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Globallogic (Formerly Cubika), es líder a nivel mundial en Servicios de I+D, Consultoría y Desarrollo de Software. GlobalLogic cuenta con más de 10 años en el mercado, más de 150 clientes, 3300 empleados y presencia en Estados Unidos, India, Ukrania, Israel, China y Argentina.

Contamos con una amplia trayectoria en proyectos de desarrollo de aplicaciones basados en nuevas tecnologías en las empresas líderes de la región de las principales industrias (Finanzas, Telecomunicaciones, Manufactura, Utilities, Gobierno, Medios y Entretenimiento).

Nuestro liderazgo en I+D nos permite estar a la vanguardia en IT anticipando los cambios en las distintas tecnologías. Así, protegemos la inversión y logramos ventajas competitivas para nuestros clientes.

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Acerca De Global Logic

  1. 1. Connect. Collaborate. Innovate. GlobalLogic Company Overview© Copyright GlobalLogic 2009 1
  2. 2. Company Overview Connect. Collaborate. Innovate. – 10 years of leadership in global software R&D services – Provides full lifecycle product engineering and advisory “A product development services for ISVs and software-enabled businesses company like GlobalLogic is – Privately held and backed by Sequoia Capital and doing more than just Draper Atlantic / NAV providing offshore developers — it is seeking to – US $100M in revenue, 40%+ CAGR collaborate with clients at a – 120+ client partnerships under active management strategic level and provide – 3,000+ employees executives with on-demand access to global innovation networks.” – Headquartered in the US with business offices in the UK, Israel and India — Forrester Research – Global R&D Centers and Innovation Labs in the US, “Being Innovative Means Ukraine, India, China and Argentina Moving Beyond the Hype”© Copyright GlobalLogic 2009 2
  3. 3. Company Overview (cont.) Connect. Collaborate. Innovate.Awards & Recognition Innovation in Top 15 Among Top Employer Top Employer Distributed Agile Global R&D in Ukraine in India Software Product Service Providers Development Alliance Partnerships Tools & Integration Mobility Platforms© Copyright GlobalLogic 2009 3
  4. 4. Collaboration on a Global Scale Connect. Collaborate. Innovate. Local (On-Site) Advisory, Relationship & Program Management, Professional Services + Global (Distributed) Engineering & Support Services ARGENTINA | CHINA | INDIA | ISRAEL | UK | UKRAINE | USA ARGENTINA | CHINA | INDIA | ISRAEL | UK | UKRAINE | USA© Copyright GlobalLogic 2009 4
  5. 5. Company & Product Lifecycle Support Connect. Collaborate. Innovate. Better Better Faster Faster Smarter Smarter Mature Market Growth Market Declining Market Idea Development Development Maintenance & & Sustenance Category Renewal – GlobalLogic Version 1.0 – Product Engineering – Legacy Modernization (e.g., move to SaaS / Cloud) – Product Conceptualization – Customization – Product Support – Product Research – Line Extension – EOL Product Management – UI Prototyping – Product Enhancement – Technology Proof-of-Concept – Migration & Re-platforming© Copyright GlobalLogic 2009 5
  6. 6. Common Engineering Services Connect. Collaborate. Innovate. Product / Product / New Product New Product Product Product EOL Product EOL Product Professional Professional Application Application Development Development Sustenance Sustenance Management Management Services Services Modernization Modernization Velocity TM Distributed Agile Platform Advisory Services • Version 1.0 • User Experience • Product Engineering and Development • Architecture • Re-platforming • QA & Test Automation • Support Horizontal Competencies (Embedded, Mobile, Business Intelligence / Analytics, Cloud Computing, SaaS) Vertical Competencies (Enterprise, Financial, Telecom, Medical Electronics, Digital Media, Retail) Agile Product Management * • Engineering Process Consulting • Technology & Tools Consulting * ENTHIOSYSCopyright GlobalLogic 2009 6© Copyright GlobalLogic 2009
  7. 7. Core & Context Management Services Connect. Collaborate. Innovate.Adapted from: “Dealing with Darwin,” Geoffrey Moore GlobalLogic Clients: GlobalLogic Clients: Genband, Motricity, Medtronic, BSkyB, Sprint, Third Pillar JDSU, Avid, Tiburon, Systems, Amazon Core Context Microsoft, Oracle, BroadSoft Mission Critical Deploy Manage differentiated mission-critical product or processes at scale service at scale II III Non-Mission Critical I IV Invent a Phase out critical differentiated resources for core offering activities Fund Next Innovation GlobalLogic Clients: GlobalLogic Clients: SanDisk, Fishbowl, Telcordia, Tiburon, Kastle, JDSU, BMC Kaboodle, FirstBestCopyright GlobalLogic 2009 7© Copyright GlobalLogic 2009
  8. 8. Advisory Services Connect. Collaborate. Innovate. Understand Client’s strategic aspirations Vision and overall 1 and set overall operational excellence goals Vision and overall financial goals financial goals (Phase 1: Diagnostic) BU1 BU2 BU2 Assess businesses (within Client) for R&D efficiency HR 2 Assessment improvements leveraging financial / operational Finance benchmarks and best practices IT R&D Ease of Size, categorize and prioritize opportunities Category Category 3 and tailor actions by category (A, B, Cs) Capture (complexity) AA B C Size of Opportunity (Phase 2: Operationalization) Design and launch a transformation program 4 to capture efficiency, align relevant Steering Committee processes, and achieve performance metrics Transformation Transformation Program Office (TPO) BU 1 BU 2 Procurement IT/Eng Finance Support execution and focus on implementation 5 and results Rigorously track value Rigorously track value capture and tie into capture and tie into budgeting process budgeting process© Copyright GlobalLogic 2009 8
  9. 9. Modes of Collaboration Connect. Collaborate. Innovate. Product Engineering Product Engineering Product Engineering Professional Lab SM (PEL) Team SM (PET) Project SM (PEP) Services SM (PS) Client demands a high degree of operational transparency and a joint investment Client wants to create a Client wants to augment its Client wants to augment its Client wants to contract replicated, value-added lab existing team with existing team on a “time- highly skilled engineers overseas technology and product boxed” project basis with for on-site projects vertical specialists technology specialists Client wants GlobalLogic to provide full lifecycle services for an entire product or product lineCopyright GlobalLogic 2009 9© Copyright GlobalLogic 2009
  10. 10. Industry Focus Connect. Collaborate. Innovate.Digital MediaRetailFinanceInfrastructureElectronics HealthcareTelecomMobileCopyright GlobalLogic 2009 10© Copyright GlobalLogic 2009