Lines of flight
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  • 1. Mary Ann ReillyLINES OF FLIGHT
  • 2. WHAT IS A LINE OF FLIGHT? Martin Wood and Sally Brown (2009) write: "A line of flight is essentially a movement of creativity, a practical act or a way of living that wards off or inhibits the formation of „centres‟ and stable powers in favour of continuous variation and free action." fromhere.
  • 3.  “Lines of flight are everywhere. They constitute the available means of escape from the forces of repression and stratification. Even the most intense strata are riddled with lines of flight.” – Miguel Rojas- Sotelo
  • 4. FROM JOSH LERNER Lines of flight are creative and liberatory escapes from the standardization, oppression, and stratification of society. Lines of flight, big or small, are available to us at any time and can lead in any direction. They are instances of thinking and acting ‘outside of the box’, with a greater understanding of what the box is, how it works, and how we can break it open and perhaps
  • 5.  "A line of flight is a line of becoming that brings the system to yet another level of complexity by virtueof the new knowledge, new concepts, new meanings.‟ Inna Semetsky*. Not by breadth along: Imagining a self- organised classroom. Complicity, 2005.
  • 6. A HYPOTHESIS I’M THINKING ABOUT… Transmediation, the use of multiple symbol systems, provides an occasion for the formation of a line of flight through the spaces created as one moves between or among symbol systems.