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JCPenney NSAC AAF 2011


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SJSU plan book for JCP NSAC AAF competition

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JCPenney NSAC AAF 2011

  3. 3. EXECUTIVE SUMMARYEXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1 Our challenge was to develop a 2012 to 2013 integrated marketing communications plan for jcpenney to increase their market share of women aged 25 -34 and grow their share of wallet in this market segment. Currently one of the largest department stores in the United States, jcpenney asked Dwight, Bentel and Hall Communications to identify a solution to this problem and create a We found these women are not connecting with the jcpennney brand personality, hold misconceptions of the jcp brand and merchandise and see jcpenney as “boring, outdated and low quality.” Dwight, Bentel and Hall Communications will begin to transform these misconceptions by positioning jcpenney as: The one-stop shopping destination in the U.S. where customers Value propositions and great quality merchandise A store that understands their customers’ shopping and personal style needs Our because you’re you campaign addresses our positioning objectives and allows our target market to connect with jcpenney and the jcpenney brand. With a tagline that speaks directly to these women’s individual needs and a theme that intertwines the jcpenney brand with these women’s quirks and style habits, we can cohesively promote jcpenney as the number one shopping destination in the U.S. Using strategic media platforms, Public Relations tactics and creative executions that grab our target market, we can begin to dislodge these misconcep- tions and drive customers into jcpenney stores.This will help jcpenney become America’s number one shopping destination for great styles at great prices. jcpenney, because you’re you. Sincerely, Dwight, Bentel & Hall Communications
  4. 4. Threats Opportunities Weaknesses Strengths CHALLENGE CLIENT PROBLEM SWOT SITUATION ANALYSISSITUATION ANALYSIS Strengths Opportunities Weaknesses Threats Large retail operations Strong distribution network Private label products Increasing online retail spending Exclusivity to brands Lower inventory turnover Weak performance in Q2’2009 Intense competition Weak consumer price index Rising wages in US CHALLENGE CLIENT PROBLEM SWOT 2 Develop and present a 2012 to 2013 integrated marketing communications plan for jcpenney to help them acquire and retain female customers aged 25 to 34. Women aged 25 to 34 represent 16.2 percent of the total market, yet only account for 10.6 percent of jcpenney’s sales. jcpenney’s Share of Wallet with this market is lower compared to all other age groups. jcpenney’s company vision is “to be America’s shopping destination for discovering great styles at compelling prices”.They want to establish themselves as the growth leader in their industry and delight their customers with great offerings of merchandise and services.
  5. 5. SITUATIONANALYSIS INDUSTRYTRENDS COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS SITUATIONANALYSIS Since the 2007 recession, U.S. department stores have been working hard to make a comeback. Consumers have been spending less and department stores have been forced to compete with discount stores, mass merchandisers, specialty stores, outlets, and online retailers. In order to stand out among these other retailers, many trends have developed to aid department stores. First, department stores need to separate themselves from their competition; they need to break away from the sameness that has plagued retailing for years. Stores must now touch on individual tastes to increase customer loyalty rather than focusing on mass appeal. Second, value players, like Kohl’s and jcpenney, are gaining strength in the market place because they offer exclusive brands and strong value propositions.These value propositions set department stores apart by focusing less on price comparison and more on the com- pany’s unique offerings and overall value. Another major trend growing in the U.S. is online shopping. Department stores must use customer experience as a differentiating fac- tor and focus on individual needs to drive consumers off their computers and into the stores. * to stand out from these top department store competitors.* The Nostalgic, Classic Brand A NewerValue Player An Original, Innovative Retailer STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES 3 Strong customer base and distribution channel Strong merchandising Large retailer with established presence Company’s “Low-Price Promise” Main competition,Walmart, is overall price leader Dependence on China as largest source Exclusive brand name offerings Strong market position Continuous product recall Complaints of Kohl’s credit cards & online store Company reputation Strong brand equity Focus on an upscale fashion market Local focus with “My Macy’s” More costly than competitors Not as much brand momentum * NewYorkTimes, To Stand Out, Retailers Flock to Exclusive Lines. 2011. *, 2010
