software engineering data mining computer science compiler design programming languages natural language processing operating systems neural networks communications database computer education database and data mining networking algorithms and bioinformatics performance evaluation fuzzy systems multimedia systems embedded system autonomic computing bioinformatics modeling and simulation security game and software engineering embedded system and software multimedia real time systems engineering scalable computing ubiquitous computing grid and scalable computing algorithms simulation networking and communications database systems pattern recognition parallel systems image processing computer architecture web and internet computing big data machine learning clustering cloud computing deep learning internet computing computer architecture and real time systems ai theoretical computer science information retrieval artificial intelligence dependable software atl transformations datacenters cryptography reliable and autonomic computing gsm business management soft computing information systems • software engineering tco model ontology morphology precision linguistic resources • database and data mining server network it software license cost aodv manet medical data stream recall digital convergence algorithms and applications internet of things (iot) android app visualization modeling • database intelligent information • computer education • compiler design • operating systems • embedded system and software tco parameters grid computing cluster active learning traceability error resilience cpu scheduling anomaly detection live video streaming face recognition lexical semantics computer vision • ontology blockchain weather forecasting self organizing map microcontroller communication channels decoding error correction codes channel coding arduino wemos d1 r2 • networking operating system embedded systems • grid and scalable computing • distributed and parallel systems & algorithms • algorithms and bioinformatics text mining feature selection information assurance artificial neural networks semi-supervised learning insurance health integration software-engineering model in natural language lexicon extended language conceptual information view clustering quality of service speaker identification turnaround time burst time genetic algorithm gps predictive learning learning problems bayesian network dsr aadhar government of india odms confusion matrix auc accuracy wi-fi direct automata theory mobile and ubiquitous computin phonology intelligent information & data multimedia systems and service • phonology drug detection machine vision super computing machine learning algorithms web engineering optical computing n-gram of symbols n-gram of words covid-19 academic english change back feature point-of-sale devices consumer accounts networks /image processing computer distributed phishing attacks reliable identical parallel machine distributed computing manufacturing systems • embedded system • networking and communications • game and software engineering • dependable • computer architecture and real time systems intelligent information & database systems dsp/image processing/pattern recognition/multimedi distributed and parallel systems & algorithms etc.) • software engineering • web and internet co distributed system steganography mobile network wireless network decryption empirical investigation cuda programmer productivity programming time openacc urban-rural real-time capability e-exam requirements engineering dependability modelling mda natural language requirements models multiview video coding adaptive intra refresh query response time optimization real-time data warehouse candidate view recommendation materialized view selection wireless sensor networks comparison digital signal processing ann. speech feature privacy improved round robin scheduling round robin scheduling waiting time multimedia systems and services user interface reinforcement learning ns2 blackhole protocols performance analyss fingerpri computer architecture and real parallel systems & algorithms website organ recipient organ donor persistence gradient boosting machines feature importance • algorithms connected domatic partition cyber security network security signal processing application & others 3d and stereo imaging semantic processing computer networks & communicat question answering image formation • algorithms and bioinformatic confirmation yolov3 articulation distributed and parallel syste personal computing security and information assur the software process topic modeling latent dirichlet allocation nlp threshold value wsn and smart farming applications for learning english academic publications personal assistant  biocybernetics  medical cybernetics télécommunications  hybrid systems robotics mechatronics informatics cybernetics solenoid valve temperature sensor gas sensor vector network analyzer (vna) radio frequency (rf) analysis measurements automated driving (ad) globalnaya navigazionnaya sputnikovaya sistema (gl differential global position system (dgps) call alert sms social engineering counter challenge decision making • web engineering software process • programming languages release date workload balancing scheduling jobs attendance system mysql database vector space model adaptive genetic algorithm geographical information system intelligent informatio global navigation satellite systems • multimedia systems