What has Open Data got to do with Education?


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Open Knowledge Community session on What has Open Data got to do with Education? Held online on June 26, 2014: 08:00 EDT/12:00 UTC/13:00 BST/14:00 CEST

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What has Open Data got to do with Education?

  1. 1. What has Open Data got to do with Education? Community Session, 26 June 2014 Marieke Guy PRESENTED BY @mariekeguy
  2. 2. Open Education Working Group …established to bring together people and groups interested in open education. Its goal is to initiate global cross-sector and cross- domain activity that encompasses the various facets of open education. http://education.okfn.org
  3. 3. Open Education Pie • Open data that comes out of education institutions • Open data that can be exploited/used by education institutions • Open data that can be exploited/used by education • Open data…
  4. 4. Advisory Board
  5. 5. General Activities Areas of interest and ideas ● Community building – making contact ● Open Education timeline ● OKFestival, July, Berlin – Open Education Smörgåsbord ● Support for LMRI initiatives, standards, platform for Open Standards work ● OER and small languages and cultures (multilingualism) ● Open Education language – making it appropriate for all ● Support for member activities e.g. Open Data Ireland booksprint ● Connections with local groups: Belgium, Finland, Brazil
  6. 6. Activities: Handbook The Open Education Handbook ● A collaboratively written living web document targeting educational practitioners and the education community at large ● Coverage is broad and determined by authors ● Kick-started at a series of booksprints and events ● Available online for editing in Booktype, open source book editing software ● Translated in to Portuguese, set on Slidewiki ● Future plans: glossary, universal style, definitions, synergies between areas, flow, fact checking, more questions, front end
  7. 7. Booksprints
  8. 8. Working Group To get more involved… You can: ● Join our mailing list: http://education.okfn.org/mailing-list/ ● Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/okfnedu ● Visit our website/blog: http://education.okfn.org/ ● Edit the handbook: http://education.okfn.org/handbook/ ● Join our calls: http://education.okfn.org/working-group-calls/ Next one on Tuesday 8th July 3:00pm–4:00pm BST ● See us at OKFest for our Open Education Smörgåsbord http://sched.co/1hgj0q1 ● Email me: marieke.guy@okfn.org
  9. 9. Shaping Change With open education data… Our opportunities for improvement are immense, and data provide a powerful lens to understand how we are doing internally and relative to our peers. This applies across all segments of what we do, from teaching and learning to administrative support. Performance metrics and dashboards are the beginning, but using data to understand deeper correlations and causality so we can shape change will be critical as we strive to advance our effectiveness. David Lassner, Interim president and former chief information officer at the University of Hawaii
  10. 10. Terms? open data in education Open education data open educational data open data from education open data that can be used in an educational way
  11. 11. Open Education Data What data are we talking about? ● Student data: attendance, grades, skills, exams, homework ● Course data: employability related to courses, curriculum, syllabus, VLE data, number of textbooks, skills, digital literacy… ● Institution data: location data, results, infrastructure, location, student enrolment, textbook budget, teacher details… ● User-generated data: learning analytics, assessments, performance data, job placements, laptop data, time on tasks, use of different programmes/apps, web site data… ● Policy/Government data: equity, budgets, spending, UNESCO literacy data, deprivation and marginalisation in education, participation data… http://bit.ly/oeh-datasets
  12. 12. Open Public Service Network Empowering Parents, improving accountability ● Report published September 2013 by RSA ● Calls for release of data sets: Ofstead, free & private schools data, teacher survey, parents views ● “Dangers of overemphasising the role of school choice as the main driver of parental interest in information about their children’s schools. It is equally important as contextual information for parents and children wanting to understand their own or their child’s educational progress” (Millar & Wood) http://bit.ly/opsn-accountability
  13. 13. Using Open Data ...to meet educational needs By supporting students ● New tools, enriching resources, exploration, informed choices By supporting schools and institutions ● Learning analytics, improve efficiencies, benchmarking By supporting governments and policy ● Change in policy, transparency, education reform
  14. 14. Case studies http://bit.ly/oeh-datacs Schule.info Burkina Faso hoekiesikeenschool.nl Equipment.data RMSchoolfinder
  15. 15. http://theodi.org/education-open-data-challenge-series http://bit.ly/massedudata Data hacking challenges http://bit.ly/oeh-datacomps http://www.openstockholmaward.se http://openeducationchallenge.eu
  16. 16. Open Education Data: Qs Some things to think about… ● Government open data reflects actual public policy – what is available is variable ● What data should be collected within education institutions or for assessment? ● How do we evaluate this data? i.e. What makes a good student/citizen? What makes a good school? ● Can open data open up the debate to a wider audience? ● Can open data lead to policy change and better education systems? Worldwide?