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Social Success Turning Social Media Into Measurable Revenue  From Infusionsoft
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Social Success Turning Social Media Into Measurable Revenue From Infusionsoft


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Starting Now! Presented by Tyler Garns Director of Marketing, Infusionsoft@tylergarns
  • 2. This is not a demo This is not a demo of Infusionsoft Please visit
  • 3. Overview: What’s with all the social media craze? Why does social media work for some, and not for others? How you can build the RIGHT social media strategy and save a ton of time How to make money using social media Case study: 60 days, 2K people, How? Slides & Infusionsoft offer for those interested@tylergarns
  • 4. 52,300 Google results for “social media fad”@tylergarns
  • 5. fad: fad/fad/ Noun: An intense and widely shared enthusiasm for something, esp. one that is short-lived; a craze. The mullet is here to stay@tylergarns
  • 6. Many people have wondered if it’s a fad because they’ve struggled to get results@tylergarns
  • 7. For some: social media is an excuse for doing HARD work (like thinking)@tylergarns
  • 8. News flash: For many of you (who are in denial), social media has been a COLOSSAL waste of time.@tylergarns
  • 9. But, everyone’s doing it!@tylergarns
  • 10. Dudes - this is AWESOME! of 80% sses bu sine the fai l in ye ars firs t 5 Are you copying someone who is failing?@tylergarns
  • 11. Time To Retrain Your Brain@tylergarns
  • 12. <<< REWIND@tylergarns
  • 13. Typical Customer Lifecycle Generate Interest Sell, Sell, Sell Get New Customers Sigh Of Relief Go Do It Again Problem: 3 Holes In Your Funnel@tylergarns
  • 14. Growing Sales w/Typical Customer Lifecyle Generate Interest to get 100 prospects 10 People Buy What if I want to double my sales?@tylergarns
  • 15. How to Double Sales Double Ad Spend Double Time Spent Generating Traffic Double Sales Efficiency All of these are out of reach for small business Why?@tylergarns
  • 16. Holes In Your Funnel Hole #1: Lost Traffic Ask yourself: How much traffic came to my site today and left without me capturing their info? How will I ever follow up with them again?@tylergarns
  • 17. Holes In Your Funnel Hole #2: Lost Leads Usually 10% of leads are HOT - we convert those What about the rest? What about the people who aren’t ready to buy now?@tylergarns
  • 18. Did You Know? How many leads each month are labeled as “bad” and dumped into hole #2?@tylergarns
  • 19. Holes In Your Funnel Hole #3: Lost Customers You lose 68% of customers because of INDIFFERENCE* Are your customers buying more? Are they referring? *According to a study conducted by the Technical Assistance Research Project in Washington D.C@tylergarns
  • 20. Without a plan you fall into the Typical Customer Lifecycle Trap@tylergarns
  • 21. Poll: Are you falling into the Typical Customer Lifecycle trap?@tylergarns
  • 22. Poll responses: 34% - I’m totally trapped 50% - I have 2 0f the 3 holes 14% - I have one hole in my biz 2% - My customer lifecycle is perfect@tylergarns
  • 23. Holes in your funnel are a result of focusing on tools & tactics - while ignoring strategy@tylergarns
  • 24. Can you imagine?POINT “A” - SAUDA POINT “B” - NOIDA@tylergarns
  • 25. Any “expert” that says with “You MUST do X” where X is a tactic (or a tool), is an “expert” to be wary of!@tylergarns
  • 26. Don’t buy any tool or try any tactic if you don’t have a map!@tylergarns
  • 27. What’s The Result?CHAOS@tylergarns
  • 28. Tools + Tactics (without strategy) = CHAOS@tylergarns
  • 29. Build the Strategy First@tylergarns
  • 30. Framework for Strategy: The Perfect Customer Lifecycle@tylergarns
  • 31. @tylergarns
  • 32. Service Business Attract Traffic Capture Leads Nurture Convert Sales Deliver & Satisfy Upsell Referrals@tylergarns
  • 33. Heating & Air Conditioning@tylergarns
  • 34. @tylergarns
  • 35. Poll: How much more revenue per month could your business be producing if you had a clear M.A.P in place?@tylergarns
  • 36. Poll results: 20% - $1,000/month 35% - $5,000/month 23% - $10,000/month 22% - $25,000/month or more That’s $117MM per year in lost revenue (from 1,000 small businesses)@tylergarns