communication multi-platter hard-disk disk scheduling bad-sector algorithm optimization • modeling and simulation soft computing (ai linear programming • mobile and ubiquitous computing • it policy and business management • dsp/image processing/pattern recognition/multime • geographical information systems/ global navigat it policy and business management geographical information systems/ global navigatio mvv-air map air mvc mvv 3d video case-based reasoning conversational case-based rea similarity metric it support reliable and autonomic computing • distributed and • algorithms and bioinformatics • computer archite test cases test case prioritization touch screen cellular phones graphical user interface smartphones csr-vector coo csr spmv cpu gpu lfib fib rib lib ldp ler mpls genome factorial experiments parameterized complexity robustness average case complexity classification tcp dynamic coupling power density virtualization feature extraction k-means nhpp half logistics distribution (hld) statistical process control (spc) order statistics chaos adaptive control image hiding qos visual cryptography digital device image recognition identification service level agreement (sla) quality of service (qos) software development life cycle (sdlc) user-based algorithms collaborative filtering item-based algorithms recommendation systems machine learning (ml) (computer universe of discourse round robin dynamic time quantum priority reliability outbreak saudi arabia prototype disease outbreak notification system 2d and 3d sensor field distribution electromagnetic spectrum camera aperture dimension modulation transfer function. markov chain. extraction content line-block feature routing protocol active product security system castalia simulation bio-molecular tools parallel overlap assembly boolean matrices dna computation maximum likelihood estimation paper-records. electronic health record (ehr) interoperability arabic document indices discriminative learning range image object detection generative learning phonetic matching name variations soundex algorithm software engineering. cloud pervasive computing mobile synchronization object extraction active contours natural images segmentation ph quantum computation rotation of rotor flow rate of water at89s52 microcontroller low cost sensor hall effect sensor tracking system image segmentation innovation network analytics network automation network theory satellite communications radio networks market analysis learning methods and analysis wireless communications network architectures multimedia networking networks and communications anet performance analys real-time computing hardware integration embedded software embedded sof s tco pa sc her ghana farmland farmers conflict counter chal worldwide wi-fi direct; • computer architecture disorders children frequent ensemble model n-gram of word smart farming wsn smoke sensor antenna under test (aut) advanced driver assistance sys globalnaya navigazionnaya sput differential global position s dsp/image processing/pattern r reliable and auton ensemble models • parsing/grammatical formalis viability and possibility computer education impo connected domatic partition. • linguistic resources • chunking/shallow parsing • search engines and informati • software maintenance and tes • managing software projects business intelligence dna computing pattern recognition and analys computational science algorithms and data structures computational science and appl hybrid intelligent systems green computing software performance software development advanced it bio/medical engine wireless multimedia systems high speed networks keilsoftware ultrasonicflow meter applied digital signal process computational linguistics& nlp semantic& nlp computer graphics and animatio machine learning & application fingerprint reader managing software projects quality management discourse pos tagging cyber trust and security authentication key management untraceability cryptographic protocols • discourse • semantic processing resource allocation and manage information extraction connectivity and networking iot applications and services iot-enabled innovation and ent security and privacy for iot  neural networks  task mapping and job schedul  theory of parallel/distribut neural net storage and retrieval image & signal processing appl software systems and technolog analysis and results data articulation disorders heterogeneous computing open source software iot software engineering database and data mining depen • pos tagging biological/molecular computing threshold value. • mobile and ubiquitous comput satellite systems (gis/gnss) languages and formal methods software engineering • it policy and business manag software maintenance and testing tweets covid crisis management business operations communication engineering internet of things livelock avoidance &petri nets multi-processor environment. universe of discourse. training. accident army safety weapon shooting range desktop app qr code. mobile app private key public key encryption forgery detection transcript educational certificate security factor brute force attack ciphertext only attack delimiting string ciphertext random string injection padding authentication and identity management authorization clusters and grid computing : security and role of p2p policy management trust urban-rura  risk management  image signal processing  soft computing  engineering cybernetics  computer vision  