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The legend of Amazons - efsane1

  2. 2. Amazons were brave, combotant women and according to what ancienthistorians said, they dominated Black Sea shore down to Farnia(Poti) by foundingan independent state near Terme.They had Sycthian origin and stemmed fromtwo kings who were exiled to Terme and these were the kings whose nameswere Igin and Skolopit and they multiplied over time.Their capital city wassituated by the side of brook called “thermedon” at that time and bore the nametemiskor, the brook was also named “Amazon”.
  3. 3. However , neighbouring nationsmade most of them slaves at the end ofa great war because they were notpeaceful.Remaining men handed overthe state to women and they went towar against enemies.Women felthumiliated in this situation and startedto insult, and got out of controlgradually.They had two queens, one ofwhom was ruling the army, whereasanother was ruling the goverment.Theirlast queens were Antiop and Oridie.
  4. 4. Rumor has it that Amazons got married to foreign men; if they had malechildren, they killed them;if they had female children, they cut and seared theirfemale children’s right breast so that they could use bow well.So these women werecalled “Amazon” , which means ‘having a single breast.’(Mezos means ‘breast’, amazos means “breastless”). The belt which was valuable and given as a gift to thequeen Hippolyte by her father, Ares(the God of war) was wanted to be owned byEurysthcos’ daughter, Admate.That belt was the main reason for the first warbetween them.Eurystheos called his combatant Herakles and ordered to take thisbelt from Hippolyte-Greek sailors set sail along the Marmara and Black Sea coast bythe leadership of mythological hero Heracles.Herakles went to Amozonia andwanted to take Queen Hippolyte’s sacred gold belt.According to what epics write, inreality that gold belt belonged to Ares (the God of war) and was used by the Queen.
  5. 5. When Greeks came to Amazonia and anchored near thetown, Terme, Amazons had been living in three tribes.The leader of the twotribes were Oreityla and Queen Antiope. Amazons welcomed their Greek guestswell.Heracles asked Queen Hippolyte for gold belt.And he said the wouldexchange it for priceless gifts.The Queen agreed it.Hippolyte was also the hero inthe Shakespeare’ novel “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”.The enemy ofHeracles, Hera with the golden throne guise of Amazon,scrammed Amazonwomen warriors and a terrific bloody war started between these twoarmies.Many Amazon warrior women including Quuen Hippolyte were killed onthe battle field.In that sruggle Melanippe Quuen’s sister was kipnapped byHeracles’ men. In Exchange for the release and freedom of the Queen’ssister, she agreed to give the gold belt to Heracles.And Heracles managed to takethe Queen’s belt.ın this way, he completed nineth one of the 12 tasks which theKing had given him.
  6. 6. The Greek who left Terme arrived at the island near Giresun on the BlackSea coast.(The island was called “Arestias”)They met the third Amazon tribe whichwas led by the Queen Antiope there.During the fight with them, they launched intosea with captured Amazons.Those Amazons beat and killed the men off shore andcaptured the ships.However,they left themselves into the sea and waves as theydidn’t know how to lead a ship.So they arrived in Palus Maiotis(Sea of Azov) andbegan to plunder the country of Scythians by seizing the horses which had grazedalong the coast.Scythians were suprised to see them.They neither knew theirlanguage nor knew their wearing style.
  7. 7. They taught of them as young and strong men.They realised thatthey were women when they saw their corpses and they decided not to dobattle with them.They decided to choose young boys and decided them tosettle around the areas in Amazon and to get in touch with these warriorwomen.The young boys adapted the same lifestyle and started to hunt andplunder.Fortunately, Scyhian boys started to get on well with Amazonwomen.They put their camp together and started to live together.
  8. 8. The boys offered to live them with the real Scythianswhen they had better relations. And the Amazon womenreplied : “It is not possible for us to live with the women whoare at your homes because our customs and traditions arecompletely different.We shoot arrows and spear and ridehorses but we don’t know to do housework.Your women won’tdo whatever we say but they do housework.They just sit,neithergo hunting nor go eneywhere else.That’s the reason why wecan’t get on with them.However if you’d like to see us as yourwifes and behave us well,find your fathers and get your sharefrom them.We may live here happily in accordance with ourrules.” Young men did what they had said.Meanwhile Amazonwomen pointed out that they had done a lot of harm andplundered a lot in this country and they were afraid to staythere any more.Then they crossed the river Tanais and settleddown in an eastern country after three-day walking.