Job stress-mini-project-05-2012


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Job stress-mini-project-05-2012

  1. 1. Mini Project No. 4- Management for Engineers Investigate the role of stress management as a management strategy for improved performance of workers. Taking an organization on your own study the existing practices in stress management, by conducting a survey among employees. Comment on further improvements possible.
  2. 2. What is stress?SymptomsEffectsDealing with stress STRESS AT WORK N S Senanayake
  3. 3. What is stress?  Everyday fact of life  Stress can be good  Excessive stress can be harmful
  4. 4. What is job stress? Job stress can be defined as the harmful physical and emotional responses that occur when the requirements of the job do not match the capabilities, resources, or needs of the worker.
  5. 5. Causes of Job Stress Results from the interaction of the worker and the conditions of the work Depends on individual characteristics, such as personality and coping style What may be stressful for one person may not be a problem for someone else.
  6. 6. Some causes of job stress Lack of rest breaks Long work hours and demanding work shifts Hectic and routine tasks that have little inherent meaning, do not utilize a workers skills, and provide little sense of control Management styles - a lack of participation by workers in decision-making, poor communication in the organization, lack of family-friendly policies Interpersonal relationships - poor social environment, lack of support or help from co-workers and supervisors
  7. 7. Some causes of job stress Cont.. Work roles - conflicting or uncertain job expectations, too much responsibility Career concerns - job insecurity, lack of growth opportunity, rapid changes for which workers are unprepared Environmental conditions - unpleasant physical conditions such as crowding, noise, air pollution; ergonomic problems Work conditions that pose risk to health and safety
  8. 8. Warning Signs of Job Stress? Headaches Sleep disturbances Difficulty concentrating Short temper Upset stomach Job dissatisfaction Low morale Increased absenteeism, lateness, and Intentions of workers to quit their jobs
  9. 9. What Can Be Done about Job Stress? Job stress may need to be approached in two ways. The two approaches would include  Stress Management  Improve a workers ability to cope with difficult work situations.  Offer stress management training or offer assistance through an Employee Assistance Program
  10. 10. What Can Be Done about Job Stress? Organizational Change  Thecompany should identify stressful aspects of work, and designing strategies and improving work conditions to reduce or eliminate the identified stressors
  11. 11. What Organizational Changes CanHelp Reduce Job Stress? Ensure the workload is in line with workers capabilities and resources Design jobs to provide meaning, stimulation, and opportunities for workers to use their skills; Clearly define workers roles and responsibilities Give workers opportunities to participate in decisions making process that affect their jobs Improve communications Provide opportunities for social interaction among workers Establish work schedules that are compatible with demands and responsibilities outside the job.
  12. 12. Worker Characteristics Can Cause JobStress? A need to be in control  The worker views lack of control as a sign of weakness, has difficulty delegating assignments to others, avoids showing signs of weakness or nervousness A lack or perceived lack of competence  The worker feels his or her work is inferior compared to others, makes poor judgments, lack of common sense, doubts about his or her competence and ability to do the job
  13. 13.  A desire to please people  The worker relies on favorable opinions and input from others as a basis for building self-esteem, fears he or she may disappoint others, cares more about others needs than his or her own, avoids communications and actions that would displease others
  14. 14.  A need to be perfect (perfectionism)  The worker feels under pressure to achieve targets, is highly self-critical, feels a job well done could have been done even better, sacrifices pleasure in order to excel and achieve
  15. 15. In your project..Identify a workplace with about 20 ormore workers Investigate whether there are stressors Determine most affecting causes for stress Recommend how to overcome stress conditions pertaining to the workplace
  16. 16. In your report.. The following should be included  Description of workplace – type and no. of workers, the present work environment  General description on job stress (with references)  The methods used to assess the situation of stress- interviews, questionnaire  Analysis of outcomes  Recommendations