transportation systems  systems  synthetic biology fuzzy system primary energy genetic algorithm (ga) systems sociocybernetics operation research biocybernetics synthetic biology transportation systems engineering cybernetics network dynamics systems • dsp topsis ah resource selection least-significant bit (lsb) and 555 timer lcd antenna under test (aut). advanced driver assistance systems (adas) vector network analyzer and smoke sensor possibility viability (compute markov chain multimedia system • modeling • multimedia • knowledge-based systems learning applications formal methods testing • software maintenance • managing software • search engines • quality management complexity • geometric modeling • biochemistry • computation biology logic high performance computing intelligence • computer security • astrophysics • queuing methods • database theory • novel data technology distributed and parallel systems base acid nosql a networkin linear programming. • natural language processing • probabilistic computation • quantum computation algebra verification • information theory • cryptography geometry image processing/ software testing ntelligent information neural network parallel system geographical information systems/ image processin livelock avoidance petri nets • distributed and parallel systems • performance evaluation mobile computing real time system business security and information assurance software performance engineering (spe virtual machine (vm . embedded system and software . programming languages . mobile and ubiquitous computing . computer architecture and real time systems routing percentage of participation progressive sequential pattern multiple minimum supports partial search text retrieval proximity search replicated data plane sweep algorithm feared scenarios stopwatch petri nets time constraints reliabilit performance. bittorrent protocol network traffic peer-to-peer communication buffer zone mobile sink • intelligent information & database systems etc.) software engineering web and internet comput performance evaluation programming languages secur embedded system and software game and software eng • intelligent information & database systems • it content based image retrieval. semantic image descriptor kobayashi’s color image scale color-based image descriptor correlogram engineering and applications fuzzy t-test fpi and instructional phase text tokenization text characterization salt and pepper. gaussian noise scaling factor peak signal to noise ratio discrete wavelet transform(dwt) digital watermarking circuit optimization boolean functions quantum cost reversible computing data cube. data collection data aggregation cluster head selection energy efficient wireless sensor network (wsn) frequency selectivity pam pvdf cochlea anxiety and depression normal and excited brain psychosomatic disorders emotions image classifiers edf format eeg worms &trojon virus mobilenetwork protocols evaluation raodv maodv image clustering. relevance feedback image retrieval image mining surprise disgust fear anger sad happy emotion tag crf emotion news blog sentiwordnet interpolation. tv inpainting image inpainting sputum cytology color space fuzzy c-means it problem management. it problem management texture synthesis sparse representation image restoration inpainting occlusion web-based applications assurance. (scm) software configuration management integration testing (stlc) software development life cycle requirement analysis test case weightage regression testing schedulingindependent task & dgbsa gird computing threshold detector batching http bit stuffing rsa secure socket layer insertion sort. bubble sort selection sort end-to-end bi-directional sort (eebs) apfd faults center-gravity & cluster-head. distance threshold energy grid prioritization. assets vulnerabilities threats security requirements cloud computing. scientific applications ppdd rsdc scheduling algorithm energy efficient scheduling dynamic slack dvs distributed real-time system vertical projection. vertical strokes aspect ratio horizontal projection largest mean multilingual documents chaotic maps probability distribution expectation binary tree sort dependability model performance model expolinomial stochastic model service level agreements maintenance policy performability evaluation vehicle safety gsm modem gas detecting sensors atmel microcontroller web service description language business rules engine business process execution language enterprise service bus service oriented architecture association fuzzy logic microarray statistics binary search linear search blending parameter temporal intensity waveform symmetry properties ws-bpel bpmn web services automation business processes interleavers. hamming distance euclidean distance code rate trellis diagram path metric constraint length qi-chen system. chaotic systems binate function. unate function dsop binary decision diagram nmea0183. overhead conductor sag web server wavelet analysis lspe method rreq rrep black hole computer experiments partition-sort neural network (nn). discrete wavelet transform (dwt) daubechies wavelets arrhythmia ecg symmetrical multi-processors. heuristic graph matching graph partition load balancing task assignment modified diffie- hellman key exchange. and three layer security dske method s-box key exchange cellular networks. cooperative multi-hop networking distributed spatial multiplexing energy per bit received signal strength