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How to use open innovation technology search tools to accelerate your innovation cycle

How to use open innovation technology search tools to accelerate your innovation cycle

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  • 1. using open technology search tools to out-innovate the competitionMarcel ZilligSales 2012 © NineSigma Inc.
  • 2. Why Borders Books failed and Amazon survived ...working backwards from customers needs often demands that we acquire new competencies and exercise new muscles, never mind how uncomfortable and awkward-feeling those first steps might be.... Jeffrey P. Bezos Founder and CEO Amazon April 2009, Letter to Shareholders „they sell the need to have access“ the need driven approach
  • 3. Developments are shiftingoutside the large enterprise … Company size in # employees • > 70% R&D spend outside large organizations (invisible to you) • 30% of R&D spend is by SME’s Source: Henry Chesbrough
  • 4. There is a tangible change: In challenging companies on how they innovate and grow from:R&D to S&D /Collaborate & IntegrateOwnership to AccessAvoid Risk to Fail oftenIdea driven to Need drivenAssets to EcosystemEnable and engage organizations to use openinnovation and develop the right capabilities
  • 5. Embedding OI into your product creationprocess / innovation process Existing ProcessesStrategic Acceleration Project Portfolio ProductGrowth Area’s Creation options • Internal assets Process• Hypothesis or & resources insights into • Scouting • External assets • Your future market • Internal network & resources standard needs • Trusted network • ‘Due diligence’ process..• Key Growth • Global ‘network’ • M&A Areas • Gather qualified • Partnerships• Business cases options • Project• White spaces • Local search bias/ definition Firewall • RFP’s for • RFP’s & Open problems Intelligence for options
  • 6. New solutions and ideas come from internaland external networks GLOBAL INNOVATION Your Innovation COMMUNITY Ecosystem Non-profits Private Laboratories Small entrepreneurial companies Consultants Large Corporates Universities Business Providers in Development Suppliers virtually every EXISTING country NETWORKS Other NationalOver 2 million Business Labssolution Units Researchproviders Universities Center INTERNAL Retirees Others University Technology Transfer Offices NineSigma Industry Affiliates Academia Labs & Institutes Individuals Research Inventors Institutes Continually expanding network
  • 7. NineSigma is your firewall :Protecting the exchange of your sensitiveinformation • your needs to the global innovation community • valuable information to you • preventing leakage and detection by competitors • allowing identification, development and transfer to your business environment
  • 8. Searching for SolutionsThe RFP is the connector to the global innovation community an RFP is:• a vehicle enabling the exchange of non-confidential information with the global technical community • Tacit knowledge• a clear, concise and compelling statement of a technical / • expert crowd sourced: business need 8.000 to 10.000+ people whom we search for and• a clear outline of a proposed project identify that have• is a business opportunity relevant knowledge• with technical specifications • non confidential:• with the project timing enables IP transfer and partnership• with evaluation criteria • 60% industry:• with responders which are typically business AND unknown to our clients academics• circulated broadly against a custom network • 40% surprise proposals• with global responses from Universities, Companies, people we did not Research Labs, inventors … contactand typically we receive 10 ~15 quality proposals per RFP
  • 9. NineSigma’s Methodology forAssessment and Acquisition A Straight forward Process supported by Proven Services Innovations- Source (RFP) Service Success - MAP* project analysis translation connection report out selection and selection RFP report -Request For Proposal- Creation of an RFP 2 weeks 4 weeks 2 weeks *MAP=Method to Assess Providers NineSigma’s best practices help guide you to a mutually beneficial partnership with the ideal Solution Provider
  • 10. NineSigma Challenge suiteWhat are the reason for doing RFP`s ? A well crafted challenge program can provide a multitude of direct and indirect benefits • Rapid, diverse and actionable solutions that can be easily inserted into the daily workflow • Identify new technology leads, ideas & partners • Establish contracts with solvers, import the solutions and turn these into long term partnerships • Measure what is available on the outside • Benchmark the knowledge inside the company • A source of information that can inspire your R&D to higher levels “We have learned a lot about potential partners with RFP´s…. But more importantly this has allowed us to learn a lot about ourselves and our own company”
  • 11. Finding solutions others can’t Typically, 2/3 or more technologies submitted were unknown to the client. In some cases, the clients, although highly knowledgeable in their field, knew of none of the technologies because: They came from businesses who did not make their IP publicly known. or From sources outside the client’s core areas of expertise. or From geographically distant sources for which the client had had no information.Page
  • 12. Global search for unexpected solutions Finding ‘unexpected’ connectionsPage
  • 13. Example An automotive company was looking for a fluid sensor that could both measure the fluid level and the temperature in a closed transmission system.Through the RFP model a small Ukrainecompany was identified that developed fluidlevel and temperature sensors for the dairyindustry. Client was able to acquire thistechnology reducing time, risk and costs.
