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ENAC Powerpoint


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ENAC Powerpoint

  1. 1. Meyer  Memorial  Trust  Grassroots  Grant  2011  Presenta5on:  November  29,  2010  Roya  Amirsoleymani,  Marissa  Laubscher,  Lisa  HewiC  &  Ka5e  Kelley  
  2. 2. Mission StatementENAC History Mission Statement Founded in 2005, our mission is to create unique conditions that enrich, connect, and (sub)Urban Board of Directors engage the greater Eugene community by Projections Past Projects repurposing public space as a platform for contemporary art and media experiences. StatisticsQuali cations Budget Summary
  3. 3. Board of DirectorsENAC History Mission Statement Dr. John Fenn, President Assistant Professor, University of Oregon (sub)Urban Board of Directors Marcela Mendoza, Vice President Projections Past Projects Executive Director of Centro Latino Americano Isaac Marquez, Secretary Statistics Public Art Manager, City of EugeneQuali cations Mindy Linder, Treasure Steering Committee Member, Arts and Business Alliance of Eugene Budget Jill Hertz Executive Director, Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art Summary Jamie Hosler Co-Owner Bijou Arts Cinema Michael Kinnison Neighborhood Empowerment Initiative, City of Eugene Suzi Steffen Arts Editor, Eugene Weekly
  4. 4. Past ProjectsENAC History Mission Statement ENAC’s most successful events include Ten Tiny Dances in Monroe Park; the Andy Warhol Guerilla (sub)Urban Board of Directors Film Festival; and Audio Impressions. Projections Past Projects We combine participatory arts programming Statistics with public dialogues, educational salons,Quali cations workshops, a web-based community arts publication, and artist residencies and Budget commissions Summary
  5. 5. StatisticsENAC History Mission Statement •  Over 80 volunteers •  500 donors (sub)Urban Board of Directors •  Annual attendance totaling over 20,000 Projections Past Projects •  Annual operating budget of $500,000 Statistics Last year, 90% of survey respondents agreed thatQuali cations ENAC’s events exposed them to art they would not have experienced otherwise. Budget Summary
  6. 6. Project DescriptionENAC History A three night festival (September 23-25, 2011) that will visually transform three Eugene landmarks (sub)Urban Project through video projections by three artists Projections Description representing local, national, and international practices and diverse perspectives on aesthetics, Vanessa gender, politics, and sexual identity.Quali cations Renwick Camille Budget Utterback Summary Seeper Implementation Goals & Objectives Outcomes
  7. 7. Vanessa Renwick The Shelton-McMurphey-Johnson Memorial HouseENAC History Whiteaker Neighborhood (sub)Urban Project Positioned on Skinner’s Butte in Whiteaker, the house is highly visible from downtown and the market district and is a treasured historical Projections Description resource. Vanessa Vanessa Renwick (Portland, OR) works with experimental and poeticQuali cations Renwick documentary forms to produce lms, videos, and installations that explore the possibility of hope in contemporary society. Her Camille iconoclastic work re ects an interest in place, relationships between Budget Utterback bodies and landscapes, and all sorts of borders and has been curated internationally in galleries, museums, and art festivals. Renwick is represented by PDX Contemporary Art. Summary Seeper Implementation Goals & Objectives Outcomes
  8. 8. Camille Utterback Petersen  Barn  Community  Center  ENAC History Bethel/Trainsong  Neighborhood   Petersen  Barn  is  located  in  Bethel  neighborhood  within  close   (sub)Urban Project proximity  to  Trainsong  Neighborhood  where  the  majority  of   Projections Description households  fall  below  the  median  income  level  of  Eugene  as  a   whole  and  have  limited  access  to  services.   VanessaQuali cations Renwick Camille  UCerback  (San  Francisco,  CA),  an  interna5onally  renowned   abstract  ar5st,  engages  audiences  through  interac5ve  installa5ons   Camille and  exhibits  and  reac5ve  sculptures.  Her  work  has  been  exhibited  in   Budget Utterback the  New  Museum  of  Contemporary  Art  (NY)  and  the  Netherlands   Ins5tute  for  Media  Art.     Summary Seeper Implementation Goals & Objectives Outcomes Video  