amplify and forward relaying neural network etc. gradient descent search simulated annealing hybrid particle swarm optimization-simulated annea noise removal measures of fuzziness thresholding fuzzy sets diagnostic rule certainty factor fuzzy set rough set scenario patterns and traffic patterns. cbr gmm mgm rpgm rwm aomdv multipath unipath trace events. instrumentation static coupling distributed object oriented (doo) systems pm generator axial flux performance rate navie bayes k-nn classifier pnn sign language textual keywords high-level features web image retrieval multimedia information retrieval temporal logic synchronous programming language reactive control system esterel cruise control safety algorithm fpga architecture. vhdl video coding h.264/avc flight simulation security plan diff-serv (ds). self-clocked fair (scf) queuing weighted fair queuing (wfq) weighted round robin (wrr) round robin (rr) strict priority (sp) quality of services (qos) wimax discrete-time fourier transform singular value decomposition neural networks. thinning filtering binarization communication protocols. distributed virtual reality updatable queue abstraction nonlinear error. modified standard back propagation linear error differential error adaptive learning rate architecture assessment architecture versioning architectural decay software evolution software architecture validation technique optimal clusters four-wing system. chaos synchronization topic-related opinions. opinion extraction opinion organization opinion mining time domain data. software reliability decision lines sequential probability ratio test weibull model vector quantization (vq) lbg algorithm image pyramid image compression codebook generation huffmancoding. arithmetic coding jpeg standard multimedia compression semantic interpretation. semantic annotation utterances tunisian dialect forecasting stock market backpropagation video surveillance. temporal spatial silhouette images gait recognition biometrics error probability. bit error rate m-ary digital modulation communication system photonic computing surface computing flexible user interfaces human computer interactions transfer function. network layer mel frequency cepstral coefficients speech recognition forward subset selection classifier ensembles k nearest neighbor least-significant bit (lsb) method xnor hspice cloud in bangladeshi education. cloud computing in bangladesh bangladesh cloud in education risk classification heart failure severity decision support system congestive heart failure (chf) kpi video and image processing simulink target recognition matlab morphological operations rs viterbi svad-ntcs soft decision ntcs virtual machine (vm) software performance engineering (spe) trackerbased registration vision-based registration bft svm classification algorithms neural net naive bayes decision stump learning algorithms viability and possibility) multi-processor environment time-interval between failures mean time between failures. the power law process model regression estimation approach webml web engineering methodologies metamodel uwe ooh evaluation. low quality/bad apps mobile application development m-uml mobile apps marketing mobile applications uml mobile software engineering program invariants –intermetallic compounds isotropy anisotropy and elastic constants norm indian stocks arima. time series stock price prediction sector recognition key frame bag of features. motion tracking stabilization siw rectangular waveguide power divider coupler circulator microwave components hfss. log file intrusion detection system web mining k-means clustering n-gram anti-spam filter image spam incremental learning framework wcag 2.0 quantitative evaluation compliance web accessibility user community searching time national data center search methodology. phonetic algorithm time and spelling error complexity double metaphone algorithm attack intrusion taxonomy detection defence edge detection sobel operator stem diameter and height design rf(radio frequency) wearable human-computer interaction hand gesture fingernail fitness function fast learning artificial neural network emerging technologies multi-channel architecture banking branch target buffer branch handling processor performance prefetch leaf sensor arm lpc 2148 microcontroller temperature phase sensor. level soil moisture humidity accelerometer zigbee protocol pic microcontroller shock sensor geo fencing kenya e-commerce payment api hyperchaotic yujun system lyapunov stability theory hyperchaos sliding control agile architectures agile software development software architecting fragile architectures multi histogram equalization histogram equalization contrast enhancement multi-threshold selection. hybrid contour acidity ec electrical conductivity nutrients. fertigation alkalinity phase estimation quantum fourier transform keil software ultrasonic flow meter pwm→ pulse width modulation spt→ set point temperature peltier device biochemistry analyzer. peltier effect pid→ proportional integral differential heat pump tamil braille conversion projection profile hindi braille conversion braille conversion gear tooth sensor smu yaskawa j1000 ac drive rs232 and usb communication 1 hp ac motor frame light barrier sensor fuzzy rule-based systems absolute distance additive noise fuzzy filter minkowski distance. csb and saas-csb portal. multi-tenancy saas traditional similarity thesaurus
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