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  1. 1. Inno for innovation & Centive for incentive • Leader in prize-based open innovation website. • 2001 by the venture capital arm of pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly • Massachussets, USA • Companies-seeker wanting to solve a R&D problem and thousands of solvers, a web community of scientists, engineeers, professionnals and entrepreneurs worlwide (about 180 000) can find themselves on this online marketplace. If one solver succed in, he will receive a financial award (5000 to 1 000 000 $) depending on the problem (challenge in the website). • Total Challenges Posted: 897 Total Solution Submissions: 14,690 Total Award Dollars Posted: $22.1 million Total Dollars Awarded: $4.42 million Average Success Rate: 45% Total employees: 32
  2. 2. Customers and Partners Innovative Not-For-Profit Government Entities Corporations Organisation pharmaceutical Rockefeller Foundation technological GlobalGiving The Oil Spill Recovery biological Institute chemistry Prize4life business ... industrial ...
  3. 3. Suppliers PhDs Inventors Experts in Computing, business... engineers Scientists Owners Spencer Trask Ventures, Inc Lilly Ventures & Omidyar Network Dwayne Spradling President & CEO
  4. 4. Solutions for Partners Customers Suppliers Roskefeller Owners Seeker Solver Fondation, Nature Publishing... R&D Problems Recognition Com & Ad Recruitment Time Problems Distance workplace Research Risks Recruitment Finding a mission, a job Progress Investors trust Choice of the Financial costs & risks Time ROI challenge Productivity costs PI declaration Financial Expertise Finance Assets
  5. 5. Revenue Sources From Partnership and Customers Solvers Sponsorship Companies-seekers pays between 60 - 100 % of Subscriptions the award Posting of the problems 2000$ each Consultancy services & resources
  6. 6. Competitors • Open Innovation Exchange • enables companies to post development challenges and an associated reward for solving their challenges in the following areas of science and engineering.
  7. 7. Competitors • NineSigma is an Open Innovation service provider in the world. Founded in 2000, NineSigma has been offering open innovation solutions long before it was an accepted management practice. It continues to evolve its services and organization to ensure that organizations will be prepared to move to the next level of open innovation capability, regardless of where they are today.
  8. 8. MODEL • This model is unique to • In Biotech, Darren the web. Carroll: « There are in the worId more than one • Crowdsourcing can be million of PhD in Biology, & Chemistry but neither strong thanks to the gathering of thousands or company or university millions of internet users. can make work more than 1% of this talent base(..)Biotech, Vol.1, n°4, novembre 2002.
  9. 9. Scaleable, Sustainable? Scaleable Sustainable other topics lower costs other seekers less time other solvers earning money other external services economic context ex:HR, Sales... lesson
  10. 10. If I own this business, I would To increase users & To expand revenue To create a growth customers sources model prospect also develop all PhDs, experts, retired develop web-site and departments of a people experts, innovative blog advertisement SME’s company: HR, Sales have partnerships with increase users & universities customers create my own affiliate add some topics program with web-site partners research