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Thank you to all of our supporters who showed us the Power of a Post in supporting our Military!

Thank you to all of our supporters who showed us the Power of a Post in supporting our Military!

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  • 1. JOINT SERVICES SUPPORT, J9 DIRECTORATEThe POWER OF A POSTBy Gary LottA post or Facebook news feed profile update can be a very powerful thing. With the ability to motivate, intrigue,inform, entertain and communicate, these Facebook posts can be very important to our everyday lives.Recently JSSWA featured a photo of an infant holding a sign for a returning deployed parent stating, “I’ve been waitingmy whole life to meet you!”This Photo of the Day Facebook post received over 900 likes, over 350shares and numerous powerful comments like, “My mother went throughbirth without her husband at her side...and he did not and could notreturn to her until I was over 2 years old... let’s all THANK A VET andTHANK THEIR SPOUSES...they dont get near enough credit for whatthey go through while their soldier is gone. “Another comment that stood out came from a new mother,“I just went thru this...my daughter just met her dad last week and she isnine months old...this sign brought tears to my eyes...’’These and other comments proved to us the power of a post in reachingthe military community we serve.The JSS is glad to have your support and will strive to use that power tobetter serve our military community and continue to provide so manygreat programs for them.The JSS is proud to provide military supporting services like FamilyPrograms, Youth Programs, Suicide and Sexual Assault Prevention, Yel-low Ribbon Deployment, Employment Transition Services and WoundedWarrior Programs.Job fairs, military deals, resume building classes, family retreats, youth retreats, awards ceremonies, inspiring photos,community happenings and videos are just some of the powerful post that Joint Services Support Washington’sFacebook page shares with the world on a consistent and constant basis.This ability to share, with other military and non-military members, new and old ways to better assist our servicemenand women through social media is a pleasure.Being able to improve and positively affect the JSS’s audience through a post is a power we don’t take likely. This article is being presented by the WA National Guard Joint Services Support Directorate benefiting Soldiers, Airmen, Veterans and their Families.