One year using twitter


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I started using Twitter a year ago. I have practiced with many apps and learned some things that I want to share.

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One year using twitter

  1. 1. One year after Twitter Antonio Miranda @_nestic @_nestic
  2. 2. So, now you are a twitter user ¿what’s next? Maybe another picturewith a nice smile?Hey, what kind More followers of keyboard- needed urgentlyprinter is this? Wow! Am I really kind of similar tothem? That’s great @_nestic
  3. 3. Buffer: choose the best moment to tweet 4. Buffer will tweet for you 1. Insert your 3. Plan your tweets in the tweets buffer 2. Use a shortener to free more characters for your tweet… and to monitorize and analyze the clicks @_nestic
  4. 4. Buffer is shown interface Decide whether to retweet or to buffer the retweet @_nestic
  5. 5. Tweeting in mobile platforms Peep is the bestTweet app for HTC mobile phones Try TweetCaster in android platforms @_nestic
  6. 6. But… when should I tweet?Find out about your followers with @_nestic
  7. 7. When is the best time to tweet? SocialBro helps you Plenty of dashboard to study your efectivity Configurate your Buffer ScheduleWhen are your followers online?Tweet when your followers are reading their Twitter @_nestic
  8. 8. Twitter, FacebookTwo social networks in the same platform. Let’s give TweetDeck a chance! Multiple columns at the same view Add both Facebook or Twitter views. @_nestic
  9. 9. Looking for interesting news to tweet? It´s time for social news websites is the leader social news website in Spain Thousands of people sharing, commenting and voting news and blog posts Other interesting spanish social news sites: and @_nestic
  10. 10. Keep updated in your favourite blogs using a RSS ReaderSubscribe The new easily to articles in your the blog favorite list are blogs clearly highlighted @_nestic
  11. 11. big media newsaggregation, all the newspapers in one One section, multiples sources Personalize your news with your own keywords Select your section and compare what each Web is saying @_nestic
  12. 12. Browser Share extensions Automatically save the pages you like in your favourite social sites and other applications @_nestic
  13. 13. Manage your knowledge in different notebooks: let’s try Evernote Different notebooks Collect your internet notes, write for different purposes your own notes, and classify them @_nestic
  14. 14. HootSuite: the professional choice. All applications in one @_nestic
  15. 15. Klout measures you influence in the twitter-sphereHow many people do you influenceand how much you influence people? @_nestic
  16. 16. Twitter ecosystem workflow.The social networks value chain. @_nestic
  17. 17. Our Twitter ecosystem in a view @_nestic
  18. 18. “One Buffer to tweet them all,One SocialBro to find them,One Share to bring them alland in the Twitter bind them”#The Lord of the Tweets#My Precious Antonio Miranda @_nestic
  19. 19. Thank you for your kind attention TWITTER:@_nestic @_nestic