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Lauren whitten. portfolio 2013pptx


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Lauren whitten. portfolio 2013pptx

  1. 1. Email: lewhitten@gmail.comMobile:
  2. 2. BlackRock
  3. 3. Situation: BlackRock was facing difficulty attracting topundergraduate talent to join their ranks as interns and full timeassociates. On campus BlackRock lacked the brand recognitionthat other competitors ( e.g. Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan) hadand in turn were not receiving the level of interest they werelooking for from students. There was also a lack of a unifiedrecruiting message.Task: Develop a brand platform that can effectively communicateto students that BlackRock is a place that can provide careerdevelopment for a wide array of interests, not just typical “financialanalysts” roles.
  4. 4. INSIGHTThis is my first job, I want it to be a place where I amhappy, fulfilled and set up for bigger, better things tocome in the future. Finding the best fit for „me‟ iscritical**Source: The Millennial Survey by, May 2011IMPLICATIONDemonstrate how BlackRock is relevant to students.BannersIDEABlackRock is unique in its range of functions andopportunities that bring together opposing sides ofthe financial spectrum. Using venn diagrams asvisual cues and actual BlackRock employees, wewere able to show why BlackRock is a great place tostart your career.
  5. 5. Global WebsiteBrochure
  6. 6. My Role in It All:• Created project plan that covered strategy all the way throughexecution of idea• Set up focus groups and helped distill findings into insights thatguided creative concepting and overall messaging• Worked with client and production to plan and execute photoshoot• Worked closely with clients and broader team to audit existingcontent and make recommendations for content to be includedin the recruiting website.• Led status calls both internally and with clients, and managed alldeliverables and follow-ups as neededResults: Campaign was successful. BlackRock saw an increase inattendance at information sessions, increase in applicants, andthe overall recruiting message became more succinct
  7. 7. BlackRock
  8. 8. Situation: BlackRock’s senior management set the goal of buildingthe BlackRock brand using marketing and advertising in order tocreate awareness amongst end investors. The financial landscapehas shifted and investors were looking for a path forward and aqualified trustworthy leader that can provide solid financialsolutions. BlackRock was uniquely poised to assume this leadershipposition.Task: Develop a global brand campaign based on key productpriorities, that will resonate with both end investors and advisors
  9. 9. INSIGHTInvestors need distinct actionable products and stepsin language that is clear and easy to understand.IMPLICATIONDemonstrate how BlackRock can provide financialsolutions to address the issues of the time.IDEAUsing a phased approach, introduce a brand platformthat leverages clear simple language, promotesinteractivity/action, and uses design elements thatsuggest forward movement.
  10. 10. Print Airport OOH
  11. 11. Rich media takeoverCampaign microsite
  12. 12. My Role in It All:• Collaborated with strategic planning on developing brandstrategy, messaging, and creative briefs• Created integrated timeline with agency and media partners formulti channel campaign launch• Managed creative development and execution ofprint, OOH, and brand videos• Worked with client and production to plan and execute 2 globalphoto shoots• Worked closely with creative team, developers, publishers andclients on digital advertising (e.g. rich media banners, standardbanners, custom program units, microsites, etc.)• Led global agency status calls and compiled toolkits andguidelines of campaign assetsResults: Brand campaign cited as contributing factor to overallgrowth of products. Digital Banner advertising performanceexceeded financial industry benchmarks.
  13. 13. American Express
  14. 14. Situation: American Express introduced a new chargecard, ZYNC, that targeted young professionals. The purpose of thecard was to start as an entry level charge card that can helpfamiliarize younger people with the rewards and benefitsAmerican Express can offer. There was also a customizablerewards option based on various affinities (e.g. fashion, music, etc.)that made this product unique. American Express was looking for amulti channel brand campaign to help launch this card to themasses.Task: Develop a campaign to launch the new ZYNC Card.Campaign should be feel energetic, youthful, and highlight thekey differentiators of this card.
  15. 15. INSIGHTThe target has needs and interests that are uniqueand in turn want a Card that that can fit their lifestyle.IMPLICATIONDemonstrate how the ZYNC card can enhanceexperiences and lifestlye.IDEAThe customizable ZYNC card can help fuel “creation”by providing the pieces that when put together candevelop into something fun, interesting, and valuable.
  16. 16. Lucky Magazine AdvertorialZYNC was a sponsor for theLucky Shops shopping eventin NY and LA. There was arange of co-branded assetscreated and specialbenefits for Cardmembersat the events
  17. 17. Current TV/ Bar Karma PartnershipShow Partnership:Bar Karma is the worlds first community-based TV show, created byvideo game legend Will Wright. The show allows people to create theplot, the characters and vote on the storyline, powered by an onlinestorymaker engine: a framework that provides the audience with thepieces so they can create their own content. ZYNC was a leadingsponsor and had the following integration:• Leaderboards• Creation Spotlight (custom competition for users)• ZYNC Custom Badges and Challenges• Co-branded promotional assets for TV, digital, and social media
  18. 18. Co-branded bannerCo-branded newsletter placementBanner promoting rewards program
  19. 19. My Role in It All:• Collaborated with strategic planning on developing brandstrategy, messaging, and planning focus group research• Created integrated timeline with agency and media partners formulti channel campaign launch• Worked with senior team members, client and production to planand execute photo shoots and TV shoot• Worked closely with creative team and media team onbrainstorming and execution of program partnerships• Managed creative development and execution of print• Represented agency on status calls and compiled toolkits andguidelines of campaign assetsResults: TV spots and print ads helped create awareness of thecard and fueled a jump in card applicants. Custom programsand sponsorships received very good engagement andparticipation.
  20. 20.  Led internal launch of BlackRock employee brand principles Participated in successful pitch for iShares response marketingbusiness Managed large scale OOH program and point of sale campaign forAmerican Express Acted as lead for Ogilvy 2012 summer intern lunch and learn series