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Operation homefront


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Operation homefront

  1. 1. OperationHomefront<br />Willy Moran<br />MW 12:00<br />
  2. 2. Mission<br />Operation HomeFront’s mission is to provide emergency financial and other assistance to the families of our service members and wounded warriors. <br />
  3. 3. Values<br />Honor Patriotism and Service to Country.<br />Do What's Right.<br />Perform With Excellence.<br />Respect Others.<br />
  4. 4. AboutUs<br />We target the population of American military personnel and/or their families who have unmet needs due to financial hardship, death, injury, or physical or mental detriment as a result of service in Iraq or Afghanistan.<br />Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas.<br />23 Chapters to volunteer at, Serving nationwide.<br />Operation HomeFrontwas formed in February 2002.<br />Majority of our clients are the lowest-paid service members.<br />$.95 of total donated revenue to Operation HomeFrontgoes to our programs. <br />Charity Navigator, for the fourth consecutive year, has named Operation HomeFront a Four Star Charity.<br />
  5. 5. PersonalConnection<br />My personal connection with this organization is that my Dad and brother both served. My dad served in the Navy in the 1970’s and my brother is still enlisted in the Army. He been in the army for a good 4 years now, and the only way I can communicate with him is when he is station somewhere else then Iraq. Its hard, and I know its even harder for the families of soldiers that need that extra help. Not having that other head of the house hold is very difficult and stressful, especially for the children of soldiers.<br />
  6. 6. Inputs<br />We need Volunteers. Each Operation HomeFront Chapter has few or no paid staff. Volunteers run the program, and without them we wouldn’t be successful. <br />We need donations from community to help Military families in need. <br />President and CEO Jims Knotts, who is in charge of the fundraising committee. <br />
  7. 7. Process<br />We help families with home repairs, auto repairs, food assistance, vision care, car moving assistance, donations from communities, financial assistance, essential home items, child care, travel and transportation. With donations, and fundraising money.<br />Chapters set up community events to raise money.<br />Donations from our supporters. <br />
  8. 8. Outputs<br />Operation HomeFront has aggrandize and now serves nation wide with 23 chapters that serve 32 states.<br />Raised more than $30 million in support of the organization’s efforts on behalf of military families by fundraising.<br />Met 167,348 needs in 2010. 434,587 Overall.<br />Served 489 wounded warrior wives through dedicated online and in-person support groups.<br />Provided transitional housing to 69 wounded warrior families through Operation HomeFront Village.<br />Set up a community website so families can connect together. Also was made so wives of wounded soldiers can go if they ever need support. <br />
  9. 9. Outcomes<br />Helped families stay together. <br />Helped wounded warriors with challenges they face when they return and that can’t <br /> provide for their family's until <br /> their VA benefits take place.<br />Helped single parents that run <br /> the household alone, with <br /> expenses and troubles. <br />
  10. 10. FundingInstitution <br />Operation HomeFront<br /><ul><li>Our goal is to help military families with emergence needs and to solve problems needed in our community.
  11. 11. With 23 chapters serving 32 states, and the rest being serve by our nationwide headquarters, volunteers from across the nation help us create this amazing programs. </li></ul>The idea that it is people who change the world for the better.<br />Powered by a dedicated team of individuals from around the globe that are brought together with a common commitment.<br />
  12. 12. FundingInstitution <br />Operation HomeFront<br />We create programs for wounded soldiers and families that are in need. Making families feel better even if their thousands of miles apart. We supply families with emergence needs and have programs for military children like back to school programs. <br />We are looking for social innovators who are helping to change the world for the better and are looking for some support through an innovative social investment model.<br />
  13. 13. CriticalThinkingandAction<br />Critical Thinking<br /><ul><li>We have to improve thinking to make better ways to help our Military families.
  14. 14. We have to actively engage to keep Military families closer together. To know ones point of view, so we can find ways to help them better.
  15. 15. We have to think ahead to understand what can happen to these families.
  16. 16. We have to gather information to make a annual report to answer questions that people have.
  17. 17. To inform people, we like to create newsletters to allot to our community. </li></ul>Critical Action<br /><ul><li>We have to make decisionson how we can improve our programs, and fundraising.
  18. 18. We help wives of wounded soldiers with full support , and help wounded soldiers get back to a normal life, and be able to succeed. </li></li></ul><li>CommunityNeed<br />The need in the community is that deployment to war creates many issues for families and soldiers. The support that families had from two parents becomes one. Families start to face many problems like: stress, sadness, concern, feeling overwhelmed, added family duties, responsibilities, and financial difficulties. <br />Suicide is another problem facing us. Life’s are being curtail. Family problems and soldiers building up depression and sadness from being away from their families. We need to be actively engage and explicate how to stop these horrible suicide rates.<br /><ul><li>According to “In 2010, their was 310 suicidesof US soldiers. Many are factors of failed relationships, tangled finances and legal problems, combined with a long war”. </li></li></ul><li>CommunityNeed<br />Once US soldiers return to their families, many problems rise like relationship problems. Divorce rate is aggrandizing and creates problems for everyone in the family.<br /><ul><li>According to “In 2010, 7.8% of women in the military got a divorce, and 3% of military men got a divorce as well”.</li></ul>Affects military children as well because the military has more single mom then dads. The divorce affects the children because stress and depression builds up, and children have their parents separated from each other. <br />
  19. 19. Thankyouletters<br />This letter is very touching, and so are the other 10+ letters on Operation HomeFronts website. Shows how this program helps out family's that truly need help.<br />“To all the people at Operation Homefront THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!! THANK YOU!!!! We can't say it enough for all the help you have given us. Returning home to my wife and kids happy as a man could be. Expecting to go back to work after leave was over only to find out that there were no work to be had. The money that was saved went fast. Waiting for employment then with the bills due and no real prospects of money coming in, we turned to you. We were nervous making the phone call asking for help but we was quickly relieved at the response we got from everyone we talked to and the willingness to help. After the application and papers were turned in on a Friday, I received a call on Monday morning saying we had been approved. It was only a hour later and a Fed-ex truck was at the house handing me a package of gift cards for food. And the next day called the other creditors and they too had been paid also. The weight was lifted off our shoulders. Thank You again from myself and my family.” More thank you letters:<br />
  20. 20. How you can get Involved<br />Volunteering is the best way to get involved with our organization. We have Operation HomeFront Chapters to volunteer in 32 states. <br /><ul><li>Find your local chapter by visiting : </li></ul>Donations are greatly appreciated, and help families with financial assistance, emergency food, and Emergency home repairs.<br /><ul><li>Donate by visiting:</li></ul>Start a chapter in your own community.<br />