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Wizard intro


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Wizard intro

  1. 1. Product ProfileOne main advantage of increasing computer capabilities is that multiple software application functions canbe incorporated onto a small piece of hardware. However, software crashes, misuse and power glitchesoften cause computer down time. The complexity of todays software demands considerable recovery timefor reinstallation and reconfiguration.Dependence on computers makes timing critical, and computer failures have a tremendously negativeimpact on productivity. Waiting hours and days for service engineers to bring computers back to workingcondition is simply no longer an option.Computer maintenance in hardware labs is a constant struggle as computers are often disabled minutesafter being repaired. Down time of business computers is a direct cause of heavy company losses, and theIT (Information Technology) industry can no longer afford down time in "mission critical" services.Todays existing backup and recovery solutions do not efficiently prevent computer down time. Proceduressuch as image cloning, policy restrictions and "undo solutions" require complex configuration and operation,place limitations on user flexibility by blocking access to files and directories, and consume vast amounts ofresources (handling time, HDD space, RAM and computer performance).Surge Intelligence Systems provides the "Instant Recovery" system to enable users to recover their owncomputers easily, quickly and completely, by entering a single command. This prevents disruptive down timerequired for troubleshooting, eliminates endless service calls and hours of restoration of back-up files, andends wasted human resource time reconfiguring complex setups, all without adversely affecting productivity.By implementing our solutions, IT Administrators can significantly reduce computer down time andbusiness losses, thereby increasing the amount of time and human resources that can be allocated to morecritical and higher priority tasks.Failures Wizard Card instantly repairs:Program disruption* System boot-up failure* Crashed operating system or Win registry (blue screens)* Unsuccessful software installationsFile corruption and data loss* Accidental data file deletion/overwrite* Hard disk repartition/reformat* Damage inadvertently made by an inexperienced userChanged configuration* Altered system or configuration settings* Erased CMOS setup data* Temp files that cause PC performance significant dropUnauthorized access* Illegal program installation* Damage by computer viruses, Worms, Trojans or cookies* Tampering that can wreak havoc on a complex system
  2. 2. Product ProfileThe Wizard Card provides:* Instant recovery in case of computer crashes and other software related failures* Minimum losses resulting from computer downtime* Significant reduction of service calls and maintenance costs* Instant recovery of lost data* Minimal dependence on technical service availability* Return on investment after first system failure.Who can use it? • Security services, medical, transportation facilities, help desks, government departments, and essential services where down time cannot be an option. • Public computers, learning centers, libraries, and technology testing departments and computers, which are often disabled just minutes after being repaired. • Industrial controllers, embedded computers, communication companies, and financial groups. • Information kiosks, Internet cafés, showrooms, clinics, and SOHO enterprises and computers operated without immediately available technical service. • Any and all enterprises where down time means heavy financial and productivity losses.Instant RecoveryWizard has introduced the revolutionary "Instant Recovery" technology that enables users to recover theirown computers easily, quickly and completely, by entering a single command, thereby preventing a potentialcatastrophe. "Instant Recovery" protects against disruptive down time required for troubleshooting,eliminates endless service calls and hours of restoration of back-up files, and ends wasted human resourcestime needed for reconfiguring complex setups - all without adversely affecting productivity.Wizard Card instantly revives your computer in case of failureBy implementing Wizard solutions, IT Administrators can significantly reduce computer down time andbusiness losses, thereby increasing the amount of time and human resources that can be allocated to morecritical and higher priority tasks.Wizards Protector raises the computer stability level, using advanced technology that translates complexprocedures into an automatic, cost-effective process, which is transparent to users and consumes only
  3. 3. Product Profilenegligible computer resources. This is achieved by translating complex procedures into automatic, cost-effective implementation.The Wizard Card is an essential component for implementing anyrecovery plan. "Instant Recovery" with Wizard products translates intoconsiderable direct savings by preventing business losses resultingfrom computer malfunctions.The Wizard Card is easily integrated into your existing hardware and software systems. It is transparent to users and consumes only negligible computer resources.Failures Wizard Card Instantly RecoversAnalysts indicate that most computer failures are related to operating systems and applications. ITengineers are often required to undo accidental or other errors that cause a system to malfunction.The following common failures are instantly and automatically recovered by Wizard Card. • Program Disruption - Crashed operating systems or Windows Registry (the notorious "blue screen"), unsuccessful software installation, and a host of other "hanging" incidents - including system boot-up failure. • Data Loss - Ranging from single file deletion to erased CMOS setup data and hard disk reformat. • File Corruption - Damage to data or program files, whether from viruses, power failures, or other mishap. • Changed Configuration - Altered system settings or program configurations, damage caused by malicious scripts or worms, illegal program installations, or changes inadvertently made by an inexperienced user. • Cluttered Disk Space - Recoverable space taken up by temporary files and remnants of Uninstall programs, resulting in reduced efficiency. • Unauthorized Access - illegal program installations by employees or tampering that can wreak havoc on a complex system.Key benefits • Minimum business interruptions without disturbance to users flexibility.
