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Going Social in 2013


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Kelli Brown's social media marketing presentation for the Florence Melton Adult Mini-School International Directors Conference at Ein Gedi, Israel, in Jan. 2013. This presentation covers new tools and changes to the social networks since January 2011 in brief and includes Facebook, Google +, Pinterest and Instagram, as well as applications for Jewish and non-profit educators in the United States.

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Going Social in 2013

  1. 1. Going Social in 2013 Florence Melton Adult Mini-School International Directors Conference Kelli Brown | Jan. 2013
  2. 2. What we do:• Social Media• Search Engine Optimization (SEO)• WordPress websites• Facebook Tabs, Apps and Pages• Consulting• Strategy• Implementation• Maintenance• AnalyticsFind us online
  3. 3. A lot has changed in two years
  4. 4. Catching Up• Facebook has more than a billion users• Twitter continues to grow … more slowly• Pinterest arrived and grew explosively• Google + was created to rival FB … sort of• Instagram made us all photographers
  5. 5. Facebook’s Facelifts• Pages moved to the timeline format• Less emphasis on older content• Less emphasis on applications• Photo sizing makes a difference• Promoted posts help reach friends of fans• EdgeRank limits who sees posts
  6. 6. Facebook Pages on Timeline
  7. 7. EdgeRank: How to Win on FB • Focus on interaction, not fan numbers
  8. 8. How to Win on FB• Post at least twice a week• Entice fans to join the page with care• Keep all promotions/campaigns relevant • Petitions are a perfect fit• Go graphic – pics, videos, illustrations• Ask people to share your best content• Consider limited advertising
  9. 9. Pinterest: Opportunity Knocks
  10. 10. Why Pinterest?
  11. 11. Pinterest• Allows you to “pin” any page to a board• All pins shared publicly in main feed• Popularity largely based on photography• Great source of mobile traffic
  12. 12. Do you need Google +?• For basic brand management, yes• For the boost in organic SEO, yes• For actual engagement – not today• Eventually, you will need it• Automate when possible • We recommend using HootSuite
  13. 13. Instagram: Get Snap Happy
  14. 14. Why use Instagram?• Easiest method to upload photos quickly • Send directly from your phone• Syncs with other networks: • Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Email• Makes images easier to share• Filters, blur “improve” photo quality
  15. 15. Build a Home for Your Photos
  16. 16. And the best part about it…• It’s impossible to take a bad photo with it
  17. 17. Questions?
  18. 18. Contact us m