Romania - The legend of princess tales
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Romania - The legend of princess tales






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Romania - The legend of princess tales Romania - The legend of princess tales Presentation Transcript

  • The legend of Princess Tales
  • • Legend has it that there was a time when the world was ruled by the Emperor of Tales. What was most special about this ruler was his charmed scepter which guarded inside it the lives of all people under the shape of fairy tales. Thus, an everlasting remembrance of each person could be safely kept. The moment a man was born, a new "once upon a time ..." was imprinted in the emperor’s scepter.
  • The Emperor of Tales
  • • The king had a daughter: Princess Tales. Shortly after her birth, the Darkness Emperor and his servants, enemies of fairytales, tried to kidnap the Princess. The Emperor hid the two treasures: his daughter and the scepter, and surrendered himself so that those people could not reach to the Princess.
  • • Hazard made that the girl, who had been raised away from the empire, could hear the story of the Fairytales Emperor, the very day she turned fifteen. To her great amazement, she realised that she was a Princess. She went to the palace and entered the throne room, eager to take her rightful place. When he saw her, the Darkness Emperor understood who she was and, terrified by the thought that he might lose his throne, ordered his servants to kill the girl.
  • - Kill the Girl !!!
  • • Seeing all these, the Princess made use of the only power she had: the scepter. She showed her tale and her father’s tale to everyone in the palace. The word was then quickly spread on the entire realm that “The Princess was back!”. The Darkness Emperor fled away and the Princess regained her throne, becoming thus the Fairytales Empress.
  • • As a reward for the people who helped her, the Empress printed all the tales in the scepter on books pages so that everyone could read them whenever they might want to.
  • • This is the way stories were brought to light and this is how they came to be read even today. •