Sprint Nextel - Network Operations Internship (Summer 2007)


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Michael Rihani's Sprint Nextel summer internship (2007) presentation as a Network Operations intern in Reston, VA

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  • Not “Expected Graduation”… I am graduating May 10, 2008!
  • 600 ITIL processes already & separation of process from system
  • T1 – Test in REACT, ticket it
  • Grid pattern for applications (know what each other is doing) REACT – Test for T1, Netcool is Fault Management. Webservices = cell site performance
  • Sprint Nextel - Network Operations Internship (Summer 2007)

    1. 1. Summer 2007 InternshipMichael RihaniJuly 20, 2007
    2. 2. 2 of24© 2007 Sprint Nextel. Allrights reserved.About Me: Michael RihaniSenior at Virginia Tech (Blacksburg, VA)> Major: Business Information Technology (BIT)> Minor: Psychology> Graduate: 5/10/2008Owner of 2 Companies:> WebBrainiacs Web Design> Common Knowledge, LLC (Koofers.com)Nationally Certified Bartender> PGA Tour (Booze Allen Classic)> Private Parties> Plan to bartend in Blacksburg this Fall/Spring
    3. 3. 3 of24© 2007 Sprint Nextel. Allrights reserved.The Team(s) in Network ServicesIP Services – NOC Support> Alicia Anderson> Shantay Ammons> Ben Campbell> Punya Cheema> Hasnain Chowdhury> Brett Deriso> Prashanth Jayaraman> Thomas JohnsonManaged Services –Global Opportunity Engagement> Gregg Melanson> Lucy Bland> Farrah Kennedy> John Kiely> Ajitpal Singh Raina> Mike RussellManaged Network OperationsWireless NetworkManagement CenterReston, VA:> Don Hedstorm> Sean DonahueNetwork Operations AnalysisReston, VA:> Fran Johnson (Manager)> Naser Khater (Buddy)> Damon Horn> Doroden GullyOverland Park, KS:> John Stark> Walt WeberMansfield, MA:> Vicki HallNetwork Operations
    4. 4. 4 of24© 2007 Sprint Nextel. Allrights reserved.Week 1Ran into my first problem…> Time Reporting was not working for all the Interns!> Brought the issue up to Joan Runnion & Sherry Harold> Got in contact with Aaron Waggoner out in KS and bridged with IT to fixthe issueMichael,Thanks so much for your help troubleshooting this issue on Friday.I know it took up far too much of your day, but without your helpwe would not have been able to correct this issue so quickly.Aaron WaggonerProject/Program ManagerService Delivery
    5. 5. 5 of24© 2007 Sprint Nextel. Allrights reserved.Sprint University: i-Learn> New Employee Orientation The Power of Possibilities> Leading with Integrity Training and Certification for New Employees> Introduction to Sprint Network> iDEN Network Overview> ATS (How Wireless Works)> Delivering the Web Wirelessly> i-digitize digi-tools Training> Product Overview Video (UpStage and Palm Treo 755p)> Understanding Common Wireless Terms and Acronyms> Writing Effective E-mails> ABM Overview and Application> All Inclusive Workplace> Customer Privacy and CPNI> Document Dos and Donts> Effective Project Management> Lets Talk about the Customer Experience> Meetings That Produce Results> NASCAR 101> Networking for Success> Powered Up> Records Compliance Training for Individuals> Security Awareness for Sprint Associates> Separation Privacy Compliance> The Ten Commandments of Power NetworkingiDEN Network Overview:- TDMA modulation- Implemented Static MIP- Static IP addresses- “Always connected” model- Limited # of Venders- MOT, Cisco, Nortel- One Handset vendor- Consistent OS, Java, etc.
    6. 6. 6 of24© 2007 Sprint Nextel. Allrights reserved.SprintCast: IP/TV> Quarterly Employee Meeting> Perry Watson’s Build the Bench Networking Overview> Dave Flessas’ Network Operations All Hands> Spring 2007 – CRC Industry Insights Forum> Build the Bench - The Good, Bad and Ugly of Management
    7. 7. 7 of24© 2007 Sprint Nextel. Allrights reserved.RealOps AMP™ (Automation Management Platform)RealOps AMP™ (Automation Management Platform), the leading solution forRun Book Automation, has proven itself time and again as the enterprise-class solution for IT Process Automation and orchestration within the mostdemanding environments around the world.RealOps AMP orchestrates operations management by:> Integrating the vast array of applications, systems and networkmanagement tools across operational disciplines;> Automating repeatable operational processes to eliminate time-consuming, manual activities and reduce error rates;> Facilitating process adherence and compliance documentation.
