Social Media in 15 Minutes: How to do it all without going crazy!


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How can you create boundaries to get things done? What is good enough? Can you really do Social Media in 15 minutes? Yes! Just don't go down the Rabbit Hole!

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Social Media in 15 Minutes: How to do it all without going crazy!

  1. 1. Social Media in 15 Minutes: Grow Your OnlinePresence Without Going CrazyJacqueline Wolven
  2. 2. JacquelineWolven.comSocial? Where?When? How Much?• Facebook• Twitter• Blogging• Pinterest• YouTube• LinkedIn• Instagram• Local Online Networks
  3. 3. JacquelineWolven.comIs It Working?• Do you have to do it all to beeffective?• How do you know if it is working?• What matters to my organizationand community?
  4. 4. How To Really DoSocial Media in 15 MinutesThe Secret?Don’t Go Down the Rabbit Hole
  5. 5. JacquelineWolven.comUsing A Timer Rules!• Decide on the task to be done• Set the timer on your phone/actualtimer for 15 Minutes• Work on the task untilthe timer rings• Focus
  6. 6. JacquelineWolven.comPost It Note Power• Write 3 To Do items down• Just 3• Really
  7. 7. What Can Really Be Done in15 Minutes?Seriously?Is it OK to do it just“good enough”?
  8. 8. JacquelineWolven.comWrite One PerfectlyAcceptable Blog Post• Jot down 3 Keywords for yourOrganization/Community• Include:– What– Who– When– Where– And a Pretty Picture• Extra Credit: Use yourtarget keywords in posttitles and blog content• Share the link on FB, Twitter, LinkedIn orGoogle+
  9. 9. JacquelineWolven.comFacebook• Find and “Like” 5 new pages• Schedule 5 posts for the week– Including a prettypicture ALWAYS• Share other posts• Extra Credit:Tag peopleand pages inyour posts
  10. 10. JacquelineWolven.comTwitter• Schedule 3 new tweets• Tweets can be:– Business related– Fun & interesting– Promotional– Circulate blog posts• Extra Credit: Create a #hashtag foryour event/community/organization
  11. 11. JacquelineWolven.comGoogle+• Add 5 new peopleto your circle• Share content at least once a weekto our personal Google+ profile &company page• Extra Credit: set your posts to"Public" to reach maximumusers/search
  12. 12. JacquelineWolven.comPinterest• Post images, flyers, promotionalmaterial as pins leading back toyour blog or site• Follow 5 new interesting andinspiring pin boards from otherusers related to our field• Extra Credit: Always use keywords inyour pin descriptions & board titles
  13. 13. - atool to see howwell you aredoing onPinterest
  14. 14. JacquelineWolven.comYouTube• Find 3 newvideosfrom usersto share onFacebook, Twitter, & Google+• Extra Credit: Plan a video thatshowcases an area of yourorganization/community
  15. 15. Tools That Save TimeBonus! Most are Free!
  16. 16. JacquelineWolven.comScheduling & Monitoring••• Facebook Scheduling Tool• Blog Post Scheduling• Constant Contact/Social MediaTools
  17. 17. Is it Working?I Mean,REALLYWorking?
  18. 18. JacquelineWolven.comAssessing the Situation• What does your community use?• Are you watching your statisticsusing Google Analytics andFacebook Statistics?• Are your posts, tweets, and pinsbeing shared?•
  19. 19. JacquelineWolven.comThe Real Secrets• Choose one social media channel• Set boundaries on your attention– Set your timer– Write your 3 Post It To Do itmes– Don’t go down the rabbit hole• Use Tools to assess what is working• Enlist members of your community tohelp out• Feel good about small wins!
  20. 20. Jacqueline WolvenEureka Springs Downtown NetworkJacquelineWolven.comjacquelinewolven@gmail.comFacebook: Jacqueline WolvenTwitter: @JackieWolven