  9. 9. Seeper Eugene Downtown Library: Central and accessible location, aENAC History landmark of downtown Eugene (sub)Urban Project Founded in 1998 Seeper (London, UK) is an interactive arts and technology collective whose work explores natural user Projections Description interaction, responsive environments, devices, and architecture to create multi-sensory experiences and memories. Seeper has Vanessa worked with such partners as Nokia, Volkswagen, Chanel, Intel,Quali cations Renwick Nike, Sony Playstation, and the Glastonbury Music Festival. Camille Budget Utterback Summary Seeper Implementation Goals & Objectives Video Outcomes
  10. 10. ImplementationENAC History A collaboration among the following senior staff: (sub)Urban Project Arts Program Director Projections Description •  Artist relations •  Projection venue coordination •  City permit procurement VanessaQuali cations Renwick •  Partnerships with local government and neighborhood coalitions •  Coordination of contracted technology/projection specialists •  Project evaluation Camille Budget Utterback Education & Community Outreach (ECO) Director •  Online blog of artists, festival events, and community response Summary Seeper •  Sunday Salon - budget, venue coordination, and evaluations •  Volunteer training/management Implementation Communications Director Goals & •  Marketing and promotion as far north as Portland Objectives •  Print web, street-level advertising •  Public/media relations Outcomes
  11. 11. Goals and ObjectivesENAC History The goal of (sub)Urban Projections is to provide accessible, affordable multimedia art in diverse (sub)Urban Project neighborhoods that: Projections Description •  serves as an enjoyable, educational, Vanessa community-oriented experienceQuali cations Renwick •  engages participants from low Camille socioeconomic backgrounds Budget Utterback •  helps citizens celebrate and re-envision Summary Seeper its public spaces through contemporary art Implementation •  secures participation and encourages Goals & future engagement in ENAC and other arts Objectives programs from individuals who do not regularly attend cultural events Outcomes
  12. 12. Quali cations Diverse Staff & BoardENAC History Leaders in the arts, neighborhood enhancement, multiculturalism, academia, government, and economic sustainability whose (sub)Urban academic and professional experience includes top-ranked arts and business programs, nonpro ts, and universities Projections Notable ArtistsQuali cations Andrea Zittel, Ryan Trecartin, raqs Media Collective, Nick Cave, Gabriel Orozco, Jessica Jackson Hutchins, Margarita Cabrera, Harrell Fletcher, Miranda July Budget Media Coverage Art Papers, Art Ltd., X, Juxtapoz, The San Francisco Summary Chronicle, TimeOut Chicago,The Los Angeles Times, The Oregonian, Portland Mercury, Willamette Weekly, Eugene Weekly, The Stranger, BOMBlog, Art Lies, Glasstire Past Funding William & Flora Hewlett Foundation, Paul G. Allen Foundation, Oregon Arts Commission, Lane County Cultural Coalition, Collins Foundation, Lane County Arts Council & Cultural Coalition
  13. 13. Budget SummaryENAC History Organization Budget: $500,000 Program/Admin Funding: 75%/25% (sub)Urban Projections (sub)Urban Projections – Total Cost: $68,588 Grants Received:Quali cations William & Flora Hewlett Foundation - $22,000 Oregon Arts Commission - Arts Build Communities - $6,000 Lane County Cultural Commission - $3,000 Budget Summary   Lane County Arts Council - Community Arts Grant - $2,000 Spreadsheet   Meyer Memorial Trust Funds Summary If received, Meyer Memorial Trust funds would be allocated to direct program expenses, speci cally artist compensation and projection equipment for artistic displays.  
  14. 14. SummaryENAC History (sub)Urban Projections addresses the following community needs for arts and culture in the (sub)Urban Greater Eugene area: Projections • AffordabilityQuali cations • Accessibility Budget • Diversity Summary • The Contemporary
  15. 15. SpreadsheetsENAC History (sub)Urban ProjectionsQuali cations Budget Summary   Spreadsheet   Summary
  16. 16. OutcomesENAC History The  primary  outcomes  of  (sub)Urban  Projec5ons,     to  be  measured  through  in-­‐person  and  e-­‐mail  surveys     (sub)Urban Project at  and  following  the  fes5val),  are  for  a  minimum  of:   Projections Description • 80%  of  respondents  to  indicate  that  the  event  was  enjoyable,     Vanessa  educa5onal,  and/or  increased  their  sense  of  community  Quali cations Renwick • 25%  of  respondents  to  report  income  levels  below  Eugene’s      median   Camille Budget Utterback • 80%  of  respondents  to  indicate  that  the  event  made  them      think  differently  about  Eugene’s  public  spaces   Summary Seeper • 15%  of  respondents  to  indicate  that  they  do  not  regularly      aCend  arts  or  culture  events   Implementation Goals & Objectives Outcomes