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Kinc portfolio

  1. 1. Environments INDULGE YOUR INNER kincPaintwork Mobiles Scenery Objects Design Fabrication
  2. 2. Our Services: design: With a strong background in Theatrical Design, Kinc has made its mark delivering Design unexpected and engaging exhibits that draw the viewer into imaginative worlds. Our aesthetic is based on a keen understanding of the techniques necessary to create an immersive experience, building layers of design to create unforgettable, inspiring images and objects that tell the story of the subject. fabrication: Kinc’s in-house fabrication shop eliminates the middleman, delivering stream-Fabrication lined communication and ensuring integrity of design. Hands-on supervision of the build process means that issues are addressed before they become problems, allowing the design to remain central to the process. paintwork: From faux-finishing, texturing, and trompe loeil to large scale murals and copies of old masters, Kinc’s artists have the skills to turn familiar rooms into exciting new worlds. Paintwork Blank walls and floors are transformed, and ceilings become environments. Deliver text and direct traffic with designs themed to your exhibit, ensuring that patrons remain engrossed while easily finding the information they seek. scenery : Immersive exhibits that place objects and ideas in environmental contexts require Scenery convincing, detailed scenic elements. Kinc’s team works closely with museum staff to design historically and thematically accurate pieces to surround and support existing collections, or to create large scale interactive environments. objects: Enhance an exhibit with interactive pieces, sculptures, light sources, furniture and more, designed to exemplify the theme and Objects continue the story. Kinc’s skilled designers can create cutaways and models, represent objects the museum does not own or cannot display, and can deliver detailed, complimentary pieces to place exhibit items in context. mobiles: Suspended objects instantly transform rooms, arrest the eye, and delight the viewer. Utilize overhead space with decorative and Mobiles informative mobiles for permanent or temporary exhibits, or to make an impact and send a message in your lobby, rest area, or food court. environments: Kinc has the design tools to deliver environmental elements that intelligently andEnvironments imaginatively link exhibit pieces, keeping the visitor fully grounded in the experience. By utilizing our skills in scenic elements, lighting, paintwork, and more, Kinc can assist you in bringing patrons out of the everyday into the extraordinary. KINC 3927 N Central Park Ave Chicago, IL 60618 312-265-6118 www.
  3. 3. Who We Are:Katherine katherine: With over 30 years design, fabrication, and project management experience ranging from film Ross and theater to private events, retail, museum, and interior design, Katherine brings an eye for the unexpected and a broad experience base to every project. Katherine prides herself on unique and enthralling design solutions that are as creative as they are effective. MFA Theatrical Design, Northwestern University 1987 BFA Fine Art, The University of Iowa 1980 American Association of Museums - Industry Partner National Association for Museum Exhibition - Member United Scenic Artists, Local 829 - Chair, Health and Safety Committee (1996– present ) compa ny f ocu s: In addition to contributing to management of all day to day company operations at Kinc including client relations and direction of all designs, Katherine is responsible for co-development of all designs and decisions regarding project timelines, approach, execution, shipping, delivery and installation. Katherine specializes in scenic and environments design, trompe loeil, faux finishing and carving. karen: Karen With over 30 years design experience, project management, and technical problem solving for Zissis theatre, television, retail, museum, and industrial projects, Karen brings a meticulous eye for detail to her work, allowing her to deliver uncommon pieces that satisfy mechanical issues and adhere to historical or technical requirements without sacrificing aesthetics. MFA Theatrical Design, Northwestern University 1988 BA Theatre and Art, Smith College 1980 American Association of Museums - Industry Partner Member United Scenic Artists, Local 829 compa ny f ocu s: In addition to overseeing day to day company operations at Kinc including materials sourcing and supervising Kincs turn-key fabrication shop, Karen is responsible for co-development of all de- signs, project research, and budgeting, and directs all paint projects. Karen specializes in paint techniques, sculptural elements, and one-off, product and prototype design. Kinc’s awards include: ADEX Platinum Award 2007 - Light Sculpture ADEX Platinum Award 2007 - International Visual Merchandise VMSD Award of Merit 2007 - InStore Seasonal Promotion VMSD 1st Place Award 2006 - Home Goods Window Display VMSD Award of Merit 2006 - InStore Storewide Promotion VMSD Award Of Merit 2005 - InStore Accessories RACie Gold Award 2004 - The View From State Street VMSD 1st Place 2004 - Holiday Window Display VMSD Award of Merit 2004 - Holiday Window Display VMSD Award of Merit 2003 - InStore Accessories KINC The Leroy Hirsch Memorial Award for Excellence in Building Design 3927 N Central Park Ave Chicago, IL 60618 312-265-6118 www.
