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  1. 1. is founded on 31st August 2011 with a total of 30 initial members. The club isfounded under the leadership of Ms. Chan Chee Mang and the guidance of advisor MadamNazihah. The club is formed with organizational structure similar to an event managementcompany with departments handling many aspect of development for the club.The club’s main objective is to provide opportunity for students in UCTI regardless of race orstudy field to have a head start in building experience for event management. The club’sdirection is achieved by handling event with the expected result of having recognized studentin the business and event management field. The club emphasize on key point of makingsocialization a top priority as image building is an important role, this allow promotion ofUCTI not only as an IT school but of business as well. The advantage of having IT student inthe club to participate and know more into business aspect allow better management andleadership quality thus allow students to have higher quality as an end result.The Club obtained collaboration and support within a short period of time from many knowncompanies, these includes Y Generation that provide solution for starting up business G2 PosAd (Captivate) Mas Asia Media Circus Professional Advisory Further Education Enterprise Prevvo & CivilGeek Enterprise Student in Free EnterpriseThese company provides or outsource events or other opportunity for the club member toparticipate and earn experience.Many events are completed with success so far, these includes “Malaysia Day” event on 16th Sept “Suara Kami” event on 17th Sept “International Common Criteria Conference” event on 26th to 29th Sept. The Outstanding Young Malaysian Awards year 2011 on 8 & 9 Sep 2011
  2. 2. 16th Malaysia Outstanding Women Awards on 15th September 2011 collaborate with Junior Chamber International Blue Ocean Strategy Conference on 19th November 2011 with Dr. Dominic Lau CSI Builder Camp at Sungai Congkak collaborate with Rimbunan Academy on 2nd to 4th DecemberFuture events under planning includes T-Shirt project with UCTI Student ARC TM Unifi Booth in UCTI International Cross-Cultural Camp at the end of Jan 2012 collaborate with Rimbunan Academy & Further Education Entreprise The 1st Ultimate Apprentice (Inter-University level) August 2012 My Business Dream (high school level) on 26th May 2012 collaborate with Paparich, XOX, Rimbunan Academy, Aes.thet.ics, Avira, A Cut Above, Permanis, APR, JDX, ATCEN, LUCIDEAS, OSK, and so on Media (Astro, MyFM, News Strait Times) .Currently the club’s website is under construction and would be released soon, application tohave a section of notice board in UCTI to help promote the club is still under process andrecruitment drive is still on-going to expand the club to handle more events. The club isprogressing at a steady pace and many improvements are still on-going, it is vital for the clubto achieve great standards for the benefit of the student and UCTI’s reputation.