  6. 6. RESEARCH STRATEGIES PRIMARY OBJECTIVES THE CHALLENGE SECONDARYPRIMARY RESEARCH THE CHALLENGEDevelop a research strategy to provide insight into the problem (low market share of target market at jcpenney). We set three primary objectives to discover more about our target market... PRIMARY OBJECTIVES 1. Find and analyze our target market’s perceptions of jcpenney - market and jcpenney to better understand why they aren’t spending their money at jcpenney. 2. Learn our target market’s shopping behaviors - we needed to understand these women’s key habits and patterns when it comes to their personal shopping styles. 3. Research our target market’s life goals and aspirations - - its.These habits will shift as they move through different stages in their lives and jcpenney needs to know what drives these women. RESEARCH RESEARCH STRATEGIES Distribute online surveys to target market Conduct in-person and Facebook interviews with target market Study Prizm consumer segmentation system andVALS consumer research service Design and conduct “Sweater Survey” Complete in-depth research using Simmons National Consumer Study Visit multiple jcpenney store locations (mall stores and stand alone stores) Visit multiple competitor locations, competitor blogs, social media and online stores Study jcpenney online articles, blogs, and other sources related to our target market’s shopping behaviors Analyze industry marketplace PRIMARY SECONDARY 4
  7. 7. WHAT WE FOUND CUSTOMER PERCEPTIONS RESEARCHRESEARCH CUSTOMER PERCEPTIONS Most of our target market’s perceptions towards jcpenney are negative. However our research also showed many of these women hadn’t actually been to a jcpenney store in years. This could only mean that our target market has misconceptions about jcpenney, that are not based on in-store experience, but on outside factors like word of mouth and lack of connection to the jcpenney brand. But we needed to learn more... NOT MODERN DONT UNDERSTAND NEEDS BORING OUTDATED CHEAP DOESNT FIT MY STYLE AFFORDABLE UNORGANIZED MESSY UNCOMFORTABLE Women in our target market... Do not see jcpenney as modern or trendy Do not feel jcpenney understands their consumer needs Do not believe jcpenney has a comfortable shopping environment Does think jcpenney is only for kids and seniors Does think jcpenney’s merchandise is “boring, outdated, and low quality” BUT, our target market does think jcpenney offers shoppers affordable products with great prices. WHAT WE FOUND “I’ve never felt that it (jcpenney) style.” “My parents like to shop there, but I never can like.” 5
  8. 8. RESULTS HOW OBJECTIVE CONSUMER BUYING HABITS SWEATERSURVEY CONSUMER BUYING HABITS SWEATERSURVEYSWEATERSURVEY Determine if jcpenney’s quality and style as a brand is accurately perceived in the target market’s mind. We bought one sweater from Macy’s, Kohl’s, and jcpenney and hid the tags and brands.We asked women in our target market to touch, inspect and tells us which sweater was bought from which store and which was their favorite. The majority of the women (80%) thought the jcpenney sweater was bought at Macy’s and most women (75%) picked the jcpenney sweater as their favorite. Our target market’s perception of jcpenney does not accurately represent the style, quality and brands jcpenney carries. When it comes to shopping, our target market... Does not use shopping as a social activity, but shops with a purpose Considers store environment a deciding factor when determining where to shop Needs shopping to be convenient (our target market likes to get in and out and back to their busy lives) Prefers to shop at stores that offer high quality, brand name products rather than low-priced, non-brand products Does not consider price important when shopping (they get what they want) With these insights, we could now think about how jcpenney could better represent the shopping needs of our target market and what our campaign must address to meet these needs. ANALYSIS OBJECTIVE HOW RESULTS ANALYSIS 6 MACYSKOHLSJCPENNEYS Our next objective was to discover and analyze our target market’s shopping behaviors and habits.We used primary and secondary research tactics to obtain a better understanding of how these women shop.
  9. 9. WHO IS OURTARGET MARKET? THEMSELVESFAMILY&KIDSJOBS Kids & Cul-de-Sacs (18): Family Life, Suburban Suburban Pioneers (52): Family Life, Suburban Both middle to upper middle class, some with kids, new home owners, most with college education, more fortunate with money and their careers. New Beginnings (44):YoungerYears, Suburban City Startups (47):YoungerYears, Second City Mobility Blues (53):YoungerYears, Second City All with lower income, no kids, mostly renters, some college experience, becoming independent women are establishing shopping patterns during this current phase of their lives. White Picket Fence (34): Family Life, Second City Blue-Chip Blues (36): Family Life, Suburban Both are middle class, with kids, home owners or renters, some college experience, less fortunate families that are younger and just starting out. JOBS FAMILY&KIDS THEMSELVES WHO IS OURTARGET MARKET? PRIZM NE were able to classify our target into their individual segments based on their current focus in life, whether it is their jobs, their families, or themselves. 7
  10. 10. PSYCHOGRAPHICS VALS PSYCHOGRAPHICS VALS We used the marketing toolVALS to better understand what drives our target market’s consum- er behavior. We found our target market falls into theVALS category of Experiencers: Experiencers are motivated by Self-Expression and have access to adequate resources They are young, enthusiastic and impulsive consumers who want their needs to be met by companies They seek variety and savor the new when it comes to products They spend a high proportion of their income on fashion, entertainment, and socializing Separating the target market into these segments gave us a better idea of where these women are in their lives and how we can reach them more successfully with both our creative strategy and media purchasing. They want to accomplish their degrees in school and get a career that will provide them with a steady income. They want to be successful doing something they love and be able to support a family. PSYCHOGRAPHICS RESEARCH Our target market’s goals and aspirations are very important because these will ultimately shape their shopping habits.The mindsets of these women are similar, with a few common goals they desire to accomplish in the near future. 8
