Media and public relations 2011
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Media and public relations 2011



Media and Public Relations 2011 - Revenue School - Year One

Media and Public Relations 2011 - Revenue School - Year One



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  • MandiKeep your “enemies” closeImportance of knowing your media personnel, reporters, supervisors, bloggers, etc
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  • MandiImportance of knowing when and how you are going to “react” to negative or false informationDo you even acknowledge it?How do YOU handle it?
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  • Barcodes only allow for 20 numerical digitsQR Codes are 2-D and allow for thousands of alpha-numercial characters
  • Initially used for tracking parts in vehicle manufacturingThis act of linking from physical world objects is known as a hardlink or physical world hyperlinks.Add a vCard contact to the user's device
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  • So, how is Social Media Effected?What Makes it a Public Record: Is the information unique and not available anywhere else? Does it contain evidence of an agency's policies, business, mission, etc.? Is this tool being used in relation to the agency's work? Is use of the tool authorized by the agency? Is there a business need for the information?
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Media and public relations 2011 Media and public relations 2011 Presentation Transcript

  • Media and Public Relations
    Michael Kalvort, CPRP
    City of Chesapeake, Virginia
    Mandi Smith, CTRS
    County of Roanoke, Virginia
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  • Why should parks and recreation agencies use public relations strategies?
    Fosters positive image
    Generates support
    Gain exposure
    Generate revenue
    Build and reinforce your agency or facility brand
    Cost effective
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  • How do you want your organization’s public relations to be?
  • Public relations is one of the most powerful and important strategies you can use.
  • What is the true meaning of public relations?
    The practice of managing the communication between an organization and its public
    Ongoing activities to ensure the overall company has a strong public image
    Systematic effort to create and maintain goodwill of an organization’s various publics through non paid forms of communication and publicity
  • What Public Relations is not
    Marketing – product, place, price, promotion
    Advertising – sale of products using paid media messages
    Branding – identifies goods and services of one seller
  • Public Relations – We create the news!
    Many news outlets are looking to fill pages
    The story needs to be unique and entertaining
    Match your target audience with the right media channels
    Follow up
    Thank your media partners
  • What are the components of a successful public relations program?
  • Components of a successful PR program
    Developing ways to communicate with participants, constituents, citizens, and customers
    Mailings and personal communication
    Community speaking engagements
    Train all staff in customer service, regardless of position
  • Components of a successful PR program
    Network with other related organizations
    Interpret the agency’s vision and mission
    Compare your agency to other service providers
    State rationale for providing services
    State the benefits of participating to individuals in the community
  • Implement public information services
    Press Releases
    Maintain current and up to date media lists
    Insure that publicity is timely and
    Components of a successful PR program
  • Components of a successful PR program
    Communicate to participants
    Assist with media events and media tours
    Respond to requests for information from the public
    Prepare information packets for special issues
  • Components of a successful PR program
    Represent the organization
    School presentations
    Special Events
    Chamber of Commerce meetings
    Plan of “Reaction”
    When / How?
  • "PR means telling the truth and working ethically - even when all the media wants is headlines and all the public wants is scapegoats. Public relations fails when there is no integrity."
  • “I am a firm believer in the people. If given the truth, they can meet any national crisis. The point is to give them real facts.” – Abraham Lincoln
  • The New Frontiers of Media
  • Why social media? Social media sites are ruling the internet world
    Social media sites are ruling the internet world
    2005 2010
  • “If content is king, then conversion is queen.”
    – John Munsell, Bizzuka
  • Facebook
    How many agencies use facebook?
    How many students have a facebook page?
    What are the positives?
    What are the negatives?
    Be careful!
  • Linkedin
    Business oriented social networking site
    “Gated access control” – you must have a preexisting relationship with your inner circle
  • Linedin facts
    The Parks and Recreation Professionals group has over 1,100 members
    The NRPA group has almost 1,700 members
    The Florida Recreation and Park Association group has over 500 members
  • Twitter
    Who tweets?
    One way communication, 140 characters
    Timely information and promotions
    Free, but must be consistent
    Easily can take a lot of time, but in little bits
  • Blogs
    Can be individual or for the organization or agency
    Can be informational and/or editorial
    Engage readers and make them feel important
    To be successful obtain your own domain name and website
  • Paul Gilbert’s Blog
  • QR Codes
    A specific 2-D matrix barcode
    Consists of black modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background
    Readable by dedicated QR barcode readers and camera phones
    The information encoded can be text, URL, or other data.
    Consumers want immediate access to information
  • QR Code Uses
    Used to display text to the user
    Open a URL
    Signs, Business cards
    Any other printed material
  • QR Code Informational Links
    QR Code redirect for
  • “Learning how to "connect" with people remotely and get results from a distance is your key to virtual leadership success.”  ~Debra A. Dinnocenzo
  • Social Media & FOIA
    What is FOIA?
    Freedom of Information Act
    The U.S. Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is a law ensuring public access to U.S. government records.
    Federal / State / Local Governments are all effected.
    A "public record" is any writing or recording, in any format, prepared or owned by, or in the possession of a public body or its officers, employees or agents in the transaction of public business.
    For example, public records may be in the form of handwritten notes, typewritten documents, electronic files, audio or video recordings, photographs, or any other written or recorded media.
  • What makes it a public record?
    Editing ability?
    Forums vs. Fan site
    Public Conversation
    Agency guidelines / policies
    Social Media & FOIA
  • Is there a difference between social media and digital marketing?
    Social media strategy earns online and offline coverage.
    Digital marketing buys online and offline coverage.
  • “New marketing is about the relationships, not the medium.”
  • The New Public Relations Mix
    Typically uses a number of methods and media
    Incorporate print, internet, direct correspondence, and social media
    There is not a pure perfect depends on your product, service, or demographic
  • PR can be as simple as a decorated van….
  • …. or as complicated as a heavily integrated plan involving consultants
  • “People don’t believe what you tell them. They rarely believe what you show them. They often believe what their friends tell them. They always believe what they tell themselves.”– Seth Godin, Seth’s Blog
  • Group public relations activity
  • In Review… Public Relations is
    Managing the communication between an organization and people
    Making sure the overall company has a strong public image
    To create and maintain goodwill of an organization’s users through non paid forms of communication and publicity
  • Let’s sum up the following easily:
    Public Relations
  • Thank you
  • Group activities – Group 1
    A hometown soldier is returning home in 3 days. You just were notified that your manager wants to celebrate his/her service at a ceremony. What PR plan will you develop?
  • Group activities – Group 2
    You just received notice that the your City/County was designated as Kaboom Play City. Develop a media plan to get the word out and generate publicity for your programs. Your budget meeting is in 4 days.
  • Group activities – Group 3
    USA Olympian Shaun White is vacationing in your town. His publicist called you up and he wants to do a public appearance at your park in 5 days. How will you obtain PR? What tactics will you use?
  • Group activities – Group 4
    Your waterpark was just recognized from the local Visitors and Convention Bureau as one of the best places for a family to make memories and spend time. How will you tell the community of this important designation?
  • Group activities – Group 5
    Congratulations! Your agency just received a sponsorship from the Mattel Toy Company to build a new park for preschoolers from 2 to 5 years old. How will you get the word out to the community and what methods will you use to reach families where both parents are working?
  • Group activities – Group 6
    Congratulations! The petting zoo which your agency runs has an animal who just delivered a newborn llama. What tactics will you use to let the community know?