Reme de Grados


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Power Point supporting the candidancy of Caceres as the European City of Culture in the year 2016.

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Reme de Grados

  1. 1. Cáceres 2016 Mª Remedios De Grados Romero
  2. 2. Index * My Slogan * My Poster * My Leaflet * My Legends Tale * To Promote Cáceres 2016... * My Promotional Video
  3. 3. * My Slogan: Cáceres 2016... Live your Dreams Ciudad de Leyendas
  4. 4. * My Poster:
  5. 5. “ According to the Legend “The Enchantde Princess in the Veleta´s Palace”, t he Kaid turned the Princess and her maid into hens; and they would be kept in the cistern until the town was returned to the Arabs.” The Cistern The Moorish Princess
  6. 6. * My leaflets:
  7. 8. * My Legends Tale:
  8. 9. The legend said that Saint George is the patron saint of Cáceres, because his official day, the 23rd of April, coincides with the date on which the Leonese Christians conquered the city en 1229. To commemorate Saint George, he appears riding a white horse and there is a flight between Saint George and the terrible dragon. Saint George wins the flight and the giant dragon is burnt on the Main Square on 23rd April, while everybody are clapping and shouting for joy. Saint George and the Dragon: The End
  9. 10. Once upon a time in a town called Cáceres, there was an Arab fortress. The King Alfonso XI de León tried to regain Cáceres time after time, but it seemed impossible to regain it; and it would have been it impossible without the Princess’s help. The legend said: “ A proud and arrogant kaid (Arab King) ruled Cáceres. The town consisted of palaces and mansions. The whole town was communicated by means of tunnels. The most important tunnel, called Mansaborá, was connected to all the roads out of the town. The Enchanted Princess in the Veleta´s Palace
  10. 11. Alfonso XI de León called all the captains to try to regain Cáceres. A handsome captain was sent to the palace to tell the Kaid he should surrender. However, the Kaid didn’t listen to him. The Captain saw one of the kaid´s daughters, - she was lovely and beautiful- , and he fell in love with her. When the Captain came back to his camp, a maid gave him a neckerchief (a love symbol). And when the Captain arrived to his camp, he found a letter in the neckerchief. The letter said: Come every day to the Mansaborá tunnel, and a maid will come with me. The Captain thought it could be a trap, but he was in love. So, he went to the Mansaborá tunnel, where a maid was waiting for him. The maid led him to the Princess. These meetings happened regularly because they were in love.
  11. 12. One day, the Princess gave the Captain the town’s keys, because she wanted him to visit her more frequently. The Captain swore to use the key only to visit the Princess. This was his intention, but he remembered why he was in Cáceres, and he finally used the key to take the town. When the Kaid found out the reason for his defeat, he got annoyed and cursed her daughter and her maid. The Kaid turned the Princess and her maid into hens; and they would be kept in the cistern until the town was returned to the Arabs.” Nowadays, people say that in San Juan’s night you can hear the Princess and the maid clucking in the Veleta´s palace. Both of them are waiting to break the spell. The End
  12. 13. Once upon a time in a town called Cáceres, there lived a rich and prosperous dealer with his wife. They wanted to have a baby but although they tried, the wife couldn’t get pregnant. One day, when the husband left to another continent to work, he bought a little monkey to her wife. She took care of the monkey as if the monkey was her real baby. One day, meanwhile the husband was working in another country; a handsome gentleman knocked asking for shelter. The wife offered him a bedroom. The next morning, the gentleman left very soon, because he should go on with his work. Later the husband came back home. When the husband came in, his wife was waiting for him with a great surprise: Oh my God it’s a miracle!!! I’m pregnant!!! Said the wife. It’s happen a miracle!!! Said the husband. (He always trusted her wife) The Monkey´s House:
  13. 14. Nine months later, the wife had a baby, and the little monkey was pushed into the background. He was jealous of the baby, and he felt terrible… One night while everybody was sleeping, the monkey took the baby and he threw it through the window. Nowadays, at the top of the building, there are three gargoyles; they make reference to the dealer, the monkey with the baby in his arms, and the wife screaming with pain. The End
  14. 15. In Sta. Maria’s church, there is a tomb with the following inscription: “Here lies the noble knight Hernán Perez Maldonado”. Hernán Pérez de Aldana was the founder of Maldonado’s surname. During the reign of Sir Fernando II de León and his nephew Alfonso VIII, the change from Alana’s surname to Maldonado’s took place. The legend said: “Sir Hernán Pérez de Aldana was very sick; he entrusted himself to the Blessed Virgin, and he promised that if he felt better, he would visit her more frequently. When he felt better, he followed his way, but since the tiredness and the bothers increased his ailments, he had to place a bed in the church so that he could keep his promise. A pilgrimage, called Guillermo, Duke of Normandy, nephew of King Felipe II, arrived to the church. He was looking for a place, but the church was so crowed, that the only place he found was on Alana’s bed. Maldonado´s shielf:
  15. 16. Hernán Pérez de Aldana couldn’t see the Blessed Virgin, and he said: Please, Sir. Can you look for another place? I can’t see the blessed Virgin. And the Duke asked: If you knew who I am, you would shut up! Sir Hernán Pérez de Aldana, very offended said: It’s possible! But if you knew who I am, you would respect me! Hernán Pérez de Aldana very angry, because of that, he couldn’t see the Blessed Virgin swore to get his revenge. When Hernán Pérez de Aldana felt better, he called to his relatives, and showed them his duel. Everybody offered to help him with their life and possessions. After that, they asked King Sir Alonso his favour to make sure Hernán Pérez de Aldana could challenge any French knight. When the day arrived, Hernán Pérez de Aldana was welcomed by King Felipe. While the French knight and Hernán Pérez de Aldana was having dinner the Duke Guillermo apologized to Hernán Pérez de Aldana, but Hernán Pérez de Aldana asked to put his feet on the Duke.
  16. 17. The Duke didn’t accept and Hernán Pérez de Aldana challenged the Duke. In the appointed event, Hernán Pérez de Aldana was holding his coat of arm, that were two purples wolfs in a golden land. When started the duel, the King Felipe to avoid his nephew’s die, offered anything to Hernán Pérez de Aldana. Hernán Pérez de Aldana asked the King Felipe five lily’s flowers in his coat of arm, because the King Felipe had three lily’s flowers in his coat of arm. (Lily’s flowers were prestigious and honour’s symbol). The King Felipe accepted, but he said: I give you five lily’s flowers, but against myself wishes. They are five lily’s flowers bad-donated (Mal- Donadas). So, Hernán Pérez de Aldana changed his last surname (Aldana) to Maldonado. And his descendents kept the surname and the coat of arm. The End
  17. 18. The house of the Duchess of Fernán Núñez is known like the Treasure’s House. The legend said: “It previous owners, Salinas´ Hebrew family have hid in the passage a lot of pitchers full of gold coin. Like another legends about Jewish people, the legend make reference to big fortunes that are hide in the Jewish’s houses since the Jewish people were expelled by the Catholic Monarch. The Treasure´s House: The End
  18. 19. To Promote Cáceres 2016...
  19. 20. The End