  11. 11. GOALS HOW NEXT STEPS? WHAT WE FOUND RESULTS Create a campaign that personally addresses our target market, connects with our target market on an individual level, and begins removing the negative perceptions held by consumers about jcpenney.We will develop campaign goals to meet these objectives. WHAT WE FOUND HOW Our target market holds misconceptions of the jcpenney brand and merchandise These women are looking for a personal connection to the stores they shop at Our target market is searching for affordable prices and convenient shopping destinations NEXT STEPS? With our creative executions, we will accomplish these goals by showing the target market that jcpenney offers desirable, stylish and practical merchandise. connecting with these women in an emotional and individual way, jcpenney can start identifying with their customers.Additionally, the value proposition will reinforce the jcpenney message and consumers will start seeing jcpenney as their number one shopping destination for great styles at compelling prices. ? Shift the main focus of jcpenney from price, to quality and style Give jcpenney style credibility by showcasing their products and exclusive brands Show that jcpenney can help restore simplicity into our target market’s lives with easy, get in and get out ideals Prove that jcpenney recognizes individuality and offers a huge range of products that they feel were made for them GOALS Our goals address both value and emotional needs desired by our target market. 9
  12. 12. SELL CREATE SOMETHING DIFFERENT MUST HAVE LEGS CREATIVECREATIVE To meet our campaign goals we set aside three simple rules before thinking about our creative theme and executions. Because at the end of the day our campaign must... Overall, the strategy behind our theme is to create a campaign that resonates personally and emotionally with our target market.We need to grab our target market while still staying true to jcp’s brand identity. jcp needs ads that have a simple and clear message, but that can also break through all the clutter and allow our target market to connect with the jcp brand. We needed to connect with our target audience in a new and interesting way, while still highlighting jcp’s fabulous brands and styles. 1 MUST HAVE LEGS Campaign must have the potential to run for several years as jcp launches their new brand identity 2 CREATE SOMETHING DIFFERENT jcp needs something different from their competitors, but something that can also relate to our target market 3 SELL The bottom line is to sell. jcp needs advertising that stands out in the clutter of competitive advertising and really grabs our target market. By creating simple, relatable, brand/product driven advertising that cohesively integrates jcp’s value proposition, we can accomplish our goals to grow the jcp share of wallet. WE neededTO NOT ONLYTHINK CREATIVELY BUT also STRATEGICALLY 10
  13. 13. HOW TO ACHIEVE THIS CREATIVECREATIVE We began thinking about these women.Who they are and what’s important to them.We started to think about the little things these women do, the things that make these women unique.And then it hit us.What is it that makes these women different but could also be tied back to style? It’s the way their favorite pair of heels makes them feel like they’re on the runway or how they never let a little rain ruin their style. It’s their quirks and their habits. It’s all the little things that make them who they are. It’s this personal connection jcp needs in order to reach our target market. In order to capture this target market, we need to not only show these women that jcp has amazing brands and styles, but also connect with them on a personal and individual level. We needed to use strong media and communication tactics that cohesively integrated the jcp brand. We also needed a tagline that was catchy but still consistent with our theme! This tagline speaks directly to our target market in a conversational and personal way and says,“no matter who you are, you’re you and we love it!” would grab our target market, but would still clearly depict the jcp brand as a whole and stay true to the jcp message.Within out layout design, we needed to show our audience just how simple and easy it is to shop with jcp and how fabulous the brands they carry really are. The next few pages describe our way to communicate our theme and jcp as a brand to our target market. HOW TO ACHIEVE THIS THE BIG IDEA because you’re you. THE BIG IDEA because you’re you. 11
  14. 14. We will launch our campaign with exciting full color spreads (bottom) and fall back to single page ads (right).We will integrate our theme and tagline, as well as the jcp brand and keep each ad consistent and true to the jcp brand personality. PRINT 12
  15. 15. MUSIC BEGINS VO BEGINS WMN ZOOMED IN WASHING HER FACE AND GRABS ATOWEL TO WIPE HER FACE VO: You don’t mind having a messy closet as long as the end result because life is no dress rehearsal. VO: Waking up is never easy and looking natural doesn’t happen in 5 minutes but you get there. MUSIC CONT, VO DURING CLIP WMNTOSSING CLOTHES, LOOKING FOR AN OUTFIT, LOOKS AT HER DRESSES, PICKS AN OUTFIT AND WALKS OVERTOTHE DRESSER VO: Your idea of glitz and glamour is wearing your favorite pieces of jewelry. MUSIC CONT. VO DURING CLIP WMN GRABS RING OFF JEWELRY HOLDER. ZOOMED IN WHILE PUTTING ON RING ANDTHEN PUTS ON NECKLACE VO: At jcp, your quirks and habits inspire us.Which is why we offer great brands like MNG by mango, Liz Claiborne, American Living and and your style no mat- ter who you are. jcp, because you’re you. MUSIC CONT. VO DURING CLIP FULL LENGTH BACKVIEW OF WMN WALKING DOWNTHE STREET WITH HER FRIEND. TELEVISION ForTelevision, we want to highlight the jcp brands and really make our target market think about the jcp experience as a whole. Each spot would feature similar styles and color bars to cohesively integrate the theme with the brand. VO: And your favorite pair of heels make you feel like you’re on a runway even if you’re just going to work. MUSIC CONT. VO DURING CLIP WMN IS IN CLOSET JUST SHOWN FROM THE LEGS DOWN, PUTTING ON HER HEELS AND WALKS OUT OFTHE CLOSET 13
  16. 16. jcp: “Soundtrack of Your Life” 30 Seconds jcp: “ExpressYour Style ” 30 Seconds departments and the entire jcp store. Using 30-second commercials, we are able to run more spots and reach more of our target market. Repetition is everything! We want them to hear MUSIC: UPBEAT MUSIC BEGINS SFX: JEWELRY JINGLES IN CUE W/ MUSIC WMN 1: The jingle of my jewelry is the soundtrack to my life SFX 2: HEELS CLICK ON PAVEMENT, IN CUE W/ MUSIC AND JINGLE OF JEWELRY WMN 2: The click of my heels makes me feel like I’m on the runway SFX: POTS AND PANS AND COOKING SOUNDS, PLUS JEWELRY AND HEELS WMN 3: Sometimes I’ll dress up just to cook a meal SFX/MUSIC: FADESTO BACKGROUND VO: At jcp, we believe every woman has her own soundtrack.That’s why at jcp we have designed products that or cooking a great meal, jcp will help you shine.Visit a jcp store near you to see what else is new! jcp, because you’re you. MUSIC: GUITAR BEGINS UPBEAT CHORDS personalities WMN 2: I want my house to be cozy without cost- ing a fortune WMN 3: I love to mix and match my accessories! VO: At jcp, we appreciate all the little things that make you, you.And with exclusive brands like MNG by Mango, Bisou Bisou matter where your day takes you, jcp has Visit a jcp store today and see what’s new! jcp, because you’re you. RADIO 14
  17. 17. For direct mail, we were looking for a creative way to reach our target market.We decided to include door hanger direct mail.These unique door hang- ers would be placed on customers’ and prospective customers’ front doors and would offer them an incentive to go to the jcp store.These three fold door hangers could include coupons, reward points, highlight new brands and more!This is a great way for jcp to stand out between the bills! DIRECT MAIL 15
  18. 18. WAYSTO PERSUADE Our campaign will also include E-blasts.We will send out E-blasts to customers and jcp credit card holders, offering them savings, and showing new merchandise. E-mail is a great way to quickly hook a reader and pull them in. And offering coupons gets customers into the store and spending! WAYSTO PERSUADE Our target market spends a huge amount of time online. So we couldn’t resist creating some theme inspired banner and sky scraper ads for our campaign. ONLINE that are just in time for Spring! Bring this coupon into your nearest jcp store and you can get up to 20% off your next purchase* 16
  19. 19. BILLBOARD SUBWAY WRAP To take our outdoor advertising to the next level, we needed to think outside of the box. Our campaign would feature billboards that highlight jcp’s style and catch our target market’s eye as they drive by. As our research showed, our current and prospective target market travels frequently on the subway. Our campaign will include full skin wraps designed to show our target market that jcp has stylish, fun and exciting brands! OUTDOOR SUBWAY WRAP BILLBOARD 17
  20. 20. MEDIAMEDIA LASTINGDEVELOPGROWTHLAUNCH In today’s environment, traditional one-way messages to consumers no longer work. People are now in control, are individually addressable, and are choos- ing experiences based upon what really matters and adds value to their lives*. In order for us to capture our target market, we must fully engage them in that was best for our audience.We correlated our media strategy with the thought process of our consumers, using an effective approach market strategy. market, but will expand the jcpenney audience. FREQUENCY & REACH audience, as we want to stay constant in the minds of jcpenney women. Starting in February with a frequency of six, we will then drop to a frequency of four in March and three in April.We will start the cycle back up again in May with a frequency of points in the year such as the season change in May, back to school in August, and holiday time in November and December. We will be advertising 11 months out of the year—January will be the only month that we will be omitting due to the traditionally low shopping visits our target market does during that time. Introduction of the campaign All traditional executions, print, outdoor, & digital Our target market is participating in the “feel” aspect of the campaign. Our audi- ence will have an emo- tional response to the new positioning of jcpenney Our target market is participating in the team aspect of the campaign Includes promotion, call-to-action incentives for our audience It’s anything that allows us to connect with our target market at a deeper level by means of interaction This would prompt an attitude change of jcpenney This part of the cam- paign reinforces value to the brand and the campaign Executions are made to highlight a different aspect of jcpenney- a more humanitarian side. Our public aware- ness campaign would launch during this period Includes out-of-home executions that include fashion shows, direct mail executions and anything that is designed to make the brand shine GROWTHLAUNCH DEVELOP LASTING *Leo Burnett *Market Finder, 2011 SPOT MARKETS We chose the top 75 spot markets, which total 78% of our tar- get market.We will focus on the key markets of Austin, Salt Lake City, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Houston, which make up 10% of the top HH’s, along with our highest index markets.* Austin,TX Salt Lake City, UT Jonesboro,AR Hanford-Corcoran, CA Fairbanks,AK18
  21. 21. PROMOTIONS RADIO TELEVISION PRINT LAUNCH MediaMEDIA PRINTWe will launch with full-color spreads February, 2012. Introducing our campaign with spreads instead of single page ads will generate buzz and have a larger impact on our target market. For the rest of the year, we will fall back to single page ads. Our print ads will be featured in magazines, such as People, Better Homes and Garden,Woman’s Day, Cosmopolitan and USWeekly. * TELEVISIONWe will launch our campaign during the Academy Awards.This results in a high frequency of six, on average, during February. Additional high points of frequency will also be in May,August, November, and December.We will continue to run our commercials on top networks our target market watches.These networks include Lifetime,ABC, HGTV,TLC and E!. Shows will includeWhat NotToWear,The Stagers, Dinner Impossible, Project Runway and Americas NextTop Model. RADIOWe will run 30-second radio spots in the top radio markets. Higher frequencies will be played on country stations, as country music is one of the top music genres among our target market. 30-second radio spots will also be cost effective since we can focus on one of the myriad of products featured in jcpenney within the short spot, rather than trying to cram numerous different products in longer 60-second commercials.We will also be able to increase repetition and impressions. GROWTH jcpenney will sponsor and partner with the top rated shows and places of interest among our target market, generating product placement and improving the brand image for jcpenney.* Why? Having product placement integrated into these shows and places will give our target a different way to connect with jcpenney.This allows the brand to have multiple touch points in our consumers’ lives, besides just what they see on commercials. Overall, it continues to give jcpenney a higher brand image in the consumer’s mind. With Whom? We will sponsor and partner with a combination of the top rated shows along with other places of interest for our target, based on Simmons research. *More about our suggested sponsorships and partnerships is explained in the Recommendations section of the book. Amusement parks Movie theatres Gyms and Community Centers PROMOTIONS SHOWSSHOWS PLACES OF INTERESTPLACES OF INTEREST The Academy Awards What Not to Wear The Stagers Dinner Impossible 19 *Simmons, 2009
  22. 22. 22 With Internet use and online shopping increasing every day, we believe it’s necessary for jcpenney to reach women while they are browsing online.We are sponsoring sites most visited by our target market such as, and friend- We will also sponsor blogs such as the and will use a combination of banner ads, sky scrapers, and interactive rich media.We will promote new ex- clusive brands and merchandise and direct our target market to jcpenney will takeover and sponsor top rated shows on Hulu. Our target market uses Hulu because of its convenience since content is available to access from laptops, mobile phones, etc. Nielson reports also found that women 25-34 are streaming more enter- tainment-based content than anything else (76% of all streams) and Hulu is one of their top chosen sites. We are putting jcpenney as the forefront of certain keywords such as “shoes,”“dress,”“kitchen decor,” and “home decor.” Instead of using generic descriptions of the site, we are going to replace them with various tips on improving fashion styles and improving health and wellness. Bus shelter takeovers allow the target market to interact with the campaign and the brand. Simmons has reported that our target market uses public transportation often.They also reported an index of 121 for women 25-34 who pay a lot of attention to advertisements on bus shelters.We will use bus shelters both in the city and suburban areas. WEBSITETAKEOVERS BUS SHELTERTAKEOVERS Media will work hand in hand with Public Relations to introduce multiple awareness campaigns sup- porting charities, such as the Boys and Girls Club of America. Research shows our target market appreciates companies who give back to charities. We will also work with additional charities that ap- peal to our target market, like animal shelters and women’s health organizations. (See more sugges- tions in our awareness campaign for PR) AWARENESS CAMPAIGN DEVELOPMENT GOOGLE LASTING IMPRESSIONS According to Simmons, our target market uses public transportation on a daily basis (index of 168). Selected subways and trains that pass by jcpenney locations, such as the jcpenney in Manhattan Mall, will be used. We will employ a combination of executions such as wraps, tunnel ads, and interactive billboards. TRAIN/SUBWAY Billboards will be placed in places with high volumes of Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, LA, NY, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Washington D.C.Together these markets make up 29.6 percent of all households. BILLBOARDS HULU Ex: Five casual clothing essentials needed in every wardrobe: denim (all types), shorts,T-shirts, cotton skirts, dresses and sneakers. 20
  23. 23. Media Magazine What Not to Wear sponsorship The Stagers sponsorship Dinner Impossible sponsorship :30 sec. spot homepage takeover Hulu show takeover Adwords Targeted Sites Billboards Bus Shelters Transit Wraps In-Theater Facebook Twitter #becauseyoureyou Foursquare Tweet for aTreat “You” Campaign JCP: You & Charities Hangers Coupons 1706. 222. 924. 1294. 11142. 3. 15. MONTHS Feb March April May June July August Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec. Jan. Gross Rating Points Cost Amusement Parks 26,830,000 12,552,300 669,400 30,603,100 25,598,900 n/a 343, 800 Total GRPs: Total Cost: $99,597,500 13. 643 DIRECT MAIL PUBLIC RELATIONS OOH ONLINE RADIO TELEVISION :30 sec. spots Academy award sponsorship PRINT 21
  24. 24. INITIATIVES PUBLIC RELATIONSPUBLIC RELATIONS INITIATIVES Change Develop and formulate a public service campaign through social media networks like Facebook,Twitter, andYouTube Create Awareness Bring Communication Constant Gather awareness for the new campaign targeted to our audience through special events in conjunction with charities like the Boys & Girls Club Maintain contact with the target market through constant updates on mobile devices as well as television Along with our creative executions, we recognize a need for public relations in order to generate more awareness among our target market. To better reach our target market we will use press releases, organize charity-related special events, and utilize social media. Our Press Releases will contain information about charity events and contests that consumers can participate in.We will also design press releases stating jcpenney’s goal to drive a culture that advocates conservation. For example, we will create a press release discussing jcpenney’s goal to reduce facility energy consumption by 20 percent per gross square foot by 2015, in order to give consumers a good brand image of jcpenney. PRESS RELEASEPRESS RELEASE For the because you’re you campaign, we will send out press releases and direct mail. For any updates and news, we plan to formulate press releases to send out information to the target market and media. Direct mail will be used to send out tangible information for the target market to keep. 22
  25. 25. PUBLICRELATIONS SOCIAL MEDIA PUBLICRELATIONS SOCIAL MEDIA Social media will be used to effectively reach our target market in places where much of their time is spent.According to the case study, 45 percent use social media at least once a day. TWITTER Create national awareness of our new campaign Keep track and take advantage of the statistics for how many people “like” our page and post comments on the wall, pictures, or links Promote upcoming special events Promote and organize contests for jcpenney consumers ThroughTwitter, we hope to capture the attention of our jcpenney followers. Current followers of @jcpYou will be informed of special contests as they check ourTwitter newsfeed. Followers will have the opportunity to win prizes by tweeting @jcpYou and placing the hash tag #BecauseYoureYou in the tweet. We will take advantage ofTwitter’s @ replies and create contests and sweepstakes for the followers compete for the lowest prices for particular items found in subways. FACEBOOK 27 percent of the Facebook population is 25-34 years old, and is an effective medium to reach our target market. Using Facebook, we will continue making personal and individual connections.We will: special events.We will also be able to upload videos that our consumers send to us showing them using and wearing jcpenney products. Another way for consumers to interact with jcpenney stores is through the mobile application, Foursquare.We will create an original jcp badge so our followers can earn point and coupons as they “check-in” at jcpenney stores.This will give the target market an incentive to further engage in the campaign. FOURSQUARE YOUTUBE 23
  26. 26. CONTESTS & PROMOTIONS SWEEPSTAKESSWEEPSTAKES jcpenney tweet for a treat is a promotion through the use of Twitter in which consumers take snapshots of QR codes embed- ded within subway posters that are placed in high exposure ar- eas.The unique thing about the interactive posters, is they will feature a marquee that displays the current price of the item displayed.The way the “tweet 4 a treat” works is as follows: 1 Consumers see various subway displays and notice the QR code on the display as well as the interactive marquee.They are to take a picture of the code with their smartphone. 2 The QR code will bring them to a portal in which selected pieces of clothing will be displayed with a “tweet” button underneath as well as a tweet counter. 3 The idea is that the more tweets one piece of clothing gets, the price will continue to drop a selected amount. 4 pieces of clothing. 1 4 3 2 24 What’s your favorite fashion quirk? Do you love to wear spring color in winter? Is your your favorite sweater in six different colors? jcp wants to know what quirky fashion habits you have! If we love it, you’ll get $1000 dollars to spend on an amazing personal shopping spree. Shop with fashion guru, Stacy London, from the hit show What Not to and a friend. Share your fashion quirks with us! PRIZES Limit one entry per household Must be permanent resident of U.S. or U.S. citizen No purchase necessary 10 grand prizewinners 50 1st place winners receive a $200 gift card to jcpen- ney andT-shirt from What Not to Wear 200 2nd place winners receive a $50 gift card to jcpen- ney andT-shirt from What Not to Wear 300 3rd place winners receive a free purse from jcpen- ney andT-shirt from What Not to Wear BUS SHELTER PROMOTIONSBUS SHELTER PROMOTIONS