  4. 4. Product Profile • Higher stability level and lower load on your network infrastructure, at a reasonable cost. • Return on investment at the first malfunction. • Increases user productivity and decreases operational costs (TCO). • Reduces number of service calls and technical support requests. • Minimum wasted man-hours configuring complex setups and restoration of back-up files. • More resources available for higher priority tasks. • Reduced time to market.Wizard Products are already safeguarding thousands of computers all over the world.It is inevitable! Every time your computer crashes, the resulting lost productivity, wasted man-hours andmissed deadlines, greatly add to your company costs.The outlay in time and effort devoted to system recovery, in addition to business productivity losses, canplace a heavy burden on the financial resources of your enterprise.In addition, with todays tight market schedules, dependence on technology makes it tremendously critical tocontrol, or - better - prevent damages caused by computer failures.Data Card vs. Image cloning HDD Image Cloning Data Card ProtectorBackup Image is exposed to crashes, Original system state is securely stored inviruses, deletion, tampering, misuse or clients HDD, accessible usingother hazards. administrator password only.IT administrator needs to maintain a Custom HDD "image" is securely stored inlibrary of hundreds HDD images. each clients HDD.
  5. 5. Product ProfileComplicated procedure of routine image Easy "image" update. Backup andupdate, hardware hookup is required recovery is done by a single command.(CDR, HDD, Tape) for every PC2-3 hours (average) recovery time, Instant recovery (less than a minute)including waiting for service and HDD regardless of the HDD capacity.cloning time, depended on HDD capacity.No prevention of computers downtime. Computer downtime is prevented.No protection/recovery for CMOS Setup Instant backup/recovery for CMOS Data Card vs. Undo solutions Undo solutions Data Card ProtectorComplex installation configuration and Easy installation, configuration andoperation operationHeavy consumption of PC resources Consumes only negligible computer(20% speed drop, 30%-50%, HDD space, resources (2% speed drop, 3% HDDetc.) space)Backup image is exposed to users Backup image is secured from misuse,misuses, accidents or sabotage accidents, sabotage or other causes, accessible only to administrator (protected by password)Protection starts only after Windows boot Protection start after BIOS boot (prior toup HDD boot up process)No support for multi boot HDD (more Supports multi boot partitions (up to 24than a single operating systems installed operating systems)on s single HDD)No protection/recovery for CMOS Setup Fully controlled from remote locationdataRemote operation/control is not possible. Target users: AllData Card vs. Thin clients Ting Clients (diskless computers) Data Card ProtectorHigh-speed computers required, yet poor Average medium speed low costperformance is achieved. computers will do.A powerful (expensive) server PC and An average low cost network server PChigh speed network infrastructure are and low cost network infrastructure willrequired do.
  6. 6. Product ProfileOne point failure (server PC, Hub, storage, In case of a server crash or networketc.) disables the entire classroom. (All infrastructure failure, students still able tolinked computer are stop functioning). work "off line" on their "stand alone" computers.High total cost per classroom Lower total cost per classroom