    8. 8. 8 of24© 2007 Sprint Nextel. Allrights reserved.RealOps AMP™ (Automation Management Platform)
    9. 9. 9 of24© 2007 Sprint Nextel. Allrights reserved.RealOps AMP™ (Automation Management Platform)
    10. 10. 10 of24© 2007 Sprint Nextel. Allrights reserved.Production Logical/Physical ArchitectureTroubleTicketTroubleTicket OSSOSS InventoryAssetsInventoryAssetsChangeMgmtChangeMgmtConfigMgmtConfigMgmtSecurityMgmtSecurityMgmtSystems NetworksCMC Choice Voyence Security MgmtIntrusion DetectionProductionDroppedCallsProductionDroppedCallsPOCAutomateSectorChannelPOCAutomateSectorChannelPOCAutomateDroppedCallsPOCAutomateDroppedCallsPOCStretchOutageBoard UpdatePOCStretchOutageBoard UpdateProductionAll SectorChannelScenariosProductionAll SectorChannelScenariosCommon Data ModelMiddlewareMiddlewareWebSphereRealOps Perspective PortalRealOps Perspective Portal Alternate Customer PortalAlternate Customer PortalAdaptorsRealOps AMP & Activity LibraryProductionDS1 CarrierFailureProductionDS1 CarrierFailure
    11. 11. 11 of24© 2007 Sprint Nextel. Allrights reserved.RealOps AMP™ Production ArchitectureSun 4 2 0 RENTERPRISENTM APITRS APIRealOPS AMP Grid5 x Sun X4200Nortel SwitchesCellSite FinderCell Site TrackerWANWebServicesWANSun 4 2 0 RENTERPRISESun 4 2 0 RENTERPRISESun 4 2 0 RENTERPRISENetcool APIAP2AP3AP4CDP/AP1Sun 4 2 0 RENTERPRISEHACDPREACTISA/ITPSun 4 2 0 RENTERPRISESun 4 2 0 RENTERPRISERealOPSDevelopmentEnvironmentCDP/AP1AP2
    12. 12. 12 of24© 2007 Sprint Nextel. Allrights reserved.Automating Network Operations Project Objectives:> Provide highest level Quality of Service (QoS) to customers> Simplify business with automationPrototype Objectives:> Assure that the features and functionality extends to the productionenvironment> Use the Proof of Concept (POC) Core team to assure that Automations areOperationally ready and Network Operations is prepared for productionimplementation> Extend automations for:• Sector Channel Deviant Cell• Dropped Calls> Develop automations for:• T1 Carrier Failure – Additional Automation Added> Complete development of adapters for IBM Netcool, Cell Site Finder, andadapters to support T1 Carrier FailureProduction Prototype Objectives
    13. 13. 13 of24© 2007 Sprint Nextel. Allrights reserved.My Contribution to the Automation ProjectCollaborated with Chad Rau to create the RealOps System Requirementsneeded for our Automating Network Operations Project:> Documented all the necessary Queries, Extractions, Inputs/Outputs fromCTMS to/from various Network Tools and WebServices, including:• Cell Site Finder• Power Map• IMPACT• Mobile CDR• Cluster Maintenance Tool> The identification of the key triggers and the process documentation willallow Network Operations to implement the extended iDEN Dropped callautomation in a day.
    14. 14. 14 of24© 2007 Sprint Nextel. Allrights reserved.> Component TicketClosure NoteAnalysis of Triggers for the iDEN Dropped Call AutomationCluster Maintenance Tool> Cascade ID> Cascade URL> Est. On-air Date> Cur. Signal Str.(dBm)> Proposed Solution> Closest Cascade ID> Block Rate> Drop Rate> Coverage Strength> CoverageImprovement> IMPACT Note> Ticket #> MDN> Exact Address> Problem Subtype> Network Type (CDMA/iDen)> etc.CTMSCell Site FinderIMPACT Power Map
    15. 15. 15 of24© 2007 Sprint Nextel. Allrights reserved.Rotation #1Network Operations Control CenterSean Donahue Job Shadow:> Attended a training course for the newDisaster Recovery Management Systemthat is being launched• Tracks national disasters/events,power outages, etc.> Learned how the Control Centermonitors and maintains Cell Sitesthroughout the United States• Observed Sean use various tools torun tests on cell sites andcreate/update tickets regarding theirstatusTRAMSDisaster Recovery Management System
    16. 16. 16 of24© 2007 Sprint Nextel. Allrights reserved.Rotation #2IP Services – NOC SupportTRAMSTRSAlicia Anderson Mini Project:> Pulled Daily Open Ticket Reports> Compiled Data> Recorded Count of X tickets> Recorded Count of C tickets> Analyzed Data> Read the remarks of each C ticket andcategorized the problem reportedDaily Ticket Counts050100150200250TueMonSunSatFriThuWedTueMonSun7/107/97/87/77/67/57/47/37/27/1Date#TicketsCustomer-Reported(C tickets)Proactive(X tickets)6271 1 2 1051015202530Bouncing Circuit Down Other Packet Loss Routing Issue Unable toConnectThomas Johnson Job Shadow:> Ran test cases on TRS to ensure new ITdevelopments were correct> Reviewed NOC New Hire Training> Discussed how he focuses on ProcessImprovement and looked over examples ofprojects that help do thatBrett Deriso Job Shadow:> Data Analysis• Technician Scorecard & Ad Hoc TRS ReportsShantay Ammons Job Shadow:> NOC Operational Support (Digital Boards & Hotlist)> Project Support for many Test Cases & Projects
