at snapshot on the Volume
  16. 16. Workflow 1. Create a Volume, add content p4 flex volume -s 1G projVolume -Create and Mount the volume at: /p4/projVolume 2. Snapshot the volume p4 volumes p4 flex snapshot -VprojVolume snap1 - Creates a snapshot and hidden Perforce workspace to manage the have list.
  17. 17. Workflow 3. Clone the volume p4 volumes p4 snapshots p4 flex clone -VprojACE -Ssnap1 myClone -Mounts the clone & places P4CONFIG /p4/myClone .p4config
  18. 18. Workflow  Clean up Clones p4 clones p4 clone -d myClone  Clean up Volumes p4 volumes p4 volume -d projACE (snapshots automatically removed)
  19. 19. Perforce Helix in AWS in a Hybrid Cloud Model SnapMirror over VPN / MPLS Metadata Direct Connect Source Code Metadata Source Code Main Datacenter Scalability and Flexibility with NetApp Private Storage (NPS) • Provision on demand resources for bursty workloads • Language and development tools agnostic • Complete data control and location aware • No lock-in with any Service provider or public cloud • Distributed pre-build/build code for QA and system tests NetApp Private Storage (NPS) p4 volumes in (Hybrid) Cloud Perforce in Public Cloud DevOps in Datacenter © 2016 NetApp, Inc. All rights reserved. NetApp Proprietary – Limited Use Only By - Bikash Roy Choudhury Pre-Builds Metadata Source Code P4 Server License Server
  20. 20. 20 P4 Flex Demonstration
  21. 21. Developer’s advantage using NetApp technology Claim to fame © 2016 NetApp, Inc. All rights reserved. --- NETAPP CONFIDENTIAL ---21 Scale: 2units=1 minute User WorkSpace CreationTime 72mins Traditional way using “rsync” takes >70minutes Optimized way using NetApp takes <1 min. Scale: 1unit = 1hour Build completion Time Traditional Build times Build times using NetApp reduced by 50% 60TB 3TB Storage Space Efficiency during Code Development, Unit tests and builds Other Storage Up to 40x Storage space reduction using NetApp 24hrs
  22. 22. Thank you! Demo: