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This slideshow is a showcase of my three years at Vega and to show what I have gained as well as my level of work, I have chosen 4 projects as examples. …

This slideshow is a showcase of my three years at Vega and to show what I have gained as well as my level of work, I have chosen 4 projects as examples.

TWO BRAND CHALLENGE’S (serving the brands)
-The RedCap Foundation
-uShaka Marine World

-Fast Food Packaging Design and Ideation Project

-My Business Plan Project

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  • 1. Portfolio of Lanna BreetzkeAge: 22Secondary Education: Thomas More CollegeTertiary Education: BA in Brand Building and Management (Specializing in Innovative Brand Management)Personal Achievements:• After my 1st Brand Challenge, my team was asked to present our RedCapFoundation client presentation to co-founder of Vega, Dr Carla Enslin.• I made it to the finals for Unilever’s Post Graduate ProgramWork Experience:• I travelled to London on a ‘Gap Year’ and gained valuable work experience• I am a brand ambassador for the company• I waitress part time at Joops place Vega The School of Brand Communications
  • 2. IntroductionThis slideshow is a showcase of my three years at Vega and toshow what I have gained as well as my level of work, I have chosen4 projects as examples.• TWO BRAND CHALLENGE’S (serving the brands) -The RedCap Foundation -uShaka Marine World• CREATIVE DEVELOPMENT PROJECT -Fast Food Packaging Design and Ideation Project• FINANCIL AND BUSINESS ANALYSIS SKILLS -My Business Plan Project Vega The School of Brand Communications
  • 3. BRAND CHALLENGES• Course Module:• Between the second years, third years and honours students we form into groups to replicate an agency structure (+- 8 ppl)• We are given a ‘real time’ client to serve for the five weeks over which brand challenges run.• Each week, we present twice to the panel and our focus is the following: – Week 1: Agency Identity – Week 2: Research – Week 3: Concept – Week 4: Executions – Week 5: Dry run and final client presentation Vega The School of Brand Communications
  • 4. 1st Brand Challenge: Client | RedCap Foundation Thank You to my group: Kate Maxwell Rachel Matthews Graham Paterson SJ Vincent Anne von Beerlere Corja Le Roux Byron Dunwoody17 September 2010 // SpiroCollective // RedCap Foundation
  • 5. Our Agency: Name: SpiroCollective based on the childrens’ toy the Spirograph. This toy includes a outer circular stencil that houses small circular disks used to draw a series of interconnecting lines and shapes. Our principles and agency ethos guided and directed our action and response. For example, we decided that we won’t work with a brand at face-value when the core needs attention, this proved to be a big influence when working with RedCap Foundation.17 September 2010 // SpiroCollective // RedCap Foundation
  • 6. The Brief: Define the identity for the RedCap Foundation Create an awareness campaign target audience: age 16-24, LSM 6-10 Convey Mr Price Group as a good corporate citizen Improve and increase communication with the target audience Our Response: We decided to challenge the brief because of the Mr Price Group’s17 September 2010 // SpiroCollective // RedCap Foundation
  • 7. Objectives: Create awareness for Mr Price Group as a good corporate citizen Create sustainable initiatives that Concept: (The campaign idea) address development aims while positively addressing the Mr Price Group impact Increase internal communication17 September 2010 // SpiroCollective // RedCap Foundation
  • 8. Executions back of swing tag Internal campaign: We gave a Front of swing tag plain white Mr Price t-shirt with the side swing tag attached and placed in a Chinese take- away box to the RedCap team17 September 2010 // SpiroCollective // RedCap Foundation
  • 9. Internal campaign: we gave a book explaining the importance of shifting from philanthropy to accountability and posters for head office17 September 2010 // SpiroCollective // RedCap Foundation
  • 10. External campaign: facility to train locals17 September 2010 // SpiroCollective // RedCap Foundation
  • 11. back of swing tag Front of swing tag External campaign: swing tag to explain recycled material bags with display17 September 2010 // SpiroCollective // RedCap Foundation counter
  • 12. Externalcampaign:New andimprovedwebsite aswell as a blog
  • 13. External campaign: Informative game on RedCap web17 September 2010 // SpiroCollective // RedCap Foundation site
  • 14. Budget: Description Number of Price per Unit Total (R) Units (R) Book 15 247.00 3705.00 Direct Mail 15 102.65 1540.05 Internal Poster 2100 2.60 5460.00 Point of Sale 510 81.00 12 240.00 Aweh Cards 102 000 0.96 97 920.00 Fabric Tags 261 800 1.17 295 000.00 Aweh Poster 1500 13.68 20 520.00 436 385.0517 September 2010 // SpiroCollective // RedCap Foundation
  • 15. 2nd Brand Challenge: Client | uShaka Marine World Thank You to my group: Carrie Wilson Graham Paterson Gareth Bargates Christy Kiggans Binaca Pleydell-Boubverie Amy von Burdenbrock1 Giselder Loubser
  • 16. OURAGENCY Name: 8Bit PUG 8 Bit symbolises the concept of retro colour coding. The graphics displayed are only a variation of eight colours (such as our group size) PUG stands for gaming term Pick Up Group which describes a group of players with a balanced repertoire of skills that have united together for the accomplishment of a certain goal. Our identity ethos is therefore directed by the fundamental elements of gaming and game play.2
  • 17. THEBRIEF Permeate the black market HOWWEANSWEREDTHEBRIEF Create awareness for Kid’s World Promote concept of ‘new’ BRIEF All in the light of new “Unlimited Fun” tagline. We aligned our objectives to: Internally: Improve communication Externally: Create a participatory culture through a call to action Challenged targeting the black market: It is misdirected to target the emerging black market specifically as it would make better sense to invest efforts in targeting and enticing people who already have awareness and support. 3
  • 18. CONCEPT RESPONSE TO DISCOVER USHAKA Call to action- Lose yourself in participation Aimed at: How: uShaka staff Adults Scholars4 Kids
  • 19. EXECUTION:BRANDBIBLE Internal campaign: we updated uShaka’s brand bible6
  • 20. EXECUTION:EXPLORERCARDSTRATEGY:Introduced a new financial paradigm as well as improved look and feel to the platinumpass. We suggested an annual subscription appose to seasonal. 7
  • 21. EXECUTION:DIRECTMAILSTRATEGY:We created a direct mail campaign which included a letter of decree to uShaka from KingShaka to all existing Platinum Pass holders and customers already listed. The packagedincluded a scratch card with a discount to a specific activity. 8
  • 22. EXECUTION:TRADITIONALMEDIASTRATEGY:10 X 10 column ads in the Daily News and Sunday Tribune to introduce the newExplorer’s Card offering to the public with an introductory offer. 9
  • 23. EXECUTION:TRADITIONALMEDIASTRATEGY:Convert the arch of Tollgate Bridge into a green-wall with live greenery and integrateexplorer cut outs as if in a jungle setting. Inset is a banner informing viewers of the newExplorer Card offering and directions to uShaka. Convert the M4 highway bridge into a 3 Dimensional globe, informing consumers of the new Explorer Card offering as well as directions to uShaka. 10
  • 24. EXECUTION:ALTERNATIVEMEDIASTRATEGY:Promotional sleeping masks placed in 3 Cities Group hotels in the surrounding Point areaas well as offered on select incoming domestic flights to Durban on SAA, Nationwide, andKulula 11
  • 25. EXECUTION:ALTERNATIVEMEDIASTRATEGY:Place stereotyped explorer avatar stickers on bathroom mirrors in shopping malls withcut-outs where the viewers face is located to encourage the viewer to discoveruShaka. 12
  • 26. EXECUTION:ALTERNATIVEMEDIASTRATEGY:Enhance street lamps along the Golden Mile and in and around the greater Durban areawith designs that correlate with the different uShaka sub-brands and compliment theoriginal shape of the street lamp 13
  • 27. EXECUTION:ALTERNATIVEMEDIASTRATEGY:Enhance People Movers OR an introduce an uShaka bus with routes along theGolden Mile, embarking from or ending at uShaka with a galleon ship design toencourage the concept of exploration and discovery 14
  • 28. EXECUTION:INFORMATIONDESIGN Existing website Revised website15
  • 29. BUDGET Traditional Media Brand Bible R156 – 00 Explorer Cards R3,600 – 00 Direct Mail R15,450 – 00 Newspaper Ads R344,435 – 20 Magazine Ad R40,502 – 68 Promotional Media R3,550 – 00 Alternative Media People Mover R47,100 – 00 Bathroom Mirrors R40,528 – 00 Tollgate Bridge R78,160 – 00 Bridge on M4 Southbound R21,000 – 00 Streetpole Ads R10,250 – 00 Stadium Look-out Point R4,400 – 00 _________________________________________16 TOTAL: R609,131.88
  • 30. CREATIVE DEVELOPMENT PROJECT Fast Food Packaging Design and Ideation ProjectCourse Module:• We were faced with a challenge – a global fast food chain had approached us seeking ideas for the development of new packaging.• We were required to plan and execute an immersion into fast food stores and gain insight into the broader fast food experience as well as demonstrate our ability to ideate, execute design thinking and experience mapping.• The end result: Solve solutions around the issue of: – Temperature – Freshness – Ease pf eating – Sustainability Vega The School of Brand Communications
  • 31. “ ”Thank you to group members:Suegnet Van Der SpuyTyron Randall
  • 32. How we answered the brief:_thought model (inspired by TBWA) 1. What are the conventions 2. How can we disrupt them 3. Create a clear vision
  • 33. Immersion_similarities & differencesTo understand the conventions that are experience by consumers when coming into contact with the relative fast food brands in SA, we looked at the similarities and differences according to the following criteria: - temperature - freshness - ease of eating - sustainability
  • 34. Creative process_brainstorming (Defer judgment)To disrupt the conventions surrounding packaging for fast food, we used themethod of brainstorming in order to ideate and innovate how we could changethe fast food packaging experience.Process: Listed as many option as possible within a time period One member ensured we remained on topic Deferred all judgement
  • 35. Conventions & Disruptions_Examples 1. Materials (e.g. Cardboard vs. bagasse/sugar paper) 2. Extras (e.g. Entertainment-toys vs. plantable boxes) 3. Shapes (e.g. Square box vs. all in one circular tower) 4. Colours (e.g. Nandos orange, red, green, beige exterior visual identity palette vs. branding internally on the packaging) 5. Customer Journey (eg. Drive-through vs. sms system) 6. Delivery (eg. Drop-off vs. helicopter) 7. Consumption (When/where/how? eg. Take-away box vs. telescope wrap the expands and contracts) 8. Disposal (eg. On site at store bin vs. edible box)
  • 36. Thin Slice- Vision .1_temperature _example - heat to eat/hotbed burger - incorporates hand warmer tech Experience map
  • 37. Thin Slice- Vision .2_freshness _example - the dome: keeps food fresh by storing it in a vacuumed dome lined with salt paper to absorb the humidity (water) Experience map
  • 38. Thin Slice- Vision .3_ease of eating _example - zoom wrap: inspired by the telescope, where as u eat you can collapse a level of the packaging for ease of eating. Experience map
  • 39. Thin Slice- Vision .4_sustainability _example -feed the floor burger: inspired by Pangea Organic seed infused plantable box i.e., the packaging grows into a tree after disposal. Experience map
  • 40. Final Concept_all in 1 _example - design- technology used for Orikaso mug/plate/bowl range - made from the same card Pangea uses so that the box is recyclable - lining of the box has salt paper to decrease condensation - take away bag can be lined with foil to insulate and store the heat of the food - design on the inside of the box
  • 41. Final Concept experience map_all in 1
  • 42. FINANCIAL AND BUSINESS ANALYSIS SKILLS Our Business Plan• Course Module:• Working in groups we were required to develop a business plan based on our own innovative business idea thereby demonstrating: – Identifying a real market opportunity that has scalability and reach – Create a vision and mission for the business. – Do relevant research to justify the feasibility of the business plan – Describe the business model and the objectives of the busines – Plan for the human resources requirement for the business – Compile an all inclusive budget for the business plan with financial forecasts. Vega The School of Brand Communications
  • 43. BUSINESS PLAN OF: STUDENT CROSSINGThank you to my Group:Tyron Randall,Suegnet van der Spy,Business Plan/ Student Crossing/ 24 Oct 2011
  • 44. WHO ARE WE? Partners: 1)Suegnet van der Spy 2)Tyron Randall Corporate Logo 3)Lanna Breetzke -Qualification- BA in Brand Building and Management, specializing in Innovative Brand Management 4)Carrie Wilson -Qualification- BA in Creative Brand Communication, specializing in Multi-Media Company type: Closed Corporation Legal Environment: The URL: is availableBusiness Plan/ Student Crossing/ 24 Oct 2011
  • 45. OUR BUSINESS IDEA • What: – Our business idea is to improve the post graduate application process by better organizing the various company offerings in a more simplified, instant and complete manner online. • How: – By offering the best service through an improved method of researching for the related graduate program to ensure that the results are tailored to the users needs. – We chose to use Best Employers list of affiliated partners as choice in companies listed • The Industry – Definitely subject to growth if we look at the rise in internet adoption rate over the years 2000 and 2011 is 2,527.4 % in Africa aloneBusiness Plan/ Student Crossing/ 24 Oct 2011
  • 46. THE PROBLEM Experience map: Once students complete their studies, they fall prey to a lag period whereby they battle to find a job and become complacent which can results in the “TV series syndrome.” Out of desperation, the student forfeits their desired career Our Mission Our mission is to provide all pre and post graduates with an online, user friendly database and by doing so we aim to prevent our target market (pre and post graduates) from falling into the trap of unemployment after completing their studies by offering them an instant and comparative research tool.Business Plan/ Student Crossing/ 24 Oct 2011
  • 47. RESEARCH: TARGET MARKET Type Student population 1 Universities 283,614 2 Comprehensive University 375,962 We have decided that all 3 Universities of Technology 140,122 students are potential TOTAL 799,690 consumers, (not just gradates alone) as Name Student Student Crossings may population pose as a future goal for Lowest Rhodes University 6,319 students as early in their Highest UNISA 262,680 course as first year. Type Student population Private College 30,000 Public University 799,690 TOTAL 829,690Business Plan/ Student Crossing/ 24 Oct 2011
  • 48. THE SOLUTION Experience map: The black line shows the existing experience a student undergoes when trying to apply for a post graduate program. The research process is the biggest ‘pain point’. The red line is where our business plan improves the whole process of researching for a company as well as offering application support.Business Plan/ Student Crossing/ 24 Oct 2011
  • 49. WEBSITE LAYOUTBusiness Plan/ Student Crossing/ 24 Oct 2011
  • 50. HOW DO WE MAKE MONEY? • Banner Ad at the bottom: • Tab Bar: renting internal pages – Strategically partner with – The payment scheme: fixed MWEB cost of R 1000 per month for – In return they will provide the first year and our web hosting for free – Next year (consider popularity for ad space of our site) we will increase this amount to R 1500 for the following 6 months thereafter.Business Plan/ Student Crossing/ 24 Oct 2011
  • 51. HOW DO WE MAKE MONEY? • Banner Ad on the • Banner Ad on the right right hand side hand side • We will have 6 listing: • We will have 6 listing: 1. Gold partner: • 2-6) Brands within each Varsity life category – Already have an established – The payment for the first repertoire with SA year : base fee of R 350 universities which is a fixed cost paid in – We have the same January for the whole year target market – In our second year, (‘page – Agreements of views’ and ‘popularity’), we partnership- equal will change the banner fee publicity on the right to be R100 per 1000 impressionsBusiness Plan/ Student Crossing/ 24 Oct 2011
  • 52. HOW DO WE MAKE MONEY? Main Income- Majority subscription: Vs. Inspired by Ebscohosts business model who charge a base fee of $500 and 40 cents per enrolled participant to library. Depending on how many articles you rent, your price fluctuates. We have a set service and will consequently charge a base fee of R 1000 to each University or College and R 1 per student enrolled per year. In terms of user accessibility, Ebscohost offers a variety of configuration authentication types depending on the subscriber. We have decided to give each institute a set user name as well as password for authentication.Business Plan/ Student Crossing/ 24 Oct 2011
  • 53. HOW DO WE MAKE MONEY? Minority subscription: • This service is for concerned parents, business employees looking at re- entering the market and anyone else who is not studying with a academic institute. • We will be offering Cell phone payment as all consumers own a phone. • A cost of R 20 for a period of 1 week. • In return for box PAY’s technology and service, they receive an 8% commission • box PAY is currently affiliated with the networks service Cell C, Vodacom, MTN and Virgin Mobile.Business Plan/ Student Crossing/ 24 Oct 2011
  • 54. FINANCIAL PLAN Start up Expense Amount Break-Even Analysis 1 Company Registration R590 2 Travel Budget R12,000 Each partner will borrow from their parents and invest MWEB line rental and R5,000 into the business as start-up capital which equates to a total R 20 000. (Start-up capital - 3 service provider R499 expenses = contingencies) 4 MWEB Set up fee R900 Costs: Line rental and Start-up capital 5 Portable internet modem R1,400 R 25988 6 AVG Internet Security R439.99 Our main income is from the education institutes who. To cover costs, we need as little as 1 university with a 7 Contingencies R4,171 student enrolment number of 25000 Total R20,000 Income: R 1000 + R 25000 = R26000 12 Month Profit and Loss Projection In order to break even, we would need as little as one university with a student enrolment rate of over 25000 Income Expense TOTAL to cover expenses. R546,845 R24,300 R 522,545Business Plan/ Student Crossing/ 24 Oct 2011
  • 55. DAILY OPERATIONS April: Bulk of our managerial Daily basis: duties- we oversee November: maintaining our payment from the when Varsity and Snap Engage pop various primary college life has slowed up icon and subscribers down, we will approach communicating with (universities and all our subscriber to our users college’s). renew their service with us. Month to month: August &September: Duties include managing Period where we income eg. from box foresee receiving the PAY’s services as well highest usage rate as it as ensure we are paying is close to the deadlines our expenses eg. for the graduate MWEB phone bill etc. program.Business Plan/ Student Crossing/ 24 Oct 2011
  • 56. CONCLUSION • Based on the above research we feel that our business plan of Student Crossings is a viable option because: – There is little competition on entering the market – There is a secure and constant guaranteed target market who will require our services – It proves to be a profitable business venture, securing an amount of plus/minus R 100 000 for each partner based on the figures above, after the first year. – Win win for everyone ; Education Institutes offer their students a added service, companies get advertised and an increased chance for the most suitable employee and we have support from both parties.Business Plan/ Student Crossing/ 24 Oct 2011
  • 57. Thank You!If you would like to view this presentation in your own time, grab a business card for my online portfolio address ( You can also find me on: slideshare Facebook LinkedIn Vega The School of Brand Communications