    17. 17. 17 of24© 2007 Sprint Nextel. Allrights reserved.Rotation #3Managed Services – Global Opportunity EngagementGregg Melanson Mini Project:> Create a “Welcome Package” for newManaged Services customers• Learned the Ins and Outs of whatthe MNS Division of Sprint reallydoes and what they offer• Gathered information from differentdepartments on what informationthey would like to include in thepacket• Gave my own personal input with anoutsider’s perspective on what Iwould expect or want to receivefrom Sprint in such a packet
    18. 18. 18 of24© 2007 Sprint Nextel. Allrights reserved.PMI Based Project Management Crash CourseNaser Khater’s Crash Course provided a deep mastery ofPMIs Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®)Five Project Phases:> Initiation> Planning> Execution> Control> ClosingTen Project Knowledge Areas:> Integration> Scope> Time> Cost> Quality> Human Resources> Communication> Risk> Procurement> Code of ConductProject Management Institute
    19. 19. 19 of24© 2007 Sprint Nextel. Allrights reserved.Working with HRWorked with Sherry Harold, Joan Runnion, and Henry Negroni by:> Organizing Intern Social Events• Meeting with the “newer” Interns> Urging Sprint to provide Cell Phone Service Plans & Employee Discountsfor Interns> Helping improve the overall Internship Program> Stepped up as an Intern leader who aided in any Internship/basic Sprintrelated questions/concerns
    20. 20. 20 of24© 2007 Sprint Nextel. Allrights reserved.Six Flags Social Event> Worked / met with Wes Hillyard (a Six FlagsRepresentative) to receive a Group Discount> Organized all the logistics of the trip (date/time,tickets, attendee list, carpooling, etc.)7 engaged couples got married on theattraction of their choice on 7/7/077/7/07Sprint’s Six FlagsSaturday Social2007 Summer Interns
    21. 21. 21 of24© 2007 Sprint Nextel. Allrights reserved.News / Events“Qualcomm ban hits Sprint hard”“Sprint’s Mobile Broadband Network (CDMA) isthe largest and fastest in the nation, thanks toNetwork Services’ progress in upgrading thenetwork to EV-DO Rev A.” “Apples iPhone Has WirelessIndustry Scrambling to Keep Up”“Sprint First To Deliver Pandorafor Personalized StreamingRadio on Mobile Phones”
    22. 22. 22 of24© 2007 Sprint Nextel. Allrights reserved.Switched to Sprint!
    23. 23. 23 of24© 2007 Sprint Nextel. Allrights reserved.The [Near] Future…BrazilJuly 24 – August 17> São Paulo (Family)> Fortaleza (Micareta Carnival)> Vitória (Friends)> Porto Seguro (Family)
    24. 24. 24 of24© 2007 Sprint Nextel. Allrights reserved.The Future… (Career with Sprint?)New College Hire Development ProgramThis two-year program is to retain and develop the most talented, qualifiedand diverse college students who fulfill the current and future needs of theorganization. Sprint provides New College Hires with a breadth of exposureacross the company regarding people, process, functions and culture.Participants in the NCHDP:> Develop leadership and business skills> Obtain job-specific training and education> Quickly acclimate to Sprint and the telecommunications industry> Accelerate learning curve and job performance> Develop cross-divisional relationships and build a solid network at Sprint
    25. 25. 25 of24© 2007 Sprint Nextel. Allrights reserved.Met and Worked with Great People – Thank You!Fran JohnsonNaser KhaterDamon HornDoroden GullyJoan RunnionHenry NegroniYing WangThomas ChoiSteve LeeSuvelee SarpotdarBrandon BrisbonJacob CoutryKaran PanwarPrashanth JayaramanPatrick Neyland Jameel FrancisKatie DietrichJustin Watts Jake Hughes Aaron WaggonerRobb YeagerAngad SachdevaBradford PhillipsBrandon PhillipsChris NigonKathleen TwiggHarshil ShahShivangi SharmaJelani CrawfordPranay RajSean DonahueIsmael HassanChad RauRobert BorgmeyerAlicia AndersonBrett DerisoThomas JohnsonHasnain ChowdhuryBen CampbellDave CapetsShantay AmmonsGregg MelansonJohn MontrossRobb RockellMike OKoneckLucy BlandOla Kasali
    26. 26. 26 of24© 2007 Sprint Nextel. Allrights reserved.The [Even Nearer] Future…- OR -