AAF Final JCP Plans Book


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AAF Final JCP Plans Book

  1. 1. @
  2. 2. 35Table ofContentsEXECUTIVE SUMMARY page 2READY SET GO page 3CREATIVE MESSAGE page 13MEDIA page 18112
  3. 3. ExecutiveSummary2
  4. 4. ReadySet Go…3StrengthsOpportunitiesWeaknessesThreats
  5. 5. MarketSegments“They may all be alike… but they aren’t all the same”4What makesthem alike:Whatmakesthemdifferent
  6. 6. CompetitiveAnalysis“They want your money and JCP’s”5Functional EmotionalBrandEmotionalLink
  7. 7. ResearchResearch Objectives & StrategiesWe carefully:Research StrategiesPerception = Reality6
  8. 8. What we discoveredSample Focus Group CommentsPositives:Negatives:768% Yes26 % Doesn’t matter6% No49% BlandWhen you hear JC Penney what do you think of?21% ThriftyWould you shop at JCPenney name brand clothing?
  9. 9. PerceptualsObjectives:What we discovered8
  10. 10. MarketingWhat we need to do…ObjectivesMarketing Opportunities: Strategic Executions9
  11. 11. 10Marketing
  12. 12. CreativeBriefTarget Audience11Central Edge Communications CreativebriefWhether online or in-store, JCP givesyou design, fashion, and quality with anenjoyable experience. By renewing JCP’sstyle indentity we build a sense of discoveryand affordabliltiy for our customers makingus America’s shopping destination.Every Day MattersTo members of our target market, women ages25-34 and consumers establishing shoppingpatterns for the future, JCP is the departmentstore that gives them design, fashion and qualitywith an enjoyable experience. JCP builds a sense ofdiscovery and affordablitly as it becomes America’sshopping destination.Purpose: to acquire and retain female customers ages 25-34, increase their shoppingfrequency, and grow their share of wallet.Creative oppurtunity: Create a new perception of jcp that incorporates a memorable andiconic symbol that conumers can identify with in a fun and distictive way.To remind consumers that you can get “what you want @ jcp”
  13. 13. CreativeMessage12Central Edge Take-Away Message - Campaign 2012“Whether online or in-store, jcp gives you design, fashion, quality and an enjoyable experience. Byrenewing jcp’s style identity, we build a sense of discovery and affordability for our customers making usAmerica’s shopping destination.Central Edge Positioning - Campaign 2012“To members of our target market, women ages 25-34 years old and consumers establishing shoppingpatterns for the future, jcp is the department store that offers design, fashion and quality with anenjoyable experience. jcp brings a sense of discovery and affordability, as it becomes America’s shoppingdestination.JCPenney Positioning Value Proposition Marketing Campaign 2011 Marketing Campaign 2012“Every Day Matters” Style & Quality“New Look,New Day,Who Knew?”“What You Want @jcp“We Make itAffordable,You Make it Yours”Evolution of a creative concept
  14. 14. CreativeSingle idea around which campaign communication is based:13what you want @
  15. 15. 14CreativePrices that aren’t rough on your wallet.
  16. 16. 15CreativeLife long dreams come with a price tag.
  17. 17. 16Creative
  18. 18. 17Mediawhere are you?Media ObjectivesMedia StrategiesHigh Impact States
  19. 19. 18MediaOmahaAtlantaRaleighMiamiTop 25 2nd Cities
  20. 20. Media19Websites and blogsNON-TRADITIONAL / DIGITAL/ SOCIALDigital MediaSocial MediaWhat you want
  21. 21. MediaWeb SeriesOnline Social Community20On-Line AdvertisingMOBILE: “What you want to wear today” weather app
  22. 22. Media Calendar21Traditional:TV:Spot:Magazines:Out-of- Home:Theatre:Mall:Online:Twitter:Online Mags:Mobile:
  23. 23. 22RelationshipOpportunitiesjcp Public Relationsjcp Fashion Advisory Boardjcp Fashion Blog“Style For Life” Fashion Week
  24. 24. Relationship Opportunities23jcp Best Dressed Budget Fashionista ListAfter School Program Addition – A.C.T.o  o  @cquire Card Participants
  25. 25. Relationship Opportunities24INTERNAL PUBLIC RELATIONSEmployee YouTube ContestPay-It “For-Red”In-Store experience & Sales PromotionThe In-Store Experience
  26. 26. Relationship Opportunities25@cquire Card
  28. 28. Relationship Opportunities27PARTNERSHIPS / ENDORSEMENTSFashion / Style LinesEntertainment / Celebrity Endorsements / Product Lines
  29. 29. Design your Future HomePaint The Mall Red:Red Room Concierge28RelationshipOpportunitiespaintthemallRED
  30. 30. 29Relationship OpportunitiesINTERACTIVE MANNEQUINSSmart Tags
  31. 31. 30OnlineCampaignBudget
  32. 32. 31CampaignMetricsIMAGE METRICSIMPACT METRICS
  33. 33. 32The TeamExecutive BoardAdvisorsTeam MembersSpecial Thanks