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Blue Peter - The vinspired Awards.


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Take a virtual tour around the vinspired awards.

Published in: Technology
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Blue Peter - The vinspired Awards.

  1. 1. Blue Peter Remi Dani Carissa Matt Charlotte Marie
  2. 2. Becky Eakins Emma Oyetey
  3. 3. Aims of the session Ai f th i • Launch and promotion of the vinspired awards. • Navigating the vinspired awards on line: Getting started. g • I t d i Introducing th vinspired the i i d National Awards 2009
  4. 4. Launch and promotion of the scheme Becky B k Matt
  5. 5. vinspired awards • Recognition & reward for volunteering  achievements • Launched by James Caan – February 2009 • vfifty, vimpact, national awards vfifty, vimpact, national awards
  6. 6. Marketing activities • Campaign live across May & June 2009: 2009 – Creation of posters and leaflets issued to the network & 600 universities/FE institutions – E-mails to databases of volunteers issued to 252,000 young people – O li Online b banner advertising on j b sites lik d ti i job it like – 5 mill impressions – Creation of charity pastiche along lines of “we are the world” -235,000 views secured to date
  7. 7. The Demonstration Th D t ti • V20 members Matt Dani Carissa Remi Charlotte Ch l tt Marie
  8. 8. So f S far • vfifty 50 hours Reflection on impact & skills • vimpact p Planning Further 100 hours Reflection on impact & skills Telling others g
  9. 9. Demo • Logging activities and recording hours • Recording the impact their volunteering has had • Recording skills they have used / developed • How to upload piece of reference material • How to apply for vfifty
  10. 10. The vInspired National Awards 2009 d
  11. 11. Russell Recommendation Number 5 • ‘To celebrate the achievements of young volunteers, v should facilitate , an annual youth volunteering award ceremony to recognise and reward young people for their th i contributions t UK t ib ti to society’
  12. 12. Aims Ai • To recognise and value the contribution and achievements of 16-25 year old volunteers. 16 25 • Engage key stakeholders (including corporate partners, third sector, government partners sector and media) to demonstrate the positive impact of volunteering on skills, employability and communities across England • Demonstrate that volunteering is exciting and has tangible benefits for young people
  13. 13. The Logo Th L Remi i
  14. 14. Unsuccessful logos U f ll
  15. 15. Final l Fi l logo
  16. 16. The Categories Th C t i Dani Clarissa i
  17. 17. Categories: g The eco award for  The energy award  The genius award  The unite award  the environment g for outstanding  for innovation and  for team activity  y contribution creativity The shout award  The legend award  The inspired award  The transform award  for campaigning for outstanding  for the most  for exceptional  leadership inspirational  community volunteer impact The fresh award  The bridge award  for the best new  for community  volunteer cohesion
  18. 18. The Th celebration l b ti Charlotte
  19. 19. Slide will  include  include CAD  drawings of  event,  event available  tomorrow
  20. 20. Marketing M k ti Becky
  21. 21. National Awards Marketing milestones National Awards Marketing milestones BIG PLEA! We need your stories to showcase award winners‐ they  could appear in lights in a press/radio or outdoor campaign! Send them  to to awardsmarketing@vinspired com Nominations close Nominations Seeding campaign of    Seeding campaign of open nominees videos Inform network  Outdoor/cinema ads  /partners showcasing nominees YAT tool kit        YAT tool kit developed  by v20 Regional case studies of nominees Materials for distribution to  16‐25’s at festivals Radio campaign to drive  Radio campaign to tell  Radio campaign to tell nominations on Global sts stories of nominees Online advertising Event PR to promote nominations  June July Aug Sept p Oct Nov Phase 2: Create buzz and  ggg Phase 1: Generate nominations Phase 1: Generate nominations excitement around the event
  22. 22. The Nominations Process Th N i ti P Dani Clarissa i
  23. 23. Thanks f Th k for your ti time • Any q y questions?
  24. 24. “Wearethev’s” Wearethev s - making of • Making of wearethev’s to be g embedded here….