  • 14. Technology Landscaping the visualized matrix for your strategic decisions Quick Scan - Landscaping- Trending - MonitoringNineSigma supports global companies to help them make sense of complex technology and businessenvironments and to exploit these to their advantageSourcing, analyzing and visualizing the coherent landscape of relevant technology, players, opportunities and threats Answering “so what does this mean for me”
  • 15. Nine Sigma Open Intelligence Service Signals of change through ‘unexpected connections’ Knowledge TechnologyGlobal Knowledge & Technology Monitoring Expertise• Every two years double amount of technical information Technology• Research: 1,5m peer reviewed Market Quick Scan articles per year Industry• Patents: 1,900,000 per year Application• Expected doubling of global knowledge Intelligence & Knowhow in 2020 every 72 days Commercial Landscaping Connections Environment Technology Markets Insights Geographic Current Socio-Economic Future Legal Alternative Competitive State of the art Political Intellectual Property Regulatory Availability Disruptive / Incremental “Open Intelligence - Opportunity and Option identification within the 3 spaces Technology, Knowledge and Environment for building a better vision”
  • 16. Examples of Open Intelligence Service projects Flexible Photovoltaic: Landscape and Technology Platform Selection A FMCG company wanted to apply photovoltaic to packaging. Within 8 weeks, NineSigma created a landscape of the current technology options, technology maturity and players for flexible photovoltaics and helped the client select the right technology platform and partners.Geothermal Systems Market: Landscape and capability assessmentA Global Oil & Gas Drilling company wanted to enter the Geothermal Enhanced Systems Market. NineSigmacreated a landscape of the technologies and capabilities needed for this new space and mapped this againstthe current internal technologies and capabilities. Additional challenge was the distribution of knowledgethroughout the different business units of the Client. CMOS Technology: Identification of Application Opportunities for CMOS sensor A global Semiconductor company wanted to learn what the potential cross industry application opportunities are for their proprietary CMOS sensor technology. NineSigma created a landscape of potential application domains, competitive technologies, players and identified a number of key opportunities.Opportunity Assessment: Food Waste StreamsA global food and beverage company wanted to learn what the potential opportunity was for up-cycling the foodwaste streams into low cost foodstuff. Within a 12 week timeframe NineSigma created a global landscape andinsight into the current waste streams, quality, quantity, technologies and processing partners. Global Technology Monitoring: Natural and Artificial sweeteners A Global Drinks company wanted to have a quarterly update of all the technology developments on natural super sweeteners and artificial sweeteners. NineSigma created a quarterly monitor newsletter delivering a cross industry perspective on the latest relevant developments.