  27. 27. YOU-AWARENESS CAMPAIGN jcp:YOU & CHARITIES Media YOU-AWARENESS CAMPAIGN Signs and posters will be displayed in all jcpenney stores with ads support- ing our campaign and message:“BecauseYou’reYou”.Women of the target audience will be educated and informed about jcpenney’s new image and emphasize the importance of the customer and how jcpenney solves their fashion, home, and lifestyle needs.They will also be shown how they can contribute and give back to the society, and to jcpenney charities in par- NewYork City:The impromptu fashion show will take place at the jcpenney store in Manhattan, NY. Live tweeting through @jcpYou will simultaneously provide updates, photos, and events going on at the show. Facebook status will also change with updates from the fashion show containing all the brand names that are showcased.Any proceeds made from donations will go to one of the jcpenney charities. jcp:YOU & CHARITIES Based on James Cash Penney’s belief in doing what is right and just, jcpenney has stayed true to its Golden Rule beginnings and raises money for charities such as the after school programs.We want to help jcpenney in its goal to be a leading corporate citizen in youth development and community involvement by continuing to work with after school pro- these charities as well as others that the target has a soft spot for, such as animal shelters and women’s rights.These events will take place through- out the year, highlighting different charities. In order to further immerse the target market in our campaign, we will host events that are associated with charities that jcp supports. Our target market has also been called “The Giving Generation” be- cause they expect companies to give back and do more business with those who partner with organizations.Therefore, we will continue to work with the Boys & Girls Club along with other charities to attract women of the target market.These events will give the women of our target market a better understanding and opportunity to take part in “because you’re you.” CHARITIES & CAMPAIGNS 25
  28. 28. RECOMMENDATIONS STORE LAYOUTSTORE LAYOUT searching for clothes; they have families, work and busy lives.This is why store layout is so important.We believe the U.S. Each store would not have to be completely the same but would have departments that complement each other, such as woman’s apparel and lingerie, placed close to each other to help move customers through the entire store.We also suggest making sure there is plenty of room for aisles and that displays are evenly spaced within the store.A relaxed shopper is a happy shopper, and happy shoppers spend more. RECOMMENDATIONS Sephora and build more inside their stores, our idea is to place the new Sephoras towards the middle of jcpenneys, forcing customers to walk through the store and pass all the great products on their way. Even in stores with multiple entrances, this positioning will maximize the amount of products the customer passes.We believe that there will be customers - tential to become #1 on the highest cross-shopped list, since Sephora itself has such a loyal following of younger, fashion-conscious women. 26 IN-STORE RECOMMENDATIONS
  29. 29. 29 IN-STORE QR CODES LOUNGE AROUND RECOMMENDATIONSRECOMMENDATIONS One of our biggest ideas was to design interactive kiosks customers could use within the store.And in February, jcpenney did just great addition to the jcpen- ney shopping experience, but we have a few other suggestions, explained at the top of the page, to take this idea even further. morejcp interactive kiosk LOUNGE AROUND IN-STORE QR CODESQR codes are all the rage with 20 percent of our target market and are a great idea to incorporate into the jcpenney stores.With QR codes, customers can scan them from their phones to view videos, style guides, celebrity spot- tings on People Style Watch signs, coupons and much more. QR codes can also be placed on in-store displays for customers to get more information on products or to get make-up tips from Sephora artists and hair tips from the jcpenney Salon. items are located in the store, and get the styles they love even faster. Consumers can also gain addition, customers will feel more connected to jcp as a brand. Customers will also be able to access JCP PROFILE Although most of our recommendations are made to cater to our target market of women, we also wanted to consider the men who are jcpenney customers. Based on our research, we found that the big- gest thing men desired when going shopping with their wives, girlfriends, or daughters was a rest spot.This there would be somewhere for the guys to put up their feet and take a break.This lounge type area would include a comfortable couch and arm chairs, along with a table and WiFi hotspot, where men could pull out their phones and check the scores of the games.This could also be a place where our customers who are busy mothers can take a breather as their kids try on clothes.