  • 37. What would it be worth? Text Download the template:
  • 38. 5 Stages to Use Social Media Attract Traffic Capture Leads (a bit trickier) Nurture Prospects Deliver & Satisfy (Customer Service) Get Referrals@tylergarns
  • 39. Social Media Money Formula (R-Cg) * (F*Cr*Or*Pr) - h * T = Profit Memorize it! :) Just Kidding Go to:
  • 40. Social Media Money Formula R = Revenue per sale Cg = Cost of goods F = Number of followers/friends Cr = Click rate (what % of followers click on your social media links and go to your site) Or = Opt-in rate (what % of the people that clicked opted into receive info from ou via email) Pr = Purchase rate (what % of the people that opted in actually bought from you) h = Hourly rate for your social media efforts T = Amount of time you spend on social media@tylergarns
  • 41. Attract Traffic with Social Media Use social media to drive traffic to excellent content (blog post) Capture leads where you deliver the content (give them MORE content) Follow up with social media & email Provide value, then sell If you have a local business, use FourSquare & others to drive local traffic directly@tylergarns
  • 42. Attract Traffic with Social Media Good for traffic: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Capture leads where you deliver the content (give them MORE content) Follow up with social media & email Provide value, then sell@tylergarns
  • 43. Capture Leads with Social Media Typically requires some type of integration Or put a web form on your Facebook page@tylergarns
  • 44. Email is still the “inner sanctum”@tylergarns
  • 45. @tylergarns
  • 46. @tylergarns
  • 47. Nurture Leads with Social Media Use email to drive leads to your social media profiles, content, etc that moves them closer to the sale If you’re tricky, integrate your CRM/marketing automation to send SM updates as part of drip campaigns@tylergarns
  • 48. Customer Service with Social Media Monitor your brand (HootSuite, Tweetdeck, Sysomos) Monitor competitors Respond to inquiries Help customers that are struggling Ask for reviews (Yelp, etc.)@tylergarns
  • 49. Case Study In 2 months, I built an email list of 2,000 photographers Sold many copies of an info product Almost entirely on Twitter@tylergarns
  • 50. @tylergarns
  • 51. @tylergarns
  • 52. @tylergarns
  • 53. @tylergarns
  • 54. @tylergarns
  • 55. a y d WOl a y w WNe Tracking SM in GA
  • 56. @tylergarns
  • 57. @tylergarns
  • 58. Lead Source ROI Reports@tylergarns
  • 59. What is Infusionsoft? If you combined ACT!, 1ShoppingCart, Aweber,, ConstantContact, and Outlook - you still wouldn’t have Infusionsoft. Infusionsoft is less expensive than adding all those thing together, and it has some secret sauce (hint: automation) that you can’t get anywhere else. #1 Marketing Automation solution for small business, used by 6,000+ businesses and many gurus.@tylergarns
  • 60.
  • 61. Who does it work for? Professional Services Internet/Info Marketers Doctors, Lawyers, Realtors, Marketing Educational Agencies, Etc. products, Authors, Speakers, Marketing Household Services product Carpet Cleaners, Online Retailers Heating & A/C, Pool Cleaners, Pest Watches, tents, Control model trains, widgets, etc.@tylergarns
  • 62. From the BIG guys...@tylergarns
  • 63. to... Patrick bought 30 days ago 28 eCommerce transactions Lead capture forms on his site Starting to leverage affiliates@tylergarns
  • 64. and... Shortly after Camilo Rodriguez (mortgage broker) signed up with Infusionsoft..... “I was so reluctant to get the Quick Start Bundle, but you know what? You have to do it. This is awesome. I would love to become an expert at this because I know it’s going to pay off over time. I owe you so much.... I have received so far about 20 notifications.... amazing... Thanks Scott, thanks truly.”@tylergarns
  • 65. “The difference between an ordinary business and an extraordinary business is implementation.” - Bill Glazer@tylergarns
  • 66. Quick-Start Bundle Reserved for YOU Dedicated Success Coach Kick off Strategy Session Custom Marketing Automation Plan (M.A.P.) 2 Campaign Configurations 2 Flex Blocks (Not one-size fits all) $2,000@tylergarns
  • 67. Call your rep, or: 866.800.0004 ext 1