  • 17. Innovation Community
  • 18. to summarize:We support you to:• Identify players, adjacencies, new technologies and Detect trends and Defining need applications and detection signals of portfolios change of trends & ‘signals of change’• Identify needs & A virtuous cycle opportunities, prioritize innovation portfolios Organize and core competence cycle and frame challenges manage Transforming needs into ecosystems• Develop capabilities to challenges successfully collaborate Identifying and (become partner of choice, acquiring not customer of choice) solutions
  • 19. NineSigma – Working with us How do we work with our clients?NineSigma works with Select service to best Leverage NineSigma’s Deliver new knowledge,client to define their meet needs and global innovation capabilities, andinnovation needs leverages our assets network partners to client and core competencies
  • 20. food/drink chemical NineSigma active client distribution Client data base : 4935 companies Created in 2000, head office Cleveland USA Local European presence Leuven Belgium The global open innovation leader : RFP challenge management Trans-industry intelligence programs other FMCGs Innovation training & facilitation Technology push & pull models Crowd sourcing platforms > 2.5 million solver data baseNorth America • Brazil • South Africa • Europe • Japan • Korea • Australia RFP topics by industry (>2000)
  • 21. NineSigma - Industry ExperienceBreadth of expertise across diverse disciplines o Aerospace o Food and Drink o Automotive o Green Technology o Biotechnology o Manufacturing o Chemistry o Materials o Computing o Medical o Consumer Products o Mechanical & Industrial o Defence o Petroleum o Electrical & Electronics o Telecommunications
  • 22. NineSigma – Accelerating Innovation How do we support our clients? NineSigma supports companies: o Accelerate their innovation process o Expand access to new knowledge o Find un-expected solutions o Reduce risk in decision-making o Develop new skills and processes o Accelerate product time to marketPage
  • 23. Nine Sigma’s Innovation Road Map Developing Open Innovation programs that meet client needs On-going program review & support Report-out, OI performance review Scoping workshop, selection & priorities Training workshop, OI OI GOALS: tools & coaching • SolutionsInterviews and data • Opportunitiescollection • Improvements • Breakthroughs • Higher Value NineSigma Personalised Program Innovation Program Innovation Innovation Development & Program Implementation Audit Workshop Training Roll-Out & Results Session A Session B
  • 25. Examples of collaborative innovation outcomesWhere do these ideas and technologies come from?
  • 27. Client Endorsements Our effectiveness is confirmed by our client’s feedback “We use NineSigma when we are looking for “We’ve distributed technology briefs to more alternative approaches to solve problems or “Innovation and technical excellence are than 700,000 people through NineSigma and where a solution from a different industry may critical to Air Products’ continued success in have as a result completed over 100 projects, help.” Todd Abraham, VP of Global Research the market. We believe that working with with 45% of them leading to agreements for and Technology Strategy, Kraft NineSigma will amplify our internal R&D further collaboration.” Larry Huston, Nabil efforts and will expand our ability to access Sakkab, Procter & Gamble in Harvard external resources and capabilities globally” Business Review, March 2006 Miles Drake, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Air Products “We found the NineSigma Intelligence program particularly helpful in getting us quickly up to speed on our internal knowledge on geothermal energy. We have some strategic“We are extremely pleased with theresults from NineSigma. The companies decisions ahead of us, but the “Innovation is the lifeblood of our company. If weand individuals NineSigma connected us NineSigma program helped get us to don’t innovate, we won’t grow, or even survive, into provided us with ready solutions to a the point where we can make the best today’s fast moving world and highly competitivematerials need that we have been unable decisions possible.” Rod Nelson, Viceto address with our internal expertise. business environment. We have chosen to President, SchlumbergerNineSigma delivered fast and significant partner with NineSigma to establish ourvalue to our program.” Robert Networked Innovation Program because theyFinocchiaro, Ph.D., Technical Director, have an impressive track record of making open3M innovation work for companies like ours,” “The NineSigma Intelligence Program has proven to Graeme Armstrong, Corporate Director of be an outstanding tool for us in our exploration of Research, Development and Innovation at emerging technology. The quality, organization, and AkzoNobel. delivery of information, especially NineSigma’s assessment and recommendations, will help us make strategic decisions. “ Kent Young, Director of Source: Authorized attributable comments. Technology, Sherwin-Williams