  30. 30. jcpenney is the leader in digital innovation. But our research told us cus- tomers believe there is little connection between jcpenney stores, and jcpenney’s digital platforms. So our goal is to integrate the online store, mobile apps, the in-store experience, etc... jcpenney brand personality and integrates the “because you’re you” campaign theme Create and implement a new navigation system for jcp. com Link jcpenney’s social media platforms directly to and visa versa Allow customers to post reviews and comments on pur- chased products and merchandise access their “avatar”, preview special offers and enter contests and sweepstakes. Customers will also be able to send their favorite jcpenney merchandise to their friends.The jcp app will also act as a QR code reader, allowing customers to scan the QR code with their app. JCPMobileApplications We highly recommend jcpenney revise their current online store. Currently does not match the jcpenney brand personality. jcpenney is modern, trendy and stylish and should be just another extension of the jcpenney brand. So we suggest a few things that can take to the next level: jcpenney DIGITAL RECOMMENDATIONS 27 Find your style habits with Stacey London. Women Home Kids Baby Men Login in AccountFind a store Services TeenAccesoriesShoes
  31. 31. ACADEMY AWARDS tradition jcpenney has done for many years. Our research with Simmons proves that our target market continually watches this award show more than any win jcpenney gift cards along with other chosen prizes.This will associate the jcpenney brand with fashion and glamour and get the target market to interact. WHAT NOT TO WEAR - volves around improving the fashion sense of average women by giving them money to get new clothes and great style tips to use in everyday life. On the show, stylists Clinton Kelly and Stacy London will take the lucky contestant to jcpenney as one of the stores they shop at during the show.This will aid in changing our target market’s misconceptions of jcpenney by proving that jcpenney provides high quality, stylish apparel. THE STAGERS sponsorship with this show will incorporate jcpenney furniture and other jcpenney home products that modernize any dull or drab home chosen for the show. Likewise, professional stagers can provide details and tips about improving home décor using key items in the jcpenney home collections. DINNER IMPOSSIBLE therefore be able to showcase jcpenney kitchen products as a result. During their challenges on the show, we will implement the use of the jcpenney prod- ucts to showcase their practicality and durability. AMUSEMENT PARKS sit on one of the jcpenney couches for a minute. CINEMA ADVERTISING We want to partner with theaters and show in-theater ads before movies. National Cinemedia reports that most people are in theaters at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the movie. Many women in our target market are heavy movie watchers.According to Simmons, the top rated genres of movies for our target market are horror, romantic comedies and family. Our target market goes to the movies as much as six times per month, which is why we will be advertising in cinemas.* GO RED FOR WOMEN equipment covered in red, along with the jcp logo, to help promote healthy living. SPONSORSHIPS & PARTNERSHIPS 28*Simmons, 2001
  32. 32. BUDGET&MOS QR Codes - when, where QR codes are scanned, analytics Contest Submissions - number of submissions - Sales and visits per day Pre and Post campaign focus groups - campaign effectiveness App Downloads - downloads per day, who downloaded Direct Mail - coupons returned to store, sales from coupons Impressions per medium - Measurable impressions based on fre- quency Customer Reviews - Reviews on product, service, etc Surveys - Customer surveys on products, service, store layout Social Media - Facebook friends, likes, tweets per day, following jcp Banner ads - online click through rate, per purchase E-blasts - Click through rate, purchases from coupons Fashion Show - Attendees, charity donations, jcp press MEASURES OF SUCCESS INTRODUCTION February: $14,069,231 GROWTH March: 8,909,841 April: 7,728,169 May: 10,957,732 June: 8,284,156 July: 4,550,515 MATURITY August: 11,072,347 September: 9,148,196 October: 4,418,223 LASTING IMPRESSION November: 11,005,387 December: 9,453,664 TOTAL 99,597,461 BUDGET $40,000 $40,000 $61,000 $343,800 $608,400 $957,100 $12,552,300 $25,872,900 $28,598,900 $30,603,100 30
  33. 33. ACCOUNT MANAGER Amanda Geannacopulos CREATIVE DIRECTOR Katherine Hyde ART DIRECTORS Nicole Cimmarusti Max Gustofson COPYWRITERS Georgia McMillan Nicole Rossi MEDIA IsidoraTorres Alex White PUBLIC RELATIONS Justin Lacap ADVISOR Timothy Hendrick THE PEOPLE WHO MADE IT POSSIBLE 31 Our campaign was not to make jcpenney into something that it’s not. In no way did we want to change the brand identity of jcpenney. Instead we embraced jcpenney’s image and created a campaign that personally resonated with our target market. Our because you’re you campaign speaks to our target market on an emotional and personal level.We prove to these women that jcpen- ney understands who they are as people and therefore understands their needs as consumers.We show how the merchandise that jcpen- ney carries are based on these needs, so these women feel as though the products were made for them. Lastly, we express how jcpenney who they are, no matter how quirky they may be.The end result is showing our target market that jcpenney is inspired by who they are and what they do, and has jcpenney telling these women,“We offer these products for you, because you’re you”. Our campaign accomplishes all of our goals to change the misconceptions our target market has of jcpenney, while simultaneously giving jcpenney a distinct and modern personality. By promoting the exclusive brands jcpenney offers, our campaign posi- tions jcpenney at a higher level of retail and will not only reach pro- spective jcpenney customers, but customers of other department stores, like Macy’s. the minds of their consumers and will bring them one step closer to being America’s favorite retail destination. CONCLUSION