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 How to Use PowerPoint Effectively
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How to Use PowerPoint Effectively



Published in Education
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  • 1.  
  • 2. Objectives
    • Tips for making an effective PowerPoint
      • Creating an outline
      • Designing the PowerPoint
    • Tips on how to present using PowerPoint
    • How use PowerPoint in the classroom
  • 3. Tips: Making a PowerPoint
    • The first step in creating a PowerPoint is creating an outline
      • The outline is a rough draft of a PowerPoint
      • Your outline should include:
        • title page
        • introduction/objectives page
        • main body
        • conclusion
      • Take the written outline and create a slide for each idea
  • 4. Tips cont:
    • The second part in creating a PowerPoint is deciding on the design and layout
      • Ask your self these questions:
        • Fonts: Is this style of font readable?
        • Size: Can the viewers in the back of the class read the text and see the pictures?
        • Colors: Are the colors too bright or too dark?
        • Format: Do my slides transition well? Can the viewers follow the format?
        • Graphics: Are the pictures useful or do they distract?
  • 5. Tips: How to Present
    • Before you present:
      • Do a practice run
      • Make sure you know if the slides are on a timer
      • Turn the screensaver off to avoid distractions
    • As you present:
      • Do not read off the slides
      • Take time to explain each slide and each idea
      • Engage the audience in the presentation
  • 6. Using PowerPoint in the Class
    • PowerPoint is an excellent tool with multiple uses for both teachers and students
      • Teachers :
        • Can use PowerPoint to aid in the instruction of a lesson
        • Give notes, vocabulary words and homework
      • Students:
        • Can use PowerPoint for book reports, discussing science experiments and other assignments
        • Can use PowerPoint to teach other students a new lesson
  • 7. Conclusion
    • An effective PowerPoint includes an outline and a well thought out design
    • An effective PowerPoint presentation needs to be rehearsed and engaging
    • PowerPoint is a great tool inside the classroom because it provides teachers and students with limitless possibilities.