  4. 4. Featured Project:Assignment: Rescue, exhibit overview: “Assignment: Rescue” recounts the mission of Varian Fry, WW2-era editor at theThe Story of Foreign Policy Association in New York, who was responsible for rescuing 2,500 Jews and opponents of the Nazis, including such notable figures as Marc Chagall, Varian Fr y André Masson, André Bréton, Hannah Arendt, Max Ernst, and Jacques Lipchitz. The dramatic installation incorporated highly realized environments including full- scale period train cars, a submarine, staterooms, and a public square. For the temporary exhibit at Chicago’s Field Museum, Kinc was chartered with delivering the scenic paintwork, including faux-finishing, wallpapering, and textures, with a focus on detail work and adherence to historical accuracy. KINC 3927 N Central Park Ave Chicago, IL 60618 312-265-6118 www.
  5. 5. Featured Project: installation overview:Provence For their 2000 flower show “Provence In Bloom,” Marshall Fields chartered KincIn Bloom to create a fully realized French countryside environment in their flagship store. Kinc delivered a total interior facelift, cladding walls, doorways, railings, support columns, and even the atrium fountain in faux stonework facades. Planters were transformed into aged moss-covered pots, oversized rustic arbors were made for the store aisles, Monet-inspired murals were placed in the balconies, and hanging street lanterns were custom designed and fabricated to grace the columns. Finally, coordinating stone portals and backdrops were produced for the thirteen display windows. All of these pieces were designed, fabricated, and finished in a short two-month time span, and seamlessly installed in two nights. KINC 3927 N Central Park Ave Chicago, IL 60618 312-265-6118 www.
  6. 6. Featured Project:150 Years installation overview: When Chicago landmark Marshall Fields celebrated 150 years, they turned to KincOf Field’s for a memorable interactive exhibit narrating and exemplifying their legacy. Kinc designers were given full access to Fields archives, and worked closely with the stores creative team to identify and detail keystone aspects of the companys story. Kincs final design utilized two of the stores main display windows, removing the glass and inviting patrons to literally step into Chicago’s past. Transitioning from the 1800’s to the present, the windows featured key elements of the store’s narrative, including a collaged backdrop illustrating the changes in the store’s central atrium, and beloved 50s era "Charlie The Doorman," employed in holding open a portal for visitors to pass back and forth through Field’s history. KINC 3927 N Central Park Ave Chicago, IL 60618 312-265-6118 www.
  7. 7. Featured Project: installation overview: Gadina Macys 2007 Flower Show celebrated the African continent’s art and culture with aAfricana storewide installation of themed murals and scenic elements, and Kinc was called on to create a wide array of accurate artwork in authentic African styles. In addition to delivering carefully researched hand-carved tribal masks, murals, and structures incorporating traditional Ndebele paintwork, Kinc re-designed and delivered a stunning mobile for the State Street store’s 13-storey central atrium. Based on Masai weaponry, the mobile incorporated shields configured to evoke the Gadina blossom, hand-beaded ceremonial staves, and a highly detailed flower- themed "lid" to create visual interest for patrons on the upper levels of the store. KINC 3927 N Central Park Ave Chicago, IL 60618 312-265-6118 www.
  8. 8. Company OverviewWorking from a strong Theatrical and Fine Arts background, Kinc designs andfabricates sculptures, scenic elements, furniture, and props. Our paintworkincludes murals, faux finishes, art reproduction, and trompe loeil.Our client base includes theater and film, museums, product launches, corporateevents, and commercial and residential spaces.Kincs broad industry experience and deep knowledge of art forms allows us toapproach design projects from every angle, ensuring that no option is overlookedin bringing your vision to reality.As a smaller, boutique agency, we’re capable of fully immersing ourselves in eachproject we take on. You’ll never get a cookie-cutter solution, and we’re highlyresponsive to developments and changes as the process moves forward.With an in-house fabrication studio, we retain creative control over every step ofthe build, keeping the focus on the design, and ultimately, the client’s vision.Combining exceptional hands-on service with a deep understanding of theparticular needs of each industry we serve, Kinc merges creativity with practicality,delivering award-winning, on-budget solutions that dazzle the eye, engage themind, and lift the spirit.Our MethodologyWe truly enjoy our work, and approach eachproject as a learning opportunity.We partner closely with your staff, educatingourselves fully about pertinent research, overallproject history, and exhibit goals.We strive to identify core aspects of everyproject, expanding and exemplifying the ideasthat make each exhibit distinct, and distillingthem into noteworthy visual elements thatseamlessly support your story.Kinc believes that the best exhibit designs arethe ones that engage as much as they instruct.Whether your goal is to delight, impact, arrest, or involve, Kinc’s artists have thecraft, creativity, and commitment to deliver an unforgettable experience. KINC 3927 N Central Park Ave Chicago, IL 60618 312-265-6118 www.